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April 30, 2021
Lorrie Black | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our entire organization uses Chrome River for travel & expense reimbursements for employees, students and non-employees. We also utilize Chrome River's dynamic programming to reconcile our company issued PCards and Non-PO vendor payments. We were looking for a solution to simplify the process, the tool needed to be flexible, route electronically, integrate with our PCard system, and we needed the ability to access the tool from anywhere.
  • Completely Configurable when it comes to Messages and Warnings. You decide when and where to fire the message. You decide what the message reads. You can add, remove, and/or edit these messages at any time.
  • Completely configurable warnings and messages mean you can write these to match your company policy and update as often as needed.
  • Use messages and warnings to guide your users so that they can submit a correct and complete report the first time, greatly reducing denials.
  • At go, life reporting was lacking. Since our go-live on 12/1/2016, Chrome River has made significant updates to reporting and continue to do so.
  • Some releases have caused issues on our side. Chrome River has been quick to fix releases but it would be helpful if they engaged clients with testing of upcoming enhancements and releases.
  • We used to have a paper-intensive process, it could take a couple of weeks before a person is reimbursed for travel or other out of pocket expenses. Now with Chrome River, we have often processed payment within 48 hours after submitting the request.
  • With tools like Chrome River SNAP and their mobile app travelers can begin their reimbursement request immediately, no need to wait until you are back in the office.
  • Electronic approvals mean you are not chasing down paper from office to office. You can access the system anytime from anywhere to see where your report is in the approval process.
IT resources are minimal.
  • During implementation, we had a dedicated IT resource once we were live we no longer required that resource.
  • When we have needed our local IT support it is because of issues on our ERP platform.
  • We do not dedicate IT resources for Chrome River.

  • We send feeds to Chrome River daily:
  • Rarely have we had issues with our feeds to Chrome River.
  • Person and matter feeds are sent once a day.
  • Vendor feeds are sent several times a day.
  • We received Exports from Chrome River daily
  • Rarely have we had issues with our feeds from Chrome River.
  • Exports are received 4 times daily.
  • Chrome River is easy to use, users can start day one with little instruction. Chrome River is continuously tweaking their application making it easier for users to access all types of devices. Integrations with companies like Uber helps users track travel.
    Chrome River has a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly individuals.

    Chrome River is willing to listen to their customer's needs and when possible will enhance their product.
    • There have been a couple occasions when we've asked for an enhancement.
    • Chrome River has reached out for additional information, including us in what our vision is and then added that as an enhancement.
    Access to Chrome River's Ticketing System (CR Help Desk) allows us to see where are tickets are at any time.
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    April 19, 2021
    WENDY REED | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
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    Verified User
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    We use Emburse Chrome River for all associates across all our US, Canada, and UK locations. We moved from paper to electronic and this was the best move. Our end-users feel that it is intuitive and easy to use once they have done a couple of reports.
    • Easy to use especially with the CR Snap app and taking pictures of receipts
    • Email approval for managers
    • The analytics are not to user friendly. The ad-hoc reporting is very complicated, as the headers do not clearly indicate what you are going to get in the report.
    • It would be nice is when you hovered over the "add expense" (plus with a circle) button, it told you what it does. End users have a hard time finding the e-wallet in their report when it doesn't automatically open.
    It is an easy solution to tailor to what you need.
    It required help from IT and accounting, but once we did the setup, the effort of those areas are not needed.
    Some people are still old school and think that a tool is just more complicated. Overall most people think it has made expense reporting easier.
    Response time for tickets is longer than it used to be before the merger with Emburse
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    March 19, 2021
    Tracy Bentham | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
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    We implemented Chrome River Expense about 9 months ago in conjunction with a new corporate credit card program, in partnership with Citibank. We performed a rigorous selection process in order to select a vendor for both the expense management and the credit card program using a cross-functional team with Procurement, IT, Finance, and Accounting included. I was the project manager for the implementation. We are using it corporately with plans to scale the system across our refinery operations as well as with our retail stores. Previously, we had no visibility on the policy compliance and spend in the organization. It has been life changing for the organization.
    • Eliminates the paper
    • Provides spend and policy compliance visibility
    • Enables proper approval routing and enforcement
    • Support is a little slow post-implementation
    I cannot think of a reason why Chrome River Expense would not be beneficial to an organization. We are planning to scale to other operations and I think the benefits will just duplicate themselves.
    The integrations included one from our human resources system in order to have the approval hierarchy in real time, and one to the ERP system (JD Edwards) to create the financial transactions. There was a third integration required for the corporate card program, but was accomplished between Chrome River and Citibank. The resource requirements were less than anticipated and there were very few problems in synchronization.
    We have had those that can't believe the ease of use and excellent user interface, many required little to no training. Others required more support, but most likely require a lot of systems support. The mobile app looks exactly the same as the desktop app, therefore the navigation is the same. This is a huge plus for adoption and change management.
    We have had some issues with slower response on issues post-implementation. They have worked very hard to rectify this.
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    February 24, 2021
    Anita Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
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    Emburse Chrome Rivers is used by all travelers at our university.

