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AnyConnect to connect simply

8 out of 10
April 22, 2022
Cisco AnyConnect allows us to provide split-tunnel VPN connectivity to our remote end-points and allow those resources to access corporate …
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The VPN swissknife client

8 out of 10
April 20, 2022
Cisco AnyConnect is a useful swiss knife. It was developed to address VPN clients to LAN implementation but now you can use it in several …
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The best VPN solution

9 out of 10
March 28, 2022
We implemented Cisco AnyConnect as our VPN solution to replace the legacy Windows Virtual Smart Card VPN Solution. Before the …
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Cisco AnyConnect Review

8 out of 10
November 24, 2021
Currently, we are working from home, so to access the network of our organisation we need a VPN. For this, we use Cisco's AnyConnect. For …
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What is Cisco AnyConnect?

Cisco offers an SSL VPN solution via AnyConnect.

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What is Citrix Gateway?

Citrix Gateway (formerly NetScaler Unified Gateway) is an access gateway with SSL VPN solution, providing single sign-on (SSO) and authentication for remote end users of network assets.

What is ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is presented as a high-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards privacy, from the makers of ProtonMail and CERN engineers of Swiss-based Proton Technologies. With a free option and a strong no-log policy, users are assured that their browsing data is not tracked.

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Product Details

What is Cisco AnyConnect?

Cisco AnyConnect is a secure mobility client solution for secure VPN access for remote works, designed to empower remote workers with frictionless, highly secure access to the enterprise network from any device from anywhere at anytime.

Cisco AnyConnect Features

  • Supported: Unified Endpoint Compliance
  • Supported: Highly Secure Network Access
  • Supported: Web Security
  • Supported: Network Visibility
  • Supported: Off-Network Protection (DNS-Layer Security)
  • Supported: Mobile Device Support
  • Supported: Basic & Advanced VPN
  • Supported: Enterprise Access
  • Supported: Roaming Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco AnyConnect?

Cisco offers an SSL VPN solution via AnyConnect.

What are Cisco AnyConnect's top competitors?

F5 BIG-IP are common alternatives for Cisco AnyConnect.

What is Cisco AnyConnect's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.9.

Who uses Cisco AnyConnect?

The most common users of Cisco AnyConnect are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.


