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What is Codemagic?

Codemagic is a developer's CI/CD tool for mobile app projects. Build Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Unity, and Flutter projects on Codemagic.Codemagic uses its own CLI tools under the hood to perform complicated tasks like code signing and distribution to…

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Codemagic has become an essential tool for many app developers, automating the build, test, and deployment procedures and streamlining the …
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Product Demos

Reduced build time with Codemagic Magic Actions


Getting started with Codemagic CI/CD_Live Demo 03.09.2020

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Product Details

What is Codemagic?

Codemagic is a developer's CI/CD tool for mobile app projects. Build Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Unity, and Flutter projects on Codemagic.

Codemagic uses its own CLI tools under the hood to perform complicated tasks like code signing and distribution to the stores. These are open-sourced and available on Github.

Codemagic offers pay as you go pricing for teams as well as an all-inclusive option with an unlimited plan (called the professional plan).

Codemagic is used by developers just as like many other CI/CD tools, but the vendor states Codemagic excels at iOS by automating code signing and store distribution. They provide hosted (cloud) solution with no need for on-premise machines. They keep up with the latest Xcode versions, Android SDKs, and other dev tools. This helps Codemagic to be effective with mobile projects so that there is no need to install these tools during build time, but they are already available. If something is neededthat is not already on the machine in use, the user can run any script as part of build pipelines and install them. is an open slack space boasting over 4600 members. Mainly people ask for support, but also this is where the vendor gathers feedback to build the features that people need.

Codemagic Features

  • Supported: Continuous Deployment
  • Supported: Continuous Delivery
  • Supported: Continuous Integration
  • Supported: Configuration Management
  • Supported: Deployment Management – Automate deployment
  • Supported: Running automated tests
  • Supported: Workflows
  • Supported: Source Control
  • Supported: Access Controls/Permissions
  • Supported: Compatibility Testing
  • Supported: Debugging
  • Supported: Testing Management

Codemagic Video

Learn how to get started with Codemagic CI/CD for your Flutter, native Android, native iOS ,and React Native projects.

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Codemagic Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Codemagic has become an essential tool for many app developers, automating the build, test, and deployment procedures and streamlining the app development process. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, users can easily set up and manage processes according to their specific requirements. The support staff is highly responsive and helpful, addressing queries and problems promptly. Many developers have found Codemagic to be a reliable solution for creating consistent and secure builds of mobile apps in a fast and repeatable manner.

One of the standout use cases of Codemagic is its seamless integration into CI/CD pipelines, reducing the time spent waiting for compilation and improving overall efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for teams working on large-scale projects or frequent deployments. Furthermore, Codemagic simplifies the task of building for multiple platforms, especially for Flutter projects, making it easier to maintain cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Users have praised Codemagic for its ability to automate various aspects of the app development process. It has helped teams scale by facilitating QA testing, individual PR checks, and asynchronous build processes. Additionally, Codemagic has proven to be a cost-effective option with a good developer experience, saving both time and money for app development studios.

Overall, Codemagic has received positive feedback from users who consider it a valuable CI/CD tool that simplifies the deployment process, provides excellent customer service, and offers default installations of helpful tools. While there may be some desired features for future updates, users are satisfied with the product's performance and would continue using it as their go-to solution for mobile app development.

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Mario Carlos G. González Beamond | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's our default CI/CD for Flutter applications, and it remediates the need to have Mac computers to prepare most of our deployments. It also makes it easy to push multiple testing options of features and simplify the deployment to the App stores, either together or one at a time for different testing. The main drive for us is to avoid buying Mac computers just to facilitate the Compilation of the app; there are team members in charge of looking at iOS or Mac-specific code for the proyects, but they are focused on programing while we have another team that supports the CD process and it is unnecessary for them to also have Macs just to be able to push to stores. It really solves this problem fantastically. We used to have the first version which included two seats, and it helps a lot. However, given the pandemic and also the functionality provided, we were able to reduce our CD staff to 1 person for the mean time, and Codemagic is definatelly able to handle the workload through our current staff. So I do recomend the team license, but those experimenting on Free, you will be able to scale up easily.
  • Flutter Apps
  • Deploy to appstores
  • Build test apps
  • Easy to scale up once ready
  • Has extra seats and team settings, through paid options, to support the prior.
  • One more seat available for free accounts, for the first year or trial.
  • Improved and simplified secrets management to avoid security leaks.
For companies currently investing in Flutter app deployment, the CD/CI automation that Codemagic brings to the table is a game-changer. Its decision-making process needs to consider all the architecture in place and in a common scenario with other programming frameworks, the initial investments can seem high. In this sense, Flutter will reduce programming staff needs as you can attack multiple target environments and platforms easily, and at the same time the effort to get it working on app stores is now improved thanks to the focus Codemagic gave to support the FLutter community in targeting this solution to ease the process. If you invest in Flutter, you have to invest in Codemagic.
  • Build flutter apps for any supportes platform
  • Easy to sync with app stores
  • Fleixibility and free minutes
  • Easy scalability options and pricing
  • Reduce steps and time to deploy flutter apps
  • Cost of build
  • Invest in other areas of the architectural process to enhance the products built.
The steps to get Codemagic up and running are nothing compared to implementing a Jira solution and after using the CI/CD options it has enabled. For larger organizations that already have Jira, you might gain in the long run from features like automatic issue tracking and focused CI to remediate and test the apps. But if you are looking for true AGILE development, where you have teams that focus on value and need the CD process done easily, then Codemagic is a much better solution for emerging projects and companies to start.
I have used the Slack channel without any problems, and I have gained a lot of feedback from using this tool. I have also been invited to provide reviews for the app before but in an "informal" manner, and using their own channels via Slack.
No, because it wasn't required.
Yes, multiple times facing my initial setup problems. In all times, I was provided a response by the team via Slack.
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