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Incredible product that helps lean teams

Cofense Managed PDR is utilized organization-wide. We leverage the reporter button on all Outlook installs, OWA, and Outlook mobile apps. …
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What is Cofense Managed PDR?

Cofense Managed PDR (formerly Phishing Defense Center, or PDC) is a security service designed to relieve security operators of the repetitive tasks needed to qualify, investigate, and document alerts. With it the user can focus on responding to verified threats, instead of spending limited time and…

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What is Cofense Managed PDR?

Despite advances in perimeter defenses, increasing numbers of phishing threats are reaching recipient inboxes. The vendor states that Cofense Phishing Defense Center identifies over 3,500 phishing threats per customer, per year, that technology failed to stop.

Well-conditioned end users reporting suspicious emails can be a rich source of threat intelligence to Security Operations teams. However, real threats are often obscured by false positives such as internal, spam and legitimate marketing emails. The fast evolution of the phishing threat landscape hampers effective analysis, with ongoing investments in threat analysis tools necessary to attempt to keep pace.

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center focuses solely on the phishing threat delivering managed detection and response. Powered by Cofense Triage and supporting technology and processes, it is staffed by experienced phishing threat analysts. Underpinned by Cofense Threat Intelligence and Labs teams, the Cofense Phishing Defense Center maintains perspective on today’s phishing threat landscape. Analysts work to prioritize, analyze and understand potential threats reported by end users. The Cofense Phishing Defense Center provides actionable intelligence to enable Security Teams to shift their focus from analysis to action, allowing them to effectively respond and mitigate confirmed attacks in progress.

Cofense Managed PDR Features

  • Supported: Investigates ALL suspicious emails reported by your users
  • Supported: Delivers managed detection and response to phishing threats as a service
  • Supported: Leverages a growing network of customers to leverage threat intelligence learned from one customer across all customers
  • Supported: Adds phishing and malware expertise to your security operations capabilities
  • Supported: Integrates with your enterprise operations for efficient & effective remediation
  • Supported: Provides you with curated threat intelligence of actual threats that have breached your technical defenses based on email IOCs and malware IOCs discovered as part of in-depth email payload analysis.

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Cofense Phishing Defense Center

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Cofense Managed PDR Competitors

  • PhishLabs
  • FireEye Managed Defense
  • Crowdstrike

Cofense Managed PDR Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)8%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)92%

