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Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers


What is Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers?

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers is a solution designed to deliver performance, security, and flexibility to help accelerate the user's digitization journey at the edge.

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Product Details

What is Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers?

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers are presented as a secure, high-performance, 5G routers in a modular design that support private LTE, FirstNet*, Wi-Fi6 and Gigabit Ethernet. The series is purpose-built for mobile and remote use cases in multiple industries. Designed with a high level of modularity, they can be customized to help reduce costs and make networking investments ready for the future, keeping in mind the needs of tomorrow. With high bandwidth and throughputs from 5G and Wi-Fi 6, they enable users to power experiences and drive efficiency.

The Catalyst IR1800 Series offers enterprise-grade security from the hardware to the network communications all the way to the industrial assets. The routers are powered by Cisco IOS® XE, Cisco’s fully programmable operating system.

The IR1800 Series is built to withstand the harsh environments found in transportation, public safety, and oil and gas applications. Automotive certifications and features such as Controller Area Network (CAN) bus support, dead reckoning and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and ignition power management make it ideal for secure, reliable connectivity in transit and public safety applications, including first responder vehicles, passenger fleets, service fleets, and commercial truck fleets.

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Cisco 831, 881, and 881w routers for small single computer sites. The 800 series used in Network Extension mode makes a great small office solution. enough ports for a PC, a printer and an IP Phone. The 800 series securely connect to our Cisco ASA headend by VPN over any internet transport available at the location.
We use the 800 series across all departments for any site location where we need a very small office.
The 800 series/ ASA combination makes locations financial feasible where where private lines would be much too expensive for the use case.
  • Connects local site to VPN headend
  • Securely adds a network subnet in remote locations
  • The security available in an inexpensive package makes these units a great value.
  • Programming can be complicated for new users
  • An easier VPN setup would be a good value add to this product
  • PoE for IP Phones requires an add-on daughter card
  • The daughter card add expense and requires that the 800 series unit be opened to install card
The [Cisco 800 Series Industrial ISR (IR 800)] is great when we need to add a small new site in a very short time.
Our previous experience with these units makes the roll-out of new sites quick and almost seamless.
The 800 series excels in locations where we want to tunnel all traffic back to the core site.
Split tunneling for "SD-WAN" type use is not as functional as in other products.
December 22, 2023

Rugged Routers

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Monash implements the Cisco 800 Series Industrial ISR IR800 routers within their inter-campus buses. The 4G connection supplies WAN connectivity back to Headoffice and the Wireless Access Point allows users in the bus to connect.
  • 4G connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Reliability
  • Regular power cycles put system into ROMMON... requires onsite visit
Great for in-vehicle connectivity back to the WAN. The system is well designed for permanent attachment to structures and small enough to be hidden easily.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
That was a hard decision what unit to choose as we had a lot of good products with +/- the same characteristics. But I chose the Cisco Catalyst IR1800 rugged series router because it is quiet, in difference to others it seemed simpler to implement to our office building. Any problems with its operations, it works really great like the sales manager promised. I can only advise this item as my team is happy to make our job without thoughts about routers.
  • The most important for my organisation - safety. Cisco Catalyst IR1800 router is great when we talk about safety.
  • My sysadmin sais this router has a wide flexibility.
  • When we thought about the location for router, we had indoor and outdoor variants. Both are possible for Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers but we chose the indoor location.
  • The price but to say truth, it worth it for 100% as the quality is the highest.
My company is not so big to test the router on its highest limits. I can tell only that it works great and does not ask us for unexpected maintenance, service or unpleasant surprises. It works perfect and makes it's job the best.
Ezekiel Mathew | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
While sampling the routers we picked the Cisco Catalyst IR1800 series, 1835 to be specific mostly because of their flexibility; the router supports wi-fi 6 and the recently incorporated 5G network. Our organization takes part in developing solutions for the geospatial engineering community. To accomplish this we needed routers that are simple to install and can accommodate constant mobility and that's why we took the Cisco 1800 on board.
  • Partakes minimal disruptions under mobility while in use by technicians.
  • Has high bandwidths
  • The routers are secure from multiple network attacks.
  • The routers' functionality under private LTE networks was quite largish at first, but they adapted to solve this with time
If the solutions you use are mostly on the go (mobile more often than not) then the Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Series Routers would be a great fit for you. In our case we deal with geospatial appliances. The routers are vibration resistant and maintain stable connectivity in motion. My department was tasked with analyzing the security framework of the routers. We hopped on a call with Cisco and we were satisfied with their enterprise-grade security model; and it's the reason why we still use the 1800 series a year down the line.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have recently deployed Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged series in my department's network. We use these flexible 5G modular routers to support our private LTE, Wi-Fi6 and our consolidated threat detection for deployments. We also use them to increase security within our network and accelerate our connectivity. They have advanced the network stability in our organization enhancing solidity in productivity.
  • Modular design that effectively support businesses of whichever size.
  • compatibility with the most recent Wi-Fi technology.
  • Support for Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN making it very scalable.
  • We had to engage the cisco team for installation since the process is very complex.
Cisco catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers are the best modular routers supporting 5G for any enterprise. They are dependable, flexible and support advanced SD-WAN having the highest possible scalability. The routers have been built to hold out against severe environments so we have no worries of failure after a short period. They are also helpful in optimizing our IoT deployments, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting.
June 24, 2019


Jose Almeida | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Cisco Router Series 800 is used in all locations classified as small and medium, a total of 76 locations, providing end-to-end communication through DMVPN. We use ZPFW for security reasons too. The same router is also used for local internet output, making web access faster and more efficient. In the security layer we use the ZBFW solution. This router can be easily deployed due to its low cost and easy configuration.
  • Small factor
  • Low cost
  • Fast configuration
  • Switch port
  • Remote branch
  • Workshops
  • Congress
The Cisco 800 series routers are completely suitable in locations up to medium port, where their bandwidth is sufficient for proper operation. For larger locations the routers of the 4000 series are already better, due to their operating characteristics. Throughout the routing scenario Cisco routers can be used, always observing the proposed design.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
They are critical in connecting our 100 WAN sites and edge connectivity.
  • Once they are configured you can basically forget them until your (NMS) network management systems notify you of an issue
  • Simple EIGRP configuration
  • Super cost effective
  • Most are single power supply
  • If they aren't a full 19" 1U device you have to purchase rack ears separately from the device
  • VPN tunneling can be a bit of a configuration challenge
I think that there is a Cisco router for every deployment.
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