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Rocky River Flowing

10 out of 10
June 22, 2022
The whole organization uses Chrome River EXPENSE for expense reimbursement processing. This application facilitates submission and …
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Another Chrome River Review

10 out of 10
December 02, 2021
We currently roll out Chrome River EXPENSE to employees that have a corporate card. However, we are in the process of rolling the tool out …
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What is Emburse Chrome River?

Chrome River EXPENSE is expense management software, from Chrome River Technologies in Los Angeles, California.

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What is Concur Travel and Expense?

Concur is a SaaS expense report management product, and handles corporate travel booking, expense report automation, reimbursement, audit, and business intelligence, and corporate card integration. The product is used by over 15,000 clients. Concur is now an SAP company.

What is Expensify?

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What is Emburse Chrome River?

Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to automate and simplify the submission, approval and reimbursement of an employee's travel and expense spend. Its intuitive interface works effortlessly and provides full functionality on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Chrome River EXPENSE integrates an employee's travel transactions (including through a corporate travel agency or travel booking tool), as well as personal and corporate credit card purchases and out-of-pocket expenses. Employees can also upload receipt images or forward emails to create accurate expense reports without typing. With its responsive design, users will have the same features and experience on any mobile browser or using mobile apps as they have on a computer or tablet.

Accounts payable teams can use Chrome River's automated compliance, approvals, audit and reporting capabilities that integrate with any ERP solution or financial system. Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to be configurable to fit the way any business works.

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A consistent experience across any screen size or operating systemSimple, customizable tiles for expense entryApprove expenses directly from your inbox with a single click

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesArmenian, Bulgarian, Canadian, French, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English - UK, English - US, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emburse Chrome River?

Chrome River EXPENSE is expense management software, from Chrome River Technologies in Los Angeles, California.

What is Emburse Chrome River's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.9.

Who uses Emburse Chrome River?

The most common users of Emburse Chrome River are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Higher Education industry.


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June 22, 2022

Rocky River Flowing

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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The whole organization uses Chrome River EXPENSE for expense reimbursement processing. This application facilitates submission and compliance rule validation, provides communication for proper approvals, and allows for easy electronic transfer to our ERP system along with electronic payments through the use of Chrome River Direct Pay. They take the paper out of the process.
  • Communication facilitation.
  • Compliance Rule validation.
  • Receipt/image capture.
  • Application support.
  • User training.
  • Customization.
Chrome River is well suited for organizations where expense owners are on the go and need to have an easy way to submit their expense reports in the moment while traveling. It takes the need for saving receipts and trying to piece the information together when returning from a business trip.
Chrome River integrates with our ERP system to reduce data entry requirements and to improve the data accuracy. This integration takes resources on the front end to properly set up, but those are recouped and then some after the integrations have been implemented. Integrations also protect the data integrity as less human interaction is required.
Chrome River has made expense reimbursement easy for users to use, with the additions of application access on mobile devices. They also allow email approvals and provide links within the email to view receipts. I have received positive user feedback stating application is easy to use. Feedback has also been the desire to do certain items which are not possible due to the limited customization of the application.
Support for the application is where I see the most room for improvement. Chrome River's standard response protocol doesn't work well for making corrections and is exacerbated by the delay in communications between administrator and support personnel. It also seems to be hit or miss on the knowledge of the staff received. Posted support material is good but can be difficult to find what you are looking for.
Robert Ferrandino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The expense module is being used throughout the organization in 2 different companies. We use Chrome River EXPENSE for credit card purchases and other employee reimbursements. The credit card feature has addressed the issues of timing on collection or misplacement of receipts. No transaction is finalized unless receipts are attached. This also reduces much leg work down the road when audit season comes and we do not have to pull boxes of receipts. The other feature that solved our business needs is the mileage submissions. By having Goggle Maps interface, users don't have to enter all the data on a form and calculate the mileage trips. All this information is set up in Chrome River. This also reduces fraud by having business rules setup for dates of trip etc.
  • OCR Recognition when it comes to receipts. With some, it will auto-populate the transaction amount and merchant, along with the type of expense.
  • Mosaic Tiles are mapped to GL expenses, so end users do not need to know the GL Codes that are associated with the expense. They just need to select the correct tile.
  • Compliance Rules - Having the capability of setting up multiple rules tailored to your organization has been very helpful.
  • Reporting - Additional reporting could be helpful.
  • Direct Interface with accounting software - It would reduce time if files between our accounting software and Chrome River can integrate simultaneously.
  • Enhancements by Admins - I would like to see Admins have more capabilities to change things, although this is in the works.
If your business is heavy with credit card use along with mileage requests then this is the software you need to use to improve the flow of your operations. Having said that, if you're not heavy with these types of transactions then it might not be beneficial to your operation.
The Accounting Software our business uses is Microsoft Great Plains and Export and Imports between both systems has improved over the 2 years using the Software. I would recommended customers invest in a solid integration software for your Accounting System to eliminate some of the manual processes that might occur depending on your current integration software.
Chrome River has helped transition my Finance team to another level. In the past we were paper driven and did not see some oft the pitfuls on how expenses were being coded, which lead to us making adjustments sometimes months later. The system also has improved the connection between each of our locations now that we have a centralized workflow for Expense Reporting. Communication, processing and reduction of errors have improved. We only have touch the surface on what can get out of this system.
The help support is really good. If it's something that is high importance they will respond and address quickly.
  • Online training
It's very easy software to design to your needs.
Craig Lundskog | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River Expense has become our go-to expense manager for all credit card charges here at GBI. It helps us move all receipts to a paperless environment and helps us expedite expenditure coding and business purpose. It makes expense management part of our daily routines. It is just easy!
  • Capture receipt detail at the time of purchase
  • Interface with our ERP software
  • Structure expense management in very user-friendly enviroment
  • Works well with our day-to-day working habits
  • CR Snap - capture expense coding is missing
Works well in the fast-paced purchase environments. Captures receipt details through highly reliable OCR technology. Must submit expense reports for approval. Would be nice to have an option to by-pass this all together in certain circumstances.
Chrome River Expense's API's were a bit difficult to interface with, mostly because our ERP software didn't have any standard API interfaces.
Chrome River support desk, implementation personnel were and are truly amazing. The software and APPs are easy to use. Training material, videos, and classes are easy to follow, extensive, and fun.
Really enjoy interacting with timely, competent, and extremely friendly people.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River [EXPENSE] is today used in 5 countries and there in 10 entities in APAC and EMEA with more than 6,000 users. We went from a paper-based process to a global harmonized digital and workflow-based process. We are using pre-approval and expense reports and have installed a fully automated transfer / posting into SAP.
  • Upload of receipts with OCR
  • Credit card feed
  • Connection to Cytric travel and integration of travel data
  • Payment via vendor accounts in SAP
  • Easily to learn, no intensive training needed
  • Digital archiving
  • PDF report
  • Approval workflow
  • Auditor function
  • European legal requirements