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Hannan Shahid | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We use Cisco AnyConnect for our VPN connectivity at work. It helps our organization gain a stable network and it works very well with our Cisco Meraki setup. Outgoing calling is made easy by using a VPN. Also, Cisco AnyConnect acts as a layer of security for our network. We can monitor all the traffic and block any suspicious traffic with the help of a VPN and Meraki network.
  • VPN Connectivity
  • Multiple IPs for additional security
  • IP Switching
  • Traffic monitoring
  • 1 click connectivity
  • Connection statbility
  • Pricing
Cisco Anyconnect is very well suited for a business network that needs some IP switching or requires additional security for their network. Especially in Covid days employee location switches a lot. Anyconnect helps them to seamlessly switch to the network they prefer thus providing no interruption in their work routine. It is efficient and helps remote workers the most. Scenarios where it is less needed are at the workplace when you have an existing on-prem network and do not require a virtual private network.
Cisco AnyConnect has solved a big issue that we faced when Covid started and that was to support our remote workers. By using Anyconnect we rarely get any loss of connection and work efficiency has increased by a significant margin. It has also provided an extra layer of security. Overall we are very happy with the usage of AnyConnect and would recommend it to businesses and consumers alike.
Cisco AnyConnect provided our remote workers an easy and secure way to connect to company network. Even when they switched places or Internet service providers they could easily connect to the corporate network and work seamlessly. Also, the extra layer of security helped the organization by reducing costs and giving more control over the network.
Cisco Anyconnect support responds within their SLAs whenever we have faced an issue with connectivity. Their overall SLA timings are comparatively higher but our issues were resolved without any excess loss of time and resources. Overall we are satisfied with the support we got whenever we faced an issue with connectivity or speed.
Evren BOZTEPE | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect provides a high level of security and privacy without sacrificing efficiency and flexibility. It also enabled our staff to work remotely securely. Two-factor authentication provides a lot of options to log in and connect to the VPN, such as single sign-on. Integration, distribution, and post-installation maintenance of AnyConnect in our institution are quite simple. The product has many useful features. It also provides functions such as split tunneling, which helps ensure that only necessary traffic flows over the VPN connection with AnyConnect.
  • No need to log in repeatedly to AnyConnect. In other words, AnyConnect VPN automatically restarts when the internet connection is lost and logs in when the internet connection comes back.
  • Using AnyConnect VPN does not cause internet speed drop and its security features like threat protection and network visibility are excellent also the level of control it gives to administrators makes it very secure.
  • It has an active directory to reset your VPN connection when you forget your credentials
  • The license fee of the product is a bit more expensive than the equivalent products, and it should also be included in your support package in order to receive support in case of a problem.
  • When you close the VPN application completely and run the application to VPN again, the VPN connection does not work. For this, you need to restart the PC.
It is a unique solution for companies that will not have problems with license fees. It is a flexible and secure product, especially for company personnel who want a secure remote working environment. Companies that care about information security can usually choose this product in cases such as monitoring multi-factor authentication client activities.
Integrating, installing, and using AnyConnect is very simple. The user interface is convenient and user-friendly. Since we started using the product, we haven't had any problems other than minor user issues. It provides a secure VPN connection with multi-factor authentication. Especially Help Desk support is almost never needed by the user. The only problem is that when you are done with the VPN connection, you have to close the application, and when you want to become a VPN again, the application will not work.
Şirketimiz AnyConnect ile uzaktan çalışan personelimizin güvenli şekilde şirkete VPN yapmasını sağlamak için kullanmaktadır. Kullanıcı adı şifre ve SMS ile gelen şifre girilerek şirkete VPN olunmaktadır. Bunun yanında kullanıcının kullandığı PC'de antivirüs programı kontrolü vb gibi bazı kontroller gerçekleştirilerek şirketin ağına istemci dahil edilmektedir.
They are very slow in support.
Rahul Chhabra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for Remote Access - VPN, Posture as well as network Visibility. Never gave an issue. Easy to implement and troubleshoot. Best VPN agent in the market. Also, offers endpoint compliance as well as Remote protection with Umbrella for remote users. Using tit with ASA 55XX for remote access is mandatory nowadays due to the Pandemic.
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Posture
  • Roaming Security
  • FTD should support more features on Annyconnect
  • UI is a bit old
  • Sometimes requires uninstallation for fixing issues, should have a complete remote method of fixing it
AnyConnect is suited for every organization. As everyone takes Remote Working seriously. Customers looking for their workforce to work remotely require VPN as a most basic service to secure their information. And AnyConnect does this job very well. On the top, it provides features such as Posture, Roaming Security - Umbrella (for organizations looking to migrate to Cloud security)
Easy to use, A bit old UI but it does the job. Cisco has been adding a lot of features to it. And enabling their cloud service that is Umbrella was a great solution. It provides DNS security as well. Integrates with FTD (Firepower Threat Defense) and ASA as well.
Cisco AnyConnect does the job of providing remote workforces with a fast and easy way to connect to their corporate network with high levels of network and endpoint security. It adds features such as Posture, NVM, 802.1X support, and AMP over the top. And also supports Cisco's Roaming Security over the top to give DNS security.
Cisco has been a market leader for some time in the Networking space, and the main reason has been their Support. Cisco TAC provides the best support in the industry. They can be easily involved in Priority 1 and 2 cases and help customers to resolve the issues quickly. Cisco TAC has some great engineers which understand the problem and customer situation well.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Cisco AnyConnect combined with DUO and ASA to give our remote users, customers, and 3rd parties access to our systems and network-based in our Data centers and Cloud networks. This allows us to let users with the most supported devices connect to us securely and is not complicated to set up and use.
  • A secure client supported on lots of devices and operating systems
  • Can be combined with AV and end point protection
  • Can be combined with 2FA and DUO
  • Can be combined with ISE
  • Words well with LDAP and active directory
  • Thick and thin based clients
  • Split DNS only supports IP based objects / FQDN support would be good