    It allowed us to move from a paper base system to an online system which is great during this COVID19 pandemic.

    No one has to find someone to sign the form or worry about the form being lost and everything else that can happen with a paper based system.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Emburse Chrome River, let me know and I would be happy to do a referral for you (sahall@email.wcu.edu).

    • Emburse Chrome River helped us during our implementation phase to get all of our rules and guidelines regarding travel into the system with user friendly messages to our end users. This saved us time in answering questions about our travel guidelines of what is reimbursable and what is not.
    • Coming from a paper based system, Emburse Chrome River has an awesome tracking feature that allows our end users to know where there reimbursements are at every stage. Before this software, paper work would sit on someone's desk for a long period of time or sometimes even be lost so thank you tremendously Emburse Chrome River for making the process so simple.
    • CR Snap App is an excellent app to get receipts into Emburse Chrome River with a few simple clicks. If the traveler loses their paper receipt but has it scanned into the app then viola, no worries anymore about having to retrace the steps to get another receipt. Again, excellent app.
    • Emburse Chrome River is always updating their system to the newest and greatest which is much appreciated. They are currently working on giving the administrators more access to change submit and compliance rules without ever having to put in a help desk ticket which is great. Would love to see more of these down the pipeline which I have no doubt they are coming. Other than that, I see nothing more they can improve upon.
    Emburse Chrome River is well suited for our university in the way of getting all of our state guidelines as well as university guidelines for travel by creating violations and warnings. A violation of our travel guidelines gives a hard stop within [Emburse] Chrome River along with an explanation of why so the report can't even be submitted for reimbursement until corrected. Warnings may be in place for the traveler to explain their reasoning for the reimbursement which may or may not be reimbursed depending on the explanation.

    So far after three years, the only scenario where Emburse Chrome River has been less appropriate, is where we have changes in our state that we have no control over that needs a configuration change that cannot be changed by our administrator which may require an additional fee to be corrected. It doesn't happen often but sometimes it does. We have only one so far in the past three years which is this year and deals with how our state calculates the mileage reimbursement.
    During implementation, we had our travel auditor, system and procedures staff, vice chancellor of fiscal affairs, and several folks from our IT department help with the process. With everyone's help, we process the transaction within [Emburse] Chrome River and submit feeds nightly to integrate into Ellucian Banner Finance. We have an excellent IT department so this was easy for them, plus we had the help of another university to share their information as well which was modified to fit our needs.

