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What is ChartMogul?

German company ChartMogul offers their subscription analytics and revenue recognition application to companies relying on their subscriber base. The application integrates with a number of popular subscription billing services (Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, etc.).

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ChartMogul is highly valued by users for its ability to provide a comprehensive view of SaaS metrics and help businesses make informed …
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What is ChartMogul?

German company ChartMogul offers their subscription analytics and revenue recognition application to companies relying on their subscriber base. The application integrates with a number of popular subscription billing services (Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, etc.).

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What is ChartMogul?

ChartMogul Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

German company ChartMogul offers their subscription analytics and revenue recognition application to companies relying on their subscriber base. The application integrates with a number of popular subscription billing services (Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, etc.).

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.1.

The most common users of ChartMogul are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

ChartMogul is highly valued by users for its ability to provide a comprehensive view of SaaS metrics and help businesses make informed decisions. Users appreciate the real-time view of metrics such as MRR, ARR, and churn, which allows them to identify trends and analyze the financial health of their business. With ChartMogul’s detailed breakdown of information, users can track and drill down into customer metrics all in one place, saving time and effort. The software also enables easy and accurate reporting of billing metrics, consolidating multiple data sources into a clear dashboard that provides a global overview of data. ChartMogul is particularly relied upon for board reporting, as it offers the necessary insights and clarity on data to align the organization. One of its key features is the ability to track subscription data in real-time and analyze cohorts, allowing users to spot churn spikes and implement initiatives to address them. Additionally, ChartMogul serves as a go-to tool for revenue information, goal setting, tracking lead performance, and customer success performance. Users consider it a fantastic product that their business couldn't live without because it serves as their source of truth for revenue growth and success metrics. Its simplicity and effectiveness are highly praised by users who renew their subscriptions because they find it worth the investment. Overall, ChartMogul provides valuable financial insight that helps businesses manage and improve their subscription performance metrics on a daily basis. It enables users to better understand their business down to specific details, allowing them to confidently answer investor questions. With ChartMogul's help, users can keep up with finances while keeping the rest of their team informed. The software is valued for its ability to provide a clear picture of company growth and SaaS metrics, as well as its ease of integration with billing providers. It replaces manual calculations and custom scripts for key metrics with a better interface that saves time and effort for users. With ChartMogul, businesses can identify their most popular plans, revenue sources, customer retention, and loyal users, enabling them to understand which channels are most effective and where to invest. The software provides a clear and actionable view of revenue growth, signups, and changes in growth. Users can manage revenue growth, set sales goals, perform cohort analysis, and manage churn with ease. ChartMogul offers accurate and useful reporting that helps businesses make better decisions. It is user-friendly and efficiently tracks cash flow while providing detailed data on MRR and churn rates. Additionally, ChartMogul is a valuable tool for calculating sales reps' commissions based on the tracked metrics. By automating the calculation of business metrics and providing instant access to valuable data, ChartMogul saves users time and effort. It is particularly useful for SaaS companies, helping them understand their growth, expansion, and retention rates. With ChartMogul, businesses can identify patterns in revenue and make necessary changes to improve customer experience. The software is used across different departments in organizations, providing insights into revenue, churn rate, subscribers, and more. Its flexibility in segmenting data allows users to view it in multiple ways, such as weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdowns of MRR. This enables businesses to inform their decisions regarding products and overall strategy by gaining insights into customer churn and sales cycle length. ChartMogul replaces internally-built tools and unifies the solution in one place, making it easier to track changes in revenue over time. Overall, ChartMogul proves to be an essential tool for businesses looking to understand their SaaS metrics and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Consolidation of Metrics: Users highly recommend Chartmogul to B2B SaaS businesses, praising its ability to bring all critical metrics into one platform. Many users appreciate the comprehensive view of their business and value the detailed information on users that Chartmogul provides. Some reviewers find it great for tracking important revenue metrics, pulling and filtering subscription data, and providing a quick overview of SaaS metrics.

User-Friendly Interface: Users find Chartmogul easy to use and appreciate the user-friendly interface. They commend the simplicity and clarity of the interface, which allows them to effortlessly create and save reports. Additionally, users mention educational tooltips that provide helpful guidance while navigating through the platform.

Prompt Support: Users appreciate the prompt support they receive from Chartmogul. They highlight positive experiences with customer support and commend the support team for their responsiveness. This level of assistance contributes to a smooth experience for users when using Chartmogul's services.

Difficult Subscription Pausing: Some users have found it difficult to pause their subscriptions, which has caused temporary churn and impacted their experience with ChartMogul.

Manual Updating of One-off Charges: Many reviewers have expressed the need for automating the process of manually updating ChartMogul when there are one-off charges. They feel that this manual task can be time-consuming and would prefer a more streamlined solution.

Complex Data Source Onboarding: Users have suggested that the data source onboarding should be made simpler and more user-friendly. They believe that simplifying this process would make it easier for them to integrate their data sources with ChartMogul and get started quickly.

Users frequently recommend Chartmogul for its ability to track MRR and customer trends while scaling and beyond. The three most common recommendations are:

  1. Users appreciate the platform's robust analytics capabilities, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their business's financial performance and customer behavior. They find Chartmogul's tracking of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and other key metrics to be accurate and reliable.

  2. Many users commend Chartmogul's user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate the platform and quickly access the desired information. This intuitive design enhances user experience and saves time when analyzing data or generating reports.

  3. Customers often highlight Chartmogul's scalability as a key advantage. They find that as their business grows, the platform seamlessly adapts to handle larger data volumes without compromising performance or accuracy. This scalability enables users to continue leveraging Chartmogul effectively as their company expands.

Overall, users consistently recommend Chartmogul for its comprehensive tracking capabilities, user-friendly interface, and ability to scale with growing businesses.