Chrome River [EXPENSE] is an easy to learn travel expense tool. Training effort is limited. Compliance rules are guiding the users to correctly upload and enter receipts, which are already uploaded and recognized via OCR during the business trip. Uploading can easily done via APP, mail or receipt gallery. There is no need for storing paper. Chrome River [EXPENSE] is supporting digital archiving. Interfaces to SAP are working smoothly and the effort for installing was minimal.

We would prefer, if the accountants / auditors could change / adapt the expense report by themselves. Entries / information for which traveler's are not the experts like expense types, VAT or other income related stuff should be possible to change without return and starting the approval process once again. Standard PDF report gives room for improvement.

Setup was easy. We had a 2 day workshop with consultants for the SAP connectors. Internal IT resources for HR and FI are needed but majority was done by consultants. Jobs are setup and running smoothly. Also adaptions were possible and configured. Nevertheless, it is important that employee data is available in a unique form. We connected one SAP HR system and three SAP FI systems.
Chrome River [EXPENSE] is available via APP and web browser. Training effort is low and more driven by company rules than Chrome River [EXPENSE]. System can be entered via SSO. Expense reports are intuitively entered. Approval is additionally possible via mail and the approver does not even need to enter the system. Everything can be checked via the mail.
Support team can be contacted by opening a case in salesforce. Within this tool you could always track the status of the case. Nevertheless, sometimes it takes some time until we get a solution. In general, they are fast and supportive. For some cases we have a delay because of different time zones.
Farzad Ghorbani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Emburse Chrome River to process our expenses and invoices. The business case is to provide an automated solution that has security protocols in place for approvals. Additionally, reporting needs to see trends.
  • Detailed approvals
  • Easy navigation
  • Performance
  • The way approvals are managed
  • Reporting performance and options
  • Lacking basic functions with their updated Mercury platform
Chrome River has a great team to work with, their ticket logging system is easy to use. The CR application itself is easy to use and navigate, has an easy learning curve, and has a lot of options for routing and approvals.
Once you have the integrations 100 percent working, the feeds are seamless, and if there are any issues coming in or out of your ERP you will be notified of the issue. The vouchers get automatically created in our ERP system and all the accounts payable team have to do is pay it in the system and the feed auto feeds back into CR to mark it as paid.
Chrome River is super easy to use. The screens, boxes, and buttons are all laid out easily. If you are missing something the system will tell you. There is little training involved out of the box. Depending on your customizations you may need to create training documents to ensure users are filling their expenses and invoices out properly.
Support is really good especially when you are assigned an Emburse admin to help. This admin is assigned to you for your specific needs and can help troubleshoot issues, answer ad hoc questions and get ticket processes ahead of schedule. Logging tickets within their help desk is also easy to use and you get timely feedback.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Chrome Rive Expense for university purchase card and travel management, to include travel pre-approvals. It is used across the whole organization--to include 3 sister campuses. It addresses university purchase card receipts and invoice management, accounting reviews, reporting, and audit functions. It eliminated a cumbersome and wasteful paper-based system and automated the approval and review process.
  • Chrome River uses a clean operating environment to include a companion mobile app.
  • Provides multiple (simple) ways to upload receipts.
  • It includes 100s (1000s?) of business rule customizations, and it's becoming easier to manage those in our admin roles without having to request changes through Chrome River.
  • Needs increased flexibility in the forms that are used.
  • Allow admins to create/customize forms.
  • Allow for more editing on returned reports, currently impossible to edit header information.
  • Per diem rules linked to start and end times need increased functionality. Our state has very specific rules as they relate to times, and we need greater ability to customize these rules.
  • Admins/super delegates should have the ability to see reports in the approval queue of other users.
Well suited for organizations with straightforward business rules and a manageable amount of expense types/cost codes. Tougher to use in organizations with a high turnover rate of employees (lots of changes to supervisors and moving departments impacts the automated routing). Also, the interface can get cumbersome with the huge number of expense types and cost codes that we have.
