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Mst Rahima Khatun | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We have had a great experience with Cisco DNA Spaces in our office. Captive portals give us the ability to send information. Using Cisco DNA Spaces, location-based services can be provided over Wi-Fi reliably and securely. Numerous features such as location analysis and real-time monitoring are part of the package. Location analytics, engagement toolkits, enterprise integrations, and other features are available to wireless customers. By utilizing Cisco DNA, our companies can use technology to address a physical issue. Customer onboarding and contactless engagements are also beneficial because they can be used as a tool to help with your marketing strategy. The exceptional quality of Cisco products sets them apart from the competition.
  • Using GPS, analytic software, and application integration all work together to provide these services.
  • Insights into digital work and DNA's core can be easily adapted to fit business needs.
  • With real-time metrics and precise behavior and availability changes based on the provided data, it is possible to improve the user experience.
  • Be able to set up a DNA center and maps on your own, without Cisco Prime.
  • Reports that can be downloaded from the dashboard. Resolve licensing issues.
  • Updates are less frequent and some integration improvements are needed.
Cisco DNA Spaces can help locate assets. To track people or objects, it's possible to use industrial and open spaces at the same time. It's necessary to use proxy servers to move the data, but this tool makes it simple to analyze traffic and user density scenarios. This is a powerful tool that business users will find helpful. We can learn a lot from these datasets because there is so much data in them.
October 08, 2021


Shivam Rai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Basically, it is used by my whole organization to track location and dealing with 3rd party app to reflect maps on the application. It also works on deployment and configuration. It also gives an accurate number of customers and makes any call based on the information received. My overall experience is very good and I didn't see that many problems.
  • Location Analysis is one of the best feature.
  • During this covid pandemic tracking feature works best.
  • Data API set is very large.
  • The whole ecosystem is large.
  • Need to work on mobile application.
  • On basis of security purpose two-way-authentication must need to be done.
  • Map must be enabled for every user not only for prime.
  • Licensing issue.
+Location Analysis is one of the best features (need to work on weak areas). +After setup the features are very easy to use but takes much time in configuration and setup. +Prime version provides a good business process on a day-to-day basis.
Ericson Aragoza | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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I was on the team that took part in the deployment and configuration, and I would have to say that the overall experience was great! There were minimal to no issues encountered, albeit we did not fully immerse ourselves just yet with the full capabilities/features that this product offers.
  • Deployment was easy
  • Features are expandable
  • Can easily be tailored to meet the business requirement
  • User interface can be better, more cohesive
  • Bug Fixes
We purchased this product/service to improve business process outcomes in our day-to-day information technology operations and to ensure that we keep driving innovation.
October 07, 2021

Cisco DNA Spaces Review

Score 8 out of 10
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Cisco DNA spaces have made it possible for us to check out the behavior and activities of our employees within the premises of our organization and we can also observe the assets. Along with that, we are able to keep an eye on the clients who visit us and we can evaluate stuff by it. It is feature-rich and has been helping us in multiple ways in our organization as we are benefitted from its location analytics as well as its asset management.

  • The analytics it provides contains all the nitty-gritty details that we wanted from it.
  • By assessing information from the history it generates custom profiles that are beneficial as well.
  • The facility to digitize human spaces in our organization by its ability to provide insight.
  • Its deployment is not an easy task to be done and is much time taking and IT team support is essential to start it up.
  • Integration is not of my type and there should be made more modifications and more options.
  • The customer support is not much responsive and has miserable behavior with their clients.

Cisco DNA spaces is a great tool to be at an organization It is most suitable for the workspaces and it is good to keep an eye on what is happening around in the organization and one can digitize the human spaces in multiple ways. It is not good for the industries and the integration isn't working well for us and its deployment is not so easy.

June 04, 2021

CMX in The Cloud

Score 8 out of 10
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We are running the Cisco DNA Spaces as a part of a project to do indoor wayfinding. The area of the project is two floors with 50 access points and a 9800 WLC.
The design has been done to support the location tracking and will be integrated with a 3rd party vendor to do the indoor maps and reflect them on a mobile application.
  • Location tracking
  • Location analytics
  • Marketing
  • Integration with other vendors
  • BLE beacon management
  • Licensing.
  • Maps without using Cisco Prime
  • Integration with ISE
Well suited:
  1. a cloud service to replace all the hardware mess needed when using on prem.
  2. location tracking
  3. location analytics.
  4. large ecosystem
  5. BLE beacon management.
  6. COVID contact tracing.
Less appropriate:
  1. integration with ISE.
  2. license per feature.
  3. subscription model.
Cisco DNA Spaces is considered to be a replacement for the Cisco CMX. It would require a proxy server to move the data from the WLC to the cloud in an Air gap model, some people will not like this due to security.
Score 10 out of 10
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Cisco DNA Spaces is used in the organization's administrative offices to measure the number of visits and time that each employee spends in the offices, in addition, an important use case is to keep them constantly updated with hygiene measures and COVID-19 protocols through the use of wifi in all sites.
  • Captive Portals
  • Share information
  • Analytics of connected users
  • Download user information
  • Greater graularity to download reports
  • The order of the menus
Some of the scenarios where we see the greatest benefits for DNA Spaces is in the retail sector since we have thought about enabling it in our branches to be able to provide information to customers about the services we provide.

