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March 25, 2021
Mahati Rapol | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We switched to Conductor in May of last year and have been very happy. Conductor provides in-depth SEO Analysis with exceptional Customer Service.

Things that were not going well with our previous vendor were:

  • Transparency and trust.
  • Quality of backlinks.
  • Low quality of reporting.

Conductor was able to solve all the above issues. Access to partner credits as an extended team has been really helpful for us. We have utilized them for writing SEO content for us.
  • It's a great tool to use for keyword research which helped us in monitoring the progress and make adjustments to improve our organic presence.
  • Online marketplace credits to connect with a broader team and help out in specific areas like content, optimization and technical web dev.
  • We work with Christopher Jones and Stephanie LeVonne at Conductor, they have been more than helpful in answering questions, walking the team through the tool. They are always very responsive and come up with ideas on improving our SEO program.
  • We have been pretty satisfied so far. Still have a lot to take in and leverage Searchlight to the best of its abilities.
  • Conductor still has a lot of features, that needs to be explored and taken advantage of.
  • We are working on getting there in the next year.
Conductor is very well suited as an all round platform to give complete visibility into your keyword research & ranking, strong technical recommendations, competitor research in addition to complete visibility into reporting along with a solid dedicated knowledgeable customer SEO partners for an enterprise.
We have been super pleased over the last one year. Looking forward to explore more!
Google Analytics - Standard straightforward integration. We have certain custom segments and extensive annotations in GA, would be great if we are able to view those in Searchlight.
Exceptional customer success team. We work with Christopher Jones and Stephanie LeVonne. They have been more than helpful and are always very responsive.

From discovery to demo through contract negotiation and onboarding, we had a very smooth experience. Team was setting up things in place even before our official start date, so that there was keyword tracking from day one!
Live chat feature is an added bonus, specially for an SEO platform!
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February 23, 2021
Jacob Giberson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Conductor in several ways. With Conductor, multiple teams in our marketing department have access, and we find the keyword research in their research > explorer section to be the most helpful in many cases. Here is where our content team can write their articles, blog posts, or landing page copy, and quickly identify which keywords to use based on the topic they are writing. Our web team uses Conductor to access the Deep Crawl scan where we get insight into where we need to fix issues on the site from redirect chains to broken images. I also greatly value the ease of batch exporting and updating the keywords we have, as this makes it easy to segment our keywords into categories that help with either reporting purposes or actionable tasks.
Some business problems that Conductor can solve include content creation for SEO purposes primarily, and speeding up time to find which links are good to add to the content. We are big fans of the partner marketplace through Conductor and some of the offerings there from offsite link building to video creation, which internally we do not have the bandwidth for. This also includes partner content creation which we are leveraging for refreshing content on many of our SEO pages.
  • The Keyword Research Explorer tool in Conductor is excellent. It fits the needs of our content team directly. As they write content they can add that topic into Conductor and see the results of keywords they can use, or quick answer rich results gives them the edge to create strong SEO content on their own without using multiple teams.
  • The batch edit of keywords is also a great and easy feature of Conductor. We have hundreds of keywords we monitor and being able to quickly batch update these keywords and add categories to them, give us an edge in reporting on keywords as well as making decisions based on these categories.
  • Deep Crawl Site analysis through Conductor is a powerful scan tool. We have multiple SEO scanning tools, but Deep Crawl finds things that other tools in the industry have failed to find. We have been able to improve the performance of the site based on this tool.
  • I would like to see a feature to manage the backlink disavow list through search console. If Conductor is able to add this, we may be able to drop one of our other tools and save some money in that area.
  • Conductor has a lot of features and can be a bit overwhelming. It is a strength and a weakness, as it takes time to learn all that is available.
  • Another feature I would like to see is more integration with GA, we leverage creating annotations in GA and it would be great to have those pulled into the Conductor dashboard automatically.
Conductor is well suited for keyword research based on a topic. It has a strong scan tool for finding technical SEO issues on a site. The extension they have is useful for easily seeing the SEO elements of a page in real-time. Tracking new keywords and adding categories is easy. There are many other use cases available as well.