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client could improve by optimizing the use of the system resources, it is heavy on the resources, mainly in windows,
  • Ability to support Biometrics
  • Linux compatibility
It is suitable for any user who wants to securely access the company's network. We are using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client when connecting to our internal network. Additionally, we are using it when linking to our customers' networks when we have to do any operation remotely. I am using it almost daily. It means we were able to deploy to home users and not have too many disruptions during the pandemic, as we could get set up quickly.
It is fairly easy to set up, easy for users to install, and a well-made product that integrates well with other products. We have used it for several years and are well established; most of our users find it intuitive. As the product has matured, we have noticed that the product is more stable, has a better GUI, and has fewer bugs.
Yes, we have allowed all users, clients, and 3rd parties to connect from anywhere; this was especially important during the pandemic; it also has allowed the company to hire any ware in the world and not worry about having an office there or infrastructure. Also, we allow 40 percent of our workforce to work from home full-time, and 90 percent work from home at least 1 or 2 days a week. This would not be possible without AnyConnect.
Support is pretty good but is too many bugs and too many software updates. Cisco in-person support is pretty good but quite expensive.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect allows us to provide split-tunnel VPN connectivity to our remote end-points and allow those resources to access corporate IT facilities in a seamless manner. The authentication and authorization are controlled using our existing ADDS. Regular Internet traffic is sent using local internet gateway, while traffic destined for the VPN-connect network is redirected over the IPSec tunnel as authorized and to specific VLANs.
  • Seamless integration with existing AD.
  • Stable connection with low overhead for client.
  • Client check and auto-update AnyConnect client software makes it easier to manage.
  • Licensing costs can be a bit expensive.
  • Requires Cisco subscription for updates to client software.
  • Requires Cisco firewall.
Cisco AnyConnect is ideal where central resources need to be accessed remotely in a secure manner over IPSec encrypted tunnel. It is used to establish point-to-site connectivity initiated by the end-user. It works very well in this instance. It does require a VPN-capable gateway at the edge of the main network to allow connections to end-points. It may not be suitable where relevant IT expertise is not readily available to manage and monitor the network or where cost might be a challenge.
From the user perspective, AnyConnect is very easy to use. Requires only the address of the server with login credentials. Once authenticated, the connection allows seamless connectivity to corporate IT resources and the Internet at large. From the management perspective, AnyConnect is easy to administer with connection profiles and a centrally managed repository of minimum client software level, with an auto-update feature ensuring that clients are in compliance before the connection is allowed.
Yes, very much. With the global pandemic, this need to connect to central IT resources was brought forced on us, as we worked from home. Fortunately, we were able to leverage our existing VPN connectivity to manage access for our workforce as well as allow them to continue working from home, with minimal disruption. Cisco AnyConnect has definitely served the purpose in this regard and delivered on a fast and easy way to connect to the corporate networks using standard home internet connectivity.
While support is very good with lots of KB articles dealing with a variety of known issues, this can be a challenge if your Cisco subscription is not kept active. Client software is not available without a valid subscription. This can be quite expensive and hence my rating is lower as while the solution is very good, it is not a small investment to roll out and maintain.
  • no training
It is a simple application with a minimal interface.
We had to upgrade from version 4.07 to 4.10.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is a useful swiss knife. It was developed to address VPN clients to LAN implementation but now you can use it in several environments and not only for VPN. We are eventually using the VPN functionality. You can make the onboarding functionality deliver and install on several hosts ina a very smooth mode
  • VPN Client to LAN
  • Hosting several useful modules
  • Very smooth interaction with operative systems
  • Some modules are hard to implement
  • Stack Information Visibility must be improved
  • Logging onboard must be improved
Cisco AnyConnect well suites on several scenarios. It's a small module, with easy implementation and a smooth scripting tool for massive deployment. IF you need to deploy a new VPN access it suits you well. If you are thinking about 802.1x deploy with different windows OS host (old Windows 7, 8 ie) AnyConnect with it's network module is very useful
The module itself is launch and forget. You must apply for the server configuration on the Cisco device. If you are using the standard configuration, ie, VPN client to LAN access it is very straightforward. If you need to apply for 802.1x authentication with the certificate you can surely use the wizards to help you to do the dirty work
Cisco AnyConnect is a standard for VPN access clients to LAN. It has many modules helping you to harden your network. The AnyConnect profile editor, ie, has a plethora of functions very useful, such as Use Start Before Logon, Certificate Store, Auto-Connect on Start, Minimize On Connect, and Local LAN Access. PC users can use all these with a little bit of interaction
To apply for the cisco support (aka TAC) you need to activate the support licensing scheme. In the very last years, cisco moved Security support and engaged new security engineers. The first support level is the very basic level, sometimes annoying. If you need real support, you must wait for the engineer to change the ticket level to a higher one.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We replaced the Windows native VPN with Cisco AnyConnect to maintain the proper PCI requirements for today's standards. The Windows built-in VPN client did not use strong enough encryption for what we hoped to achieve, and it was not going to work with the DOU 2FA service we chose. This allowed us to have more control when combined with Meraki MX Firewall and DUO 2FA.
  • Profiles to be created for different users or locations.
  • Allow passthrough of home network resources.
  • Greater collaboration with DUO 2FA.
  • Some features have to be requested instead of configured myself.
  • You have to add it as a service to your Meraki MX.
  • It does not recognize it is on the same network and disconnects if still running when they arrive at the office.
This is a very solid connection with a nice timeout and retries grace period. It seems to keep the connection even if there are momentary network breaks in service. It then re-establishes that connection if it was brief enough making for a more simple tool standard users can use. This tool also works great with Apple machines in nearly the same manner as Windows.
