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CertifyMe  Credentials

CertifyMe Credentials


What is CertifyMe Credentials?

CertifyMe is a digital credentialing SaaS platform that enables trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR professionals to award verifiable digital Certificates and Badges with just a couple of clicks. The vendor states that 450+ global brands trust CertifyMe's credentialing platform…

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CertifyMe has proven to be a valuable tool for automating the process of issuing certificates and badges across various programs and …
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  • $5 per month 50 Credentials
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Product Details

What is CertifyMe Credentials?

CertifyMe is a digital credentialing SaaS platform that enables trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR professionals to award verifiable digital Certificates and Badges with just a couple of clicks. The vendor states that 450+ global brands trust CertifyMe's credentialing platform to automate their credential issuing process.

Key Features
  1. One-click 50+ Social media share Integrations
  2. 1000+ Certificates and Badges design templates
  3. The bulk award feature - upload a CSV file
  4. Add to Linkedin profile Integration
  5. Skill and Linkedin job Integration
  6. Unique secure shareable URL
  7. Social media friendly credentials pages
  8. Responsive web design suited for mobile, tablet, PC
  9. Awardee email automation with credential preview
  10. Verifiability using unique QRcode
  11. Anti forge feature - tagging credentials to awardee's unique identities like DL, passports, etc.
  12. HR verification workflow
  13. Credential page customization option
  14. Whitelalbeing CName, SMTP
  15. Email Template customization
  16. Video advertisement with CTA feature
  17. Branding banner with CTA feature
  18. Social badges feature
  19. API for customization and integration
  20. Canva Integration for designing
  21. Analytics dashboards for tracking
  22. Logo on Navbar with backlinks for SEO optimization
  23. 3000 app/LMS integration via Zapier
  24. Create unlimited credential Templates
  25. Credential management and tracking panel
  26. 24X7 Email, Chat, and On-call Support
  27. Free training and certification for users
  28. Resent unread email automation

CertifyMe Credentials Screenshots

Screenshot of Clean nd Simple UXScreenshot of 1000's of ready to use  templatesScreenshot of Bulk awardingScreenshot of 50+ social media integrationsScreenshot of Features for VerifiabilityScreenshot of Skills and Linkedin job integrationsScreenshot of Add to Linding profile featureScreenshot of AnalyticsScreenshot of Space for Video BrandingScreenshot of Reflective designScreenshot of White labelingScreenshot of Zapier IntegrationScreenshot of Certify Me APIScreenshot of Sign up Now

CertifyMe Credentials Integrations

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CertifyMe Credentials Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

CertifyMe Credentials Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)20%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)20%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

CertifyMe has proven to be a valuable tool for automating the process of issuing certificates and badges across various programs and events. Users have found CertifyMe to be a time-saving solution that eliminates the need for manual certificate issuance and management. The platform's customizability allows users to create certificates and badges that align with their brand guidelines, giving them a professional and personalized touch. With CertifyMe, businesses can address the issue of fake experience and certificates by issuing verifiable credentials that are completely white-labeled for their brand. The branding option in CertifyMe has also been beneficial for generating program leads, particularly for community members and specific regions.

Integrations with multiple applications make it easy for users to issue and retrieve credentials using CertifyMe. This integration capability has been particularly useful for organizations looking to shift from paper-based certificates to digital versions, providing real-time certification with brand guidelines at a reasonable price. The platform's automation capabilities have been particularly useful for issuing badges for internal training programs, enabling employees to showcase their achievements on social media. Additionally, CertifyMe has been used to issue micro-credentials for courses, saving time and providing a quick solution for users' needs.

Users appreciate the ability to showcase their attendance at virtual training sessions through CertifyMe's digital platform, adding value to their online profiles and professional experiences. CertifyMe has also been used to issue certificates and badges for college community events and programs, making the process more efficient and allowing students to easily share their achievements on LinkedIn. The integration option with Zapier has further enhanced the recognition of users' accomplishments by enabling them to send badges to candidates upon course completion.

CertifyMe has facilitated the issuance of verifiable consolidated certificates that can be easily shared with employers, streamlining the process for students and improving their job prospects. The platform's analytics feature allows users to gain insights into how many people share their certificates, providing valuable data for program evaluation. CertifyMe's verification process, including unique QR codes and one-click verification, has proven effective in eliminating fake or forged certificates within organizations.

The platform also offers a wallet feature and white-labeling solution, benefiting users and offering good support for API integration. Users appreciate the ability to authenticate awards and companies featured in their lists using CertifyMe's platform. The automation provided by CertifyMe significantly reduces the time and effort required to prepare certificates, allowing for the addition of multiple certificate templates.

CertifyMe has been useful for digital credentials management, offering a user-friendly and efficient process. Users have found CertifyMe's badges and certificates to be seamless and graceful, promoting their events and enhancing their brand image. The platform provides a solution for easily shareable digital badges and certificates, preventing loss and facilitating social and professional sharing.

CertifyMe has helped organizations issue digital badges for events, leading to increased recognition and brand growth. It has also been used for employee recognition and brand presence improvement, enhancing the overall reputation of the organization. Furthermore, CertifyMe has been valuable in issuing digital credentials that are recognized globally across education providers.

