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Comscore Ad Metrix

Comscore Ad Metrix


What is Comscore Ad Metrix?

Comscore offers marketing intelligence platform Ad Metrix to complement their digital marketing analytics offerings.

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What is Comscore Ad Metrix?

Comscore offers marketing intelligence platform Ad Metrix to complement their digital marketing analytics offerings.

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What is Comscore Ad Metrix?

Comscore Ad Metrix Technical Details

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Joseph Alleruzzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Comscore Ad Metrix to validate site and audience demographics when planning digital media campaigns. It has been helpful across a number of channels such as display, video, search, and social. We also execute some custom reporting through the platform to help guide clients in the right direction for their business. It is used primarily in the media department of our agency.
  • The largest analytics suites available for online
  • Benchmark for analyzing the advertising industry
  • Excellent user interface
  • Deeper measurement in mobile, social and SVOD/OTT
  • Major networks are not included (e.g. Turn DMP)
  • Reach/frequency tool only allows for input of demo guarantee targeting
Comscore Ad Metrix is very helpful when planning media campaigns. I like the flexibility and wide range of choices I can measure. The tool is good at giving you market data to build media plans or develop an overall marketing strategy based on areas you want to advertise online. I can see user demographics and viewability for each publisher and creative unit within the same dashboard. The user interface is clean and user-friendly.
  • I am able to plan quickly and effectively
  • Save money on just having one digital tool
  • Plan audiences at scale
Comscore Ad Metrix provides the best instance of measuring the digital landscape at scale. They have a huge amount of the internet crawled with focusing on just this case.
The staff is available pretty quickly for questions, but are not really around in-person to meet with me and my team. They are able to solve my problems online and do work sessions as needed via skype.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ad Metrix is being used by our department to measure and understand the importance of display ads across the web and social platforms. We use it to view where ads ran, top advertisers in an industry, and specifically for online advertising trends. We can connect different data sources together and attempt to tell the story behind our advertisers and the industry in general. This in turn helps us drive business growth. We are also able to understand and evaluate the impact of all cross channel marketing efforts to maximize return on investment and drive future marketing decisions for all the local networks on our station.
  • AdMetrix Quick Reports is an excellent tool to help full a broad variety of reports across our advertising and industry/trends in general. It helps to quickly and efficiently access reports and maximize usage of the tool.
  • Advertiser Trend is especially helpful to pull trending data for various publishes and target audiences across large periods of time.
  • Demographic Profile has been helpful to pull various metrics across a specific target audience. This helps provide data to Ad Sales to target correct users in specific demographics with well placed ads.
  • Training would be an area of improvement. I have had to self train in most reports and am not as well versed in the tool as I would like to be.
  • No other major issues with the tool as of yet
Ad Metrix is well suited for teams that are directly tied to sales teams as well as teams that use DMP and other platforms to help target and retarget specific users for ads or site visits/views.

It may not be as useful if the organization is not targeting specific users or isn't interested in their consumption habits and what competitors are focusing on.
  • I have not used the tool long enough to determine myself, but my understanding is the team has been able to drive growth and sales significantly through the use of the tool.
We use both tools, but Ad Metrix helps significantly for determining industry trends and other more helpful data. We are actually in the process of removing the other tool since Ad Metrix gives us what we need.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
comScore allows us to gather valuable insight on our site visitors to inform our current or potential clients on the type of people coming to our website and reading our content. It also helps to see the demographic of those who visit our site most frequently and the category in which we lack visitors.
  • Breaks down categories of those who who are more likely to visit our site that come from XYZ backgrounds by percentage.
  • Compares our site stats to other competitor statistics.
  • Allows us to better target our viewers with specific ads.
  • The layout isn't very intuitive. Training is the best way to learn how to use this tool
  • Your work doesn't automatically save, so if you by accidentally hit back, you lose everything you were working on.
Well suited when wanting to know more about the audience that's visiting your site and how ads can be more personal for certain viewers. For instance, we see that people who make a house hold income of 100k+ are also more likely to be interested in health care/ pharmaceutical topics. Then, we can gear our pharma ads towards these people in a smarter way.
  • By providing insight from comScore to potential clients/existing clients we can tend to the clients ideal target audience better.
  • Overall smarter way to understand our audience.
They're both fairly similar in relaying data for us on our viewers. We've used comScore longer and are able to compare specific data to one another as well as competitor sites.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ComScore to gain insights and measurement on how our display ads are being viewed by our audience on the web and how they compare to competition. ComScore is a great starting point for me to do competitive research for my clients. I can use it to get a quick snapshot of who else is active in the space, and who is dominating it. It helps me gain a better handle on demographics, share of voice and reach/frequency for the clients industry and specific to their campaigns in market. It's a great data source.
  • Site Analytics data - ComScore puts all of the stats you need in an easy to read dashboard. I don't need to search around like I do in Google Analytics to find out who is visiting my client's site, where they are browsing, how long they are engaging with the content. It's also really easy to integrate conversion data alongside website analytics. The webpage heat maps are also an awesome way to look at where people are engaging with the client's webpages.
  • Infographics, charts - I love how easy it is to pull a client ready chart that I can insert into a presentation for the client to show various stats pertaining to their campaigns (e.g. most visited pages, most viewed videos, MoM stats on orders/revenue/average order value.
  • Report Builder - Makes it simple to pull reports on site analytics that I can easily add filters to. I can get all the data I need in one report. I do a lot of presentation building for the clients on a monthly basis. This makes it more efficient for me to pull out sharable insights.
  • Tagging - I have trouble tagging/tracking client pages with pretty much any platform I use. ComScore is no different. I prefer using Google Analytics and Tag Manager to tag and track client pages as the clients seem to understand how to implement them a bit easier than any other type. Mobile tagging is especially clunky.
  • Social analytics - there needs to be better integration with social profiles and platforms. Clients are asking about this a lot more now. We can get data straight from the social platform dashboard, i.e. Facebook Business Manager, but it would be nice to have this integrated with web analytics in one place.
  • Processing time - Pulling reports with a lot of data can take what seems like forever. Speeding up the data pull process would be huge.
ComScore is great for the research portion of media planning. It's robust with data insights on your client's audience and its competitors, and it manages to house everything in an easy to use platform. It helps gain learning and insight into what channels and tactics we should invest in and what partners are out there in the space.
  • I don't have any hard numbers on how ROI has improved, but in terms of gaining client trust, the data and insights we glean from ComScore help us to support our rationale for the media recommendations we make on a regular basis.
  • The tool is an industry standard that clients are familiar with so they trust the data we pull from ComScore.
I use all three. Personally, I do not like Omniture. It feels clunky and I have to dig to find what I want. I use Google Analytics everyday just because of how much of an industry standard it is. A lot of clients also will use the Google Analytics tool and come to us with questions regarding the data they see in it.

I think the benefit that ComScore has over the other two is the breadth of data it supplies in one platform and the intuitive setup and navigation features.
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