Configuration is very easy. Installation is very fast. There is little to zero local resource usage. It is easy to use for everyone at our company and is clearly connected or disconnected while running in the notifications tray. This is integrated easily with DUO 2 Factor Authentication, it waits for completion and then promptly completes the connection when authenticated.
We needed the higher level of security that Cisco AnyConnect provided to maintain PCI compliance in our organization and to protect our users and assets. The ease of use is not only for the end-user. The associated client for Windows, Linux, and Mac is easily downloaded within the Meraki MX for admins to deploy. Coupled with DUO 2FA you have a very tightly put-together remote access security setup.
Support for Cisco AnyConnect is like all other Cisco support, very good. When I had questions about remote users accessing their home printers while the VPN was active, I received a fairly quick and well-put-together response that also included the option to set up a remote support session if I wanted help. I was able to easily follow the basic instructions that I already thought were the correct course of action, and configure this successfully.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Cisco AnyConnect to provide remote access to our users, vendors, students, etc. We are quite heavily invested in Cisco infrastructure. We decided to go with this product and replace our previous VPN (Microsoft's always-on VPN) because we have had reliability issues both with the server and the clients where the profile is installed. Remotely troubleshooting issues was very time-consuming and, oftentimes, required the user to come back on-site. Cisco AnyConnect has been reliable and makes it much easier to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely.
  • Reliable
  • It integrates well with our environment that's heavily Cisco based
  • Easy to fix issues with the client/connection remotely
  • It's been difficult to configure
  • Setting up RADIUS authentication was not as easy as it should be
  • Requires Cisco hardware
Cisco AnyConnect is well suited for organizations that have users that connect remotely to their network. It's particularly well suited for organizations that already have Cisco hardware/firewalls and other products, such as Cisco DUO. This would not be well suited for organizations that do not have Cisco hardware/firewalls or small organizations, as licensing costs are quite expensive. These become cheaper with an enterprise agreement if you use several other Cisco products.
It's easy to use for the end user and reliable. They just need to login to their computer and connect to the VPN and they are on the network and have access to network resources. For the admins, it does take some time to configure things correctly but, once configured, it's quite easy to manage connection profiles and client software.
A huge portion of our staff works remotely, at least partially. We needed an easy-to-use and secure remote connection platform for our users. Cisco AnyConnect has provided both of these things and has reduced the number of calls going to our support center for end-users with remote connection issues. We are able to easily manage connection profiles to limit access to resources based on the user, vendor, etc.
Cisco has a lot of knowledgebase articles around AnyConnect that are helpful to configure and troubleshoot issues. Beyond that, Cisco support (TAC) is helpful to provide information and troubleshoot issues with the platform. However, you do need an active subscription or EA for support beyond reading the KBs, as well as for client software updates. This is important to keep in mind when deciding on if Cisco AnyConnect is right for your organization, as this can be expensive (cheaper with an EA if you use a lot of Cisco products).
Rodrigo Avila | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In our case, the Cisco AnyConnect tool is used to establish a secure connection between remote users and the company's central infrastructure. In recent years, this use has become widespread since most users work remotely to some extent and, therefore, need to access local resources within the company. That's the field in which the Cisco AnyConnect tool has proven efficient at keeping remote users connected.
  • Get remote users connected
  • Provide user monitorization
  • Troubleshooting users issues
  • Easy and controlled update methods
  • Fail over methods for critical users
  • Features that interact with applications and the operating system
  • Have a more user-friendly front end
  • Remote control feature if needed by users for troubleshooting purposes
The Cisco AnyConnect tool proved to be extremely helpful in keeping remote end-users connected efficiently. It also provides functionalities to configure each scenario according to the type of network used and also certain characteristics that allow a diagnosis in case of problems. The centralized administration of the connected clients also allows monitoring and payload control and makes accurate reports to keep track of the operation for future corrections. Despite the virtues shown to work with remote users, it does not seem to be an appropriate solution for systems requiring high performance or in real-time requirements scenarios since redundancy is difficult to implement.
The end-user experience, especially with users who are not very tech-savvy and are used to directly accessing their applications, is very good with Cisco AnyConnect. They connect to the VPN only by entering their credentials, and then they can access the applications they work with. Leaving the tool running in the background without even noticing its presence, which is ultimately desirable in a tool of this type. The two qualities that are desired from the end-user are transparency and simplicity, and from the management perspective, control and security. In both cases, the Cisco AnyConnect tool meets those goals. Maybe a portable version could have been developed to make the end user's experience even easier.
The company has greatly benefited from the virtues offered by Cisco AnyConnect, since this tool offers and exceeds the necessary functionalities to maintain a universe of remote workers, with a minimal learning curve for users, and only by installing the client on machines that users already owned. There is great versatility since there are versions of the application for each operating system, being a great advantage in organizations with different terminals. In our case, we use Windows, Mac, and Linux, although there are also versions for Android and IOS.
During the implementation of the solution, the Cisco team is always present and ready, from the initial planning to the final deployment. Once up and running, the system is quite stable. In general, inconveniences could arise when making a general change takes centralized changes to be done, and then assistance from Cisco support is required, which will be provided without further delay and with great professionalism. Local problems could also arise related to the client's installation on remote users' machines. Most are due to each user's home network issues, over which there is no control, but initial troubleshooting is, nevertheless, mandatory. This last fact makes it necessary to have some diagnostic method. Then it becomes important to have the DART (Diagnostics and Reporting Tool) functionality, which is functionality included in the Cisco AnyConnect client. It is useful to perform this task and be able to resolve local problems or problems related to inconveniences with the home network by gathering information that allows determining the reported problem cause. It turned out to be a great tool since it can perform remote diagnoses.
March 28, 2022