The data that lives in Chrome River is only as good as it is in Banner. We are still working out the idiosyncrasies when it comes to many of the HR processes and how they are entered into Banner and fed to Chrome River. What we have found is the level of difficulty that exists keeping Banner up to date and accurate is affecting our accuracy and automated routing functions in Chrome River.
Having spent nearly every day for that past year in Banner, the things that we as admins find intuitive aren't necessarily intuitive to the user who only gets into Chrome River once a month or less. Part of that issue is more on the complexity of our state's business rules and account code usage, and less on Chrome River. We believe with time, the system will be viewed as being very intuitive and we are constantly looking at ways to tweak the interface to make it even better for the user. Chrome River gives us the ability to make those slight changes, and that has helped in the early stages of implementation.
Excellent service from the help desk/center. The Chrome River ticketing system and techs have made fixing our unforeseen issues a much less painful experience than it could have been. In almost every case response has been fast and accurate!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Emburse Chrome River is used throughout the company. [It is] mostly used for expense reports and tracking travel expenses.
  • It is easy to keep organized.
  • The automatic reminders are very helpful in a large company.
  • Some of the report features are not always easy to get to work easily.
It's [Emburse Chrome River] great for what we use it for. I do think some of the reports can be a little tricky though and so those might need some work. If you have a lot of users with credit card activity, I think this is a really good program to use. If you have more activity that is typically reoccurring, monthly or otherwise, I wouldn't be as likely to suggest this set up.
The reports are typically pretty useful and we use a lot of them in reconciliations for our credit cards every month. It would be great if it was all in one but the way our system is set up it doesn't quite work that way, but it is definitely a time saver.
I think the program is pretty self explanatory to figure out. You can easily walk yourself through things and if you can't figure something out, the help desk is available. We also have step by step guides on how to set up different things that are great.
I think this is a really good product and a lot of companies could use it.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Emburse Chrome River and love it. It has streamlined our broken process. Users in all aspects of the business absolutely love it. We have limited late fees and lost paperwork because of it. The only change I wish that we could have made was to implement it earlier.
  • Approval process
  • Flexible outputs
  • Excellent tracking
  • Implementation took longer than I would have liked
  • Its a little slow
This has worked so well with Ellucian's Banner. Training end-users is manageable and the processes behind the scenes are simple too. This was one of the most impactful tools we added to our system. I would recommend this to anyone who is addressing manual processes that would benefit from improvement.
We tied this to Ellucian's Banner, which is our student information system. The data in and out is manageable and we are happy with how it currently works. We look forward to having deeper integration to banner down the road. Being able to use EIS for SSO has made the process easier for employees and IT.
This is one of the most forward-thinking pieces of software I have seen and it solves problems without a huge lift. Most of our executive-level approvers required no training on how to approve, and our CFO at the time echoed that this is easy to use. This made us even more confident in our decision.
Support has been good, not great. There is definitely a time zone challenge for us, however, the capability of the support team is strong and I am pleased. I would like to see the support team much more spread out to help facilitate assistance but that may be in the works already.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently roll out Chrome River EXPENSE to employees that have a corporate card. However, we are in the process of rolling the tool out to all employees. Chrome River EXPENSE has addressed a number of issues but for the employees, it has increased the speed for out of pocket reimbursements. Another problem it has addressed easily is unsubmitted transactions.
  • Chrome River EXPENSE provides lots of "help" tools from video to written.
  • CR SNAP has been an awesome tool for our users to get receipts into the tool so expense reports can be easily completed.
  • Chrome River EXPENSE can be customized based on your companies needs.
  • Receipt OCR has still been challenging, especially since tips are handwritten on to the receipt.
  • Ad Hoc reporting is still challenging, videos on creating different reports would be great.
If you are looking to improve the employee expense reimbursement process, Chrome River is definitely an option to be considered. It is a very easy tool to learn to use, and has a lot of add-on features.

