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November 15, 2018
Duncan Hernandez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
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CheetahMail is our current solution for emails for all areas of our company, especially marketing. For sending out emails to the masses or for specific remarketing purposes, CheetahMail is our answer. The segmentation and customization of when/what email is sent is what CheetahMail is primarily used for. The tracking and internal management system that CheetahMail also provides is helpful as well.
  • Internal management - This is a great web-based tool that allows our users to see what emails go to whom.
  • Organization - Many layers of organization for templates since there are many types of remarketing emails that we send out.
  • Historical Records - CheetahMail sends us the raw text files of all email actions so we can upload them to our database.
  • Missing column values in the historical records sent are sometimes missing and have to be fixed by Cheetah and resent to us.
  • There are many email ids that are not correctly passed in our own web data and there is some struggle finding the correct email that lead to web data.
The customization options are nice and the templates are plentiful and endless. The one drawback is that their web-based system can be very finicky and annoying, especially when first trying to log in.

The historical records are also a big plus, but the missing column values really slow down analyses and raise lots of questions by the marketing team.
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September 01, 2015
Robin Brannin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using CheetahMail as our email platform for all promotional and transactional email programs. We are a full-service client of CheetahMail. Our account team does the set-up of our email program, pulls segmentation lists based on our direction and reporting of our promotional email campaigns. They also provide recommendations on improved customer contact strategies, re-engagement and overall best practices.
  • They offer a best-in-class view of the customer email experience - through all levels of a customer journey.
  • Our account team has taken the time to dedicate to our brand and understand our goals and objectives. They tailor recommendations to what is best for our unique customer experience.
  • The CheetahMail platform is user-friendly and is continuously going through enhancements to improve the experience.
  • We could use a local account rep for in-person meetings. However, our account team does a phenomenal job at making themselves available via conference call, whenever needed.
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March 16, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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My organization is using cheetahmail to email a B2B audience. It is just being used by our department as we are the only department that sends out emails. It addresses the ability to send out emails for one of our clients.
  • Simple tool. I say simple because it does what it is supposed to with very little issues. We used it to send email to a list and that is it and it worked.
  • Clean interface. The interface was clean, simple and easy to use.
  • Support. The support (when needed) was overseas so sometimes it was hard to reach them and sometimes hard to understand what they are saying when talking on the phone.
I just feel that there are better options out there at a better price. Other tools can make more sense when sending emails. This tool is simple but I think the support issue really brings its value down. Not saying that support isn't helpful but it would be nice to have people in the same time zone for support.
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March 22, 2016
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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CheetahMail was being used by my old company, Borderfree to send out email marketing.
  • Segmentation
  • Email Execution
  • Ease of Code Updates
  • Outdated UI
  • Not very intuitive
  • Poor customer service
CheetahMail is best suited for deploying simple marketing emails to small segments. It does not handle bigger segments as well.
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July 14, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize CheetahMail to send our day to day marketing and editorial emails to our client base of subscribers. It is mainly used by the marketing department in marketing emails that are sent out to promote newsletters, events, etc. It used in the this capacity several times a day, and we also follow up and keep track of metrics using the excellent metrics tools. In addition, the editorial team uses it to send out newsletters on a daily basis and track their performance. Our company has several publications and all of them use CheetahMail. Some use the program more than others as they have a higher level of communication needs.

The program works really well for our particular department because it allows us to communicate with our subscribers in a professional manner on a daily basis. We have it setup to allow unsubscribing and management of attributes for our subscribers across our website. It is very useful when it comes to ad operations because they can easily track the clicks and opens for any email that was sponsored by an advertiser. These metrics are hugely important when it comes to showing clients that their ad dollars are paying off.

CheetahMail has also been very useful in allowing our team to set up email deployments ahead of time and schedule them to go out without having to actually be online for the actual send. This is very important because we sometimes send out newsletters that are going out in the middle of the night so this automation step is very convenient.

Overall, CheetahMail has helped us to be organized, professional and streamlined in the way we send and track our communications with subscribers.