The best VPN solution

ozan guner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We implemented Cisco AnyConnect as our VPN solution to replace the legacy Windows Virtual Smart Card VPN Solution. Before the implementation, about 20-30% of our support tickets from end users were regarding their Virtual Smart Card PIN was locked, even though we were using one of the easiest standard PIN for all users ( Not professional, I'm aware). After the implementation of Cisco AnyConnect, there were no such tickets anymore. This basic software literally reduced our number of tickets by roughly 25%.
  • One of the most user-friendly VPN solutions
  • Easy to use, one simple click to Connect and you are in.
  • AD Integration and MFA can be added for extra security/ease of login.
  • Connection is usually moderate/fast, but short lag spikes happen sporadically
Cisco AnyConnect is a great tool to give your users the mobility they need and deserve. It allows your users to connect to company resources regardless of where they are, provides extra security by encrypting the traffic sent and received over public internet, and you don't even notice if the app is running because works smooth and does not bother you. It is well suited for remote/mobile work scenarios, however it is not well suited for internet traffic that requires high-bandwidth such as big file transfers and such.
The usability of the product is top notch. To this day I have not even needed to go into settings menu of the application ( other than the time when I was wondering what is actually there lol), because it works so well I haven't felt any need to check if my settings are wrong.
Approximately %80 of our workforce works on the field to sell customers Hilti tools on the construction site. So mobility is super important for our company. That is precisely why Cisco AnyConnect has been a lifesaver compared to the legacy solution that we were using (Windows TPM & Virtual Smart Cards). With the old solution, if an employee locked their VSmart Card PIN due to wrong entries(and this happened quite often), They could not login to VPN and access company resources. One example that was quite limiting for our field workforce was that they could not use our CRM software to fill in their customer visit, because they were not able to connect to VPN if their smart card were locked out. Cisco AnyConnect removed that unproductive and frustrating experience.
I'm giving this one a moderate score, because I have never needed any support for Cisco AnyConnect. And this is really not an exaggeration, over the 3 years we have been using it, Cisco AnyConnect did not fail once. I as a IT Infrastructure Specialist did not need to escalate any issues with Cisco AnyConnect to Cisco or any other escalation points.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use it to carry out my work on a daily basis since sometimes I need to connect to my corporate network or even to our customer's networks to provide technical support. With this tool, I can connect very easily to VPNs, even from my mobile device. It has also helped me a lot to carry out my work continuously and remotely these last years of pandemic.
  • Easy and effective connection to VPNs
  • Excellent level of security as it can be integrated with DUO
  • Now with Cisco Meraki integration, remote work becomes easier
  • Integration with macOS can be tricky due to version compatibility and security settings
  • Everything works perfectly for me
In my case, it works perfectly for me to connect remotely safely to my corporate network. I can also connect to my clients' networks to support them with support issues and make the configurations in their networks that they request. Now that it is integrated with Cisco Meraki, I can have full control of my network remotely, no matter where I am physically.
The truth is one of the easiest Cisco tools to use. For the end user, it is quite simple since they only have to enter the address where they want to connect, enter their username and password, and that's it. In addition, more security functions such as integration with DUO can be included
Surely yes, since without this tool, I would not be able to carry out my daily work. Remote work couldn't be as straightforward as it is with [Cisco] AnyConnect. In addition, we do customer support with this tool, so without it, we could practically not do it.
Cisco has always been known for having an excellent support service with qualified engineers. In addition, updates are always up to date to avoid any security problems when using this tool. Also, the documentation is quite easy to find on their website. These documents clearly explain how to implement the tool.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is used in my company as a VPN client, in order to allow everyone to enter the company network, wherever the users are, and access every internal website/service without any constraint. It has several platforms support, including mobile devices, which allow to easily connect any of them to the desired network.
  • Remote work.
  • Easy of configure.
  • Support several platforms.
  • Auto-reconnect function.
  • Clients looks a little bit outdated.
  • Some configurations and errors are hard to see.
Cisco AnyConnect is well suited to remote connectivity, inside the company or a client network, with a secure and fast connection to web them.
It is useful when we need to access those networks with different platforms because it has support to all of the majors operating systems, and all of them have a pretty similar UI/UX, which turns to be intuitive in all of them. Personally, I've already tested on iOS, Android, Windows Phone (a long time ago, but it had support), Windows, macOS, and Linux.
With the COVID pandemic, the entire company was sent home and our only way to access the company network was through Cisco AnyConnect. It supported easily the scale-up of needs to have everyone connected to the network, even with all the different locations around the globe that people were accessing it from.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Cisco AnyConnect to connect to our corporate network via a VPN. It establishes a secure tunnel between the endpoint device such as laptop or mobile and the corporate network and uses 256 bit AES encryption so the data connection remains secure. Through VPN, all the firewall policies of the company applies to the incoming and outgoing data from the endpoint, so malicious attacks by the websites can be prevented. Further, the VPN connection allows the user to access the internal storage server of the company. The VPN connection is reliable, stable, and very secure. Cisco AnyConnect uses multi-factor authentication to establishes a connection so that only legitimate users can connect to the corporate network.
  • Multi-factor authentication feature to establish a connection.
  • Advanced AES security to keep data connection secure.
  • Secure, stable and reliable connection.
  • Allows you to access company resources when you are not on the company network.
  • In my case, I observed that during initial connection it connects and reconnects 2-3 times and then finally makes a stable connection.
  • Auto-password saving feature could save some time of the user.
  • More advanced level of security can be applied to data connection.
  • Threat management system can be improved.
Cisco AnyConnect is well suited:
1. To access company resources such as company intranet websites and internal storage server from a public WiFi or remote/client locations.
2. To connect to the corporate internet networks while working remotely. The software would hide the machine IP address and send the IP address of the corporate to the outside world on the web requests.
3. To secure your data connection.
Scenarios where it is less appropriate:
1. In-home network, it slows down the internet speed a little bit. So, during video calls/streaming, you can disable a VPN connection.
2. With VPN enabled, your data goes through company's network and firewall, so data policies of your company apply to your data. It could lead to the blocking of some websites which can be accessed by disabling VPN connection.
Cisco AnyConnect is easy to use by a naive user without any training needs. The multi-factor authentication allows you to receive an OTP password on Microsoft Authenticator APP, SMS, or email, so it is easy to configure. It provides a secure, reliable, and stable data connection and can be disconnected/disabled easily when not in use.
Cisco AnyConnect is designed to provide remote workforces with a fast and easy way to connect to their corporate network while maintaining high levels of network and endpoint security. This feature is the primary reason we need this kind of tool. Each member of our company has this software installed on their laptops so that they can easily connect to the corporate network from any remote location without having to worry about data security. The connection is secure and very reliable and uses 256-bit advanced security AES algorithm.
Being a user of this tool, I haven't directly interacted with the Cisco Team. We generally talk to our Information technology (IT) support team for any concerns about this software and the (IT) support team interacts with the Cisco Product Support team. Cisco is a pioneer in networking devices and solutions, so I believe that the Customer support would have been very good.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use Cisco AnyConnect for VPN connections to our own corporate environment so that employees can work from home. This is the most reliable and always my preferred VPN connection type and is easy to use. We also have some of our customers that use [Cisco] AnyConnect for their VPN client and we are able to use the same to connect to it.
  • Reliability in connecting to the VPN
  • Easy to set up
  • 2 step authentication process
  • Allows for VPN tunnels
  • Not supported on Macs
  • Single sign on can be enabled
  • Very hard to save profiles to connect to multiple
Like any VPN tool, [Cisco] AnyConnect is suitable for those who use local server setups and require secure access for their workers especially during times when they work from home. As more and more organizations shift their business to [the] cloud, the need for this is going to be less. It also secures the network.
It is the best in terms of overall usability. It does not require any formal training in how to use or to spend countless hours reading through user manuals in learning the platform. For the most part, it has worked well for us for many years and customers are able to connect to it fast.
We are able to connect to the VPN to work on supporting our customers and with ease of use, the employees do not have any issues connecting to it. This also ensures security for our environment.
[Cisco] AnyConnect has great support options, as this vendor has always provided great support options for pretty much all their software options and hardware devices. Everything from good support documentation and customer service; they are, no doubt, some of the best in the industry when it comes to support for their products.
November 24, 2021

