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What is CentralReach?

CentralReach, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, is a provider of electronic medical record (EMR), practice management, and clinical solutions that enable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and related behavioral health practices to deliver quality autism care for superior outcomes. The company supports…

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What is CentralReach?

CentralReach, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, is a provider of electronic medical record (EMR), practice management, and clinical solutions that enable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and related behavioral health practices to deliver quality autism care for superior outcomes. The company supports…

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CentralReach as our full service practice management system, from documenting the delivery of our services to billing and collections. The platform is used across multiple departments of Clinical Operations, Revenue Cycle, Payroll, and Accounting. Having areas of business integrated within the same software makes day to day operations a breeze.
  • CentralReach is easy to use once you get fully trained.
  • CentralReach helps us schedule our appointments, document our services, and quickly convert those sessions into charges to be billed to payors.
  • CentralReach is always evolving and implementing new features to keep up with client demands and the ever changing healthcare field.
  • CentralReach is a very robust software and sometimes it's hard to navigate or understand the system.
  • The CentralReach support team is not always quick to respond to questions or errors.
  • CentralReach has had a lot of latency issues recently which has caused the system to go down, making it impossible for end users to complete their job responsibilities.
CentralReach is a great practice management software for companies large or small. It is best suited for healthcare agencies that provide ABA therapy but can be used by practices that provide Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Mental Health services. The software allows full integration across multiple departments and is very customizable to your PMS needs.
  • CentralReach has allowed us to have eyes on scheduled versus billable hours
  • CentralReach has audit features that allow us to scrub billing and get it out the door efficiently
CentralReach is the only practice management system I have used when working in the healthcare/ABA therapy field.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Central Reach is our primary platform for across the organization. It is highly comprehensive, and we now incorporate aspects of it for data collection, file management, billing supports, payment supports, HR supports, scheduling, continuing education, learner management, and business analytics. They grow and address additional needs within the ABA field on an ongoing basis, and we have found that we have gone from around twelve different platforms to meet various business-related needs across departments to now just three or four, and Central Reach continues to expand what they offer and integrate their offering in with one another for a more seamless business flow.
  • Clients: Data collection, template forms, file management, EVV capatability
  • Billing: Session notes and audit supports, billing, accounts receivables, analytical reports
  • Admin: Scheduling, Task Management, PTO requests, messaging
  • PTO feature isn't too user friendly
  • Payroll feature we find better served through outside resources
  • It's extremely comprehensive and takes quite a while to learn how to use it fluently and work with it in a way that it functions best
For an organization providing ABA service, there really is nobody else that even provides a remotely comparable service. It does have limitations and areas of the system that take more training or are less intuitive than one might hope, but their customer support representatives are generally really helpful and they are pretty quick to make updates to better serve their clients. They are incredible at finding efficient ways to reduce workflow, and while the product can be quite pricey, we have found that it has saved us at least 2 FT admin positions through the efficiency it has created and further frees up our clinicians so that they can focus in more on client outcomes. It's instrumental in our ability to scale our operations across locations. Even with its limitations, it's proven to be in a class of its own in the ABA world.
  • CR allows us to streamline across locations, share admin staff across locations and automate multiple processes that previously took administrative and clinical time.
  • CR actively seeks to continue to expand and refine their practices and products, and acquire related specialty services - a critical quality in a field that is evolving as quickly as ours is.
  • Using templates through CR and their scheduling and timesheet features ensures that we have an audit-proof system and that all sessions that we provide are in compliance with regulatory agencies for reimbursement.
We've used multiple systems for multiple features that we now use CR for, such as Catalyst for data collection, VB MAPP APP for VB Mapp Assessments, Relias for Learner Management systems, Google Docs for scheduling and file management, etc. CR really incorporates the useful features of all of these, and plus a whole lot more and integrates them so that they work together. We still use Google Docs for some areas that CR doesn't do well with live documents and intuitive file management. All other features have been as well or better served through CR. The upgrade to CR from Relias for Learner Management/CUEs/Professional Development is extreme. CR has far better content, much more variety, is more user friendly, and has straightforward billing practices that lack with Relias, and far better customer support. The difference between those two for a LMS system is dramatic.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CentralReach for our scheduling, therapy and data collection, and billing.
  • All in one integrated tool
  • Customer service
  • Business reports and data
  • Platform consistency
  • Training for new users
The system as well suited specifically for applied behavior analysis services. It’s very focused on that therapy and what they users would need. We’ve also used it to integrate our speech therapy so that it is more data driven like our ABA therapy.
  • Efficiency increasing productivity
  • Turnaround of claims and AR
  • Analysis of numbers
The user functionality is intuitive. The customer service is beyond other products which allows you to be more efficient and effective at using the system. Also, entering programming which is the primary use is very easy and also intuitive. Many parts of the system are connected which auto populate reports for our therapist. On the business side, the scheduling to billing is very effective.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CentralReach as our client practice management system. We do our scheduling, billing and time keeping through it and also recently began using it as document management system for our client files.
  • System is easy to learn and navigate
  • Nice use of tags and labels for unlimited filtering possibilities
  • Scheduling module has its limitations
  • Instant Chat is not robust
  • The App is terrible!!
It is one of the most widely used in the ABA industry and that is why we use it but there is definitely an opportunity for a better product. Scheduling module has limitations and is not efficient. The App is horrible!! An employee must use the App and web login to convert timestamps which is not efficient and many employees forget to do this. The App also crashes and freezes often, they would be better off with no App. Both the messaging in CentralReach and the ReachMe instant chat are awful. The instant chat has a delay of anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes, it's not instant at all.
  • It is a costly software but cheaper than paper and pencil ;)
It was really good in the beginning and during implementation, now that they have been bought and are scaling support is lacking.
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