Where Chrome River would not be suited is for very small companies, as the pricing per user could be greater than the ROI.
Our process is automated, so it everything feeds into the system. For our company it has been great with little effort by the team. Where we might see some manual effort is if we make a change along the automated process. But that is more monitoring for any errors.
Chrome River EXPENSE is very easy to train new users on, but once trained very easy for the employees to use. Part of our training focuses on downloading and utilize CR Snap for their receipts. This has reduced the "lost" receipt exception.
I have not had any issues with getting support for any questions that I have. Depending on what the topic is about the turn around time to range from a couple hours to a couple days.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company uses Chrome River to manage our expense reporting process - both corporate card expenses and personal expenses. Our decision to implement this tool across the organization was to increase efficiencies throughout the expense reporting process. Additionally, the reporting functions within the system allow us for greater analytical abilities with many future applications.
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Use
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Less options on the interface
Chrome River has been great for our organization to increase efficiencies in the expense reporting process. The ease of use on a mobile phone, along with the OCR capabilities to match receipts with charges makes the end-user experience much better. During the pandemic, our T&E program took a drastic decline. This resulted in some end users [believing] the system was too sophisticated for our organization's needs. To me, that is a nice problem to have.
The output, and corresponding customization, from Chrome River, [have] greatly reduced the time needed to import the data into our ERP platform. Previously we used a lot of manual effort to do so but the integration from CR has drastically reduced that effort.
The system has been great for both the end-users as well as the accounting administrators. Being able to capture receipts via a picture on a mobile device has been a game-changer for a lot of individuals at our organization. No need to hang on to those bulky receipts anymore!
As we have required assistance from the CR team, they have been responsive and helpful in resolving issues that we have [encountered].
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Since our organization is a large law firm, we use Chrome River and only Chrome River for all our invoice payment processing, expense reporting, and reimbursements. It helps us organize and easily keep track of all invoices that are submitted for payment from our many vendors, and it also helps staff and lawyers submit expense reports for the many reimbursements they need to receive from things like travel, dining with clients, or professional development.
  • Invoicing
  • Expense Reporting
  • Record of Payments and Vendors
  • Image Upload Size Restriction
  • Search History for Invoice Submissions
  • Better way to catalogue vendor addresses vs payment addresses
Emburse Chrome River is a highly suitable tool for any organization that is processing invoices for payments from many different vendors. It also works well for any organization that needs to have an easy tool for its staff to do expense reporting for reimbursements. I honestly think it is appropriate for any organization that needs to have an easy way for the Accounting Department or general staff to keep track and submit things for payment, although it probably works best for organizations that are larger than 50 or so staff.
Our accounting payment system works very well when integrating with Chrome River. As an IT Projects staff, I am able to submit invoices for payment processing and track their completion in real-time with our accounting department. This eliminates the need for me to constantly reach out to the accounting process for status updates when I am trying to resolve a late payment or payment status with a vendor. It requires little extra work from our IT department in managing and setting up this integration.
I give it this rating because I use it daily, and I rarely run into issues with it. Our staff and lawyers can also easily submit expense reports from their phones, so they can be sure that they can get reimbursed for all their expenses as soon as they have the receipt. It makes it easy for them, as an example, to upload a restaurant receipt immediately after they have dinner with a client since they can do it from their mobile device.
I gave it this rating because I have not had any issues with the support side of Emburse Chrome River. If our product isn't working, or has maintenance scheduled, it's very easy to contact support and find a resolution or a temporary work around. Also, maintenance is done in a timely manner and we rarely have extended periods of software down times.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River has helped us more timely file expense reports and better track Corporate credit card expenses. The app is easy to use and all of our employees out in the field can access it and submit reports on time. The ability to change approval processes to follow the job is beneficial as well!
  • Ease of use
  • Good tutorials
  • Easy set up