Cisco AnyConnect Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, we are working from home, so to access the network of our organisation we need a VPN. For this, we use Cisco's AnyConnect. For using this we first need to authenticate with a combination of our own code plus dynamic code provided by Google Authenticator for added security. With this VPN we can access our office server seamlessly.
  • It's user-friendly
  • It's lightweight
  • Available for all multiple platforms like Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Caching the static part of the password
  • Combine connect plus authenticate
  • Timeline for expiry
Easy to set up and use where we need to access the private network. Connect and authenticate can be combined as for me in a typical workday I need to do this more than 5 times.
We've used it every day for almost the last two years, we are happy.
Yes, we are benefited, as we need to access our private network as well as servers where we run deep learning code so it's possible only with a VPN line Cisco AnyConnect.
Overall we are happy with the product as it's easy to use and very fast compared to other VPNs and also a very platform-friendly product that can be set up easily without the help of the person in the IT department of the organisation and very secure because of dynamic password.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is an extremely useful tool that is being used by all the departments across the organization. It helps to connect to the company's network without the fear of any security breach. It allows the employees to work from outside the company's premises without any hassle. This not only offers flexibility to the employee but lets the organization enable work-life balance for its employees.
  • VPN connectivity
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Speed can be improved further
  • Single sign on can be enabled
  • Provides me suggestion to connect to server with the minimum load
Cisco AnyConnect is very well suited in the scenario where an employee or a contractor with the right access privileges can connect to the organization network from outside the company's premise with the confidence of having no security concern. Allows the employee to have good flexibility along with a good work-life balance for the employees.
There are multiple reasons for giving a good rating. First and foremost the Cisco name is the brand that is synonymous with safe, secure, and reliable access. Second is the ease of setup and use of Cisco AnyConnect. Third provides the configuration options. Maintenance is very easy along with Cisco support.
Cisco AnyConnect has been the lifesaver in the time of Covid by allowing them to work from remote locations with the same level of security and reliability as they would have worked from the office. This has not only given employees flexibility but also been able to manage the work-life balance.
One of the major reasons to support Cisco products is the robust support that comes along with the product. And so it is true [as well] for Cisco AnyConnect. Any problem or issue the company faces, the Cisco support team is readily available to s support and fix the issues within the stipulated time frame that results in a good customer experience.
October 11, 2021