Cofense Managed PDR Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish


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Flavio Pereira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cofense Managed PDR has been used at our headquarters as a way to combat the growing cyber threats that are phishing. We started using the solution with the trial version and then it was purchased. The solution's artificial intelligence is very good, at Pishing Defense Center we manage the entire process of detecting and automatically responding to phishing attacks in configured emails. When triggering an alert, the software has already corrected the threat, eliminating or quarantining it, and after that, it records the occurrence in a log so that it is possible to analyze the incidents that have occurred. After using this solution, the phishing issues were resolved.
  • Instant detection and elimination of phishing email boxes.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Intuitive and complete GUI interface, being able to create rules, configure exceptions, and generate reports.
  • Optimizes time to eliminate phishing and prevent users from being targeted by internet scams.
  • Good artificial intelligence.
  • It is necessary to improve the technical documentation.
  • Queue at the support service.
With Cofense Managed PDR, we gain more peace of mind and comfort to proactively protect against phishing threats and vulnerabilities that arrive in employee email inboxes. It's something that took time from my IT team to solve this kind of problem that was recurring. Now everything is automated, proactive in detecting and responding to phishing attacks. The only job we have now is to review the logs frequently and fix some more serious incidents. I recommend the solution for companies of any size.
Cofense Managed PDR software manages the entire detection process and responses to attacks that arrive in our emails. The software has done very well and we no longer have reports of information theft, unwanted advertisements, scams, and fake banking. Artificial intelligence, inspection, and responses are excellent and reliable. Reports are generated automatically or manually and are rich in detail with information on all incidents. Another positive point is the Defense Center's clean, friendly and easy-to-use interface.
Darren Mihalic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As the name implies, Cofense Managed PDR is a Managed Security Service Provider, which is one of the best and efficient phishing platforms. This [product] is incomparable and irreplaceable because it has made phishing education so much easier for [our] organization. We now also assess our new employees for phishing. Due to the nature of the product, it is used in our whole company, and every department benefits from it.
  • The best part of this product is that it gives confidence to the user because, in the case of threats, all of them would be removed.
  • It is very responsive, and they just quickly respond to all of the customers' queries in less than 20 minutes.
  • There is transparency in the platform because of the monthly account reviews and [...] a review of metrics as well.
  • Even though it is a great product, I still feel that it is slightly overpriced for a normal company.
  • At some point, I felt that when migrating between email client versions, I actually had to reinstall the client just to get everything functioning.
In my opinion, a tool like Cofense Managed PDR is very crucial and essential for any company. Due to the nature of this product, it is really appropriate and adequate for both small and large companies. It plays a great role in reducing attacks and even threats through the help of intelligent scanning.
Phishing has always been high in the business arena, so if you have not implemented any software to deal with phishing, then this is the right tool because it is very simple and intuitive to use. The user interface is also very user-friendly, and all of the features are also carefully designed just to cater to all of the requirements and issues of businesses.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cofense is used as a phishing reporting tool for the whole organization. The amount of users we have makes for a large number of reported emails. This was a time-consuming process for our analysts to keep up with the reported emails so we looked into Cofense PDC. With their help, it has been more manageable to stay ahead of all the reported emails and enables us to focus on the actual threats.
  • IOCs (Indicators of compromise)
  • Accuracy of work
  • Response time
  • Better integration with established ticketing systems
  • Ability to determine if there were any other recipients of the same email
  • Technical issues when logging into the tool
Highly recommended for large organizations. It can be a daunting as well as a monotonous task to keep up with all of the emails that are reported. When there are such high volumes of emails it is easy to let a malicious report slip through the cracks. Cofense PDC brings the most urgent emails to your attention so you don't have to worry about missing those anymore.
Cofense PDC has enabled us to spend more time on high-priority emails. We are able to triage malicious threats faster and with more precision. Prior to our organization using Cofense PDC, our analysts were becoming burnt out siphoning through hundreds of emails a week which leads to alert fatigue and increases the chances of missing a malicious email or compromise.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cofense Managed PDR has collaborated to mitigate the existing issues of cyber phishing attacks through emails from contributors. This is a typical internet attack to trick people into stealing information. The software, in addition to preventing and improving security, has helped to visualize how many attacks are carried out on us daily through the incident reports and which now keeps us free of these problems. It has been used by all departments in our region.
  • Automatic protection against cyber phishing attacks and preventing information theft.
  • The software allows you to generate very detailed incident reports.
  • Constant software update.
  • Email always protected.
  • Rules customization.
  • Some false positives.
  • It's rare but still some threats go unfiltered.
I believe that due to my experience in IT and the use of the tool, Cofense Managed PDR is essential for all small, medium, and large companies. It is an item that must be taken into consideration because emails are a major source of cyberattacks in today's world. The filter options are great and the reports provide good ways to deal with before and after incidents.
It was an enhancement to the company in threat email security with a focus on detecting incidents, recording, analyzing, and eliminating the threat instantly. Routine became more efficient.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cofense Managed PDR is being used exactly as the title of the product states, for phishing defense. Of course, a product like this will be used across our entire company and every department as it is considered more of a corporate tool. Many businesses lose a lot of money due to phishing and malware and this is great at stopping or trying to prevent these attacks.
  • Real phishing examples.
  • Intelligent system for detection.
  • Removal of threats when found.
  • Larger database of threats.
  • Better knowledge on senders.
  • Stronger AI when found.
A tool like this is crucial for a large or even small company to have in its portfolio. I believe looking at it that way, Cofense Managed PDR is great for any company to have and help protect their environment and assets. It just comes down to getting it versus its competitors at that point then.
Cofense Manged PDR will save your engineering or support groups time and hours which would've been spent training the other departments, detecting threats, and then remediating them once on devices. The smart database helps secure our companies assets which we all work so hard to build up. The efficiency of the product is certainly a strong point.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Cofense Managed PDR is utilized organization-wide. We leverage the reporter button on all Outlook installs, OWA, and Outlook mobile apps. It addresses the need for users to verify the legitimacy of emails prior to interacting with them, lowering our phishing risk.
  • Responsiveness, they typically respond in ~20 minutes.
  • Accuracy, we have had no reported false positives/negatives.
  • Transparency - monthly account reviews w/ team and reviewing of metrics.
  • Reporting - basic reporting and alerts are basic, but in-depth monthly calls are much better.
  • 24/7 service option - right now only business hours (9-5, M-F).
This product has provided staff augmentation to both a lean information security team as well as lean support teams that do not have the bandwidth to field reports from ~5k users. With this, it is "set it and forget it". Our users are able to report, get back accurate information, and if an email is found to be malicious, the appropriate teams receive email alerts to take necessary remediation efforts.
  • Reports are now coming in quickly and reported to internal teams to remediate.
  • Alerts provide clear IOCs and remediation efforts.
  • Users receive quick responses and clear responses with the templates.
  • We currently do not leverage Vision, but it is planned to further bolster the service offering.