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Astera Centerprise

Astera Centerprise


What is Astera Centerprise?

Centerprise Data Integrator is an integration platform that includes tools for data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling.

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Recent Reviews

My Astera experience

9 out of 10
February 14, 2024
It is used by the software development department. We are using this for the ETL process to move and transform the data from one data …
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TrustRadius Insights

Astera Centerprise is a versatile and affordable data integration tool that has proven to be highly valuable in various use cases. Users …
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Astera Works for Us

9 out of 10
January 20, 2023
We are using this vendor product in our daily test environment to extract data from Master database and based on business rules transform …
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Solid ETL solutions

7 out of 10
January 16, 2023
We use Astera Centerprise for many various projects. Examples would include automated report generation, inventory alerts and scheduled …
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9 out of 10
November 08, 2021
We use it in part of our automation process to extract data from PDF's and deliver to our clients. It allows us to utilize time we …
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Popular Features

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  • Business rules and workflow (28)
  • Simple transformations (32)
  • Connect to traditional data sources (31)
  • Complex transformations (30)

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Product Demos

Feature Demonstration Data Integration Tool | Astera Centerprise

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Data Source Connection

Ability to connect to multiple data sources

Avg 8.3

Data Transformations

Data transformations include calculations, search and replace, data normalization and data parsing

Avg 8.3

Data Modeling

A data model is a diagram or flowchart that illustrates the relationships between data

Avg 8.1

Data Governance

Data governance is the practise of implementing policies defining effective use of an organization's data assets

Avg 8.3
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Product Details

What is Astera Centerprise?

Astera Centerprise is a complete data integration solution that includes data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling capabilities in a code-free environment, and promises to enable business users to handle data with minimal IT support. Centerprise enables users to exchange data with a wide range of supported applications, databases, and formats.

Astera Centerprise Features

Data Source Connection Features

  • Supported: Connect to traditional data sources

Data Transformations Features

  • Supported: Simple transformations
  • Supported: Complex transformations

Data Modeling Features

  • Supported: Data model creation
  • Supported: Business rules and workflow
  • Supported: Testing and debugging

Additional Features

  • Supported: Integrated development environment
  • Supported: Data quality and profiling
  • Supported: Job flow, scheduling, and execution
  • Supported: Extensibility and openness
  • Supported: Performance and scalability
  • Supported: Ease of use for business users

Astera Centerprise Screenshots

Screenshot of Centerprise's UI that is designed to enable business users to work with data easily.Screenshot of the library of Centerprise Connectors, which is preconfigured to provide a plethora of integration options.Screenshot of Centerprise's data profiling feature, that ensures that only quality data is delivered to end users.Screenshot of a variety of write strategies available for workflows.Screenshot of where the user defines how data moves and behaves with the workflow component.

Astera Centerprise Integrations

Astera Centerprise Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUSA
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

Centerprise Data Integrator is an integration platform that includes tools for data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling.

Reviewers rate Simple transformations and Data model creation and Business rules and workflow highest, with a score of 9.9.

The most common users of Astera Centerprise are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).

Astera Centerprise Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)11%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)47%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)42%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Astera Centerprise is a versatile and affordable data integration tool that has proven to be highly valuable in various use cases. Users have found that the software is commonly used to generate files from a data warehouse in proprietary formats and send them to vendors. It is also utilized for automated report generation, inventory alerts, and scheduled email tasks. Additionally, Astera Centerprise is often employed for ETL processes, allowing for seamless movement and transformation of data between different sources based on specific business rules.

One of the key use cases of Astera Centerprise is syncing a legacy database to a more web-friendly database, which requires the creation of a custom database driver. Users have successfully leveraged the software for this purpose. Another significant use case is integrating Salesforce with various ERP systems, providing an intuitive user interface for exchanging data between these platforms. Furthermore, Astera Centerprise has been instrumental in providing visibility into issues with moving data from legacy systems to the application's database, reducing both time and technical skills required.

The software simplifies the process of building integrations and small tasks through its drag-and-drop GUI and wide range of data connections and functions. For instance, it is widely used for importing data into Microsoft Dynamics AX, Salesforce, and other in-house built applications, making it easier to map and integrate the data. Moreover, Astera Centerprise streamlines data integration processes by enabling analysts to connect to various data sources and perform complex transformations seamlessly.

The software finds application in diverse domains such as finance, healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. For example, it serves as a key component for consolidating financial data from different sources into a single view for corporate finance groups. It also plays a critical role in integrating electronic health record systems with other systems in the healthcare sector. Across organizations, Astera Centerprise is widely used for importing and exporting data from application databases efficiently, saving significant time. Additionally, the software is valued for its ability to manipulate and map data based on client requirements, enabling users to synchronize data between ecommerce solutions and ERP systems effectively.

Intuitive Interface: Multiple users have praised the intuitive interface of Centerprise, stating that it is easy to understand and navigate. They have mentioned that after becoming familiar with the interface, they were able to quickly start using the tool.

Self-Documenting Graphical Approach: Many reviewers appreciate Centerprise's self-documenting graphical approach for building data flows. This feature allows new team members to easily understand existing work, saving time and promoting collaboration.

Data Preview Capability: The ability to preview data on each object within Centerprise has been highly valued by users. Being able to immediately see transformation results at any point in a data flow has not only saved them time but also facilitated data reconciliation processes.

Confusing User Interface: Several users have found the user interface of the software to be confusing and difficult to follow, making tasks more challenging. They have expressed frustration with navigating through the different features and options, resulting in a steep learning curve.

Issues with Software Updates: Users have encountered various issues during software updates, including bugs and changes to existing functionality. Some reviewers mentioned that these updates were not seamless and caused disruptions in their workflows. They had to spend time troubleshooting and adapting to the changes, which was inconvenient for them.

Performance Issues with Large Datasets: Some users have experienced performance issues when working with large datasets. They reported slowdowns and delays while processing extensive amounts of data. However, they were able to find workarounds by optimizing their workflows or breaking down the datasets into smaller chunks for better performance.

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