    As far as the over time it took us from hearing about [Emburse] Chrome River to being live, it took us longer but we wanted to make sure everything worked the way it should with all of our guidelines. Yes, we could have rolled out much sooner and fixed the errors along the way, but this is one thing I am proud that we did. Yes, you can get it done within the six month time period but don't rush it. Just like a fine wine, it is well worth the wait.
    I would have given it a perfect 10 but as with any new change, there will always be a few that don't want to change. Going from a paper based system to an automated software was a big change for some but welcomed by far many more. Once users have submitted their first reimbursement and received it much faster, almost all of those "don't want to change" folks were glad we did. It takes less time to complete the expense report than the paper form and the return of reimbursements happen much quicker.
    Everyone at Emburse Chrome River has been super nice and their IT staff is almost as good as ours here at the university. I have never had a case that didn't get attention within a couple of days and usually resolved in less than week or sometimes even the same day (depending on the change). Even our contacts can be reached by phone or email which is great. Sometimes you may have something that is easier to talk on the phone with someone than to put it all down in writing.
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    February 12, 2021
    Don Koubsky, Jr | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
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    Chrome River is CSG's global expense management solution. We have currently deployed it in 26 countries. It has helped us standardize the submission and approval processes. Onboarding is easy due to the intuitiveness of the UI/UX. Through Chrome River, we manage both our corporate Travel & Entertainment cards/program and Purchasing cards/program.
    • Chrome River has a modern UI/UX that is intuitive to new users.
    • Chrome River is a true enterprise (4K+ employees globally) expense management solution.
    • Internal administration options allow most requests to be handled in-house; however the CR help desk has been very good to work with when a more complex request comes up.
    • Lack of personalization/customization for automated messages, notifications, reminders
    Chrome River can be tailored to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. Our company uses it as our enterprise level expense management solution. With over 4,000 employees in 26 countries, Chrome River is valued for its ease of use for end users, approvers, and administrators. We are very happy with our decision to use Emburse Chrome River as our expense management partner.
    We use Oracle for our accounting and project ERP and Workday for HRIS. Chrome River allowed for relatively easy integration between our other platforms. From an IT administration perspective, one main point of contact was able to take lead and perform all integrations. We have been very happy with how the integrations have become seamless and transparent to almost all users.
    Of all the expense management solutions we reviewed, Chrome River had the most modern interface coupled with excellent & intuitive user experience for end users, approvers, and administrators. These features made Chrome River stand out to us. Our users have had a very positive experience and easy transition to Chrome River.
    Everyone we have worked with from Chrome River has been great. From our sales rep, our onboarding person, customer service, and more. Each person have been helpful, honest, and easy to work with. We have appreciated their commitment to us from the beginning. Their people are responsive and friendly and always make us feel like we are their priority.
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    May 05, 2021
    Jonatas Philippi | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Chrome River is being used as the main expense reporting system for over 50k users. It is a key system to organize and book corporate card transactions from cardholders.
    • Intuitive system: User-friendly system that enables all users to easily report their expenses
    • OCR feature: Helps the receipts input to be made easier and faster.
    • Automated expense types selection: Saving time for users and helping the company’s costs allocation.
    • Ad-hoc reporting tool: Great tool for the back office to build special reports.
    • System limitations: Some simple customizations are not possible in CR, such as a more intuitive dropdown, specific customization per country, and user
    • The system speed: Sometimes the system takes long time to load.
    • Searching capabilities: it is not really useful to find users on the system, for example, like using more searching capabilities (per email, full/partial names, and broken data (not exact data like Google, etc.)
    It is a tailored solution that attends basically all companies' needs, from small law firms to huge multinational companies like ExxonMobil, where I work. Especially due to its great capability to suit different tax and local requirements from different countries.
    It’s a key requirement for Exxon to have a good interface with SAP and banking systems. The API solutions that CR offers are essential for the rollouts and the smooth expense reporting and allocation at ExxonMobil.
    The system is really intuitive for any non-expert user and provides a clear UI. Some functionalities like email approval and PDF view are really great! The only thing that could be improved in the approval flow entire view that not always is accurate and looks good.
    The experience with the support team is pretty impressive. They have a great response rate and are always proactive to help and solving issues in a personal way.
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    April 26, 2021
    Marissa (San Martin) Navarro | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    It is managed in Accounting, but used across the whole organization. Not only does it provide our users a way to electronically (which means efficient for us) get reimbursed for firm expenses, it gives our managers an accurate workflow for approvals so we don’t have to chase anything around for payment, and it gives the AP department a direct deposit option when it comes to payments. It’s the entire expense reimbursement process wrapped up in a little bow! Plus, what AP person wouldn’t benefit from an automatic warning or stop when someone enters something incorrectly. What makes Chrome River stand out is their admirals program, and their customer service. It’s easy to provide great service when your product is the best, I imagine.
    • Direct pay - push of a button payment to users.
    • Customer service - they will do anything to help.
    • Admirals program - where customers can reach each other in a fun and relaxing way.
    • Graphical Interface is so easy and simple, and our people like it!
    • I would like to see a travel option, maybe a booking tool for flights and hotels inside the system.
    • I would like to edit gls during approval without sending the report back to the user.
    • Reporting could look nicer, but it’s functional.
    CR is perfect for law firms!
    We aren’t there yet.
    It’s an end user product that is amazing for the admins. We love it.