Cisco AnyConnect Review

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
I've been using [Cisco] AnyConnect for a number of years both in my previous role and my current. The deployment is generally pretty quick with click-through options. Once deployed, the connection is usually stable. However, if it doesn't connect it usually requires a laptop reboot or uninstall and reinstall the application. Updates happen often, but that's just Cisco. Integrates nicely into Umbrella.
  • Stable connection
  • Easy deployment
  • Regular updates
  • Too many updates!
Like any VPN tool, [Cisco] AnyConnect is suitable for those who use local server estates and require secure access for their workers. This is particularly paramount given the current situation and need for remote working from various locations. Obviously, the more people move to cloud services this will become less needed, but I think businesses will always retain some on-prem services for a hybrid model.
As mentioned before, [Cisco] AnyConnect is easy enough to use once it's deployed. Click the icon, ensure the right cert is selected, user name, password, and you're done - very much a point and shoot service.
I believe the business has benefitted as the reliance for home working has increased during the pandemic. People can be employed from locations that may have not been considered before given the typical requirement for people in the office, so the talent pool is now far greater. Personally, I've gone from every day in the office to once or twice a month, which has helped my productivity and mental health.
Support is typically in-house, but when I've had to engage TAC it's been efficient.
Score 1 out of 10
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Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is used to connect via VPN from home, or to the local network in the office. [In my opinion,] this is a calamity. [I believe it is] one of the worse VPN clients ever developed. [In my experience] at home, I am constantly disconnected during the conf[erence]-calls via [Microsoft] Teams. I thought it was an issue with my router from a premium German brand, Fritz! [In my experience, it was] a bit strange, as it was only the laptop that was disconnecting, and the [other] 30 devices at home [were] not... I have meshed my wifi router with the repeaters and [in my opinion,] it seems it is not handled correctly by Cisco AnyConnect [and it] keeps on [searching] for networks, even when I choose the option settings to 'connect only to [the] current network'. In fact, yes it connects only to the current network, but [I believe] it switches from the signal source all the time, even when I am sitting at the same place at home. [In my opinion,] as a result, in a 10-minute stand-up meeting, I am disconnected at least one time and there is no trace of this on my router... [In my experience,] till yesterday, I thought it was an issue with my too complex network architecture at home. Just imagine a Fritzbox router, 1 Fritz! repeater with 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz band, which are meshed with the router, a QNAP NAS connected via powerline with [a] wifi antenna and set up as a repeater of the Fritz! repeater, so I have 1,2 Gbps everywhere at home and in the garden. :D But [in my experience] yesterday and today, I was in the office and I couldn't even update in page in confluence because I was disconnected every 2 minutes. [In my case, I got the] "we've lost the connection to you so we've disabled editing to prevent any issues..." [message]. [In my experience] yesterday, I thought my laptop was playing ping pong on the network with another user... but this morning, it is is playing ping pong although there is only one network and I am alone in the office! As other reviewers [have] mentioned: [I also believe it is] sensitive to any network change. [I also think] sometimes the reconnection is not automatic. [I also feel that] troubleshooting can get complicated. [I believe that these similar experiences to mine] implicitly mean that they faced the same, [in my opinion,] huge connection stability issues many times, so I find myself questioning how they could still give a 5 stars review.
  • [Personally,] I am asking what it does good...but nothing comes to my mind.
  • [Personally,] I am asking what it does better... but nothing comes to my mind.
  • [In my opinion, it could improve] stability.
  • [In my opinion, it could improve] reconnections.
  • [In my opinion, it could improve] handling of networks.
[I believe I was] constantly disconnected from home or the office. [I feel like the] connection is volatile and unstable. [In my experience,] it prevents me from working, from participating in meetings, etc... [I feel like] sometimes it takes me 5-6 minutes till I am reconnected and back to the meeting because it is not able to reconnect automatically and quickly get an IP-Address from the DHCP of the router.
[In my opinion,] this is not the case. Across all the VPN clients I have used for 10 years, it is far worse [in my experience]. [I believe the] security is done at the level of the router... In fact, [in my experience,] it is stable when I connect Cisco AnyConnect to my smartphone used as a hotspot, so in that one case, there is no security on the level of the router.
[In my experience,] I don't waste my time in trying to contact support.
Kenton Woods | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is used across our organization for remote server access. Everyone from professors to undergraduate research assistants uses this platform in our department. This has been incredibly important as we have all worked from home. The application is useful and provides me and others access to our very large data files from anywhere we have internet access.
  • Provide remote data access
  • Easy to set up
  • Opens up remote work opportunities
  • You lose your server access and have to reconnect after a period of time (8hours or so). Can be very annoying.
  • Easy to setup, but can be finicky depending on the server path you need to add.
  • Connection to server can be slow at times despite my fast internet.
Cisco AnyConnect is an ideal application when you need to work with files that are smaller in size from a remote location. The application is not an ideal application when the file sizes are larger, which in my case are datasets with tens of thousands of cases, and when you have a slower connection.
It's a great application that can take some fine-tuning to get set up, but once you get it set up, it works relatively well. My only serious complaint about usability is the slow connection at times that makes my statistical analyses take 10x longer than they normally would.
Our company has definitely benefited from this. We have to log in with our credentials and two-factor authentication every time we want to use Anyconnect to access our files. It can be a hassle but keeping our data safe is worth it. It also makes us sign in again after extended periods.
I'm going to be frank with you and let you know that I have not had experience working with the [Cisco] Anyconnect support team. I was given a document with instructions for setting up the application with our server as a user and didn't have to deal with support.
Mitchell Bumgarner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Cisco AnyConnect for VPN connections to not only our own corporate environment but also 90% or more of our customer environments. This is the most reliable and always my preferred VPN connection type when remotely working for customers. While other VPN solutions do exist, and we do have to use them sometimes, Cisco AnyConnect is the only VPN client that I feel comfortable having startup with my computer. Other VPN clients are intrusive, silently adding/changing network configurations without permission, and overall very interruptive to working with multiple remote clients at a time. Cisco AnyConnect VPN is fast, segregated, completely reliable, and most importantly, easy to use. Its reliability really outshines any other VPN that I've used so far.
  • Reliably maintains connections
  • Includes multiple routing options upon connection
  • Is non-intrusive to the operating system's network settings
  • Handles multiple connection profiles extremely well
  • Updates cleanly upon connection, if needed
  • Provides network security settings, if necessary
  • Very easy to use
  • Adding multiple profiles is a manual process, done by creating an XML file via your local folder structure
When you have multiple client connections, this product outshines all others. If you have multiple remote coworkers and you need to reliably have them securely connect to your own corporate environment, Cisco AnyConnect is perfectly suited. It's easy to check connection logs and troubleshoot connection issues by end-users and/or consultants/vendors, such as myself. The system ties perfectly into Microsoft Active Directory for easy maintenance and [the] user adds/changes/deletions.
It is the easiest and cleanest VPN client that I have used. I actively try to avoid any other VPN client because of how reliable, fast, and easy to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client truly is. It is not intrusive to the OS, nor the network settings. It is reliable and even capable of staying connected for days at a time. It is simply one of the best VPN clients available today.
