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Compeat, with Ctuit Radar

Compeat, with Ctuit Radar


What is Compeat, with Ctuit Radar?

Compeat in Austin, Texas offers their restaurant management platforms which combine inventory planning and forecasting with workforce management and controls. Their platform comes in two editions: Advantage for smaller independent and chain restaurants, and Enterprise for large chains. Compeat now includes…

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Ctuit Review

10 out of 10
February 16, 2018
This system is used as a primary operating system for our departments. It is used to track A/R, A/P, and inventory.
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Product Details

What is Compeat, with Ctuit Radar?

With over 19 years of industry experience, Compeat provides integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligence solutions designed specifically for restaurants. According to the vendor, Compeat’s solutions are designed to maximize restaurant profitability and control prime cost through actionable business intelligence. Compeat’s product portfolio includes Accounting, Inventory, Intelligence, Logbook, Labor, Schedule, Employee and Management Mobile Apps and third-party integrations with over 80 plus Point of Sale and Solution Partners. Compeat serves over 1500 restaurant customers with over 15,000 locations ranging from high volume independents to large chains. For more information, visit

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Compeat, with Ctuit Radar Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Compeat in Austin, Texas offers their restaurant management platforms which combine inventory planning and forecasting with workforce management and controls. Their platform comes in two editions: Advantage for smaller independent and chain restaurants, and Enterprise for large chains. Compeat now includes Ctuit Radar (acquired 2017) as its core operating system, and the foundation for the Compeat Intelligence, Logbook, Labor, Schedule and Inventory solutions that are part of the platform.

Compeat, with Ctuit Radar starts at $399.

Restaurant365, HotSchedules, and CrunchTime! are common alternatives for Compeat, with Ctuit Radar.

The most common users of Compeat, with Ctuit Radar are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings



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Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The program lacks a lot of detail and I will clarify in detail so someone researching doesn't make the mistake we did. 1. Customer support is bad, this is most important because an organization cannot function unless the data is functional. The system requires a lot of support on the back end and the lag is about 48 hours to never getting a response unless you constantly follow up and harass 2. Reporting is bad- there are no drill-downs, the reports cannot be customized for your business or system. Our Finance & Accounting cannot use the reports even a simple Pmix without spending many hours on it due to the way the sales data pulls. I'd focus on using this product for inventory purposes only. 3. The Inventory module is functional - fairly easy to build. 4. The group was just taken over by Restaurant 365 and is no longer putting energy into its products. It is focusing on transitioning groups to use the Restaurant 365 modules.
  • Inventory
  • Ignore using for sales & overall reporting
  • Reporting Reporting Reporting
  • Customer Service
Poor customer support Lack of implementation - this is rushed and they do not troubleshoot system issues Extremely bad reporting- Out of box only without any drill-down function. The sales summary report lacks critical information. Simple Prix is bad Export on reports is not for accounting or finance but a PDF to Excel conversion with headers and formatting issues that make pivot tables hard to create NO AUTO IMPORT FEATURES WITH ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE. Manual imports are required.
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Labor
  • Return lacked as initial year investment took much longer to build than their estimates were given
  • other issues with ROI are getting reports from our data that was built is difficult due to the limitations of their reports function
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Compeat for our inventory control across our entire company. We generate POs, process invoices, take our inventory and build our recipes. We use the reporting tools to refine our recipes and analyze our costs. Compeat has helped us to get to all of our cost goals and close our variance gaps.
  • Makes recipe costs easy to analyze and track
  • Menu engineering
  • Purchasing and purchase order creation
  • Still client based, need web based version
  • Cannot take inventory on mobile devices
Compeat has been our choice for inventory control, purchasing and invoicing. There are many other modules which we do not use due to being long invested with other third-party software for payroll, scheduling, and accounting.
  • It helps us keep our costs manageable, we can keep our theoretical costs within 1% of our actual costs.
  • Creating shopping lists and par levels makes purchasing less daunting and saves hours in time.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Compeat for all our accounting and inventory management needs. It is used across the organization by finance and accounting for reporting, receivables, and payables. Our general managers use Compeat for entering invoices and maintaining inventory counts. Our Bar Operations team uses Compeat to maintain inventory & menu items, along with analyses for both.

We are able to scan all invoices and supporting documentation for all transactions into Compeat, enabling us to have support for any transaction at our fingertips. The inventory analysis, theoretical vs actual usage and menu analyses have enabled us to solve many COGS issues at the store level and improved our margins quite a bit.
  • Sales Mix reporting enables us to see which items are our best sellers, along with what items might need changing, along with analyzing which items are most profitable.
  • Inventory reports allow you to get as granular as you want when analyzing actual vs theoretical usage and areas that might need attention.
  • Automatic intercompany transactions are a huge help to the accounting team, since we have so many different legal entities.
  • Even though they say they have an AR function - it is basically useless. It's more geared toward house accounts at the restaurant level than true AR.
  • Their support started off great and were very responsive until a year or so ago. Now you are lucky if you get a response in a few days.
  • Some functions are pretty old school, but they keep saying improvements are coming. Have been saying that for four years now.....
Compeat is very well suited for large, sit down dining restaurants and can be too much for smaller scale establishments.
  • Has helped us improve our GPM by about 2% over the last four years.
  • Enables us to spot inventory issues before they become serious problems.
  • Helps in determining our menu stars and dogs.
Leandro Utrera de Paula | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Compeat is used as our accounting system for the organization, in other words, it is being used for the whole organization. Compeat pulls everyday transactions from our POS system helps with cost control, inventory and labor control. In the sales/DSR side, the system works pretty well and reduces our daily control for the Sales, Taxes, Discounts and Paid Outs. In the account payable side, the Manager in each location upload the invoices and our account department process the payments using Compeat.
  • It is a reliable accounting system, I like the fact that all transactions are recorded and not possible to change it after it is posted.
  • Inventory is very useful and you can scan items to help with the counting.
  • DSR are pulled automatically from our POS System
  • Bank Reconciliation is pretty easily be done and the bank extract can be imported into the system, Compeat matches transaction automatically.
  • Support I pretty good, but somehow very expense to be used, and sometimes the system " has" problems that you need to contact it.
  • Inventory can be diff to manage if you do not have well-trained employees in the restaurant.
  • They increased the price for new licenses if we open new locations this will be one of the problems we will have.
If you own a restaurant that includes a considerable inventory/invoicing processing, I would say that Compeat would work great for your business. Compeat helps to have an organized follow up on multiple location companies. If you have a small business I would say that Compeat will not be the best solution for your business, because it is an expensive accounting system.
  • We have Compeat for a long time, so the cost, in the beginning, was not as today, so for our business, the system helped in how we control the cost that is 25% to 30% of our expenses.
  • The daily control of Paid Outs / Cash deposits helps us to identify fraud and reduce it.
  • It is pretty easy to process vendor payments, that reduce the time from our Corporate employee processing checks.
For now, I can tell that Restaurant365 has a better platform and online access, but the Inventory side is what keeps us with Compeat. As is Compeat we can use the machine to scan our inventory and upload it automatically to the system. Unfortunately, Restaurant365 does not have this feature and that why we do not plan to change it for now.
February 16, 2018

Ctuit Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This system is used as a primary operating system for our departments. It is used to track A/R, A/P, and inventory.
  • Inventory: with EDI implementation inventory item prices are always up-to-date.
  • The entire system is very user-friendly.
  • Event Managment: tracking catering sales. Ctuit is building a better platform for this area.
Well suited for the food industry.
  • Positive ROI
  • CrunchTime!
Much better and more willing to "build" a product that works for our company.
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