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CGI HotScan360

CGI HotScan360


What is CGI HotScan360?

CGI offers HotScan360, a fraud detection and financial risk management application for financial institutions, with included reporting and analytics.

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What is CGI HotScan360?

CGI offers HotScan360, a fraud detection and financial risk management application for financial institutions, with included reporting and analytics.

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What is CGI HotScan360?

CGI HotScan360 Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used at the enterprise level. Its specific modules are used by the fraud detection team to identify dummy/ fraud transactions. When we have payments in millions, it is difficult to identify which ones are reliable, Here comes HotScan360 to make things easier.
  • Detecting Fraud transactions among millions
  • Easy to use
  • Provides real time usage analytics
  • Could be price effective
  • Can be multilingual
  • Can improve support experience
When an organization has millions of payments, HotScan360 enables to [identification] of fraud payments among them enabling a secure business platform for financials.
  • Fraud detection analytics
  • Risk detection for every transaction
  • Everything is pre set which makes an easy set up for any organization to use.
  • Secure payments
  • Real time analytics
  • Easy to use
It's easy to set up and easy to use. Requires minimal training for the staff.
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bueno Robles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It was used by the whole organization, but certain departments used specific features and services- The use of CGI HotScan360 features depended on the area of the company and their requirements. For example, the legal area needed the correct implementation of the due [diligence], while knowing certain specific data. The financial needed to be able to pay and to receive payments in a secure way, in all the extension of security (anti-money laundering, no frauds, and correct and legal methods of payment. In general terms, the business tried to be more effective in relation [to] payments while being secure and [taking advantage] of the other services CGI HotScan360 offered.
  • Fraud detection technology, fraud detection innovation, fraud detection training
  • Secure payments
  • Real time software who is looking for risk in every transaction
  • Everything (all the services are in only one place)
  • Cost savings
  • Having all the requirement i.e. documents, ready, available and secure
  • Sometimes the security is so hard I needed to identify myself multiple times. But again, that [is] why CGI HotScan360 is helpful.
  • For the size of the company and our requirements, it was a bit pricey. But once you get to know it, it was worth every single [penny].
  • We were working with Mexican [consultants], and language within the platform was a bit of a limit, something [wasn't] in Spanish, and sometimes a manager [who was Mexican tried] to contact CGI HotScan360 and had a bad experience because of the lack of Spanish translators. but again, totally [understandable].
If I had the time to go deeper, I would put a 10, but as far as I have worked with CGI HotScan360 I think it's a [smooth] platform. I was trained really quickly (they pushed me in order to learn everything from CGI HotScan360 because my company needed me to be trained in this software/platform) but although the [training] was a bit rushed, the platform is really intuitive, really well designed and the architects behind [it] are geniuses. I really like how it works and the results. My boss was very happy with the results and with the discoveries we made with CGI HotScan360. Training others was super easy and they learned really quickly. Totally worth it.
  • The platform. Really well designed, very intuitive, and very powerful. I certainly didn't [use] all of the features but the ones I used were amazing.
  • The workarounds, there [were] very specific [things] we wanted to include or to do, and the platform managed to give us other options to our requirements. Superb!
  • The risk analysis was great and super useful.
  • They keep an eye on the small details in every single way, i.e. due diligence, anti-money [laundering], and weird and suspicious payments.
  • Positive: We managed to catch some weird [issues] and some suspicious customers, that, let me tell you, if we had done business with them, we would have been in very big trouble.
  • Negative: They offered us a package that has a certain price and at the end of the transaction, it almost doubled, but I think the financial DIC managed to change this but at the very first begging we noticed this, it was a surprise. I did not [go] deeper in this issue because my area was not involved but I am sure they solved it and everything went great from that point.
  • Reflexive: we noticed that we weren't doing some of the best practices, we realized this using CGI HotScan360.
The company I was working on used and started with Alessa, but they had some issues in relation [to] some additional fees, and the company decided to migrate everything to CGI HotScan360. Alessa was not so intuitive, it was slow, and the security wasn't as capable and precise as CGI HotScan360. At that time our licenses needed a [renewal] but we faced some price increments. And they looked out of this world, at the beginning the company had a mid-entry package and if we decided to renew it would cost almost one of the premium packages at the times the company acquired Alessa. Alessa support was bad and in one call with a Mexican Manager, they were very unpolite.
  • Online training
I have been trained during the pandemic in very specific thing and CGI HotScan360 is one of the bets platfomrs that trained me in a very professinal way.
It is very intuitive, easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to teach to anyone! The pathways are very clear and they were designed [in] a very clear way! The security methods I have used in the past are not so innovative and very "manual", [with] nothing to do with CGI HotScan360.
  • Risk management
  • Security logging methods
  • Identification and id control for security loggin.
  • There are a lot of pathways for reaching the "places" or "things" you want to do/accomplish.
  • Obviously, you need the basics of some things in order to go deeper and to use more detailed add ons/ features.
Yes, but I don't use it
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