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What is CLion?

JetBrains offers CLion, a cross-platform IDE for C and C+.
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Product Details

What is CLion?

JetBrains offers CLion, a cross-platform IDE for C and C+.

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Frequently Asked Questions

JetBrains offers CLion, a cross-platform IDE for C and C+.

CLion starts at $8.9.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.2.

The most common users of CLion are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Muhammad Arifur Rahman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We teach computer programming in our E-learning platform. Many of our students start learning with C++ programming language. Most of the IDEs (integrated development environments) are either not user-friendly or too outdated. So we needed an IDE with a user-friendly UI, the latest libraries, an updated GNU compiler, and regular security updates. CLion fulfilled all of those requirements. We're using this software platform-wide and we use it to teach our students C++ programming.
  • User-friendly UI
  • Supports VIM for fast coding
  • Smart code completion
  • Cross-platform support
  • Split-windows feature
  • Supports both C and C++
  • Provides free student license
  • Doesn't feature built-in compiler
  • Compiler installation can be tricky for beginners
  • Makefiles support is poorly developed
It's a great fit if you’re looking for a user-friendly C++ IDE; comfortable with using Vim; looking for a fast, intuitive UI; or teaching your students C/C++. It wouldn’t be a good fit if you’re more comfortable with command-line based IDEs or planning to code in multiple languages, as it only supports C and C++.
  • Very intuitive UI for students to understand
  • Code completion helps students to write less and learn more.
  • Students can understand compiler errors easily.
  • Debugger helps us in identifying code errors and shows suggestions accordingly.
  • CLion has enabled us to save $36000+ in licensing with its free student licenses.
CLion offers the most user-friendly UI, the latest libraries, smaller-sized installation, smart code completion, an updated GNU compiler, and free student license.
The customer support is very fast and responsive. Our students faced many problems in installing the compiler and integrating it with CLion. The support team resolved those problems as soon as possible using remote desktop.
Teaching Learning Platform managing
IT team Command-line coding skill
  • Teaching
  • Plugin development
  • App development
  • Importing codes to IntelliJ IDE
  • Building hardware drivers
It has the features that I need for my coding
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using CLion to develop C code based projects on all kinds of embedded IoT devices e.g. sensors, cameras and gateways. Any firmware developer in our company can choose which IDE he wants to use in his everyday work. That makes CLion being commonly used, mainly because of its huge resemblance to other JetBrains products.
  • Simplifies collaboration of coders in case of extensive source code base.
  • Almost flat learning curve if you have been using JetBrains products before.
  • Support for SoC from Nordic Semiconductor is not the best on the market.
  • It lacks CMake migration tool for older Make projects.
According to our evaluation procedure, there is nothing better on the market for embedded development, both in C and in C++. It's a wonderful solution for mixed projects using low-level languages together with high-level languages such as Java. It may not work perfectly well with older projects with big source code bases, which are compiled and built using Make.
  • Greatly decreased initial time needed by a new employee to start coding.
  • Refactoring features allowed to reduce the technical debt in majority of our projects.
The main highlight of CLion are superb refactoring tools not available from other vendors. While both Visual Studio Code and Eclipse are good tools, CLion is much more versatile and it provides much better performance, especially if compared with Eclipse. The only downside is the fact that CLion is a paid solution whereas competitors are available free of charge.
I was not forced to get in direct contact with CLion support. However, it is quite clear that they are doing a really decent job when it comes to providing assistance to their customers. Updates, including bug fixes, are being roll-outed in a reasonable manner, and bigger upgrades always include some interesting features.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In a huge organization such as ours with business units such as sales, marketing, HR, CLion is naturally used in specific departments such as R&D and IT. We used it because we developed a C++ application for a production site where speed and responsiveness mattered. So we had to proceed with a compiled language rather than an easier to develop scripting language. I already had experienced in C++ and CLion thanks to my time in university where CLion had provided me with a free student's license, so it was time to pay back. We implemented and used it in our R&D department to program a sensor by developing embedded software that would be used in the production site.
  • Software development
  • IDE
  • Committing and pushing to git takes a lot of time.
