Cisco IOS XR7

Cisco IOS XR7

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Cisco IOS XR7


What is Cisco IOS XR7?

Cisco IOS XR7 is a network operating system which the vendor states delivers greater modularity, a simplified networking stack, and cloud-enhanced automation for improved network programmability.
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Product Details

What is Cisco IOS XR7?

Cisco IOS XR7 is a network operating system designed to reduce operational complexity, which aims to deliver greater modularity, a simplified networking stack, and cloud-enhanced automation for improved network programmability.

IOS XR Network OS supported platforms
NCS 540 & 560 Series Routers
NCS 5500 & 5700 Series Routers
Cisco 8000 Series Routers
ASR 9000 Series Routers

Target Deployments:
Carrier-grade cloud, edge and routing platforms

Cisco IOS XR7 Features

  • Supported: Provision, automate, and integrate with a wide variety of workflows.
  • Supported: Model-driven APIs at every layer of the stack. Support for transport technologies.
  • Supported: Workflows with Secure boot, Runtime Integrity Measurements, signed RPMs, and trust visualisation and reporting
  • Supported: Support for Linux workflows
  • Supported: Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Cisco IOS XR7 Video

Cisco IOS XR7 Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsLinux
Mobile ApplicationNo

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In very simple terms, we use the network operating system, Cisco IOS XR7, at the organization level to simplify our network. With its modular, flexible design it uses less memory. We also like the fact that it boots up faster than its predecessor network operating system. Cisco IOS XR7 also reduces operation work across employees of the organization as it will be the single network operating system to be used.
  • Flixible.
  • Faster times to boot.
  • Utilizes less memory.
  • Web interface can certainly be improved.
  • It is stuck with a command-line interface. I understand that old users were CLI addicts but a whole new world emerged and it's not fair to force them to learn CLI.
  • Pricing-wise it is always too high. Can look into reducing that exorbitant pricing for routers.
Network operating system Cisco IOS XR7 is well suited for high-volume networks. It works well for those who are yester-generation and are stuck with the CLI command interface. Cisco IOS XR7 is definitely not suited for small businesses due to its high pricing. Additionally, purchasing security on top of this is a complete no-no for small to medium businesses.
  • Made operational simple for already Linux-style working workforce in the organization hence reducing operational costs.
  • Picking and choosing only those software packages needed for us certainly brought down our purchasing costs.
  • On the negative side, the initial cost of purchase is very high. Small to medium companies will surely think many times.
Cisco IOS XR7's cloud-enhanced automation has certainly improved network programmability for us. It also fast tracks the qualification of new OS releases. Cisco IOS XR7 also has capabilities for cloud-delivered analytics which certainly enhances overall operation efficiency. It also provides encrypted system integrity information to track the network hardware and software components of the router's internal hardware. With its support of real-time telemetry of the installation process, it helps us in quickly understanding the current situation.
With its real-time telemetry recording of all software and hardware changes while in the installation process, Cisco IOS XR7 helps to clearly keep track of real-time situations. With Cisco IOS XR7 trust posture of the network hardware and software, components are made more secure using its signed and encrypted system integrity information to track its internal hardware and software components.
Cisco's routers running Cisco IOS XR7 are rock solid, have years of proven performance, and the maintainers base for its CLI-based interface for set up and maintenance. Even though it is pretty high on initial purchase costs, this year of rock-solid performance is what a few of our customers very much needed and this is the very reason a few of our customers, and we did suggest Cisco IOS XR7 running routers for them.
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