The only time Conductor may be less appropriate is in highly specific areas of detail tasks, such as measuring the domain authority of a competitor, or auditing toxic backlinks to submit to google disavow, or looking for auto-creation of meta descriptions or where to add links within a sentence. This said, there are so many positives with Conductor, that the positives outweigh the negatives.
This is a feature we were attracted to but have not fully leveraged. For us, most of our internal reporting comes down to a combination of custom GA dashboards, Excel, and PowerPoint. Then we also use other internal tools to look at where our leads came from and more. We did connect several of our GA goals to Conductor, however, we actively use almost all of the 20 goals allotted for in GA, and Conductor is limited to how many can be added. So this is not a very attractive feature for us.
When you are using Conductor and if you are unclear of whether a feature exists or how to use something, they have a live chat feature that works very well. You will get a response in real-time and that transcript is then sent to you in an email.
Onboarding was smooth and they were even able to get started tracking our keywords from day one. Everyone at Conductor that we worked with have been very informative and pleasant to talk with.
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October 30, 2020
Stephanie Casajuana | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Conductor to help us develop content, monitor competitors in the SEO space, and find areas where we can do more in SEO. We were using another SEO tool that did similar things, but the keyword research was more usabale than other platforms as we are a very niche company. It is currently being used in our Marketing Department between our content writiers and SEO specialists.
  • Keyword Research
  • Make recommendations on developing content
  • Ablility to connect to many different projcet management tools to allow for streamlined processess
  • Provide information on backlinks
  • Allow for more automation in some very time consuming SEO projects
  • Connect with Google Ads to find more synergy between SEO and SEM
Conductor is very well suited for keyword research as it has a connection to SEM Rush. They also display content opportunites in a very easy to read way. For example, our content writers, who are not SEO experts, are able to go into Conductor, type in websites or terms that they think they would like to write an article about. The platform provide easy to read and understand contnet recommendaitons like what could be written to answer a People Also Ask question.
Conductor integrates well with both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With keyword rearch tools already in Conductor, we can now easily see data between all the various SEO platforms we use.
Onboarding was fantasitc. We had a weekly training with all of the team memebers who use Conductor. All the trainings were recorded, so people that could not join, were able to watch the training and get up to speed.
Our customer success manager keeps us up to date on betas so we could try out new features in Conductor as soon as possible.
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December 09, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Conductor for SEO purposes: keyword research, keyword rank monitoring, competitor rank monitoring, content creation suggestions, and some technical SEO help. It used only within the marketing department.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • Keyword Research/Suggestions.
  • Technical website SEO.
  • Backlinks: Checking and recommendations/suggestions.
  • Basic audit tools (spelling/broken links/etc.
  • Being more than an aggregator of data from other sources like search console, SEMRush.
  • Make the interface more user friendly. So many places to navigate to, would be helpful if there was a main dashboard to use as a "homebase"/ starting point.
Conductor is an enterprise level SEO solution and it comes with the price tag for it. If your website is under 1,000 pages or your traffic is under 20k users a month, this may be a a bigger tool than you need or can get with other solutions. Otherwise, it is a great solution for larger sites, ecommerce, and agencies.
Google Analytics, Google Search Console, these are basic integrations that many SEO tools offer to help give a better picture of SEO health. Besides being basic connections, these provide little additional help to what can be seen inside these platforms on their own.
Support staff very helpful and friendly, our account manager was great.