  • Spell check sometimes give funny results, indicating wrong places for parentheses.
It is very fast, mobile and easy to use compared to other IDEs. It even runs on Lubuntu, which contributes to mobility and speed. Its debugging features are just good and sufficient for any kind of software development issues. I love how I am able to track every integer in my array and linked list. This helps the debugging a lot because where some people see memory management and software development a more abstract idea, CLion makes it a concrete, physical, real thing with its debugging features, which in the end results in faster debugging and development for the customer and developer. We're using CLion for C and C++ program developments and it's perfectly appropriate so far that I did not see any circumstance that CLion is not appropriate yet.
  • Better, faster debugging with quicker delivery of software.
  • Its mobility and speed resulted in better cross-platform development process and faster delivery.
Most IDEs are huge both in disk and memory which causes it to run slow, where CLion is much smaller and faster. That's what I loved about CLion, compared to its rivals. Not to mention its extensive abilities and functions in the debugging process, thanks to which, we were able to fasten our software development process.
I am giving it a 9 out of 10 because I did not even need official support from the CLion team but rather, every time I came across a problem, I have been able to solve it within the community itself. This is so precious that you don't even need the help of the program's development/support team. There's a huge community of users that backs you up.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
CLion provides an alternative to Visual Studio that is independent of the Windows ecosystem, something that is attractive to many people who want to develop in the same IDE across multiple platforms. With Unreal Engine 4 now supporting CLion, game and enterprise developers have an alternative that matches UE4's platform-agnostic approach.
  • Low cost.
  • Part of the JetBrains system of developer tools, a toolset that is widely respected in software development.
  • Supports multiple languages--not just C and C++.
  • Easy to learn and adapt to when coming for other IDE's.
  • JetBrains, the company that created and maintains CLion, is located primarily in Russia. While that doesn't concern me it does create worries for some people.
  • No real cons. The product is great and the support is equally excellent.
CLion is suitable for any software development purpose I can think of, and probably many more than I have no envisioned. It joins offerings from Intel, Microsoft and the like providing a quality IDE that produces quality code. It checks all of the boxes a developer wants it to check. The only place it's probably not your best tool is if you are heavily invested in another IDE. In that case, I'd always recommend sticking to organizational standards for production work and explore competitive alternatives in the lab.
  • CLion is so inexpensive compared with our "standard" IDE that it's hard not to see a better return on investment outside in our exploratory efforts.
  • The learning curve is very shallow. A veteran developer can be working in CLion in minutes. A student or fresh hire with little development experience can adapt and become productive quickly as well.
  • When combined with other JetBrains offerings, it's a great tool that is worth using, especially when budgets are tight and expectations high.
CLion does everything I ask it to do. For me, Unreal Engine 4 compatibility was essential and Epic Game and JetBrains delivered a solid alternative to spending a huge amount of money on the "standard" IDE for game development on Windows. The user interface is sharp and modern without all of the silly frills many software suites now employ. It integrates well with source control systems we use and also works well, as expected, with other JetBrains development tools and assistants.
I will give them a 10 for customer support because they are quick to respond to inquiries and never have given me the boilerplate answers or links to a wiki page like some gigantic companies do. JetBrains is relatively small and very competitive. They want your business and want to keep it. I find that very attractive especially when I run into trouble and need my IDE vendor to lend a hand.
Visual Studio is the "standard" IDE most people use. It's expensive but generally worth the cost. Where CLion comes into play, people are less concerned with using the Microsoft solution and are open to another party providing them the key IDE resource they need. It's taking a risk going with a smaller company's solution versus Microsoft who, in spite of some things written mostly anonymously, is actually quite good at supporting its paying customers. CLion's competitor on the other end of the spectrum also comes from Microsoft in the form of Visual Studio Community Edition (free) and Visual Studio Code (free, cross-platform). It's an odd situation to be in but CLion is, in my opinion, the only really good and low-cost choice for those who want to have paid-product level customer support but don't have a large budget. CLion doesn't cost much...give it a try and see what you think.
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