  • Allows to easily track metrics to see results clearly
  • Allows the scheduling of email sends in advance so you do not have to be present during the send
  • Very user friendly and could easily be self taught
  • The organization of CheetahMail could at times be better, as you create more and more mailings, they just pile up in a long list. It would be useful to be able to create folders to store specific mailings in. (ex. editorial, newsletters, marketing, etc.)
CheetahMail is perfect for a company that sends a lot of email communications. If you send at least 4-5 emails per week to your clients, this is a must.
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July 07, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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CheetahMail is being utilized across the entire organization, supplying email management for each specific product brand / website. Its main integration is with the OMS / fulfillment warehouse to facilitate the ongoing transactional communications (confirmations, notifications). The integration then extends into automated marketing email deliveries for each brand's overall customer relationship management strategy. This implementation and data-driven workflow allows for more in-depth focus on results and ongoing improvements of the program, as baseline segmentation and product advertising mixes are based on customer data, rather than ongoing manual segmentation/list pulls for day to day email marketing efforts. The efficiency of people's time to really maximize the program is the biggest win, and also allows for a very small team to manage the entire program for all lines of business in the organization.
  • CheetahMail's core strength is its data expertise and services. Without their vast knowledge working with so many clients, it would be much more difficult to integrate and create these automated programs. Their development teams for these types of projects are well versed in data set needs per client and mapping to CheetahMail-specific formats.
  • Their client services team (especially if you are contracted in a higher plan) is quite good. They are quite responsive and always try to make sure that the client is doing well. This would include the senior manager (initial contracts / reviews); day to day manager (campaign assistance/troubleshooting) and the other specialty teams I mentioned previously.
  • Investigations. The teams there are fantastic at answering issues and/or doing analysis to help their clients. For instance, a critical issue with delivery of emails required extensive analysis by all sides, and the CheetahMail team's work was critical in finding the issue with the data sets we were providing the system.
  • Although my personal preference is for a bit "older" styled web UI because of my experience, I can see that the CheetahMail main UI system could be improved for better user experience, incorporating more of the recent web standards for code. It can come across a bit "clunky" at first and only after using it for time is it easier to navigate.
  • Their online support / guide to use the tool needs updating. This may be more impactful for folks trying to utilize more of their advanced functionality (custom preference center form coding, subscriber report management). Although their client teams are welcome to answer questions, sometimes the need is for self-service, and the user guide isn't the best.
  • I mentioned that if you're on one of the higher, dedicated-account manager contracts, your support is quite full. However, if you're on a lower priced tier / essentially a self-service model, it's a bit difficult to get a hold of the general support team (you have more of a "pool") than is desired. I should say that these things are up/down depending on what's happening to their other clients (so basically this isn't really different than most 3rd-party vendors.)
  • CheetahMail needs to incorporate / help clients with newer responsive email design capabilities for non-technical users, ie. similar to my first comment regarding overall UI improvements.
I think CheetahMail, being one of the main ESPs in the market, is a quality choice. However, I would suggest that it's really only valuable for a bit larger of an organization, generally having staff of 100+ and revenues in tens of millions -- this is mainly to justify the amount of investment required, so may be cost-prohibitive to some. You also need to make sure that you understand the entire "level of support" you will gain through your specific contract.... the key is understanding what types of resources are within your organization (who's doing the coding? who comes up with the next campaign? What's the overall strategy?) Depending on these questions and resources, may help determine your final needs from a services point of view. CheetahMail can provide a wealth of various services specific to needs (and changes over time as your business changes), but a clear understanding of what you have before you bring them on will really help getting up and running quickly. Also be sure to truly understand the costs for the initial integrations, setups, IP senders, etc.
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July 24, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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CheetahMail was being used only in my department. It sent sale emails to our subscriber base.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Can be used across department easily.
  • Great support system within CheetahMail company.
  • Subscriber list issues.
  • More modern templates.
CheetahMail is a great tool to get your message out easily and fast. Scheduling campaigns is helpful when you have a small ecommerce team working on one to two emails a day!
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July 24, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Cross departmental. We use CheetahMail to facilitate transactional and marketing emails for both B2B/C. It helps us manage a vast amount of email records and disseminate messaging.
  • The interface is generally comfortable to use with a few exceptions of naming conventions.
  • Segmentation is generally pretty simple when properly assigned. The drag and drop is a nice feature.
  • Customer service is certainly a weak point. Response times are too long. Knowledge base of certain features seems scattered amongst employees.
  • Form creation is very chunky and not intuitive.
  • We've had issues in the past where mailings were firing or not firing for no reason or accounts were set up improperly. The overall system is confusing and needs to be improved to warrant the cost and or time to invest.
Customer service and help desk was a big issue. Smaller businesses will not fit here well. Too long for a response, not enough information on the products, etc... I think CheetahMail might be a good fit for "hands-off" businesses looking for managed platforms but not for boutique mailings. There are much better platforms, for cheaper that can handle nearly any volume smaller business are willing to send.
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July 17, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Review Source
I worked at an agency that used multiple ESPs and CheetahMail was one that we had expertise in a pool of 10 ESPs that we developed in to support our clients. It solved transactional real time messaging for order and shipping confirmations and batch and blast to large lists very quickly. This was an excellent tool to get out a lot of emails quickly.
  • CheetahMail has grown their platform from just a batch and blast of large quantities of email to one that allows for strategic consumer profiling and targeting. The tool has made strides towards getting to the analytical data so we can do some granular targeting.
  • CheetahMail's strength is and has always been in sending out large quantities of email quickly. They have also enabled actionable consumer profiles for more granular targeting.
  • The platform lends its self to deliver more effective campaigns and measureable results by matching clients’ audience data to display, video, social, mobile and media activating the audience or consumer.
  • I would like to see more intuitive features to easily switch between the different modules of CheetahMail. Moving from the different tabs are not as easy as I would like.
  • I would like to see more features around scoring user data. It would be great if CheetahMail could have an intelligence engine that could be used for setting up dynamic content based on past behavior.
For clients that are looking to send a lot of emails quickly, millions of emails - this is the platform for you. If you are looking to do advanced targeting using behavioral activity from the past, this is not the best platform for making these types of strategies work. It has made strides in that direction but still has a bit to go.
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July 07, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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  • Mailing setup: seamless, great use of personalization and dynamic content.
  • Subscription / unsubscription management: easy to manage and report on.
  • Subject line testing: ability to automatically select winning subject line.
  • Forms: great functionality to support user preferences, acquisition, etc.
  • Trigger: easy to set up automated trigger campaigns.
  • API: easy integration with other partners and vendors.
  • Reporting: already works great, but additional reporting features could be beneficial.
Great product and great customer service.
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April 08, 2014
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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CheetahMail is used across most departments within our organization. We use their self-service option and to do so requires tech support and your own design team.
  • Has many refinements for segmentation such as location, transaction data, opens...
  • Tracks many metrics for reporting such as transaction data, open data, click data...
  • Much flexibility for design
  • Navigation is not intuitive.
  • Tech support is lacking. An account representative with no technical knowledge is your main contact and there is a long lag when technical issues arise because the account representative has to wait on their tech team. There also often is a communication gap as to what the technical issues are as you are not allowed to talk directly to tech support and the account representative must mediate.
  • Most innovative solutions require much more money and are not included in the basic (self-service) CheetahMail package. For example, integrating with other data sources and having advanced segmentation require you to purchase an outside service that is compatible with CheetahMail but not included in the CheetahMail package. CheetahMail is drastically behind in terms of technology. So much so that we had an experience where we've tried to integrate with certain third parties but were unable to because CheetahMail was not as advanced as the other email providers.
  • Extremely manual process for setup and reporting. There is no automation or anything easily accessible to the marketers without tech support. They are significantly worse than any other competitor.
In exploring other email service providers, I have found CheetahMail to be the most lacking. While CheetahMail has a lot of functionality, it is all completely manual so you better have a lot of tech support on your hands to make it work. All of CheetahMail's innovation comes from the use of third parties, which is extremely costly. Their service is not very good and they do not provide any training for someone trying to learn the program from scratch. Many other email providers do a better job at giving you a simpler navigation with more accessible sets of metrics/segmentation for less money. If you are a small business with not a large budget, I would not recommend this service unless you go with a full service rather than self service contract. If you are a large company, I would suggest looking into Experian's Cross Marketing Platform rather than CheetahMail as they are spending more time and energy on that platform.
Account reps have a quick response time but a very slow resolution time. Because account reps do not have technical knowledge, there is a long long lead time between flagging a problem and tech team resolution.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (9)
Dynamic content (8)
Ability to test dynamic content (8)
Landing pages (8)
A/B testing (8)
Mobile optimization (7)
Email deliverability reporting (18)
List management (9)
Triggered drip sequences (7)
Dashboards (8)
Standard reports (9)
Custom reports (8)

