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January 11, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Now using Cisco NGFW (with built-in SourceFire) as a replacement for older hardware that didn't have the source fire stuff built in. I must say that it does make most of our issues go away from the old system, such as having to use different interfaces to control both, and policies that had to be done twice. The FirePower NGFW is much faster as well, which was an issue with the old equipment.
  • Its very fast
  • Cisco products are generally very stable.
  • Cisco is on top of bug fixes.
  • You get well built hardware at this price point.
  • Compatibility with most 3rd party equipment.
  • Some strange design choices in the interface (could be related to merging 2 platforms).
  • Top dollar price.
  • Licensing always seem to be a big issue with Cisco products, this one is no exception!
It's really easy to tell someone to just go buy a Cisco device in almost any category because you know you're getting a quality product. But of course, that doesn't mean it will fit in everyone's budget. Licensing woes can put people off too. But if you're making a list of choices for someone asking, Cisco is almost always going to be toward the top!
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January 08, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Cisco FirePower NGFW is our main firewall for our entire organization. We have multiple units as backups and failovers. It was purchased to replace an older Cisco ASA and a separate Sourcefire device to give us an all-in-one unit that worked better and faster than the older devices. It has solved that problem and more with its super-advanced feature set.
  • Single pane of control for all ASA, firewall, and source fire functions.
  • Well built hardware and software.
  • Regular feature patches and upgrades.
  • The integration between ASA/Firewall functions and SourceFire functions could use some work.
  • Some little glitches in the interface which require refreshes or additional clicks.
  • Cost is high but it is likely because you're now buying two products in one.
Cisco is still the gold standard for firewall, and overall cybersecurity functionality. It shows in this product as well. If a colleague was using previous versions of either ASA or SourceFire, then this is a local next step for them. I would easily recommend it if they have the budget to handle the newer hardware.
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January 27, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using Cisco Firepower at multiple locations with different type of deployment as per requirements such as small site, medium site, and large sites. Sites are classified based on the number of users and type of application access.

Somes sites have cluster firewalls and others are using single standalone deployment
  • NGFW works well with thread, malware, and virus protection from internal or from external sources.
  • NGFW works good with multiple methods of VPN connections such as SSL VPNo, IPSec VPN and so on.
  • NGFW works good when using in active /active mode with multiple contexts where we can achieve load balancing.
  • NGFW needs improvement in reporting dashboard where filters such as time stamp are missing and need to be added.
  • NGFW needs improvement around checking out unused rules and security policies.
  • NGFW needs improvement in creating destination NAT and would be good if there is some wizard for this.
Cisco Firepower is well suited in any kind of environment where sites need security with enhanced data traffic performance with layered security. It also suited where remote workers need to connect their servers from any remote locations over secured medium.

It is not well suited where users don't need any internet access or working in a closed environment.
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February 27, 2020
Cody Plassmeyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire is being used by the entire company since all of our internet traffic flows through it. The IT department is the department that manages Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire).
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Analysis of logs
  • Use of security levels in the access policy would be beneficial
  • A user interface for EIGRP setup instead of the Flexconfig
Having the IPS and firewall all on one box is exceptionally nice, especially when deploying updates and new rules. The failover to a secondary firewall is seamless. We are used to using ASDM to manage our firewalls, so I think a lot of the features on Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) are just something we haven't gotten used to yet.
Having the ability to contact TAC has been extremely beneficial for us. The technical support they provide is top-notch!
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January 29, 2020
Kuntal Das | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire), as we call it, is being used by our Department for managing the security of our campus. The primary reason behind using it is to trigger alerts when there is an intrusion activity on our perimeter or even within our boundaries. Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) gives us a detailed report of suspicious packets going through it. These reports provide insight into the daily flow of malicious traffic on our network, university computers that show suspicious behavior, intruders trying to scan our network, users downloading/uploading malicious files, etc. It increases the visibility of our cyberinfrastructure, thereby helping us to secure it.
  • Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) shows a very detailed report of traffic that it finds as malicious. From Capturing Pcaps to generating analytics corresponding to an incident it makes it very easy for us analysts to decide the next steps.
  • Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) has search functionality that allows us to go very specific while on the managing window, unlike Palo Alto Panorama.
  • The UI in Cisco Firepower formerly Sourcefire) is complicated and entirely redundant. A lot of these features are not useful, and therefore, it can be removed from the main window.
  • The interface is very slow, with each operation taking a lot of time. Searching through the logs takes too much time.
Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) is suitable for scenarios where the organization has tonnes of data, i.e., a large scale. It does have lag and slow UI, and therefore it loses to its competitors. However, when the scale of data is enormous, the slow UI becomes less prominent as large data flow affects its competitors as well. Although time-consuming, the detection system of Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire) is appreciable with very few false positives as it uses "snort" underneath. A good log analyzer like LogRhythm or Splunk, coupled with Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire), makes it a great duo. But organizations having this IDS and no log analyzer makes it very difficult for the security analysts to do incident response because of its slow UI. Looking at its pricing and shortcomings, it makes less sense for small scale organizations with a limited budget to adopt it.
Cisco support is not at all suitable for this product, at least. It takes a long for them to help us with our server issues. A lot of the time, the customer support person keeps on redirecting calls to another person. They need to be well versed with the terminologies of the product they are supporting us with. Support needs a lot of improvement. Cisco Fire Linux OS, the operating system behind Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire), also doesn't receive regular patches. In short, average customer service.
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August 26, 2019
Kenneth Ma | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Currently using Cisco Firepower NGFW in our perimeter networks in 4 datacenters across our whole organization. Layer 7 firewalling and IPS services are utilized to keep our company safe and secure. Cisco Firepower has provided us with deep network and security visibility into the environment and helps prevent any unauthorized access and unwanted threats. Automated threat controls with the Intrusion Prevention System have proven crucial in saving time and reducing complexity.
  • Provides solid security of your perimeter network by preventing attacks and unwanted access.
  • Great network visibility to readily identify threats or unwanted behaviors.
  • Automated policy application and enforcement allow for a much more efficient way of managing your network.
  • Implementation of past ASA functions is not integrated well into the new FTD platform.
  • Management Gui (FMC) needs speeding up.
  • Flex config needs to be worked on to be less buggy.
Cisco Firepower NGFW excels in filtering and protecting your perimeter network. Malware detection and threat detection are very robust and provide a deep insight into your network. Cisco Firepower NGFW would be less appropriate at the datacenter level where trusted traffic is moving east-west.
Customer service has been great. TAC has been mostly able to identify and fix problems that we may have and have been very responsive. If for some reason something isn't fixed right away, they have been adamant on staying with us and working the issues out before things get escalated up the chain.
It's overall very great, however the Management Console needs updating to fix the slowness of policy and rule deployments.
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January 12, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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SourceFire NGFWs are used mainly for our outbound internet access, replacing current ASAs, intrusion detection and other anti-malware hardware that is in place today.
  • anti malware
  • centralized malware
  • firewall function
  • software stability
  • bugs
  • integration
  • Good for edge (OIA) firewall functions,
  • Less suited for internal (segmentation) use
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What is Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire)?

Cisco Firepower NGFW is a firewall product that integrates with other Cisco security offerings. It provides Advanced Malware protection, including sandboxing environments and DDoS mitigation. Cisco also offers a Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System, which provides security across cloud environments using techniques like internal network segmentation. Firepower can be managed locally, remotely, and via the cloud. The product is scalable to the scope of the business needs.
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