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October 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're currently using Conductor to do competitive keyword research in a highly saturated field. Conductor gives us the visibility on keywords that are reaching, and efficient to create content around. While we use Conductor in our digital marketing team mostly SEO, there are some benefits that allow us to ideate around what additional content we can create in areas we have gaps and opportunities.
  • Ability to use DeepCrawl to see if there are any glaring issues with the technical foundation of your site.
  • Ability to create dashboards for different target keyword categories to determine SEO effectiveness from new pieces of content.
  • Online training program that goes through the basics of SEO, but also gives a good reference in case you forget where certain tools are.
  • There are some international domains that aren't trackable yet, but they're slowly adding them.
  • Navigation menu may get a little confusing, but you'll get used to it over time.
  • Some dashboards aren't as user friendly as you'd like.
Conductor is a good choice for you if you're looking for a full SEO suite that tracks keywords, competitors, and identify content opportunities where you may missing. Conductor does have a marketplace where you're able to place monthly items with your account manager to help you create content brief, conduct keyword research, metadata optimization, etc. So if you're thinly resourced in your SEO department, this might be a big help. If you're looking to just track keywords, competitors, and content, Conductor might be a tool with too many features for you.
The main integrations we use with Conductor are Google Analytics, Google Docs and DeepCrawl. The ability to integrate with Google Analytics lets us track new blog posts created and the traffic that increases over time. Google Docs lets us streamline the content being created within Conductor and edited to help us crank out more content at a quicker pace and more input.
The onboarding from Conductor is very thorough. You get a dedicated account manager to help you walk through the platform. During each call they let you "drive" so you can get more familiar with the features and tools within Conductor. The bonus is that they have training videos in case you forget any part of the onboarding or forget how to use any tools. Any additional help to generate a content brief or keyword ideas can be requested in the Marketplace. Support is usually pretty quick as you can contact your account manager either on the platform or via email.
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September 28, 2020
Chelsea Amato | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor is currently being used by two members of the marketing team. For me, the business problem that it solves is both content creation and content optimization. We use Conductor to create content based off SEO search terms then we use the keyword function of the platform the add keyword in order for our content to perform better and be found through search results by new users. The other member on my team uses it for more advanced SEO reporting.
  • Customer success.
  • Content creation.
  • Content optimization.
  • YouTube video performance.
  • Social media integrations.
The workspaces are a great addition to the platform that helps keep our team organized, allows us to see the projects that the various teams and departments are working on, and more. Using this feature we are able to keep our top priority projects in one place so that the team members can remain on the same page about the status of the various projects.
The integration with Google Analytics helped us better monitor which content was performing well, what needed to be optimized, and finally what needed to be retired from our site because it was not getting enough traffic. Being able to have both the analytics from Google Analytics and the keyword from Conductor in one place, greatly aided in achieving our content goals.
I would say their support is what will put Conductor above the rest. Our customer support manager is fantastic. Both of the team members that use the platform meet with him about every two weeks to discuss what we have going on and how he can assist in helping us achieve our current goals. He is truly dedicated to our success and it is so refreshing to have someone that dedicated to helping us succeed after we have already purchased the platform.
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September 10, 2020
SungJin &quot;S.J.&quot; Yun | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Conductor to measure how our organic traffic is finding our website, find opportunities for content creation, and to keep a close eye on our competitors at the local level.