  • Their customer service is lacking unless you pay for an account rep.
The app is easy to use and we love the app and the desktop looks the same. So it's easy to walk someone through it no matter what they're using. The ability to run custom reports is invaluable! Easy to set people up, easy to set expense coding up. Overall very easy to use.
Chrome River isn't currently integrated with our system. However, we can run the reports we need to manually upload them into our system and have made it work. Their IT team did work with ours to do this which was very helpful. It would be great if one day they were fully integrated.
It's easy, simple, yet effective and we have several older employees who are "technology challenged" who don't have a problem using it! Which says a lot! Overall we've had great experiences with it. There is no perfect software, but this one comes close and that's a win my book if you ask me.
Overall we are extremely happy with Chrome River Expense. It has been a great software and we don't regret our decision to choose it over other platforms. The app is easy to use which is a huge factor in getting employees to submit timely expense reports. You won't regret this decision.
Jordan Kerr, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Emburse Chrome River to meet our Procure-to-Pay needs, as well as assist us with our unique workflow needs as a non-profit. We have quite a few Program and Budget Owners that need to review PO's and Invoices so that we can satisfy this need through Chrome River. We can also handle encumbrance accounting and reports through the system to provide helpful budget reports to those same users.
  • Robust PO and Invoice Workflow Approval.
  • Solid integration and data feed options to connect with most ERP's.
  • Clean and intuitive interface for end users.
  • The ability to apply multiple PO's to a single invoice.
  • The ability to import transactions/invoices through a ccv feed.
  • Build out their API connections so you can push and pull data into the system.
Chrome River is a dynamic and robust system if you are needing strong workflow options. You can build/design the workflow approvals off of any field, including user-defined fields. The system is also unique to other cloud-based systems in your ability to customize your instance of the platform. The front-end system is extremely clean and intuitive for end-users, but I would recommend someone with more technical competency for the implementation and maintenance of the system. Chrome River has excellent customer service and competent implementation specialists to help you throughout the whole process.
We have been able to integrate with our ERP, Financial Force, using SFTP file dropping. There are primary integrations that they have built out with the larger ERP platforms, but they do not currently have an open API to build to push into other ERP's. They do have alternative solutions to assist with this (like the SFTP file drop).
Chrome River has exceptional consultants and support staff. We have had nothing but a fantastic experience with how their team has treated us, as well as working through some of our unique business needs. From implementation to ongoing support, they have helped my small team successfully automate our Procure-to-Pay process from our older systems.
Jose Romero | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Chrome River EXPENSE throughout the entire company for managing and reporting travel expenses. The software enables us to request reimbursement, manage our travel accounts, and more with ease. I travel at least once a month and I'm able to track my ground, air, and hotel stay expenses fairly quickly. The eWallet feature automatically identifies the type of expense to save time when building reports, which is a lifesaver.
  • Automatically categorizes expense types using eWallet.
  • Saves report drafts for easy access.
  • Alerts when you have an outstanding expense for timely record keeping[.]
  • A few times categories were a bit off but it's easy enough to correct.
  • Would be nice to see the original bill.
  • Pre-populated fields would streamline even further once a similar report has been created.
If you are a large or midsized company, Chrome River Expense is perfect for expense management tracking and reporting. For smaller companies[,] there are cheaper options that could do the trick. Regardless of company size the software will suit your needs and be a pivotal part of your financial management company-wide.
IT is better able to review and track expenses which are integrated into budgeting and financial software tools. Individually it gave each location a way to easily [cross-reference] expense data with budget tracking software.
Very easy to track, approve, and manage expenses across the organization. The user interface is streamlined and easy to learn even as a beginner. The [enterprise-level] support is exceptional and was one of the best I've seen in the industry. I also loved how easy it was for us to integrate car rentals and business trip expenses.
I cannot tell you how relieved we were when utilizing Chrome River support in comparison to other Enterprise level software support centers. Tickets were quick and representatives were swift in [their callbacks] and resolutions to our common and most difficult problems. The team there is professional and makes each new support ticket a breeze.
November 18, 2021