The platform's automation capabilities have streamlined the process of issuing certificates and eliminated the need to manually manage them. CertifyMe has also been used to issue credentials to entrepreneurs featured on The Revolving Perspective, helping them gain recognition and promoting the brand.

Users have experienced tangible and intangible marketing benefits through CertifyMe, as well as improved operations in issuing certificates and badges. CertifyMe has become a key tool for the education industry, offering endless possibilities for marketing and certificate generation in bulk.

The premium version of CertifyMe provides users with amazing customer service and a great solution for easy certificate generation. Customers have relied on the product to efficiently generate certificates for speakers and participants involved in their events.

Reviewers have praised the product for its ability to handle the challenge of generating certificates for a large number of people simultaneously. It is used to efficiently generate certificates for workshops and recognize attendees.

CertifyMe is also used to issue certificates and badges for community events, improving efficiency and saving time. The software's integration with form systems simplifies the process of awarding membership badges, which can be easily shared on LinkedIn.

Overall, CertifyMe streamlines badge issuance, reduces administrative burdens, saves time, enhances credibility, improves student engagement, simplifies verification processes, prevents forgery of certificates, provides a user-friendly interface, ensures authenticity of certifications, tracks employee credentials, and automates the certificate delivery process. With its wide range of features and capabilities, CertifyMe has become an essential tool for organizations and individuals in various industries.

Customizable and Branded Certificates: Many users have praised CertifyMe for its ability to provide customizable and branded certificates. Numerous reviewers mentioned that they were able to customize their certificates by adding their own logo, branding space, footer, and even customizing the URL. This feature has been highly appreciated as it allows users to create personalized certificates that align with their brand image without any additional cost.

Simple and Intuitive User Experience: The simple and intuitive user experience of CertifyMe has been highlighted by several users. They have mentioned that even beginners without technical knowledge can easily navigate the platform and execute the certification process. This user-friendly interface has made it effortless for individuals or organizations to issue digital credentials, regardless of their level of expertise.

Helpful Customer Support Team: The customer support team at CertifyMe has received high praise from many users. Reviewers have commended the support team for being helpful throughout the entire process - from the initial demo all the way through ongoing assistance. Users appreciate having a dedicated team available to address their questions and concerns promptly, making them feel supported in utilizing CertifyMe effectively for their needs.

Outdated Dashboard Design: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the color combination and overall design of CertifyMe's dashboard, stating that it appears outdated. They feel that a more modern and visually appealing look would greatly enhance their user experience.

Confusing Share to Other Platforms Feature: Reviewers have found the placement of the share to other platforms feature on the verification page to be confusing. This has resulted in difficulties when trying to share their credentials with others, causing frustration and confusion among users who are not familiar with this process.

Complex Process for Adding Videos to Vimeo: Several users have mentioned that adding a video to Vimeo within CertifyMe is a complex process. They have encountered challenges and delays while attempting to upload videos, which has hindered them from effectively utilizing this feature for showcasing their certifications or creating engaging content.

Users have consistently praised CertifyMe for its good first level support. They highly recommend it for its affordable price and comprehensive features. CertifyMe stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use. Furthermore, users appreciate the effectiveness of CertifyMe in managing credentials effortlessly and creating and maintaining digital credentials. Overall, these recommendations highlight the positive aspects of CertifyMe as a reliable solution in credential management that meets both budgetary and functional requirements.


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Rita Booker-Solymosi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A key tool for the education industry, only to start the list of possible beneficiaries. In Germany, you're nobody without a certificate to prove each and every step of your education. I see endless possibilities in marketing my company through this tool as well. As I opted for the premium version right away, I received amazing customer service!!!!!!!
  • Customer orientation
  • Authentic companionship
  • Turbo for the mind
  • Nothing yet!
  • I haven't seen any features missing.
  • Translation of services into German.
It's the best thing that happened to our self-marketing! The embedded functionalities and cross-help for graphic templates are so time-saving, who'd have thought this? I'm saving all this time explaining to an external designer what I need and then waiting for suggestions that I don't like. It was a tedious process I had to go through before I discovered this service, that's why I truly appreciate it.
  • Call for action in the badge.
  • Explicit mentioning possibilities of differentiation.
  • Will come back later with this part, but it's incredibly promising!
  • Credibility building amongst competitors.
  • Feeling of security for our clients.
I don't resonate with the other suppliers. First of all their brand name makes me associate them with a toy rather than serious business. Secondly, when a client showed me her LinkedIn profile and I saw her credentials produced by this other company I was thinking, how lucky I am with CertifyMe. Call this subjective, I can only give you my impression.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
CertifyMe is a great solution for easy certificate generation in bulk for organizations like ours that Organise events and offers 100s of Certificate in terms of Speakers to Participants. Given our operations, the product is used in operations and event activities. It addresses the challenge of authentic certificate generation for lots of people at the same time.
  • Certificate Generation
  • Sharable and Downloadable Certificates
  • Bulk Certificate Issue with Authenticity and Brand value maintained
  • If there could be amazing certificate designs
  • Better fonts and Long name accommodation
Best Suited : Such certifications are best suited for Organisations offering certificates frequently Less Appropriate : Where each certificate requires special attention and seperate content
  • Brand Reputation maintained
  • Easy to Use for Bulk Cases
  • Faster Certificate Issue
  • Old Certificates issued can be corrected from the link
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