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What is ClearCare?

ClearCare is an online home healthcare business administration platform. It includes features for scheduling in-home care visits, messaging between patients and caregivers, and marketing caregiving services.
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It does the trick

6 out of 10
May 16, 2023
We use ClearCare/WellSky to run our home care company. We have both caregiver and client profiles housed within the system, we build out …
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What is ClearCare?

ClearCare is an online home healthcare business administration platform. It includes features for scheduling in-home care visits, messaging between patients and caregivers, and marketing caregiving services.

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Billing and Claims Management

Managing the entire revenue cycle to help improve collection rates

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Patient Scheduling

Managing patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient check-in

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Electronic Medical Records

Digital charting of a patient’s medical and treatment history

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Medical Security and Privacy

This component helps an organization minimize security risks and respect data privacy.

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Workflow and Scale

The software helps manage employee workflows at scale.

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What is ClearCare?

ClearCare is an online home healthcare business administration platform. It includes features for scheduling in-home care visits, messaging between patients and caregivers, and marketing caregiving services.

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May 16, 2023

It does the trick

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ClearCare/WellSky to run our home care company. We have both caregiver and client profiles housed within the system, we build out each client team, caregivers clock in and out using the mobile app, record what happened on their shift so our Client Managers have insight into each client's day-to-day, and the analytics/reporting within ClearCare/WellSky allows us to track metrics for all aspects of our business and keep everyone informed.
  • Clients can be paired with their perfect caregiver(s) using the robust and fully customizable match criteria functionality
  • The analytics/reporting feature not only has great standard dashboards, but it allows us to create our own dashboards tailored to our exact use case(s), pulling from almost any data point or metric within our platform
  • They host quarterly webinars that update their users on the new features planned, what's being worked on right now, and things that have been fixed or improved
  • There is no capability for a couples profile. The scheduling is challenging if you keep each person as a separate profile because it will muddy the hours data with duplicate shifts, and if you combine them into one profile for scheduling ease then you don't have fields for each person's age, DOB, health diagnosis, ADLs needed, etc. so their health information/record is combined
  • There are a number of sloppy coding errors that make user experience not as pleasant as it could be. Despite our best efforts to bring attention to these bugs (which we have found and reported 32 of) currently 3 bugs are in "Product Analysis," 1 has been "Accepted for Development" and the other 28 were all closed out on May 10, 2021 and no further action is being taken.
  • Our caregivers have a lot of issues with the mobile app not accepting their shift comments until they re-type and re-submit them multiple times - sometimes up to 8 times until it will accept the entry. But on our end it records each of those submissions so we have to manually delete the duplicates from the client's shift record.
ClearCare/WellSky is not a software I would go out of my way to endorse. The coding bugs are numerous and fixing those bugs is not at all a priority. Unfortunately, it is still the most robust platform of it's kind - reporting, customization, integrations, automation capabilities, mobile app for caregivers - and with it becoming part of WellSky I am hopeful they will now have the resources to allocate for bug squishing.
Mike Martin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for scheduling, on-boarding, and marketing. The scheduling function is very robust. I use it to organize and track referral sources for marketing purposes. It also makes tracking candidates' progress through the hiring process very easy.
  • Tracks the value of referral sources, so we know how to best spend our marketing time and money.
  • Scheduling and the ability to mass text caregivers.
  • Could do a better job linking with online job boards.
  • Personally I would like some be able to keep a work history of referral sources.
ClearCare is very well suited when it comes to scheduling and staffing; helping us put the right person with a particular client. It would be great if we could organize and search through referral sources a little more efficiently.
March 17, 2020

