Check Point Quantum Security Gateway

Check Point Quantum Security Gateway

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Check Point Quantum Security Gateway Next Generation Firewall


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What is Check Point Quantum Security Gateway?

The Check Point Quantum Security Gateway Next Generation Firewall is a tiered firewall product. The base model includes the core firewall services, and can be upgraded to include anti-bot/virus/spam and sandboxing capabilities.

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What is Check Point Quantum Security Gateway?

Check Point Next Generation Firewall is a tiered firewall product. The base product offers IPsec VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, and content awareness in addition to the core firewall. The next tier also provides URL filtering and anti-bot/virus/spam. Finally, SandBlast offer the entire suite of features, plus sandbox capabilities. The NGFW supports hybrid cloud environments and offers additional logging and reporting features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Check Point Quantum Security Gateway Next Generation Firewall is a tiered firewall product. The base model includes the core firewall services, and can be upgraded to include anti-bot/virus/spam and sandboxing capabilities.

Reviewers rate Policy-based Controls and VPN and Stateful Inspection highest, with a score of 9.3.

The most common users of Check Point Quantum Security Gateway are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Financial Services industry.


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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This device is being used as a perimeter security device with VPNs connected across multiple clients.
  • Internal Network Protection from outside network
  • VPN connectivity for secure data transmission across multiple vendors
  • File download antivirus security
  • URL Filtering
  • Malicious domains blocking
  • Fine tune required in the malicious domains blocking
  • Antivirus signatures should be updated in real time
  • Network latency can be reduced during high utilization time window
CP can be used as enterprise-level perimeter security device as well as a VPN concentrator.
PRAPHULLA DESHPANDE | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It has not only improved our environment but organizations who adopted might have experienced better functionality. After 80.30 migration checkpoint stability and security have improved tremendously. With single management, it has become possible to manage endpoint devices also.

Most customers use it department or location wise based on the Size of the organization, SMB customers use it as a fully integrated solution.