    We get quick responses and have access to the right people. Support requests are handled by the pros, not techs who are not trained. We don’t have to go through levels of people to get a result.
    Read Marissa (San Martin) Navarro's full review
    April 19, 2021
    Jenifer Glover | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Several years ago we went live with Chrome River expense. It has drastically cut down on the approval and payment process which allows our management team to focus on other areas. We have recently implemented the Invoicing side and look forward to seeing the impact of speeding up the process of payments. One of the best resources Emburse Chrome River has is the employees! They are wonderful to work with, are always looking for ways to improve the relationship, and improve on or create new products to make your work streamlined.
    • Customer Service.
    • Implementation Process.
    • Hearing your needs.
    • Would love to have phone conversations with the help desk verses just email communication.
    Saving time, making paying expense reports and invoices more streamlined.
    We have not.
    The expense application is very easy to use. The addition of CR Snap made it even easier.
    The support of Chrome River is great, but the only area I would like to see something different is communication. It may be that I am old school but sometimes it is easier to talk to someone on the phone or zoom to solve an issue instead of trying to do via email.
    Read Jenifer Glover's full review
    April 19, 2021
    Ken Freedlund | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We migrated from a legacy IBM product to Emburse Chrome River several years ago. The Chrome River onboarding / startup team did a great job with getting the system configured for our environment. We have had very few issues with the application during the use at the company in the past several years.
    • Great job implementing the application.
    • The product runs itself.
    • Talking to someone at the helpdesk is not easy, they really prefer online interaction.
    We had two SAP systems and two HR systems at the time of install - some uses needed to approve across the two systems, and we were able to bring the systems together [through] Chrome River.
    Easy information integration between Dayforce and SAP.
    Users are very happy with the ease of use of the application.
    We don't need support a lot - once you understand the issue reporting process it works.
    Read Ken Freedlund's full review
    February 20, 2021
    Mark Burt | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Chrome River is used Firmwide—all invoices and expense reports are processed electronically through the system. It has made our A/P function totally paperless with the exception of check printing where required by our vendors. The compliance and routing rules, along with image capture, have greatly improved the entire process and reduced much of the manual effort required of end-users and approvers compared to our prior process.
    • Advance and accurate OCR capability.
    • Excellent rules compliance configuration and enforcement.
    • Open API allows integration with our billing system.
    For any organization looking to automate a paperless accounts payable solution, Chrome River is ideal. The larger the organization, the more efficiency will be realized.
    The integration with our time and billing system has been reliable and effortless. We have realized many efficiencies by tying Chrome River data to our A/P system, and the process is as streamlined as I could imagine.
    For our end-users, the ability to use a smartphone to capture receipts and automatically upload to Chrome River has made expense reporting so simple. For in-office users, the OCR capability is highly accurate and a huge time saver!
    We have not had to use Chrome River support much, which is the best thing I could say about it. The system just works, and requires very little oversight by the software vendor.
    Read Mark Burt's full review
    June 02, 2021
    Scott Howell | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Emburse Chrome River is being used across the entire organization for both processing invoices as well as expense reports and corporate credit card expenses. This has digitized and automated these processes and removed the barrier of moving physical paper from coders to approvers.
    • Being able to use prior invoices as templates
    • Automated routing to approvers based on GL codes
    • the interface can be improved slightly as there is quite a bit of back and forth. It can take time to get accustomed to the workflow.
    Any organization that has different people inputting and approving expense or invoices could use Emburse Chrome River, especially if those individuals are in different geographic locations.
    Yes, having the system automatically feed both to and from our ERP has been a major gain in efficiency for our accounting staff.
    The web interface has improved dramatically, but can be a bit confusing at times if you are not using the application consistently.
    I have not contacted their customer support directly.
    Read Scott Howell's full review
    February 18, 2021
    Jacob Kletzli | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 7 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    It is used for any employee that has a company credit card. About 100 users use it on a weekly basis.
    • User Interface
    • Making Changes to Configuration
    • Reporting
    • Removal of certain fields/features
    • Faster support
    • Easier configuration
    It is very good for firm paid and reimbursements. It may not be great if you have multiple different credit cards or methods of payment unless you are disciplined and can keep things organized.
    We are able to import expenses into our ERP.
    It is really good. Sometimes receipts do not load or take a while to load. Sometimes the OCR reads the invoices/receipts wrong.
    It is pretty good. Sometimes harder requests fall through the cracks.
    Read Jacob Kletzli's full review
    April 22, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    [Emburse] Chrome River is Harman's global expense solution. This solution is used to automate the expense reimbursement process and standardize, as much as possible, the expense accounting.
    • [Emburse] Chrome River listens to its customer's needs and does its best to match current products to those needs, or collaborate internally to determine if an enhancement can be made available that will not only benefit that customer, but will be a good use case for all Chrome River customers.
    • The [Emburse] Chrome River customer service team is great. Unlike most companies, you can speak to a liver person!
    • [Emburse] Chrome River's training offerings are relevant and pertinent to the day to day operations of the software.
    • The [Emburse] Chrome River analytics tool is not user friendly. You almost need to have some programming training to use it. It is easy enough to run standard reports, but to create AdHoc reports, it is complex.
    • The PDF of the expense report document that Harman has is customized, and when we need changes, it is difficult to get it done.
    • Rules can be complex. [Emburse] Chrome River recently moved Rules Builder into the Mercury platform and ask customers to build and maintain their own rules. Rules are the most important aspect of a customer's expense reporting program because they help to enforce policy. One wrong thing, and an customer administrator could do severe damage to their program. This is important enough for Chrome River's specialists to maintain, rather than ask a customer administrator to do it.