ClearCare--O.K. by me

Greg Carson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ClearCare across the entire organization. It manages our employee info, schedules, client info, care plans, and allows us to communicate with our care team members quickly and easily. It allows us to maintain a database of business partners and keep records of all activities associated with marketing.
  • Billing - provides detailed invoices for clients, exports into QuickBooks, and processes automatic payment
  • Scheduling - aids in matching care team members to clients based on skill & need. Alerts on overtime and monitors authorization for those clients who receive care services through a third party such as Veterans Aid & Attendance or Area Agency on Aging which provides a limited number of hours.
  • Care Planning - assessment information is entered for each client and appropriate tasks are assigned to the daily care plan.
  • Tablet & Smartphone access is cumbersome and some functions simply don't work. In a 24/7 environment, we frequently have to access ClearCare after hours and on weekends when it's not convenient or even possible to get to a desktop.
  • Multiple access - with the nomadic nature of the Care Team Member workforce, they go where the hours are. Their email may only be used in one ClearCare account, so if they change jobs and both current & previous employers utilize ClearCare, the new employer cannot use the Care Team Member's email address for communication. Same goes with Client email addresses, although this is a much less frequent concern as Clients rarely change providers (I have only experienced this twice where it was an issue).
I have not used any other provider but I am confident ClearCare is top of the pack for home health care software.
Difficult to reach by phone. Often the response to issues is a clumsy workaround or a simple “yes we know about the issue”
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ClearCare to manage our schedules, billing, and payroll. Most franchises in our organization utilize this software. It has enabled us to access information 24/7 wherever we are after the office closes, which for a homecare company is crucial as we serve clients 24/7. We can easily customize each client/caregiver's bill/pay rate as the business grows.
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • User-friendly platform
  • System goes down every few months without warning.
  • Safe mode should combat the system being down, but not every client/caregiver and their schedule is present in that backup system, rendering it largely useless in an emergency. Tech support is very slow to respond to issues like this. Expect 6-8 months before resolution if not longer.
On the whole, ClearCare is a solid platform for any home care agency that schedules caregivers to visit a client. We sometimes have a couple of clients, but the system isn't equipped to put in the information for two clients in the same home. We work around this for the most part, but it could be cleaner. The system also has a decent app for caregivers to access schedules on the go, which is handy. The system also includes a telephony component, completed by a phone call or through the app.
They are reasonably responsive with simple questions, but when it comes to the software not functioning as expected, resolution is very slow. I had a situation where I would click "cancel" in a scheduling window and it would go ahead and make the change (i.e. I didn't realize a caregiver wasn't actually available or that it would create over time, so I would cancel out of that window to go reevaluate, but when it closed that window, the change would be made regardless). That took 8 months for them to resolve, during which time they released a number of relatively useless updates. Currently, I am waiting for them to fix Safe Mode, which is supposed to give us basic access to personnel and scheduling. A select few clients/caregivers actually show up in this system, rendering it largely useless. I have been waiting since late August without an update or resolution, it is currently mid-February. For software that touts safe mode, I would think they would make sure it's actually functional for all users. They have to advertise it in the network because the software goes down with some frequency, at least every few months.
Ken Helfers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Managing the scheduling process form the employee and client standpoint. In one screen we can see exactly what is going on with a client. Who's there, when they arrived, when they will be leaving, etc. Plus we can manage up to the minute changes in the care plan, in real time.
  • Payment processing allows us to bill and initiate client payments with a few clicks. It automatically reconciles accounts receivable. It handles both credit card and ACH payments. Saves a bunch of time.
  • Background checks are fast and easy because they are integrated into the platform. When a potential employee applies it starts the system begins all the steps in the hiring process. Once they get to orientation and have completed all of the other hiring process steps, with one click we initiate a customized background check that meets our licensing requirements.
  • The communication process and tracking can get cumbersome. You can send and receive messages that are connected directly with all parties through the system (as emails, and texts) sometimes the back and forth communication can be cumbersome and difficult to follow.
  • The CRM system needs updating to make it a little more proactive and less about basic information collection and note taking.
  • Lately it's been very laggy, or slow.
It a great tool for the agency because it is easy to use (scheduling) and not too "techie" for individuals who are not very computer or browser savvy.

For large scale, or complicated sales efforts it could use more features for tracking potential clients.