Emburse Chrome River

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River saves us time and money, by creating an easy and efficient way to process employee expenses. In addition, it helps keep us in compliance with our policy. I especially like the warning it gives the employees. This feature helps the employee understand what our policy is. It also integrates well with our accounting and payroll software.
  • Streamline expense approvals.
  • Our company set up warnings to keep us in compliance.
  • Response takes a couple of days.
Emburse Chrome River simplifies the expense reimbursement for both user and administrator. The CR Snap allows our employees to upload receipts at the time the expense occurred, eliminating missing receipts. The approvers found it easier to approve or return an expense item for either additional questions or corrections. Using Emburse Chrome River and CR Snap together allowed our employees to get reimbursed quicker.
Chrome River was able to customize a few reports for us. This allowed us to upload files into our Payroll and Accounting system.
This saved our company a lot of manual hours. Time is one thing we can't get back!
Easy to work with.
November 16, 2021

Chrome River

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River helped us get out of paper reimbursements. We are now reimbursing our employees within days instead of weeks. Also, helps with client bill back we run the firm cards through the portal. So we can get the client charges in our system faster. Saves a month between when it is paid to when it is billed.
  • Faster cost recovery vs paper.
  • Faster employee reimbursement.
  • Better visibility of charges.
  • Help desk is on the slow side.
Chrome River is great for our firm because we are able to get costs into our billing system faster. We are also able to pay our employees faster.
After the initial setup, we have not had to involve our IT department. If there are errors we get a report telling us about the error. We can use the report to work out what is wrong and fix without involving IT.
Almost all of our users are able to figure out how to submit a report with limited training. The only downside currently is Chrome River likes to use white. There is a lot of it.
There support is good just slow. They take a few days to get back to you after each reply.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Chrome River is our Expense Reporting system. Many people have company expenditure cards, and those who don't can submit for reimbursement of allowable expenses. While our AP department is the head of the process and application, most people in the firm use it to enter expenses for themselves or on behalf of others. The biggest benefit in my opinion is its availability from anywhere, especially in a remote world. It is web-based and has an app, so it is easily accessible in a few ways. Its use allows us to quickly submit and process expense and reimbursement requests with a geographically dispersed team.
  • CR Snap, a phone app that allows pictures of receipts with AI that recognizes expenses and enables submission of the expense at the point of expense.
  • Business logic rules that can be customized as to how to route expenses for approval or automatically approve.
  • Online platform that makes it accessible from anywhere without special equipment. Allows us to work remotely.
  • As a data analyst, I wish we could export their analytics to combine with our own internal data to make it richer.
  • It took a while to transition to our new accounting system, and was slightly difficult to get their team to work on customizations.
  • Sometimes the product has minor glitches that seem to resolve themselves within a few hours.
Chrome River is very good for large, complex expense processing workflows. You can customize it as much as you need or want - though simpler is usually better. If you have a distributed workforce and/or many people submitting expenses, the app and tools make it easier to get the receipts and expenses in a timely manner. It also allows processing outside of a single location and reduces paper waste. If your company is very simple or isn't geographically distributed, it may benefit you less.
The most important integration is from Chrome River to our Accounting ERP. It took a fair amount of effort to get that stood up. Almost all customizations were completed by the Chrome River implementation team to export from CR in the format required by our ERP. That took a lot of effort, mostly because it seemed they would make a change but we wouldn't test it but once a week. So it was slow going. And there were a lot of scenarios to test that kept requiring code changes. It was much easier to create the feeds, like validation lists, to send to them from our side. Now that it's set up though, it is a very important part of our overall accounting environment.
I think the app and website are easy to use and navigate. The buttons are large enough and the process fairly clear. The only questions we get are usually on business specific rules; certain requirements on certain expense types.
The help documentation is well laid out and descriptive, with pictures. It answers most of my questions. For the technical issues that must be fixed by the Chrome River team, sometimes it just takes an email or 2 to get the problem resolved.
Karen Keegan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Chrome River for all of our expense reimbursements, firm-wide.
  • Automated approval routing
  • Paperless
  • Easy for users to upload receipts while on the go
  • Fully customizable
  • Support tickets sometimes get held up
  • Many support tickets now cost extra money to complete
Chrome River is well suited for just about any medium to large organization. It's fully customizable, so you can have as many or as few approval rules as you wish/as many or as few general ledger codes, charge centers, billable matters, etc.
Everything input into Chrome River feeds very nicely into our accounting system. Again, it takes some technical resources on the front end, but once it's set up, everything works smoothly. And when we need to make any changes to our feed, we work directly with Chrome River to make those changes happen.
Having used Chrome River myself, for over ten years, I can honestly say it is extremely easy to use. The mobile app allows users to upload receipts quickly and easily while traveling.
We have had mixed experiences when submitting support tickets. Chrome River has gone through some growing pains, so they are not as fast as they used to be. However overall, customer support is very good. We have an assigned customer success manager that will always intervene and follow up if we have any problems.
November 14, 2021

