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What is CiraSync?

Cira Apps in San Jose offers CiraSync, a secure, Azure-based SaaS platform that automates the syncing of Office 365 Global Address Lists, shared calendars, Public Folders, and CRM contacts to a business smartphone in about a minute.

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CiraSync?

Cira Apps in San Jose offers CiraSync, a secure, Azure-based SaaS platform that automates the syncing of Office 365 Global Address Lists, shared calendars, Public Folders, and CRM contacts to a business smartphone in about a minute.

How much does CiraSync cost?

CiraSync starts at $1.

What is CiraSync's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.5.

Who uses CiraSync?

The most common users of CiraSync are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Construction industry.

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Score 9 out of 10
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We use CiraSync to maintain a centralized contact list on users' smartphones. CiraSync is connected to our Office 365 account and it syncs selected contact data into each user's Exchange contacts folder overnight. Outlook on the user's smartphone is used to copy contacts to the phone's contact list.

Our process is like this: we update a contact in Active Directory, AzureAD synchronizes user data to O365, and CiraSync runs overnight to merge the contact information into the user's Outlook contacts, once that is done, Outlook updates the contacts on the phone. Outlook does not impact personal contacts on the phone.

CiraSync has two big advantages in this arrangement. The app is part of our O365 setup and as such we can easily give it permission to access the user's contacts folder. And because the synchronization is automated we no longer have to manually copy contact lists onto phones or deal with aftermarket products such as Touchbase. Also, since we have moved the main contact source to AD, the phones, AD, and the Global Address List are now consistent. After this, we modified a simple ASP page to serve as a company phone list.

CiraSync has lots of other synchronization features, such as calendars and public folders which might be useful in some settings. We found that copying resource calendars into the users' mailboxes was confusing, so when the Outlook client started giving access to resource calendars we removed those from CiraSync and use Outlook instead.
  • Copying contacts into Office 365 user mailboxes
  • Avoiding manual contact updates
  • Reasonable price point
  • Its features are surprisingly missing in Office 365, danger of being consumed.
  • Would be great to operate against O365 Sharepoint sites!
CiraSync is well suited to syncing company contacts into the Outlook user's mailbox. This could allow for calling with an IP phone, or from a cell phone.
It's also well suited to syncing Calendars and Notes into the Outlook user's mailbox, where they do not already have permission on the calendar. However, to avoid confusion it is better not to duplicate calendars when the user can see them from Outlook.
It's a cloud app so the app does not have phone support. However the email support has been fine.
Score 10 out of 10
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My organization had a challenge ensuring all of our employees had the latest contact information and phone numbers on his/her mobile devices. With CiraSync we were able to automate this and ensure IT wasn't a roadblock. Now everyone in our organization has the correct information at all times on all of her devices.
  • Share groups.
  • Sync mobile phone numbers.
  • Sync email addresses.
  • Sync office phone numbers.
  • More administrative controls.
  • More fields synced from Office365.
  • Renaming of standard fields when synced (e.g. enable a 3rd phone number field).
CiraSync is great at synching distribution groups to mobile users.
The documentation isn't the most robust. Most support sites are very detailed and easily searchable.
Score 10 out of 10
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CiraSync is used across our entire organization. When we replaced our inhouse mail server with Office 365 we needed a solution for synchronizing shared calendars across mobile devices. We happened upon CiraSync in a web search. Though we had never heard of the product before we were able to start a free trial run and make a decision on a permanent license with CiraSync very quickly.
  • Share important information with your staff consistently, easily and quickly. Regardless of their geographic location.
  • Friendly, easy to use user interface that makes managing complex rules of which information you want sent to subsets of people very easy to manage.
  • A very responsive support team. They get back to you quickly and you typically have a solution or answer in one iteration.
  • When onboarding a new customer (and we were an early adopter so this may have changed), their training documentation and how to information was limited. We learned some things by trial and error.
We are able to target specific end users with very specific information. For example, we can push a shared Note with security codes to a subset of staff that require that information. While on the other hand, we can push a contact list for all users to everyone. The ability to push notes, calendars, and contacts to any configuration of users makes the system extremely useful.
The support staff are quick to respond and typically have an answer within one iteration. They are friendly and available.
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
  • Cirasync solved a problem that the District had been fighting for years, and did it in a matter of hours!
  • We're now using it District-wide. We tested first in the IT Department, then with one of the mobile crews. Once that test was final, word of mouth spread to the rest of the organization, and the requests flooded in. We're now thinking, "How did we live WITHOUT this?"
  • What Cirasync does for us, seems rather simple, but finding the right solution, at the right price, with an easy to use interface and administration was a challenge. Cirasync solved each of these issues.
  • We have a large organization with contacts inside and outside of the District. This means a lot of contacts! With the multitude of different devices, it's been a challenge at the District to deliver up to date contact lists to users since the first cell phones were purchased here.
  • In the past, this was all done manually, and as can be expected, the process was tedious, time-consuming, and never up to date. On top of this, since the issue covered multiple departments, ownership of the budget and solution was challenging.
  • Cirasync was able to solve this problem and meet each challenge effectively.
  • Contact sync across a multitude of different devices allows us to provide a solution for all users.
  • Ease of Administration, ease of use, and user adoption made the implementation painless.
  • I'd like to see a few different options regarding licensing option.
Cirasync is an excellent solution for organizations that have an often changing Global Address List, or a GAL that needs to be delivered to multiple users, across various devices. It removes the tedious, manual process of updating contact lists. Not needing to deploy any additional software to the devices or users is a lifesaver!
  • We've not had too many support requests with Cirasync. The support tickets/requests that we DID have, we all during the trial period.
  • That being said, getting real help from a REAL person and promptly made all the difference in the world. When we had questions, whether simple or complex, Customer Support was on point, quick, courteous, and professional. Always willing to help and a pleasure to work with.