    [Emburse] Chrome River is a good product for a global client because it has multi languages, and its car program as well as cross border approvals, etc. are important to a global customer. Conversely, for a non-global customer, [Emburse] Chrome River may not be appropriate, as that company could use a non-automated solution.
    Harman's Finance Depts. chose not to automate the integration between [Emburse] Chrome River and SAP, but rather allow them to grab their export files from the FTP server, review the data, and use a program in SAP to upload.
    Harman end users find the software easy to use, not requiring much training, and in some cases, no training at all. Managers like the options of approving from email, desktop or mobile app.
    [Emburse] Chrome River's support team is great and was one of the things that was on our list that lead us to choose [Emburse] Chrome River.
    Read this authenticated review
    March 23, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 8 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Chrome River EXPENSE is being used by our whole organization to reconcile purchasing card transactions and process reimbursements. It helps address the problem of passing papers around for approval. Electronic approvals make for quick approvals or fast returns for corrections without the report spending days in intra-campus mail. The compliance warnings also help educate our end users on policies and procedures that they may have forgotten about.
    • Easy to use and understand for end users
    • Allows for a lot of customization to work for your company.
    • Analytics make it easy to run reports on almost any aspect of the system such as expenses and compliance warnings.
    • Our Information Technology Department had to do a lot to send/receive feeds from/to Chrome River to our ERP system.
    • Our implementation team had to use our knowledge of Chrome River to come up with ideas of how to accomplish workarounds or specific things and then ask Chrome River if it could be done instead of Chrome River coming up with ideas after we said what we wanted.
    • The majority of our compliance rules were put in by Chrome River as Custom instead of just a general rule. Therefore, we are not able to edit them unless we do a work ticket to Chrome River. Most of these rules are simple rules that most companies use at some point. I think we just came in at the wrong time.
    Chrome River EXPENSE is great for reconciling card transactions and for submitting reimbursements. We had to come up with a work-around for submitting reimbursements for non-employees and students at our University and it is not ideal but it works and isn't hard. We also utilize the Pre-Approval aspect, which helps employees obtain pre-approval for the expenses that they need it for.
    I don't know that our organization has benefited much from Chrome River EXPENSE's integrations with our financial software. Before we would enter directly in our ERP software so there was no need for data feeds. So Chrome River has taken away the need for manual entry but added the need for more data feeds, which can sometimes error out.
    When first releasing Chrome River, we had a lot of negative push back. End users said it wasn't user friendly and hard to figure out. However, most of that was their negativity toward change and refusal to take the trainings we provided for the system. Now that we have been on it awhile, the people that use it most and/or take the trainings to walk them through it, say that they love how user friendly it is and find it easy to navigate.
    I feel like when I submit a help ticket, someone from Chrome River is always quick to respond. Sometimes we have to go back and forth several times to get them to understand what we want. We have also noticed that sometimes we have to submit a ticket more than once because the person that tried to help us the first time just was not understanding. Then when that case closes (usually out of frustration from us), we wait awhile and submit again and the person that helps us that time gets it completed like we want it in a matter of days.
    Read this authenticated review
    February 24, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 8 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We use Chrome River for expense reimbursements and credit card reconciliation. It is used by the whole firm, mostly by assistants who proxy in for their attorneys. The problems this addresses is each individual is able to enter and submit their own expenses which eliminates the need for check requests and manual entries by accounting.
    • Reporting
    • Tracking expenses
    • Expense Mapping - it could be more streamlined.
    • Configuration is confusing
    If you are entering your expenses manually, Chrome River would be extremely helpful. It saves so much time and is so easy to use and learn.
    Our accounting software feeds information into Chrome River, which avoids the need for manual updates in Chrome. That is extremely helpful and time saving.
    Chrome River has been really easy for our end users to learn. The policies set in place give the user explanations when they don't enter expenses in correctly. This helps avoid phone calls for help and saves time. The mobile app is great especially for our credit card users. They can keep track of their expenses and upload receipts when they are out which avoids lost receipts. Approving expenses is a breeze because everything is set up so you can see which GL account was entered, dates, receipts, and descriptions all on one page.
    I think support could be better, before Emburse took over we were able to use the dashboard to help with issues, which has been down for months now. We had a point person who would help up with issues and now we just get whoever. Also, when we need help for something it seems like we are being sold something instead of being helped. Every change now costs money even if it is an issue with the software which I don't feel should be a charge to the client.
    Read this authenticated review
    February 24, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Whole organization is using Chrome River for purchasing cards. It helps streamline workflow and having 1 system for submission of receipts and ease of use with delegates as well.
    • Real-time transaction notifications are great.
    • Easy to use training material delivered by Chrome River.
    • Knowledgeable staff that are ready to help with rollouts and post-rollout.
    • Hard to update workflow routings, but I think Chrome River is working on this.
    Great for higher education use. We are a technical college that is using this for our purchasing cards and receipt submissions and approvals with built-in workflow. Great mobile capabilities, too.
    We are not using integrations other than the part [that] PeopleSoft Human Resources feeds employee data into Chrome River.
    Mobile is great, super easy to add a receipt for end users. They can email approvals, all saving time.
    Easy to create help desk tickets.
    Read this authenticated review
    February 03, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We use Emburse Chrome River as our T&E software option through out the entire company. I work in Accounts Payable and support other users, but I also [use] the product when I need to be reimbursed. It is an easy and wonderful option, especially for our sale force that travels the majority of the time. It is easy and convenient to scan your receipt on your phone and submit your expenses electronically. It help Accounts Payable save time by not having to manually scan an expense voucher and the back up receipts.