If you are entering a lot of detailed and/or complicated narrative for care plans or potential client tracking, the interface is very basic and can be hard to work with. You are only given a small window where you're entering information.
Andy Niska | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • ClearCare’s scheduling profile is intuitive and effective for multiple schedulers.
  • Many clients love the family portal. It is also a nice differentiator when presented to referral sources.
  • The accounts receivable works wonderfully for our agency.
  • I have had problems with the search box functioning well when I use an iPad to do an assessment remotely.
I can’t think of any areas where ClearCare is not the best option for a home care agency.
December 20, 2018

Home Care Solution

Jerod Evanich | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Instant access to individual franchise and corporate location data.
  • Global data and analytics for entire system.
  • Top end-to-end client and caregiver management tool.
  • More robust CRM (I believe this is coming in 2019).
If you are NOT an in-home care company, this product might not be the best option for you.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • ClearCare is quite user friendly. It was easy to pick up just by starting to use the software, clicking around to learn functionality.
  • By its nature of being web-based, we can access our full system after hours. This means that evening or weekend call-offs are much easier to staff. I can't imagine going back to software that is not web-based in this day and age.
  • While the noting of caregiver availability did take some time to get used to in the beginning (you enter the hours they are unavailable and work around that), it really does seem the best way to do it. The system will alert you if you are scheduling them for a shift they aren't actually available to take. As an added bonus, it also alerts if the shift triggers overtime. These alerts require an extra step to confirm that you want to add the shift.
  • The billing and payroll pages are pretty straightforward. We always have several people look over the numbers before exporting, so we don't usually have any errors in invoices or paychecks. If there is an error on an invoice that needs to be corrected, it is easy enough to edit and reprint.
  • The software includes a telephony system that requires caregivers to clock in and out of shifts. This adds a level of accuracy to both billing and payroll. If a client would ever question their invoice, we have verification that the caregiver was there, even if their parent with dementia claims nobody was there that day.
  • ClearCare does experience times when the system glitches. You cannot add or edit shifts, see client or caregiver details, nothing. They don't have anything in place that reassures you that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. It doesn't usually happen more than a few times a year, but we rely so heavily on this software for the daily operation of our business that even 15 minutes down can prove to be catastrophic.
  • You can call tech support, but overall I have found them rather unhelpful. I don't usually stay on hold long enough to get a live person, preferring to send an email if it's not an urgent need. I have been disappointed with the time it takes to resolve issues; the longest I went without a fix was about 8 months. They are pretty slow to change when it's something that has been suggested by the network publically. Moreover, sometimes the changes they implement make things more difficult for us or require features or functionality that we would prefer not to use. For example, they are rolling out a new feature that will allow the caregivers to enter their own availability in the system. We require them to contact the office to change their availability or request time off and plan to do everything we can to keep it that way.
  • The mobile version of the administrative site is essentially the desktop version, but tiny. When we are out and about after hours, inevitably we use our cell phones to utilize the software. Any shift adjustments are tedious, as the pop-up box moves around whenever you edit a field. To be fair, I'm not sure that the time and energy it would take to redesign the mobile site would be worth it when we still get all the functionality of the full site, even if it is harder to maneuver.
ClearCare is a selling point in the care consultation for a prospective client. From telephony to their ability to go online to check the schedule, it offers an extra level of reassurance for the families we serve. ClearCare wouldn't really be appropriate outside of a one-on-one care model, but it is well suited for this industry.
Robin Helfers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • CareFinder - Caregiver & Client matching function. Making the right match between client and caregiver increases both client and caregiver satisfaction and retention.
  • Scheduling - Live Dashboard is like air traffic control, let's you see what's happening with all client schedules in real time. Notifies of missed clock ins and clock outs! You can also go to individual profiles to see each caregiver & each client's monthly, daily, weekly schedule. Easy to change.
  • Storage of messages & other activity - each client and each caregiver's profile stores agency's communication in "Activity" section, so team members can easily see who is communicating and what they are communicating. Also allows setting tasks for team members that remind them by email.
  • Billing, payroll - Clock in and out through Telephony system creates client's bill and caregiver's payroll. Ability to set billing rate and pay rate options or customize.
