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Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches

Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches


What is Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches?

Cisco's Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series switches combine full Gigabit Ethernet switch solutions with advanced features in a modular design. Expandable up to 26 ports in a compact form factor, these rugged switches are optimized for size and power, and bring…

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Cisco Review

9 out of 10
August 26, 2023
We use this product in our agriculture and education environment. Because that environment is not cooled, so we needed something that …
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A Modular Solution - Cisco Catalyst IE 3400 Review
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Product Details

What is Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches?

The Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series switches deliver Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in a compact form factor, and are designed for a wide range of industrial applications where hardened products are required. The modular design of the Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series expands up to 26 ports of Gigabit Ethernet with a range of expansion module options. The platform is built to withstand harsh environments in manufacturing, energy, transportation, mining, smart cities, and oil and gas. The IE3400 platform is also presented as ideal for extended enterprise deployments in outdoor spaces, warehouses, and distribution centers.

The IE3400 Series runs Cisco IOS® XE, a network operating system with built-in security and trust, featuring secure boot, image signing, and the Cisco® Trust anchor module. Cisco IOS XE also provides API-driven configuration with open APIs and data models.

The Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series can be managed with Cisco DNA Center and Industrial Network Director, and can be set up with WebUI, a modern GUI. The platform also supports Full Flexible NetFlow (FNF) for real-time visibility into traffic patterns and threat analysis with Cisco Stealthwatch®.

The IE3400 series (with expansion module) supports power budget of up to 480W for PoE/PoE+, shared across 24 ports, and is ideal for connecting PoE-powered end devices such as IP cameras, phones, wireless access points, and sensors.

Features and Benefits

Industrial design

● Built for harsh environments and temperature ranges (-40°C to +75°C)
● Fanless, convection-cooled with no moving parts for extended durability
● Hardened for vibration, shock and surge, and electrical noise immunity
● Complies with multi-industry specifications for automation, ITS, and substation environments
● Improves uptime, performance, and safety of industrial systems and equipment
● Covers a wide range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) application requirements
● Alarm I/O for monitoring and signaling to external equipment

Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

● Provides secure access for new high-speed applications in the industrial space
● Packs up to 10 ports of GE - 2x1 Gigabit Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) uplinks plus 8x1 Gigabit Copper or PoE+ RJ45 downlinks in a small form-factor base system
● Expandable to 26 ports of GE by attaching one of 10 compatible modules (copper, fiber options)
● Connects high-speed wireless access points (802.11n, 802.11ac)
● Enables High-Definition (HD) IP cameras and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
● Supports delay-sensitive applications and time-sensitive networks
● Delivers multiple rings and redundant ring topology for new network configurations
● Extends geographical scalability where longer-distance connectivity is required

High-density industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE)

● Supports up to 24 PoE/PoE+ ports or up to 8 PoE/PoE+ Ports and 4 “802.3bt type 4” Ports with the 2.5G expansion module [System Power budget - 480W]
● Controls costs by limiting wiring, distribution panels, and circuit breakers
● Reduces equipment needs, thus requiring less space and reducing heat dissipation
● Enables ready-to-use PoE devices, such as IP phones, cameras, and wireless access points

WEB-based UI (WebUI)

● Allows for easy configuration and monitoring
● Eliminates the need for more complex terminal emulation programs
● Reduces the cost of deployment

SwapDrive zero-configuration replacement

● True zero-configuration and simple switch replacement in case of a failure
● No networking expertise required
● Helps ensure fast recovery

Full Flexible NetFlow (FNF)

● Provides enhanced flow and threat visibility
● Enables optimization of the network infrastructure, reduces operation costs, and improves capacity planning and security incident detection

Advanced Data plane features

● Parallel redundancy protocol (PRP)
● Advanced Security with SGT/SGACL

Additional Product Details

Cisco Catalyst IE3400 is a product from the IE3000 product family. It is available in a range of configurations with and without PoE, and with varying availability of types and quantity of ports. The devices come with a five year limited hardware warranty, and the devices are available with a Cisco DNA Center license for management, and they are available via Cisco Capital financing.

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Cisco IE3400 Industrial IoT Switching Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco's Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series switches combine full Gigabit Ethernet switch solutions with advanced features in a modular design. Expandable up to 26 ports in a compact form factor, these rugged switches are optimized for size and power, and bring Cisco intent-based networking to Industrial Ethernet applications.

Belden Managed Switches are common alternatives for Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches.