    • The ability to scan receipts from your phone right into the app helps to eliminate lost receipts.
    • The ability to send expense reports through the system for electronic approval helps make the process smooth, easy and much quicker.
    • The ability to track your expenses and see where they are in the system helps users get instant answers and helps eliminate unnecessary questions for AP.
    • It would be great to have the ability to adjust scanned images for improved clarity.
    • Emburse could work on solving issues faster and keeping the customer informed as to the status.
    • The ability to lock certain features on "People" from being updated, but not the entire profile.
    [Emburse] Chrome River is well suited for users that travel and need to scan receipts quickly so that they do not get lost, destroyed or discarded in the trash. The mobile app is quick and easy to use to snap images of receipts and upload to [Emburse] Chrome River. Although the app is pretty simple to use, we still find people can struggle to use it at times.
    I am not sure, so I would rather not answer.
    I think most people have no issue using the application and navigating the mobile app. The tool is very intuitive. I find some users struggle, but that is not due to the app, but it is more often due to user issues or lack of computer skills.
    At times there seem to be a lot of issues and [Emburse] Chrome River does not always keep us in the loop as to what is going on. We need fast resolutions and answers to provide to our internal customers (employees) to make sure that they can handle expenses and credit card charges quickly and problem free. Therefore, we expect top notch customer service and speed.
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    May 17, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We currently use Chrome River for expenses and invoicing. It is used company-wide and provides our employees a way to submit their business expenses or submit requests for invoices.
    • User friendly
    • Advanced technology
    • Multifaceted
    • OCR and image retention.
    • Help desk speed in response and turn around.
    • Speed of system overall.
    Great for the Accounting Department for smooth and efficient processing, as well as integration with other systems.
    Communication and processing between systems are fairly simple. Requires some manual work.
    Always room for improvement, but overall the system is user-friendly. The mobile app is exactly a desktop version, making it simple.
    Support used to be really good and fast, but with the acquisition, the wait time has increased significantly and help is not as knowledgeable.
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    May 15, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We have been using Chrome River for few years and it's very easy for employees to claim their expenses either through the website or mobile app. The CR snap is easy to use and employees do not require to keep their receipts once they have taken the picture of the receipts.
    • Chrome River app is easy to use and mirror to the website
    • The Chrome River Snap is easy to use and employees don't need to worry about losing their receipts
    • The company compliance is easy to implement into Chrome River
    • There is room for improvement on reporting
    • The mileage rate allowance should be update automatically or update messages on the app
    It is suitable for large organizations and less with organizations more flexible on their policies.
    I think we are less rely on our IT now that our ERP is integrated with Chrome River. We can easily retrieve the data and upload as journals to our systems.
    Users find it easy to use and approvers easy to check the receipts against the claim.
    It has been great so far although the respond rate has come down slightly recently.
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    April 29, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Emburse Chrome River is used for both T&E and a purchasing card for our US/Canada associates. It addresses all visibility to credit card purchases for the company.
    • Ease of use
    • Ease of submitting receipts
    • Ease of approval process
    • Expense control/auditing
    • Warnings for unused transactions.
    • Reminders to clean up old receipts.
    Ease of auditing. Employee reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. Works well with other financial systems in place. Ease of use.
    The ease of the systems works well with all other systems in place, including accounting software and reporting and HR functions including routing to the appropriate approver. We have 2 IT employers who are assigned to coordinate any troubleshooting issues who spend little time on problems.
    The system is very intuitive, and once employees are properly trained on the systems, not many users have issues or problems. Most issues that do arise are from the users not being in compliance with the system or policies. Training employees on the systems prove to be the most effective and time-saving.
    Opening a ticket can sometimes take a while, however, all issues are addressed and resolved. The administrator does not have full control and this allows Chrome River to make any necessary changes that do not affect any other functions of the system. The reporting is fantastic and is very valuable.
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    April 20, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
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    Review Source
    Emburse Chrome River is the travel management solution used by all University travelers. All of the University travel is processed through Chrome River, making it mostly paperless process.
    • Chrome River is very simplistic. It's ease of use allows the training to be straightforward, which boosts end users' confidence.
    • The electronic approval route is very helpful in reducing the time it would normally take to get a physical approval signature for travel authorizations and expense reports.
    • The integration of the issuing bank for our travel card program has proven to be uncomplicated.
    • Training for Administrators on reporting could more helpful. Administrators need more than just a one (1) hour class where the trainers speed through the material. You are unable to get your questions answered and never receive email responses to questions asked during this training. However, this is something that can be easily resolved.
    It is well suited for environments using paper to document and reimburse travel to its employees. Hence, reducing the need for and/or paying for storage for these documents especially if you have a large number of employees.
    We did encounter issues with some of our data not posting to Banner Finance. The our IT rep was vigilant in pinpointing and resolving those issues.
    As I've[ stated] before, for an end user it is very easy to use. The university travel rules and regulations [were] built in so it takes the guess work out of filing reports. It is straightforward and the mobile application looks the same as the online version.
    I should be able to call for assistance.