I find it difficult to comment on a sector where you cannot benefit from this technology, practically it would be where there is no need to obtain more information about the users or the wireless network in general.
Score 10 out of 10
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This application is used to track all of the things happening on the company's premises and to derive meaningful insights from the same. It also helps track employees affected by the corona virus. Therefore, it helps us take the necessary measures for preventing further infections. Thus, it actually helps save lives in such an adverse condition.
  • Collecting data from premises
  • Deriving insights from the same
  • Tracking corona positive employees
  • The pricing is high
  • UI/UX can be improved
  • Initial setup takes a lot of time
[Cisco DNA Spaces] is good for companies with deep pockets and huge premises. Otherwise, it can be a bit expensive. The cost of additional equipment should also be taken into consideration.
Score 7 out of 10
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Cisco DNA Spaces gives us the particularity of being able to observe the behavior of users within our corporate network, with which we can have a better understanding of what are the coverage requirements that are needed to cover the demand according to the areas that most are visited. Thus, it also gives us the necessary tools to be able to have a more real approach with the user through captive portals.
  • Real time metrics
  • Unified dashboards
  • Captive portals
  • Mobile app for administration
  • Second factor authentication is missing
  • Report editing
Cisco DNA Spaces is mostly recommended for scenarios where it is necessary to have visualization of the flow and density of users connected to a wireless network of one or more locations and thus obtain metrics for marketing, for example, in retail. However, it can also be used in any other scenario that involves the analysis of traffic and user density in order to establish future predictions of user behavior.
Liz Duarte | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My office is using Cisco DNA Spaces to apply the captive portals and to be able to identify what type of clients visit us and how often through the information they provide in the registry, in addition the captive portals serve us to send internal information as well as the measurements hygiene or COVID protocols to follow within our organization.
  • Locations analytics.
  • Application integration.
  • Data API.
  • To be able to download the information obtained from the captive portals in a more agile way.
  • Download reports from the dashboard.
Well suited:
  • Retail.
  • Workspaces.
Less appropriate:
  • Industrial spaces or open spaces when tracking people or objects is required.
Score 9 out of 10
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Cisco DNA Spaces is a great program that allows us to keep an accurate view of the number of customers at any given location and to make predictions based on that information. We are able to monitor the frequency that visitors come to a location as well as the average length of stay which are incredible indicators when it comes to defining a user's experience along with other data.
  • Unified dashboard to analyze information.
  • Take information about visit history and length to use to create custom profiles.
  • Accurately change behavior and availability based on the data provided.
  • Integration could use some additions.
  • Updates are not as frequent as I would hope.
  • Can be a tad difficult to get things rolling at first.
This program is very well suited for being your eyes and ears when it comes to your visitor's or customer's traffic patterns. Being able to see clearly how frequently someone visits a location, or the length of time they spend at the location, in addition to being able to adapt your network to that information is amazing. There is so much information that can be gleaned from these datasets.
Score 9 out of 10
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One of the best applications which can digitize human spaces. We are using it for tracking the human space and assets in our organization. Major drawback of this that it need feeds from another solutions to really work efficiently. As promised by Cisco a lot of activity is going on with licensing.
  • Clear insight of digital work.
  • Center of DNA.
  • Wireless infrastructures get improved.
  • Licensing issues.
  • Take time to set up DNA center.
  • Time consuming initial setup.
Configuration take time but as soon as it setup it is very useful to locate the assets. Improve wireless structure , able to pick the weak areas. Make easier to transition from test environment to PROD. Implementation though whole structure is very smooth and provide breath of services and offers. I personally liked the product.

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What is Cisco DNA Spaces?

Cisco DNA Spaces gives users rich location-based services, including location analytics, customer engagement toolkits, asset management, enterprise application integrations, and location-data APIs. The vendor states that to date, the solution is live at more than 50,000 locations across 143 billion square feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco DNA Spaces?

Cisco DNA Spaces is a locational analytics solution designed to remove physical blindspots from business operations by sensing location intelligence from all underlying Cisco wireless network and translating them into business ready insights. It also offers a variety of digitization toolkits, SDKs, APIs and partner apps with end-end monitoring and support to turn these insights into action. Cisco DNA Spaces extends a wireless network from going beyond connectivity into digitizing properties, allowing the tracking of assets, as well as customers or site visitors and their behavior while on site.

Who uses Cisco DNA Spaces?

The most common users of Cisco DNA Spaces are from Enterprises and the Information Technology & Services industry.