Attribute Ratings


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Michael Glover | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Being used across the whole business to track recurring revenue in our SaaS businesses. Marketing, sales, rev ops, product, customer support all rely on ChartMogul in one way or another for insights. It helps us understand where new revenue is coming from as well as fluctuations and trends in revenue, both overall and within specific customer segments.
  • Revenue reporting
  • Seeing revenue within specific customer segments
  • Tracking customer attribution
  • Visually displaying revenue trends
  • Some annoying little bits of UX (e.g. where charts move when mouse scrolls over them)
  • Would like filters to have an "OR" option (currently can only have multiple filters as "AND")
For businesses that rely on subscription/recurring revenue models, especially within SaaS. Once everything is all plugged in, it's so easy to generate granular reports and insights. Straight-up eCommerce businesses that don't rely on a recurring/subscription model might not get as much value.
  • Reports on recurring revenue
  • Segmented reports
  • Able to pinpoint customer segments that are biggest revenue drivers
  • Able to pinpoint where churn occurs most
  • Able to see where certain customers are coming from and how much revenue they drive
ChartMogul felt like the market leader for SaaS. Its ease-of-use, visual reporting, and overall feature set seemed to align with exactly what we needed. It provides everything needed when it comes to tracking our revenue month-over-month.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ChartMogul to track the changes in revenue from our customers. It allows us to see how how the revenue is increasing or decreasing by month, year, etc. very easily.
  • Clear graphs
  • Easy to make changes to dates or other criteria.
  • Unclear how to select multiple items for a filter (only able to filter by 1 attribute).
If you are a manager or department head, it's a great way to track how your team is doing individually with their customers and the recurring revenue. It helps with forecasting too.
  • Ability to clearly see the recurring revenue from your customers and changes over time.
Never used!
Mae Ports | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ChartMogul helps us drill down metrics such as churn rate, MRR, ARR, # of subscribers, and so much more. It is simple and easy to use. There are a number of segments to choose from which gives us the flexibility to see the data in many different ways. The MRR breakdown is one of my favorite features because we can get a weekly, monthly, quarterly view of where MRR is coming from.
  • Love the UI and it's easy to use.
  • Customer lists let users see customers broken down by size, geography, renewal, payment status, and more.
  • Little training required for users once it's set up so a number of people in the company can use it easily.
  • The graphing component inside the customer's account displays trends in subscription usage which is really helpful.
  • Sometimes the MRR can be off.
It is a great tool for any company looking to view and sort metrics. I use it every day!
  • We are able to see how our company is doing in terms of churn, sales, and overall health.
  • It's a fantastic resource to drill down by customers and learn past subscription history and trends.
Support has always been quick and helpful.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ChartMogul to extract high-level insights from our customer subscription data, including information on customer churn, sales cycle length, etc. This information helps inform business and product decisions and also gives us broader insight into how our customer and subscription data has changed over time. ChartMogul replaced a number of internally-built tools to address the same problem and has unified the solution in one place.
  • Data Ingestion - Because we use a payment processor that ChartMogul understands, they are able to ingest the data automatically and process it with almost no input from us.
  • Analysis and Insights - Once we got our data into ChartMogul, we immediately started seeing some patterns in our data that hadn't previously been apparent to us.
  • Customizability - ChartMogul makes it fairly easy to customize and extend the dashboard (and to enrich our data manually via the API).
  • Currency fluctuations - ChartMogul does a great job of converting our payment currency into our operating currency for us, however it doesn't yet support using this currency data to show us how fluctuations in these exchange rates affect changes in our metrics over time.
  • API coverage - There are currently things that are possible via the dashboard (for example, filtered searches), which are not yet exposed in the customer-facing API.
  • Flexibility - We've found a few areas where ChartMogul's expectations differ from our own for what our data means and how to interpret it, and we've had to jump through a few hoops to resolve this.
ChartMogul is really a no-brainer if you're currently processing payments through one of the payment processors that they are built to work with, as the barrier to entry and the required work to get your data into the app and start seeing analysis is exceptionally low. I also expect that in large enough organizations, you may have internal teams that are already generating the kind of data that ChartMogul produces for us, but in our case, it added a lot of new info that we hadn't been able to get at without doing manual analysis.
  • It's unfortunately difficult for us to directly analyze the ROI impact of ChartMogul on our business, however, we do absolutely feel that we have a better handle on the subscription numbers behind our business.
Our interactions with ChartMogul customer support have generally been pretty attentive and thoughtful, and they've typically done their best to get us the info we needed, even if meant escalating our issue beyond the front-line customer support people we've dealt with.
Chloe Sayers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ChartMogul is used across the whole organization as it is a reference point for company updates. However, not everyone in the company is an active user of the software. Most use it for reference while only some departments interact with ChartMogul to pull reports, do data mining, or set up integrations.
  • Tracks MRR
  • Graph graphics
  • Tracks customer churn
  • ChartMogul doesn't always integrate both ways well. When data is modified that has been previously pushed to ChartMogul, bugs can occur.
  • I haven't seen an A/R turnover report but this would be helpful to have.
ChartMogul is a great analytics tool, especially if a company really is interested in metrics like churn and MRR. Some companies may not be as orientated around these KPIs, in which case ChartMogul wouldn't be as useful. ChartMogul takes a lot of the data entry out of making actionable reports that are easy to understand.
  • Less time spent on data entry
  • Focus on key performance indicators
  • Trend awareness
Airtable can also track metrics with data integrations; however, you have to set up a lot of custom integrations using a third-party app. ChartMogul has the advantage here in those integrations with other accounting software can be set up within ChartMogul itself. These keep things cleaner and makes sure they are less likely to break.
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