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    February 12, 2021
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
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    Review Source
    We are using Emburse Chrome River and love it. It has streamlined our broken process. Users in all aspects of the business absolutely love it. We have limited late fees and lost paperwork because of it. The only change I wish that we could have made was to implement it earlier.
    • Approval process
    • Flexible outputs
    • Excellent tracking
    • Implementation took longer than I would have liked
    • Its a little slow
    This has worked so well with Ellucian's Banner. Training end-users is manageable and the processes behind the scenes are simple too. This was one of the most impactful tools we added to our system. I would recommend this to anyone who is addressing manual processes that would benefit from improvement.
    We tied this to Ellucian's Banner, which is our student information system. The data in and out is manageable and we are happy with how it currently works. We look forward to having deeper integration to banner down the road. Being able to use EIS for SSO has made the process easier for employees and IT.
    This is one of the most forward-thinking pieces of software I have seen and it solves problems without a huge lift. Most of our executive-level approvers required no training on how to approve, and our CFO at the time echoed that this is easy to use. This made us even more confident in our decision.
    Support has been good, not great. There is definitely a time zone challenge for us, however, the capability of the support team is strong and I am pleased. I would like to see the support team much more spread out to help facilitate assistance but that may be in the works already.
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    October 23, 2020
    Marie Frank | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    The University of Louisiana at Lafayette uses Chrome River Travel and Expense Module as the only software to preapprove and expense all travel expenses that the university is responsible for. We also utilize it for reconciling our university's credit cards for general expenses. The entire university is using the system which integrates with Banner. The solution has greatly reduced the amount of paperwork that was necessary for these tasks. It also has brought a new level of accountability and audit that was not possible before with manual processing. We are able to track noncompliance of purchasing rules and have eliminated the possibility of fraud to such a low amount that it has won the approval of the state travel auditors. We are also able to plan the expenses for travel in a much more real time manner since the system encumbers as soon as the preapproval is fully approved making budgeting much more possible for individual departments and for upper management. During COVID teleworking, the ability to process everything electronically has been critical and we are thankful that we did this last year. While we haven't completely been able to utilize the analytics because of time and personnel restraints, we are looking forward to doing so as we learn more of the capabilities of the system.
    • Preapprovals are very concise and routing provides transparency at multiple levels.
    • The ability to customize different categories of expenses is extremely helpful as it integrates with the ERP system and we can easily track the spend of certain goods and services.
    • The ability to include the lodging and meal rates so that the sytsem automatically checks the compliance of these saves a lot of time for the auditors.
    • We were able to incorporate the use of Cornerstone to check that those who request mileage or rental of vehicles that they have completed a safety driver's training which not only reduces our risk but also remains in compliance of state regs.
    • The advance payment process is difficult since it is a separate process. There are no safeguards that the user will return the funds that he has been advanced if he requests a reimbursement.
    • We have had some inconsistency with the liquidation of encumbrances.
    • It would be helpful if the creation of rules that conflict with one another provide a warning to the administrator.
    • A report is needed at the cardholder level that replicates the bank statement. You can create one by choosing a particular range of transactions but sometimes they overlap. There should be a standard report for this.
    It is very well suited for public higher education who are governed by one set of rules and regulations by the state. It has all of the capabilities to add compliance rules, approval routing and expense tracking that auditors are looking for. There are challenges when the expense must be split between university and non-university entities but the ability to comment and attach documents provides a way to include those.
    The integration with Banner (ERP) has been very beneficial in the area of budgeting and fund allocation. The IT resources have not been taxed once the system was implemented since the functional staff have responsibility for the effort of making sure the system is working as configured. We have had to re-source the IT analyst in regard to error resolution but it has been an easy transfer.
    The sytsem is very user friendly and has so many flexible ways to customize. The users have been able to navigate within the application since it works well within mobile devices.
    There are some in the support area that don't know the product well enough to resolve a problem. They also take too long at resolving.
    Read Marie Frank's full review
    September 29, 2020
    Lisa Hyde | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 10 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    We implemented Chrome River EXPENSE for site-wide use. Previously we were processing expense reports using paper forms. Moving to Chrome River has made the process much more efficient and allows expense owners to see where in the process their expense reports are.
    • The layout of the expense screen is very user friendly. The pictures on the tiles show you exactly what the tile is used to reimburse.
    • The tracking feature has been the most helpful for our organization. It allows expense owners to see where in the process their expense report is. Prior to Chrome River, we utilized paper forms and expense owners never knew for sure who had their expense report at any given time.
    • The CR SNAP app is a great feature that allows users to take pictures of a receipt on their phone and submit it within minutes.
    • We have an automatic audit selection rule set up. We would like to have an email sent to the named auditor each time a report is selected so the process is not delayed.
    • The OCR for receipts could be a little more robust. We are noticing it reads the receipt but not the correct data.
    • We are using a single sign-on link. Users are not able to bookmark this link and use it later. I found when using Google Chrome, you can save it as a shortcut, but not as a bookmark.
    I would definitely recommend Chrome River EXPENSE. It is a very user-friendly program. One thing we have tested is taping several receipts on one piece of paper and scanning it in. Chrome River recognized each receipt individually. However, I would recommend using the CR SNAP app instead of scanning in your receipts if you have that option. The app is so quick and easy to use.