What is Cheetah Messaging?

Designed for high-volume, cross-channel campaigns, Cheetah Messaging is the engagement layer of the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite. Marketers can deliver highly personalized, contextual communications across various channels including email, SMS, push, mobile wallet, direct mail, and social.

Cheetah Messaging Features

Email & Online Marketing Features

Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureLanding pages
Has featureA/B testing
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability reporting
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences

Reporting & Analytics Features

Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports

Pre-Send Testing Features

Has featureURL Validation
Has featureLink Tracking
Has featureImage Validation
Has featureInbox Display
Has featureEmail Accessibility Tools
Has featureSpelling and Grammar Check
Has featureSpam Testing
Has featureEmail Previews
Has featureAssign Reviewers
Has featureEmail Version Control
Has featureReview Status Updates
Additional Features
Has featureMobile marketing
Has featureOffline
Has featureEvent triggers
Has featureSend time optimization
Has featureSpam detection
Has featureSegmentation, clustering, and audience targeting tools
Has featureJourney orchestration
Has featureAPIs

Cheetah Messaging Screenshots

Cheetah Messaging Video

Learn more about Cheetah Messaging in this demo from Signals, our user conference.

Cheetah Messaging Integrations

Adobe Analytics, Litmus, Movable Ink, SmarterHQ, from Wunderkind, Bluecore, Validity Everest (Return Path + 250ok), Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Facebook Ads, Liveclicker, Salesforce

Cheetah Messaging Competitors

Selligent, Epsilon PeopleCloud (Agility Harmony), Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Cheetah Messaging Pricing

  • Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

Cheetah Messaging Support Options

 Paid Version
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Cheetah Messaging Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cheetah Messaging?

CheetahMail is an email marketing platform from Cheetah Digital headquartered in Chicago. It is optimized for delivering segmented email marketing campaigns with security in mind. It also integrates with any third-party CRM software.

What is Cheetah Messaging's best feature?

Reviewers rate Email deliverability reporting highest, with a score of 8.

Who uses Cheetah Messaging?

The most common users of Cheetah Messaging are Mid-size Companies from the Internet industry.