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8 out of 10
April 19, 2022
We were using Coda in my previous workplace to collaborate within immediate as well as cross-functional teams and use one platform for …
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Coda Rocks!

9 out of 10
April 15, 2022
Coda is allowing our quickly growing company to consolidate and track OKRs across many different departments and functions. We often have …
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Coda Is The Best By Far

9 out of 10
April 13, 2022
Coda is used across the whole organization and it helps us stay unified as a team by having a resource we can all access. I feel that it …
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Coda Is One in/for All!

8 out of 10
December 08, 2021
We use Coda to create documents of all sorts -- text, sheets, anything -- and store them. First off, you can easily create any document …
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Great tool to use

7 out of 10
March 03, 2021
We use Coda as a tool to update our internal users on an ongoing project. The project affects many people across different departments and …
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Product Details

What is Coda?

Coda is a doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It starts with a blinking cursor on a blank page and can grow as big as a team's ambition. Coda comes with a set of building blocksーlike pages for infinite depth, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action inside or outside the docーwhich users can combine to make a doc as powerful as an app. The vendor says people have made Coda docs that do everything from launch products, to scale small businesses, to help them study for tests.

Coda Features

  • Supported: Pages: Every Coda doc starts with a page. And can grow into as many pages as you like, so you’ll never outgrow your doc, no matter how big your team or idea.
  • Supported: Tables & Views: A table in Coda can be as simple as a list or as deep as a database. And it can have customizable, connected views, so everyone can work off the same data, in their own preferred way.
  • Supported: Controls: Controls—like buttons, select lists, and sliders—make a doc feel more like an app for your team.
  • Supported: Packs: Packs connect your Coda doc to the apps you use everyday—the tools you and your team communicate, code, and design in.
  • Supported: Formulas: Formulas can live anywhere in Codaーon the page or in a control or table. You can think of them as the connective tissue between building blocks in Coda.
  • Supported: Automations: Automation is the building block that puts your repetitive yet important tasks on autopilot.
  • Supported: Templates: No need to start from scratch. We turned our most popular compositions of building blocks into time-saving templates and made them available inside your doc.
  • Supported: Forms: Collect inputs and data and synthesize using Coda's building blocks to view and filter data

Coda Screenshots

One unified surface means ideas aren’t limited to a file type. Your project doesn’t have to be split across tabs of documents, spreadsheets, and apps.Packs are our version of integrations or plug-ins. They connect your doc to the apps you use every day, so you can pull live data in or push updates out automatically.Drag-and-drop templates give you a quick-start shortcut to commonly used templates like Upvote/Downvote, To-Do List, and Team Sentiment Tracker.You can slice, dice, and chop your data however you'd like using Views. A View is a mirror of your data that can be tailored to your unique needs, all while staying connected to the source.When you access your doc from your mobile device, you’ll feel like you built an app. Doc pages become tabs, buttons become swipe actions and doc notifications become push notifications (if you want them to).Our Doc Gallery contains docs self-published by our community. These published docs have a webpage-like interface and have varying levels of interactivity like view, play or edit. Find and share tools, templates, tiny apps, interactive handbooks, and anything else you can build in Coda.

Coda Videos

Meet Coda
Learn how Figma's Yuhki Yamashita uses Coda to ship product
Watch Coda CEO & Co-Founder Shishir Mehrotra transform Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson's fabled offsite doc into an interactive Coda doc

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coda?

Coda, from Coda Project headquartered in San Francisco, is a template-based document generation solution, supporting a variety of use cases presented by the vendor as ideal for smaller companies that might otherwise be relying on spreadsheets to maintain (for instance) product development, or inventory tracking. It is available free, with paid editions to support teams, automations, or for more advanced collaboration and workspace features, as well as more advanced security features.

Who uses Coda?

The most common users of Coda are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Computer Software industry.


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