The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is extremely secure. It provides seamless capabilities to use publicly signed certificates for a secure end-to-end connection. It also provides the ability to remotely update the VPN client when an end-user has connected to ensure that they have the latest and most secure version of the VPN client software. The end-user does not have to worry about how to get the latest software that is required for a connection but instead is informed that the update is happening and the connection will simply resume after the update has been completed. It really doesn't get much easier than that!
Cisco AnyConnect has always had wonderful support. The Cisco AnyConnect engineers truly know their tech, and they are always available for a troubleshooting session when needed. Whether your company is troubleshooting a fresh install with a new configuration, an existing setup that has mysteriously stopped working, or end-user connectivity, Cisco has always had great support for their products. Along with the live support, there are numerous guides on which help engineers of any level get the Cisco AnyConnect VPN configured correctly and securely from the start.
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect client has been used across all departments of the organization ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit, more than ever employees needed to be connected to the corporate network from their homes. [The] Cisco AnyConnect client served this purpose very well, offering easy setup and great connection stability for the end-user.
  • It's a very lightweight and at the same time functional client.
  • It requires very little effort to set up on the end-user computer.
  • The client is cross-platform compatible, which allows the same client to be used across different systems (Windows, iPadOS, iOS, and more).
  • Having a Help page that would describe functionality and terminology used in the application would be beneficial.
  • I would like to be able to choose whether I want to install [the] Cisco Umbrella Roaming Security module alongside the VPN client. The module is installed without prompting the user.
Cisco AnyConnect is a great VPN client that is extremely stable and functional and at the same time not cluttered with extra features that end up being rarely used. It's extremely important to have a good and reliable connection to corporate networks now that so many of us work from our homes, and Cisco AnyConnect does it just great.
Cisco AnyConnect does everything that you could require a great VPN client to do.
In today's reality, when so many of us work from home, it's more important than ever to have a reliable and secure connection to corporate networks. Cisco AnyConnect works extremely well with little to no interruptions and the Cisco Anyconnect Umbrella module that comes with the VPN client does a great job at blocking any malicious processes which otherwise could result in unforeseen consequences.
Cisco AnyConnect is used in our organization on multiple platforms, including Windows, iPadOS, iOS, and Android. It offers great cross-platform supportability.
Benoît Desroches | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect is used by all employees in the organization to connect through the internal network via VPN. It helps employees access company resources in a more secure way. It has been very helpful since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Quickly connect
  • 2 step authentication process
  • Easily accessible from MacOS menu bar
  • Not always stable
  • It might be cumbersome to configure for novice users
The application is well suited for any company that needs a professional solution to make sure employees can remotely access information in a secure way. I don't really see any scenario where it is not appropriate unless a company doesn't have any confidential data that it needs to secure I guess.
It's very easy to use once it's configured. It does only one thing for the user, but it does it well.
Ubisoft has benefited from [Cisco's] AnyConnect solution for many years. It just became even more interesting during the pandemic. As mentioned before, employees can access confidential data in a secure way. This is a tremendous benefit for a company that needs to avoid an information leak.
I'm not directly involved in the support, but every time we had an issue it was solved very quickly. Sometimes the company even came with an application update in just a few days/weeks.
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
This is being used across the whole organization to provide users with a secure VPN client/solution. It is also set up to work with two-factor authentication, which requires users to use this before the Cisco AnyConnect session is connected. This enables greater security for the Cisco AnyConnect client. It addresses the business problem of having a really good and secure mobility/VPN client that works for pretty much everyone in an organization.
  • It does not use many system resources, if any, on the user's end. This enables users to work without interruption or having to deal with slowdowns on their systems.
  • It is a really secure remote/mobility solution for end-users. This is a big benefit from both an end-user and IT staff standpoint.
  • It is a stable platform, whereby there don't seem to be a lot of issues/problems that occur with running the software.
  • There could be a better or more seamless way to get periodic updates to the software, as the manual method seems to work best.
  • Whenever there is a problem with the software/platform, it is not always the easiest to troubleshoot, as it requires more in-depth knowledge in how to troubleshoot.
  • Automatic re-connection of the software/platform doesn't always work as it should, although the majority of the times it does.
It is well suited for organizations that need an easy-to-use solution for IT staff and end-users and [doesn't] require a whole lot of in-depth training in how to use [it]. It is also well suited for organizations that need the most secure mobility solution in the industry. It is less suited for organizations that don't have the IT staff necessary to troubleshoot problems when they do occur because this can get complicated at times.
It is most stellar in terms of overall usability. It really doesn't require users to have to take any kind of formal training in how to use or to spend countless hours reading through user manuals in learning the platform. For the most part, it has worked well, with very few problems when users are using the software.
Yes, the organization has benefited from this capability, in that most users don't have complaints while using the mobility client when connecting remotely. There are also [no] complaints of slowdowns on user systems. Couldn't say more about high levels of security, since it is one of the most secure platforms available, and it is backed by a vendor that is well known and has been in the industry for a very long time.
I would say very good support options, as this vendor has always provided great support options for pretty much all their software options and hardware devices. Everything from good support documentation to stellar customer service; they are, no doubt, some of the best in the industry when it comes to support for their products.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cisco AnyConnect was previously used by a small proportion of the business that worked from home. Following Covid and work from home instructions, this was rolled out across the business and most users have now been using this solution. It enables secure connectivity for our users to connect remotely into the IT resources they require for their roles.
  • Enables full connectivity whilst remaining extremely secure
  • Has proven to be very reliable
  • Has lots of flexibility I.E failover/load balanced capabilities
  • Split tunnel capabilities have been a huge help to our organization by preserving bandwidth so that only essential traffic will go through VPN links
  • An auto connect feature (assuming this can be achieved without affecting security)
  • More end user friendly GUI
It's well suited for users who require secure connectivity into Company IT resources remotely. The split tunnel feature is great as it allows the IT Departments to separate traffic that needs corporate connectivity versus traffic that doesn't. This protects bandwidth utilization on the corporate VPN links. The load balancing/failover features also ensure we can add more VPN endpoints to distribute load or create resilience.
For technical administrators, the tool is quite easy to use and configure. There are some very powerful features that can be relatively easy to configure and quickly add additional positive impact. However, from an end-user perspective, I think the GUI could be improved as it doesn't seem the most user-friendly.
Absolutely, as mentioned in previous sections, this is the core reason/benefit that Cisco AnyConnect has provided our company. It has enabled a fast, fully connected, efficient network for our entire business. Without such a tool the impact of Covid would have been greater [on] our users and the business.
I have not had to call for support so cannot rate the support model for an incident. However, for ongoing patches and security fixes, etc. the communication and upgrade steps have been good.
Gabriel Krahn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We are using AnyConnect to connect our PCs to the company network while users are working from home, as we have around 20% of the workforce working in a home office.
  • VPN Tunneling
  • It doesn't auto reconnect in case the connection drops
Cisco AnyConnect is a good option if you have a considerable amount of users working from outside the office - may it be at home, on the customer side or a shared workplace.
You can never go wrong with Cisco. The support is great, with good SLAs and experienced technicians.