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What is ClickDesk?

ClickDesk is an engagement platform offering live chat, video and social capabilities. ClickDesk also includes help desk functionality (ticket management, email support, alerts, etc.).

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Amazing Features: Many users have expressed their satisfaction with ClickDesk's wide range of features for live calls, online engagement, …
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $16.99 per month
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Product Details

What is ClickDesk?

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ClickDesk is the right choice for your website if you are looking for a cloud hosted live help chat software services that requires zero installation and maintenance. With clickdesk live help support chat software service, all your customers' requirements for live help, live s...
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Frequently Asked Questions

ClickDesk is an engagement platform offering live chat, video and social capabilities. ClickDesk also includes help desk functionality (ticket management, email support, alerts, etc.).

ClickDesk starts at $16.99.

Olark are common alternatives for ClickDesk.

The most common users of ClickDesk are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Amazing Features: Many users have expressed their satisfaction with ClickDesk's wide range of features for live calls, online engagement, communication, and interaction with users or clients on a professional level. These features have been highly praised by multiple reviewers.

Easy Contact with Customers/Clients: Numerous reviewers have appreciated the seamless ability to contact customers or clients through the platform, which automatically connects them to the relevant representative. This functionality has been highlighted as a major benefit by many users.

Simple Agent Panel: Users find ClickDesk's agent panel to be straightforward and easy to manage, even for those who are not tech-savvy. This user-friendly interface has received positive feedback from several reviewers.

Slow and unresponsive support team: Several users have expressed frustration with the support team of ClickDesk, describing them as having poor operation and being unprofessional and unresponsive to messages. Users have mentioned long response times and a lack of attentiveness to their actual problems.

Lack of mobile app for iOS: A common complaint among reviewers is the absence of a dedicated mobile app for iOS. Users have stated that they are forced to use the platform through browsers instead, which can be inconvenient and less user-friendly.

Limited reporting options in free version: Some users feel that the free version of ClickDesk should offer more options for reporting. Currently, these features are only available in paid versions, leaving users without access to comprehensive analytics and data insights.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experience with the program. First, they suggest testing the product to determine if it meets your specific needs. This recommendation acknowledges that the program may not be suitable for everyone and emphasizes the importance of evaluating its functionality before making a decision.

Second, users recommend the program for small offices or teams of more than four members. This indicates that the product is well-suited for smaller organizations and can effectively support collaborative work among team members.

Lastly, users appreciate the helpfulness and availability of the support staff. They have found the support team to be responsive and ready to assist whenever needed, which enhances the overall user experience.

In addition to these common recommendations, users suggest incorporating social engagement and a helpdesk portal in a chat box within the product. This feature would allow for easier communication and interaction with customers, providing a convenient way to address their inquiries or concerns.

Overall, users recommend thoroughly testing the program to ensure its suitability for their specific requirements. They also highlight its effectiveness for small offices or teams and appreciate the helpfulness of the support staff. Additionally, users recommend adding social engagement and a helpdesk portal in a chat box to enhance customer communication.