Emburse Chrome River

Danielle Bulla | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Emburse Chrome River is used across our organization for all accounts payable needs. This includes paying invoices, reimbursements, and reconciling purchasing cards. This is also extended to charges from one internal department to another internal department, and correcting allocation errors for internal and external payments. With this system, we also have the ability to run reports and extract as much detail as is needed to compare analytical data.
  • Analytics
  • User Friendly
  • Customizable
  • More tutorials - the system is always updating but the tutorials do not
  • Reports can be difficult to learn
  • Better organization of helpful tools in help desk portal
Emburse Chrome River is an awesome program that helps streamline information and get your data into one place. We use the Expense feature for all accounts payable needs. This covers payments, reimbursements, purchasing card reconciliations, etc. One example that comes to mind: Not too long after I first started the head of Risk Management reached out to me. He needed some specific information to use for our insurance renewal. I needed to pull a report showing how many vehicles we rented over the last year, broken down by department/days/price, etc. I was able to pull this information easily and present it to him.
We have benefited from Chrome Rivers integrations with our bank and with Uber. When an employee uses their purchasing card, their transaction automatically uploads into their profile to wait for reconciliation. As long as your business Uber account has your company email, your Uber charge and receipt also automatically populate in your profile for reconciliation. It really cuts down on manual entry time.
I love using Chrome River and I think it is very simple. I like how everything is laid out and how there is an option to look at expense reports as a pdf (very helpful if you need to share it with someone or save it for documentation). I am not a huge fan of email approvals, only because I think it is too easy for someone to approve without verifying all of the information.
Chrome River has a dedicated Help Desk portal. On the portal, you have all of the information they have released about the product and features and a lot of helpful tools. They also have a ticket system if you need further help or something more specific. It is much easier than actually calling a help desk.
Score 9 out of 10
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Southeast MO State University uses Emburse Chrome River Expense for our Travel expense reporting, Purchasing Card reconciliation reporting, and non-travel business expense reimbursement reporting. Prior to Chrome River, our university did not have a travel or card management system and all reports were submitted on paper. While it was a big transition for our users, it has been a great step in converting from paper-pushing to electronic submission and approval.
  • User friendly.
  • Customizable for policy compliance.
  • Customizable for notifications.
  • Currently having issues with some users being able to view receipts via approval email.
  • Some system improvements to current included features will now cost additional fees to get.
  • Customized setup has not been fully converted to updated features.
Being our first travel and expense management system, I do not have a clear comparison opinion. But Chrome River Expense is a user friendly system even for some of our technically challenged employees. The amount of compliance and business rules added triggers notifications to users while they are creating and building the report.
It does integrate with our financial system, but per the opinion of our IT staff that were involved, it was not as smooth of an integration as they understood it to be. There was more manual build than they were led to believe to get the data feed files compliant to work with Chrome River.
We have a wide range of user experience opinions. Most of our users were very hesitant to switch from paper-pushing to fully electronic submission, approval, and processing. Since converting we have users that love the system and its ease of use and we have users that completely despise having to use it. But most users that do not like the system are some of our more technically challenged employees.
Embuse Chrome River does have a Help Desk platform to submit cases for system issues, help with customization, and any other help topics that system administrators may need. These cases are assigned to chrome river support experts that then work with you to resolve the issue at hand. Their response to cases is timely and efficient.
Athena Gazikas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our organization uses Emburse Certify to receive and process reimbursement. We also use Emburse Analytics Pro with Insight Advisor to manage our reporting with up to the minute dashboards of our data. We currently have about 5 departments onboarded with the goal to have it company-wide in 2022. Emburse Chrome River allows us to manage our expense reporting in real-time with reduced error, reduced spending, reduced time on the user end. We are able to view trends, make projections, and reduce non-compliance. This suite of tools has really changed my life, both personally and professionally. I can't recommend it enough!
  • Our data is at our fingertips with our Emburse Analytics Pro Dashboards.
  • We have a team of Insight Advisors to assist us as we navigate our new reports and needs.
  • All users can view their reimbursement status in real time.
  • The mobile app of Certify needs an overhaul to modernize it.
  • The mobile app also needs overhauling to improve functionality in accessing desktop options like Configuration.
  • There should be a dedicated support line and email for the Insight Advisor Team.
If a company handles T&E then that company should consider using Emburse Certify and Emburse Chrome River to meet their company needs. While all reimbursements can be handled through the software, there are also added options for AP/AR, company credit cards, travel, and more. Emburse stores the data on their end so there is no need for downloading reports or storing endless data. Their suite of software really reduces the time spent creating, submitting, and processing expense reimbursements.
We have not made use of integration with Emburse Chrome River and other financial systems. We export our data from Certify and then import it into our CRM, which then communicates with the payroll software. This is still a manual process for us, typically 3 people needed to do their parts in the import and export. We have had great suggestions from the Emburse Chrome River IT Support Team as to how to automate these procedures.