The most common users of Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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August 26, 2023

Cisco Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use this product in our agriculture and education environment. Because that environment is not cooled, so we needed something that could handle being in the California heat and it has just continued to chug along. Provides all the POE I need out in that facility.
  • It runs no matter how hot it gets. It's actually operated at times when it was exceeding its operational limits and continued to work.
  • N/A
It's most appropriate in spots where you don't have active cooling of your network equipment. And it performs very well in those environments. It's a little bit less appropriate for high-density environments due to the limited number of switchboards and the limited POE on the switch.
William McCracken | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the switches as layer2 NAT devices for multiple production lines
  • Layer2 nat
  • Can also run a cybervision sensor
  • Runs on 24v dc provided by DIN rail system
  • If used for running a cybervision sensor it runs off an as card. Would be nice if it could run on internal flash
  • Would be more convenient if it came with 110v to 24v power supply
  • Not the cheapest switch but quality is important to maintain.
  • We originally wanted to use layer3 router to solve our problem. An inexpensive 2port could also have been used for what we needed.
Very good for clean room environments. Haven’t tested in other environments.
Carlos Zhang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Easy networking and network performance management product. The easy to plan network and network security control using Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches is impressive. Dataflow management security with great data threats management functions. This Cisco platform helps generate perfect data analytics and feedback gathering features are nice and data processing tools are perfect.
  • Networking.
  • Security management.
  • Network planning.
  • Only setting the interface security.
  • Managing various networks traffics.
  • Advance features setting when new to the system.
Amazing network management and extremely perfect network security production and its notification options are very responsive. Creating real time analytics and the visualization capability is fantastic. This Cisco Catalyst platform has effective insights gathering tools and its data quality control functions are good and quick on process reports preparation and workflow easy management product.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used as an access-switch (with POE) for connecting all the systems needed for Road and car-tunnels. Common protocols used in the tunnels are Profinet and Modbus/TCP, Radar data-streams and Multicast for video. The IE3400 switches are connected in a double star Singlemode fiber architecture to distributions switches (also Cisco).

  • Excellent installation (DIN)
  • Good software (normal IOS configuration)
  • Good temperatur range
  • The portdensity is poor (when compared to competition) which means that the IE-switches takes more space then competition.
  • The price is not competitive, only possible to ship/sell to customers that are set on the Brand. To say that Cisco has more features (to motivate that these units cost more then the double) is not correct, the competition solves the same stuff differently.
In industrial environment where you are using Profinet and/or Modbus/TCP and have a need for extended temperature/humidity the switches are a good choice. Architecture-wise they match ring-topology design and should be used for that kind of network-design.
Do be aware that there is a fierce competition, many rugged switches from competiting brands can do the same thing for less then half the price. So if budget is tight, this is not the best choice.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This series of switches is used by one of our customers in their production lines. All in an industrial environment where the good performance of these devices is very important. There is no room for failures since if so, production is interrupted. These switches have been operating correctly. In addition, the Cisco Industrial Network Director software is used in conjunction to monitor this network effectively. These switches are compact in size. They have no moving mechanical parts, such as fans, so the body of the device itself works as a heat sink. All of this helps with tight spaces in industrial cabinets
  • Excellent performance in industrial environments
  • There is the possibility to save the configuration on an SD card. If the need to change the switch arises, simply insert the SD card with the saved settings into the new switch
  • monitoring of processing, temperature, cpu, etc. through its web interface is very simple
  • Express Setup feature makes the job of initial switch configuration much easier
  • The switch gets very hot, but this is normal because the body of the device acts as a heat sink. You just have to be careful if you are going to touch the switch when it is running
  • I haven't really found anything to improve, having the Catalyst ios everything works fine
Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series Switches is perfect for industrial environments where OT devices are connected. In the scenario where we are using them, a ring-type topology was used with the REP protocol. A scenario where it may not be the best option is in office or IT environments, because a special rail is needed to be mounted in cabinets, and due to its physical characteristics it is not appropriate to coexist with non-industrial switches.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We always trust Cisco switches when it comes to the smooth operation of IoT devices; from quick switching to delivering a continuous connection, they are experts at what they do. They are very expandable and provide with the excellent care, and they are, without a doubt, Cisco products. We've used these catalyst switches for a long time and have never had a line go down.
  • Stable connection.
  • Better optical fiber connection output.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Added mobile interface.
  • Control gain feature.
The primary switch and support switch are excellent and have numerous features. It takes a while for the Switch to boot up, but once it does, it runs practically flawlessly. Cisco Catalyst switches are best suited for critical scenarios that require superior efficiency and connectivity for vital applications.
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