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Cisco IOS Security

Cisco IOS Security


What is Cisco IOS Security?

IOS Security from Cisco is network security technology.

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What is Cisco IOS Security?

IOS Security from Cisco is network security technology.

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What is Cisco IOS Security?

Cisco IOS Security Technical Details

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
There are a few IOS Security features that our organization uses. We use port security with limiting MAC addresses as well as keeping them sticky. We also use IOS security for AAA via 802.1X as well as RADIUS device management authentication, authorization, and accounting. We also have hardening features to secure our platform.
  • AAA
  • Port-Security
  • Device Hardening
  • More features could be added
When it comes to security on the edge of your network (downstream) Cisco's IOS security features provide pretty much everything you need when it comes to securing your network, network devices, and access. I would absolutely recommend Cisco switches due to many reasons, but a big reason is security.
  • AAA
  • 1X
  • Port-Security
  • IOS Security is a feature that is on the switch, so just by purchasing the equipment it is nice to have this level of security
IOS Security is a bonus feature when you purchase Cisco devices. It is great to have a vendor provide equipment to go above and beyond the minimal needs for business operation. Having security at the downstream edge of our organization provides a sense of ease from potential attacks.
November 26, 2019

Cisco IOS Security rating

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Using Cisco IOS Security is used in our organization in securing the network from multiple areas, starting with implementing authentication to access the network and port security to block unauthorized users to the access list to block specific traffic depending on source IP, destination IP, Used Protocols and many more factors. Cisco IOS security is used by the Network team on the organization network to support the whole organization users. to secure the organization assets ( devices, data, user identity, ...etc).
  • Authentication.
  • Access lists.
  • Port security.
  • Needs many lines to configure a detailed access list.
  • No seamless integration between Cisco IOS and LDAP for authentication and need something in middle like Radius.
Cisco IOS Security is great when there isn't enough budget to acquire advanced security solutions like ISE. We can use the Cisco IOS security features to secure our network as much as we can, we can do authentication using Radius, Port Security, and access lists to secure our traffic while eliminating the attacker from accessing our network.
  • Increased network security.
  • Saved data and information which means saving money.
Cisco IOS Security is more simple in use than Juniper devices, and they have a lot of documentations and blogs to design, implement and troubleshooting steps to use, also Cisco support keeps communication with us during any problem to fix it and learn the root cause and fix all issue.
Cisco has the best Support team that gives us 24/7 support as we need. Cisco has huge detailed documentation for design, implementation, and troubleshooting all areas of the IOS security.
There are many communities discussing all Cisco devices and solutions for studying groups and for customers to share their stories, technical problem and solutions.
Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager), Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Cisco routers with iOS security in our remote offices around the world. This solves the major problem of having remote sites connected to the Internet: you can protect them from attacks with a simple and easy to deploy a solution like iOS security.
  • Using Cisco IOS security features, you can set up a zone-based firewall to protect the internal network, separating a DMZ if necessary, to deploy services that should face the internet.
  • Because Cisco iOS security is available in different router models, you can apply the same security configuration in each of the remote locations you have. With that, you can basically deploy a configuration template for every remote office or plant, regarding the size of the site.
  • Because Cisco iOS security is embedded in the OS, it doesn’t require too much hardware resources to run effectively. This gives you the opportunity to have the same level of security in a small router as you would have on a big one.
  • Cisco could provide an initial set up script for those are not used to the CLI (Command Line Interface). With that initial script, people could easily deploy the security features instead of having to learn how to use the commands.
  • The web interface that Cisco provides with the routers, although it’s useful to set up the security features, it could also have some sort of tutorials to help people understand the main concepts of iOS security.
  • You have to license iOS security separately from the main OS. For that reason, sometimes it tends to be a little expensive if you have a small business.
If your business has branch offices or stores with all the same standards, Cisco iOS security is a good solution to standardize the deployment of those remote sites but if you need a more robust or specialized or customized solution for each branch, remote office or store maybe Cisco iOS security is not for you and you should search for another kind of product.
  • Cisco iOS security helped our business deploy a relatively safe solution for a small amount of money.
  • If you don’t have enough budget to invest in a robust and expensive firewall solution, you can safely use Cisco iOS security to protect your branch or remote office without compromise your network.
  • Because Cisco iOS security uses a simple command-line based interface, you can deploy standardized scripts and keep the operational costs low.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
It’s not a secret for anyone that Cisco provides the best routers with the most reliable software on the market. Although we considered using a PC running Linux for the same purpose, we realized that to keep things simple it would be best if we use a brand that we already know and trust, even though if it’s a little more expensive. Because we usually don’t have any IT personnel at the remote sites, we must keep it as simple as possible.
Cisco has the biggest and most trustful partner network in the world. Besides that, you can buy a service contract with the hardware and use the Cisco TAC to help to solve problems. That’s a key differential for Cisco comparing to other vendors.
December 21, 2015

Cisco ios is the best

Steve Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We utilize Cisco IOS in all aspects of our environment. From our local onsite network, to our remote datacenter and cloud deployments, to our customer networks we provide consulting services for. Cisco IOS provides an established solid foundation for the network and allows us to implement new technologies without a fear that the network will be able to support it. We know that with a Cisco network, it can handle anything we can throw at it.
  • QoS. Cisco Quality of Service is top notch and handles prioritization of voice and video without issue.
  • Ease of implementation and configuration. Once you have a device configured, it is easy to use that configuration as a template for the rest. Export your config, update, the IP Address and Name at a minimum, then deploy to the next device.
  • Longevity! Sometimes it can be difficult to upsell a current Cisco client due to aging hardware. I have gone into a network that has 12 year old switches still running strong. I have only seen this with the Cisco brand. At that point, the upsell is the newer features and not the age of the device.
  • CLI is great for those that know how to use it. It is my preference. Cisco is also excellent at providing training and documentation. They have excellent GUI tools for switches and wireless. The only thing lacking is a solid GUI for routers. CCP is Java based and can be a little buggy at times.
  • Pricing. Cisco is a rock solid device but they charge accordingly. Sometimes it can be hard to be competitive. You have to work with your account manager and obtain deviations to be competitive with other products.
If I have my choice, I will always use a Cisco device. It is appropriate and excellent for all networks. However it might not be appropriate for all budgets. They do have a SMB series that is appropriately priced and compared to other SMB products, it is a fairly decent product.
  • There are no negative impacts. ROI Is great as hardware lasts for ever.
  • Never needs a reboot for standard maintenance. Less downtime
  • Less downtime means better customer service. Our customers reach us without difficulty
I also like HP Procurve. It is my choice when the customer cannot afford Cisco. Cisco is better all round but HP is the only other [product] I will use if I have a choice.
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