    One area where we have had a drawback from moving to Chrome River is having direct supervisors at a different location. We have employees paid at one location and their supervisors are in a different HR location system. We have entered the direct supervisors manually and this allowed us to overcome the issue.
    We appreciate the fact that our ERP system exchanges data with Chrome River. We have jobs set up to run at specific times. These jobs transfer updated people information into Chrome River and also pull in the approved expense reports to be paid from Chrome River to our ERP system. Prior to Chrome River, our expense reports were being manually keyed by our Accounts Payable department.
    Chrome River has been a great addition to our company's expense reporting procedure. We are able to utilize the data it collects for reporting and capturing expenses at month-end for journal entries if needed. I give Chrome River a 9 for overall user experience because it is a definite improvement over the paper process we previously had in place; however, there are some areas that could use some improvement, such as the OCR tool for receipts. Having said that, I will add that even if a receipt is incorrectly read by the OCR tool, changing the data is very easy for the user to do.
    The support we have received from our Project Manager during implementation and now our Customer Account Representative has been above and beyond. They have both been there for us any time we have needed answers or help with an issue. There were times we reached out about something and if it were something Chrome River could not do, they were open and honest about that. I appreciated this honesty.
    Read Lisa Hyde's full review
    September 25, 2020
    Chris Phelan | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 9 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    Review Source
    Chrome River is used by our all UK-based employees, with the vision to rollout globally to other countries we operate in. It takes many clunky, outdated systems we were running previously and brings a single system for users to become familiar with. The intention was to provide a user friendly interface which staff would enjoy, which it has done - ruined only by our own expense policy! Who likes a policy...
    • Friendly user interface to provide a good user experience for our our employees.
    • Great visual feedback for ease of use.
    • Seamless integration with other systems.
    • Industry-leading OCR technology.
    • Handling of data for reporting/dashboards.
    • Front-end control of the system (however this is improving).
    • Quirky "issues" often not replicable, but without solution.
    This is certainly the best non-market leading solution which I have used, which when combined with the lower associated implementation/operating costs and the "small system" feel, I think far outweighs the benefits of taking a market leading solution, certainly in our business.
    Implementation was smooth and painless and continued support has been strong.
    Integration was something of a focus in our integration, with the vision to improve post go-live - we have integration to our ERP platform (2-way) with a semi-automated solution, with the intention to use Web Services to fully automate - I would like this still to happen but in terms of the integration we do have, it is generally streamlined and successful, with the exception of and occasional FTP failure.
    We also integrate with our HR/personnel system for "People" date, this works extremely well, with clear notifications/instructions on failures.
    Chrome River has been a successful product, both for the end users and also for Finance - it provides a lot of flexibility where policy changes, requirements change or where demand changes.
    Our next steps are global rollout which will be interesting to see how Chrome River handles the demand across multiple regions in a single streamlined solution - so far so good covering the UK at go-live and the Asia Pacific region soon after, with mind to expand further.
    Helpdesk is usually quick to respond and provide good solutions / information when requested. There are occasions where tickets can take inexplicably longer to be resolved or that no solution is available at present, but is also unlikely to be available in the future.
    Generally however Helpdesk are knowledgeable and passionate about the system.
    The less I have to deal with them - the better they are doing their jobs!
    Read Chris Phelan's full review

    What is Emburse Chrome River?

    Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to automate and simplify the submission, approval and reimbursement of an employee's travel and expense spend. Its intuitive interface works effortlessly and provides full functionality on any device, anywhere, at any time.

    Chrome River EXPENSE integrates an employee's travel transactions (including through a corporate travel agency or travel booking tool), as well as personal and corporate credit card purchases and out-of-pocket expenses. Employees can also upload receipt images or forward emails to create accurate expense reports without typing. With its responsive design, users will have the same features and experience on any mobile browser or using mobile apps as they have on a computer or tablet.

    Accounts payable teams can use Chrome River's automated compliance, approvals, audit and reporting capabilities that integrate with any ERP solution or financial system. Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to be configurable to fit the way any business works.

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    We offer three cost-effective, subscription-based pricing models: A transaction-based model, priced according to expense report volume A submitter-based model, priced according to an average number of monthly submitters An enterprise-level model that includes unlimited expense reports. Pricing for this model is based on total employee headcount Feel free to contact us to discuss the best one for your organization.

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    Chrome River EXPENSE is expense management software, from Chrome River Technologies in Los Angeles, California.

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