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Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used the ClickDesk app for live chat with our customers. The app was used for sales support, such as questions about products. We have used it for customer support to answer our customer's questions. We have used it when we were not online. We used ClickDesk for a number of years.
  • fairly simple to use
  • set up not too difficult
  • usually worked OK
  • We believe ClickDesk has questionable business practices... be careful
  • ClickDesk charged us for services we did not use
  • It was our experience that ClickDesk will not issue a refund after they have charged us for services we did not want.
After using ClickDesk for a number of years we stopped using it to try a different app. To our surprise, ClickDesk charged us for a year’s worth of service we did not want. When we saw the charge, we contacted ClickDesk. In our case, we explained we were no longer using ClickDesk and asked for a refund. [In our opinion,] we were astonished when ClickDesk told us that since they already charged us they would not give us a refund. Really??? In our opinion, this may illegal, and we certainly believe it is not ethical… Why would anyone want to do business with a company like this? In our case, we contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to help us get our refund. Of course, because of our experience, we no longer use ClickDesk… We believe this should be a warning to others about our costly mistake for using ClickDesk… you have been warned!
Paul Christophle | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ClickDesk is managing to be the best in providing the real-time facility of communicating or interacting with customers very effectively. It reduces my work a lot and [is] helping me to have a better communication experience with the clients. Complete robust platform with fully functional tools to have the best experience on the platform.
  • ClickDesk allows account managers to interact with leads and customers, as they are searching and researching on our website and in our e-commerce store.
  • It is compiled of amazing features of the live call, online engagement, communication, and interaction with users or clients on a very professional level.
  • I can easily contact any customer or client easily by just contacting them on the platform which automatically connects to the representative of the relevant area.
  • Support team of ClickDesk is worst in operation. [In my experience they have been] totally unprofessional and unresponsive to messages.
  • I recently had some issues while using the platform, their representative responded after an hour and left the conversation without listening to the actual problem.
ClickDesk has served the organization for many years in terms of connecting us to our clients and customers easily directly on webchat. I can use ClickDesk easily, anywhere, any time, by just connecting to the internet. [It] has the mobile application which is a great invention to communicate with clients or customers and close more deals to help the organization.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ClickDesk allowed [us to] communicate [with] the others across our organization as well as with customers. It also allowed us to make video calls with team members. It was simple and easy to use with a great interface. It allowed us to respond promptly to customer questions and issues. It also allowed us to receive phone calls through the application when discussing content that was too complex to communicate through chat.
  • You can speak to someone on demand.
  • Has the option of chat or phone call.
  • User friendly with little learning curve.
  • When I used it, it didn't have a mobile app.
  • Support for the product was slow at times.
  • Occasional lag in conversations.
It was well suited for quick chats. Sometimes a topic over chat can be too complicated and requires a phone call which ClickDesk gives an option for a phone call. It is too specific and limited to conversations. The reason we moved away from this to Microsoft Teams is because Teams is a more all in one solution. It can do chat, phone calls as well as webinars and screen sharing.
Akram Hasan Sharkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Simplicity is the first option to choose ClickDesk. Before moving to ClickDesk we had 4-5 trials of other top competitors. Those had too many complex terms and were hard to maintain. We were searching for a chat system that we could completely customize and easily install with our website. Our website provides live support to non-users and registered customers. We had been looking for a chat system that allows us to use information from our database when any user is chatting with live support. Using our own theme was another priority as well. They met our needs so perfectly, it was easy to set up and bring live support online. It includes features to add departments, agents, segments, macros, and much more. They have a very open customization facility; we loved it. On the other hand reports and configuration with CMS and major CRM was pretty easy. They also have a cell phone app, Facebook page chat and Google Chrome plugin for live support. Offline ticketing system is useful too. Voice call, file sharing, user desktop screenshot and a lot of other services can be listed.
  • They have a simple agent panel, your agents don't have to be a pro tech to manage their agent panel.
  • They also have a simple ticking system along with live chat, it's not huge but it does work.
  • Easy to implement with well known knowledgeable and CMS.
  • They don't have a cell phone app for iOS yet.
  • They could make it work with Slack.
This thing is good for a small business and people who don't know a lot about tech. Not sure if ClickDesk will work for businesses like FedEx or others.
Sazzad Hossain Sharkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are primarily using ClickDesk for our organization's technical department. Most of our technical discussions or product/services were available in our portal, but people have questions to ask about in detail so that they better understand our services more clearly. We are using the application to solve customer queries and for receiving feedback on how they feel about us.

Most of our provided services are web based, so we needed real time interaction with customers and the ability to solve their issues soon as possible.
  • Location with IP address information.
  • Live voice call and video call facility including adding agent to conference or transfer the chat.
  • Integrated help desk that receives offline messages from customers and can collect logs for future reports.
  • Easy to collect the screenshot from customer's end.
  • Windows native application that has all the services we can use from browsers. The application should be boot with PC starts and notifies real time actions.
  • More information about users. Real time page visiting histories (more advanced way).
  • Customers can review the agent's profile information (public profile).
  • Audio and Video call facility.
  • Adding agents to conference or transfer the chat to another one.
  • One click file upload service or getting a screenshot from customers' end easily.
  • Built in customer help desk for support ticketing system etc.
  • Browser based application that can be easily maintainable.
  • Also has a mobile application.

ClickDesk is ideal for a business that is serving support remotely, and agents can easily interact with customers easily from anywhere and do not have location specific problems.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used ClickDesk since 2014 as the main communication tool to support visitors to our website. It has been used by our sales team to provide faster and more objective support to our customers and leads, including information about our products and services.
  • Very easy to deploy and use (cloud). No need of training (just a quick explanation) for the users. The product may be used by anyone. It does not demand any kind of technical knowledge by the agents. A simple orientation is enough and the person can start using it very quickly.
  • It has an interesting log engine that sends all the conversations that happened via email for a manager.
  • It offers interesting option to customize colours and images of the agent, even in the free version.
  • I think the product should be available in other languages (for admin users).
  • The free version should offer more options of reporting (they are available only for paid versions).
  • In my opinion pricing per user is high, when compared to other types of systems that are offered in the same model.
It suits well any kind of website where it is interesting to provide instantaneous support for visitors / leads. It is important to evaluate how the product works when the scenario includes many visitors at the same time (simultaneous) - it will demand several agents and may increase licensing costs. We also see the product as a good option for portals or systems that may demand this kind of communication channel and simply do not have this mechanism natively.
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