  • New caregiver application feature allows smart phone users to apply, BUT most don't complete their application, they only fill out the first screen. After that, it is like "herding cats" to try to get them to finish. ClearCare needs to provide instructions to SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FAR RIGHT CORNER AND CLICK THE ORANGE "NEXT" BUTTON UNTIL ALL SECTIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. Also, there is a button we can click in the partial application to obtain a link and copy and paste it into a message to the applicant asking that they finish their application. HOWEVER, it is incredibly long! It runs off my email screen. If that link could somehow be shortened....
  • Messaging is tricky for caregivers. Although ClearCare allows simultaneous sending of email and text, the long, unique email "from" address often causes those messages to go to SPAM/Junk. And the text messages come from a different area code, so many applicants ignore them. We have two pages of instructions for understanding ClearCare messages, and which ones NOT TO REPLY to that we go through during caregiver training, but they still forget.....if the automatic text reminders could possibly say DO NOT REPLY TO THIS AUTOMATIC REMINDER, that would help a lot! And is there a way to "spoof" our area code?
  • Care plans can only be typed using plain text. This makes it very hard to read. If they could allow HTML text, we could use numbers, bullets and other formatting to make care plans easier to read. Then it would be MORE LIKELY THAT CAREGIVERS WOULD FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ;-).
It is not the best for communicating with caregiver candidates or prospective clients, due to the quirks mentioned previously. We send messages through our individual Outlook email accounts and then have to remember to copy and paste them into Clear Care for team reference. Some team members have trouble remembering to do that, which leaves other team members in the dark.
Jonathan Thommarson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Integration for invoicing into QuickBooks makes balancing accounts easier.
  • The ability to mass message all of my CAREGivers is a great resource.
  • The ability to integrate into our payroll service helps tremendously.
  • There could be better customization of colors. I am partially colorblind and it is hard to distinguish colors in shift calendars.
  • More easily customized reports or a better guide for setting up reports.
  • iPhone App would be great.
ClearCare is a great system for managing payroll, invoicing and client/employees management. Not sure it would work for extremely large businesses but it works well for ours. It is great being a cloud-based system so I can access it from anywhere.
Mary Melot | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Staffing module
  • Andria - great onboarding specialist
  • Nice interface
  • Billing module
  • If a referral source (person) moves from one organization to another, if you move them in clearcare to a new company, all past revenue moves with them to their new company. This is a simple solution and is crippling for revenue tracking. As everyone knows, referral source (persons) move all the time to different hospitals, alfs, etc., and even work at more than one at a time. You have no options to inactivate a referral source (person) and then add a new one.
  • You can not track revenue by marketer it is all linked back to the referring org/person, which can only have one owner. So [if] sales rep A gets a referral from sales rep B's source, only sales rep b gets the revenue credit.
  • Reporting for marketing is terrible - this is no CRM, it is a glorified scheduling program. You can't use reporting elements from different parts (for example, a field for Clients can't be reported with certain items related to the referral source...list goes on and on).
  • Search capabilities have major bugs, which leads to multiple duplications of clients, caregivers, applicants, referral sources, etc., and causes a nightmare for larger agencies.
  • Onboarding - Andria is awesome. Support is so-so, I give it a 2 out of 5, most are quite lacking in knowledge and know nothing about home care industry processes, databases, and offering solutions to the software downfalls. The support has obviously had little training and does not go through onboarding to understand the issues that new users will have, and which would give them a more robust view of clearcare. Most of the time we just have to hang up because the support is so frustrating, and the emails...They just don't comprehend.
Home care only - small companies only
Tiffany Amico | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • All emergency contacts are at the very front page of the client profile for you to review prior to staffing.
  • ClearCare is very user friendly when it comes to making any changes or learning any new updates that are received.
  • The client assessment page is extremely useful when learning about your clients health history and needs.
  • Daily tasks are huge for our office. We write reminders for each other daily and everyone in the office knows to review updates prior to their shift.
  • The front page could be organized a little differently, I believe all of the tasks from the CareGivers are a bit overwhelming for a new employee. Possibly switch it to only 'missed' and 'late' clock ins.
  • The calendar set up throws me off from time to time. A normal calendar day starts on a Sunday verses Saturday.
  • Background and color setting changes would be huge for anyone with a creative mind.
This is an excellent resource for any personnel in the health field needing organizational help with their staff and client list. My coworkers and I find it to be extremely user friendly and/or to be taught. It took less than a week for my office to know the system inside and out. Highly recommended this software program.
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