It is currently "owned" by the Marketing department, but we are looking to expand SEO knowledge to other departments so that they understand how it affects their business lines and scope. We are training them first on the SEO basics, and then eventually the platform.

This helps the managers in turn, educate our Agents and their clients on our strengths vs any competitor.
  • Track overall ranking at a high-level that can be drilled down of your entire website.
  • Great support team with regular calls.
  • Strong tool to provide opportunities for content marketing.
  • Competitive analysis in the SEO/SEM space.
  • Always innovating and integrating with other tools.
  • None at the moment. Maybe price? Something can always be cheaper!
  • Would love a simple tool that helps me find every page on the site that displays a certain word or phrase.
Great for a website migration to ensure that you don't lose any of that "juice" your site gets organically. Some developers for websites are great designers, but not necessarily SEO experts, so they need a team like Conductor to avoid a catastrophe.

A less-suited example is where they will track performance of SEM (paid search for keywords). Although that will eventually happen I'm sure.
Event tracking to see how much "return" we are getting for leads driven from our organic traffic. This helps with content goals tremendously to help us see what of our content marketing efforts work and what doesn't.

Especially during COVID, they were able to work with us on billing to ensure that we didn't lose their service or support. Their support team, tool, and overall value is top notch and can't be matched. Which is why I'm glad I moved forward with Conductor.
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May 08, 2020
Laura Ballanco | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor is being used by our organization to do keyword research to see what type of content people are searching for and the type of content we need to start producing. This helps us make smart decisions and informs us of strategy. We initially starting using just for the marketing department, but we realized the insights we found could be shared across many different departments. It helps us address how to make our content more visible across search engines and allows us to find the gaps for content we are missing.
  • Generates customer intent insights that lead to compelling content
  • Generates increasing traffic
  • Higher organic marketing ROI
  • Easy to use
  • Provides demographic info
Conductor is well suited for keyword research and figuring out content you should be writing and producing. It's also well suited to do a current page analysis to see what keywords your pages are ranking for. Additionally, we can use this tool to find out keywords other sites are ranking for. It's also great to do keyword research to find out the user intent behind the search.
We love the integration to SEMrush. We believe and trust the quality and quantity of Conductor's data. We analyze the data to help make smart business decisions.
Amazing. We love our Customer Success Team and we find them so helpful and smart. We've learned so much from them. They help us understand SEO and strategize with us.
It's very easy to use. It's so simple to find things and keep yourself organized. And we use the 24/7 chat feature a lot so if we are having trouble or have a question, we know someone is there to help on the spot.
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October 02, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor is currently used by mostly the digital marketing department to help us keep track of our keyword rankings and gain insights on where improvements are needed.
  • Keyword ranking monitoring.
  • Competitive analysis for keyword rankings.
  • Customer service.
  • Conductor API since some of the data that is received is hard to parse.
  • If you use the system with geo-TLDs and have a lot of keyword crossover between regions, the keyword setup can be confusing.
Conductor has a robust suite of tools that help with not just monitoring keyword ranking but also content suggestions to bridge the gap where improvements are needed. The more difficult part that Conductor needs to work on is linking better relevant suggested keyword and content with the keywords that are being tracked. Since Conductor is looking at the words that may have multiple meanings and uses, it's sometimes hard to get the suggested keywords and content properly relevant.
We use the API to pull keyword rankings by domain that's tracked in the system. This allows us to take the data and aggregate or calculate other complex business formulas to gain deep insights on how SEO impacts the business.
Conductor's customer service and level of engagement with customers is really on point. They really care about the customers and are advocates for customer success. They've held a few in-person meet and greets just to learn directly from customers regarding ways to improve the platform. They also are reaching out via email regularly to ensure things are going well.
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September 29, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conductor in our Digital and Marketing efforts, primarily to help us better understand and assess the quality of our product content on the web, and where we can make improvements to our technical SEO. It has been very useful when migrating between web platforms, in order to account for redirects and orphaned pages on old domains. We've also been able to find duplicate page titles for products that differ slightly and exceed the max character count for Google, and change the structure of those page titles so that the differentiator does not reside in the last characters in the string.
  • I love how I can look at source URLs in Conductor and find out WHERE bad links are coming from. It's so much more helpful than Google Search Console.
  • I can see all of a site's issues at a glance, and drill down into details easily so that I can follow up on them quickly.
  • I can request a Competitor Analysis that will help me understand my competition better and make adjustments on the fly.
  • I'd like to be able to generate Marketplace reports on demand, rather than request them.
  • There doesn't seem to be a place to see what I've requested via Marketplace. I have had to rely on emails. There really should be a dashboard for this. If one exists, it should be listed under "Marketplace".
  • Increase the number of keywords you can track, domains, etc. per account.
Conductor is a great way to consolidate a lot of analytics. It pulls in Google Search Console data as well, so you can get everything in one place. Their interface is much easier to use and more intuitive.
It's also excellent for keyword research and offers really robust features. If you want a good idea of your site's visibility, Conductor has a ton of tools for this--Market Share, Rank Comparisons, Keyword Performance, Visibility Comparisons, Result Types, etc. I do not personally use the visibility tools in my position, but I have browsed them and can see that Conductor offers quite a lot of useful tools to fine-tune keywords.