An environment where we are having multiple roaming users, an environment where we cant trust beyond the organization network, where not only east-west but north-south traffic is huge, require to monitor every traffic flow, having many branch offices which needs to connect via centrally, monitoring Data via DLP blade, getting best in class network and threat report in such scenario we require to have a single solution which is nothing but Checkpoint NGFW.
  • Highly accurate for IPS engine
  • Best in Class Logs Monitoring and report generating Firewall
  • APP and URL filtering, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction for Sandbox are top feature sets.
  • Easy for centralized management
  • Very good TAC support from Checkpoint itself.
  • Can integrate with other vendors to form IPsec connectivity with redundancy which is only possible now between CP to CP FW only.
  • Licensing part is bit tricky , can simplify further.
  • Need to work on log size optimization.
Not only for giant organizations but checkpoints have SMB devices which support very small traffic flow as well with better security and management.
If customer have multiple branch offices and not having proper IT resources to handle all branch locations , customer who really need to integrate all in one solution starting from Perimeter firewall to Endpoint security, customer need to follow Gartner report or any other criteria which must be follow in such cases Checkpoint is perfect suit.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our clients wanted something superior beyond NGFW, NGX Firewalls. We tried to pitch in CheckPoint's product of Quantum Security NGF, and the client asked for a quick demo. The Demo / PoC that we demonstrated was enough to have their buy-in. We went through the deal and the client was happy. FSI clients are generally a tad difficult to deal with, and we are now tasked to manage their INFRA.
Client is having huge Data Centers and was very impressed by this as compared to other CSPs/ on prem solutions like AWS and GCP. They wanted their data to reside mostly on-prem Data Centers. We even found after-sales support much competitive Vs products like F5 and Cisco.
  • Stopping and detecting Day 0 attacks
  • Easy troubleshooting/ GUI
  • Scalability and speed
  • After sales support, NGFW capabilities
  • Modular capabilities
  • Integration with VMware and NSX products per client requirement
  • 3rd Party support product
1) For huge DC environments and complex networks
2) Where clients were consistent up-time like FSI and healthcare
3) Application-aware client req. and preventing day 0 cyber attacks.
4) Securing East-West traffic, hyper-scaling capabilities
5)Some advantages - Best Security meets Ultimate Hardware and SandBlast Zero Day Protection out of the box, Modular hardware
6) High Performance CPUs
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Check Point Next Generation Firewall provides us with holistic perimeter and endpoint security protection throughout the enterprise. The robust and secure VPN functionality also provides enough confidence to enable a 'work from home' / 'road warrior' culture within the organization. In-depth application control, URL filtering and SSL inspection features also mitigate a significant amount of risk for internal users browsing the internet and hosted services that face the internet. Data loss prevention, compliance, threat emulation, and other blades overall make this a robustly unified platform for the implementation and management of security controls.
  • SSL inspection provides more effective mitigation of threat and data leakage with the ability to inspect and analyze encrypted traffic.
  • Threat emulation and extraction provides protection against zero-day threats without compromising the data of infected files.
  • 'Office mode' VPN provides a seamless connected experience for remotely connected individuals.
  • Application control features provide granular restrictions to the type of application traffic than can pass through the network.
  • Pricing is not as competitive as the alternatives.
  • Perimeter antivirus is not as effective as its competitors
  • Steep learning curve and expensive certification paths may impair training paths
Check Point Next Generation Firewall is a great solution for larger companies that have the ability to dedicate a large budget towards information security controls. In order to get the best return on investment, however, the company should have a highly functioning information security maturity level and the ability to invest in dedicated training so that all features are utilized effectively. The SmartEvent dashboards are able to provide ongoing data that can track this effectively.
Check Point has a variety of support options that can be used to optimize your investment in the product. Companies with a larger information security and certified checkpoint engineer employee base can benefit from a standard SLA, while companies with a smaller security engineering footprint or more critical implementations can opt for premium, elite or diamond packages that even include the ability to provide on-site engineers for major security incidents. Check Point PRO support also provides the ability to outsource maintenance concerns by automating case creation and follow up when application components fail.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our Check Point Firewall is being used across the organization for all of our internet traffic. All network traffic is backhauled to our corporate location, filtered by the firewall, then out to the internet, and vice versa. The business problem it addresses is to allow certain traffic while blocking others. This is done through both an IDS/IPS, and logging.
  • Logging -- Logs are clearly displayed with all information about the packet
  • Canned reports -- The reports "out of the box" are pretty nice and give you a lot of detail
  • Rule Configuration -- Defining (basic) rules is easy to do, and understandable
  • HTTPS Inspection -- The firewall has troubles re-packaging the packet in a way that some websites are able to interpret correctly
  • Support -- Even getting support directly from Check Point isn't the easiest of experiences. They are more concerned about how fast they can close a ticket out, rather than fixing the problem.
  • Custom reports -- Custom reporting is extremely limited
Well suited -- Small businesses that need a simple firewall appliance that doesn't have anything fancy. They need something that gets automatically updated, blocks bad things, and allows good things.

Less Appropriate -- Very large enterprises with granular reporting needs. HTTPS inspection is also an issue, as some packets cannot be correctly viewed. Something like an F5 would be needed to address this problem.
Ramesh Ramrattan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Check Point Firewall Software Blade for outside facing protection for our hardware in multiple locations throughout the organization. Check Point serves as our primary firewall and our VPN software solution for the company. It is very easy to set up and use Check Point as a solution for VPN access instead of Microsoft VPN. The firewall itself proves to be very effective in managing traffic.
  • The management console is very easy to use. There is a lot of information on it which can seem overwhelming, but everything is right there in one page.
  • You have the ability to manage certain websites or IP addresses based on web content that is predefined or track individual end users.
  • The support for Check Point is excellent. If you are having trouble with the appliance, help is not far away. Techs will stay with you for hours if need be, to resolve any issues.
  • Check Point has a complex range of reporting tools, some of which can take time to learn and be comfortable with.
  • The firewall is solid and needs to have someone with training to manage it which means any little mistake can bring down the network and have you on the phone with Check Point support.
  • They are pricey for some of the hardware and reporting tools.
I believe Check Point Firewall Software Blade is well suited for medium to large organizations with 500 employees or less. Anything more than that, I would choose a more enterprise level firewall like Dell SonicWALL. Check Point does not provide mobile device control or Wi-Fi network control without purchasing a different Check Point appliance.