Emburse Certify (Chrome River EXPENSE) is quite user friendly as a website and portal to upload receipts and submit expenses. It is almost too easy, in that some of our users had originally tried to overcomplicate things in their initial use of the software. Repeated use made our users comfortable with the software and quite happy with the change from paper submissions to electronic. The software does remember data entry so it will reduce the users time entering common names of airlines and hotels. The mobile app is wonderful for taking photos and uploading them to your wallet but it really does lack in the ability to create an expense report. The auto wizard will help create a report but makes it difficult to adjust any errors that might keep the report from being submitted.
Emburse Certify has a wonderful level of customer service and support, starting with their Customer Support Managers who personally oversee accounts and reach out to clients to help them on their journey. Emburse Certify also has a 24/5 team of Customer Support Agents standing by to assist users with issues, errors, or questions on their software. Considering the recent challenges of remote working, their Agents have done a good job at responding to emailed tickets. Unfortunately, I have not been able to call in and speak to an agent since early 2020 and I have found that one particular Customer Support Agent was rather rude when responding to a continuous issue of website availability, the person going so far as to demand that I take a video of my computer when receiving a website time out error (an issue that Certify has been addressing and aware of this year).
Jeff Moss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Used by the whole organization to reconcile expenses for p-cards, travel, and reimbursements.
  • Mobile receipt/expense capture.
  • Better search options to find submitted reports.
  • Customized/better printable expense reports.
Great for travel - has apps to capture receipts to start expense reports. OCR is nice when it works well.
We had to do more in-house programming than we expected in order to get all the info we need into our ERP system, so it definitely requires some IT resources, but CR was good with working with our IT people.
Chrome River is pretty intuitive to use. There are some navigation issues that get confusing but overall it is fairly easy.
We have regularly scheduled meetings with our support rep which is nice. The help desk is sometimes super helpful and sometimes frustrating. Our rep is helpful in getting problems resolved through the help desk.
Jacob Kletzli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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It is used company-wide. Any employee with a corporate credit card (about 120) uses Chrome River for expense coding.
  • UI
  • Support
  • Changes to the standard system.
  • Better and easier to understand export and specs.
  • No QA or Prod, just Prod and make it so there are no change sets, just one.
  • Easier to understand and change things on my own.
Chrome River has completely changed our CC program and expense reports. I like how all the approvals are done within the app. Our old approval system was done along with all of our invoices, and I like how they are separate now.
We are able to export charges into our ERP for tracking.
The user experience is great. Everyone always says how easy it is to understand especially with the menus and tiles.
Support responds really quick and wants to help get your problem resolved as soon as possible. We have a personal support person (ESA) who helps us with specific cases once every other week.
Score 7 out of 10
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CR is used across our whole organization, except for students, so all faculty and staff. The main problems that CR addresses for us, at this time, are getting all of the required approvals, fewer lost receipts, and compliance rules are built-in which means fewer emails being sent to remind them of procurement policies.
  • Ability to capture a receipt in a variety of ways.
  • Compliance rules can stop or warn a user.
  • In Reports/Expense/Credit Card Reconciliation, I wish that I could use the Tab button to select the user's name I need to choose.
  • There were some things that we could not change in CR, such as in the Misc. Tile, the user still has to choose Misc. Other in a drop down box and that's the only option anyway. ??
  • We would love it if an approver didn't have to approve a second time. If the were Ad Hoc'd in and were already an approver, they have to approve twice.
  • Our build took forever!! They let that person go and then we had a more competent person and then it went so much better. I feel that our system would have looked different if we had started with someone more competent to begin with.
  • Our employees can't understand how to use CR. I've created a manual and at least 5 videos and they still can't understand how to enter. It's not user friendly to them.
I'm not sure how to answer this question. On the previous pages I listed things I liked and didn't like.
I don't know how to answer this question.
We don't feel that it's intuitive enough. Employees skip lines and enter in the wrong order which can cause CR to get hung up. Employees aren't used to entering their own allocations. They struggle using the email approval on their phones because they think that by clicking on Approve the first time, they are done. But they need to click Approve one more time. Also, people aren't checking to see if they have anything to approve, so items just sit there.
I think CR has been responsive to our issues. They just can't change the system for some of our problems.
November 13, 2021

Great Expense System

Score 9 out of 10
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Toyota uses Chrome River for expense reports.
  • Innovating.
  • Help Desk support.
  • Reports.
  • Support in different languages.
  • Tutorials not always easy to understand.
  • Understanding taxes in other countries better.
Chrome River allows claimants to submit expenses in a timely fashion and reimburse promptly. Auditing of submissions is easy to do, and innovation of OCR technology takes some of the steps out of the process for the claimant. No paperwork to store and save, all done by Chrome River and is easily accessible.
No, this is not anything we were looking to implement.
The system is easy to use, saves us time to complete reports. Auditing, routing, and attaching necessary documents is easy, it is linked to our corporate credit card so transactions are available for the claimant to select and claim. No paper storage on site.
The help desk is great to work with, but sometimes it does take a bit long to hear back from them.