We have added Google Search Console data to Conductor. This is useful because now we can see all data in one place, and account for multiple crawl sources that look at different things. For example, I can see which links might be bad that are active on the site, and which links might be bad that are old links on other domains in Google Search Console, in one place.
Customer onboarding has been great, support has been great, and ongoing account reps have been good, but maybe a little too eager to push new features that incur additional costs.
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July 08, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Before, we were using a patchwork set of platforms to give us "ok" information on what our rankings were, how they were changing, and for KW research. We didn't have content analysis, true keyword tracking, or anything like that. With Conductor, we now have full visibility and tracking that is giving us another lever to be able to pull for our business needs. Now we have surgical precision on how we manage our organic tracking and great visibility into even our paid efforts effect on our rankings.
  • Researching & tracking keywords
  • Content analysis
  • Visibility into rankings
  • Cross channel reporting (paid/organic/social)
  • YouTube SEO
  • International search engines
It's great if you're mostly looking to Google as your major source of traffic (that it usually is), but if you're trying to look at international search engines like Naver, Baidu, etc, it doesn't really give you the visibility it needs. Also with the prominence of video these days and the fact that YouTube has it's own keyword metrics/rankings (and is the 2nd largest search engine in the US), I'm surprised there isn't more time invested in research for that. The conductor will move the needle for any business, these are my only pain points with it.
It's great, mostly because of the partnerships they've formed with the best databases out there. Most companies I've seen subscribe to at least half of the partnerships you get built-in with Conductor. You can cancel those and use what Conductor has. Be warned though, you're not going to see all of the metrics that platforms like SEMRush show you, I wish Conductor put more of those in.
The people are the best part about Conductor, unlike their competitors, you can tell they're focused on making sure that their product is a great fit rather than trying to make the sale. On top of that, they actually listened to us when we talked about what we needed and didn't try to push unneeded features on us. The support is lightning quick and they're very responsive/communicative.
I think all of the tools are very well thought out and Conductor obviously listens to its users. You can tell right away that Conductor is built in a grassroots way and they really care about what the users think. It's been a pleasure working with the team over there to help out with our business needs.
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January 28, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our whole SEO team uses Conductor. About 6 people in the agency use it. We use it for easy-to-see rank tracking primarily. We have many spreadsheets that we set up so we can v-lookup a large set of keyword ranks and do MoM and YoY rank comparisons, movements, etc. The market share feature is also useful.
  • The ability to isolate answer boxes in the ranking analysis is excellent.
  • The market share pie charts are a great way to get at-a-glance industry positioning.
  • I appreciate the interface of the main rankings where you can click Top 5 and Did Not Rank, etc, toggling for each date range.
  • It's easy to add or revise keyword lists without requesting help from the company.
  • The "Activity Stream" homepage on each account has these widgets that were meant to be interesting insights, but I rarely found them useful.
  • It is way too hard to use Conductor with an account that uses various markets (countries). You have to reload the whole interface for each country, which is very burdensome for some accounts with 15 or so countries -- reporting is almost impossible like this.
  • I don't like that Conductor only uses Google data -- even though Bing/Yahoo and other engines are the vast majority, there are still trends to see there.
  • I wish there was more focus on changes in search volume -- that would be nice to see any alerts about volume change.
Conductor is ideal for a single-country account that is focused primarily on keyword movements across the site. For any account focused on more than one country, Conductor isn't the ideal solution, as the level of exporting makes it unsustainable. Investigating larger brand trends is basically a wash when you have to frequently flip countries and reset parameters.
The quality of the data is great, inasmuch as Google is the main party concerned. There is quite a quantity of data as well, but much of it doesn't seem as important in my case. The collection of site analysis recommendations isn't all that useful to a full-service SEO suite like the one I work for, because we already have other tools to locate, for instance, pages with missing meta data etc.
Some aspects of the support are a large part of what I like about Conductor. The live chat box has been such a life-saver. Some support personnel were incredibly helpful and I always felt welcome to throw out a quick, random question and could get a good, immediate response. But the monthly meetings with the account supervisor were a bit too much at times. I felt a bit like I was being scolded at times, for not using certain features. This led me to dislike jumping on calls because I would feel guilted for not fully using the capabilities of the tool.
Conductor is very usable, and there are lots of valuable features. The problem in my mind is just that many of the sections aren't all that intuitively named, and it doesn't feel like it's easy to browse around and discover useful features. Most to the value I got from the product required a walk-through to understand the value of the tools.
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December 19, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our digital team is trained in using the tool and share the information with other departments. We're using Conductor to see what users are searching for, high performing keywords, maximizing our content, and researching our competitor's performance. The tool provides many insights into how well we're performing and we're able to customize the performance metrics to fit our needs.
  • See how competitors rank in detail.
  • Market research on high performing topics to generate new content.
  • Additional insights.
  • Incorporate paid media.
Many times companies have their own terminology and lingo so you wonder if the market uses the same terms (or if we just made it up). Conductor is able to pinpoint exactly what users call things and search for it with sufficient evidence and facts to back it up. The benefits help us change the way we create content to fully maximize our opportunities.
The quality of Conductor is high with a lot of data. It's very important for content and SEO strategy. There is so much insight into how you're performing that it almost seems like endless opportunities to maximize your efforts & SEO.
Haven't had the need to use it yet.
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May 13, 2019
Rachael R. Galloway | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently we use Conductor across 2 of our main brands (VersaDesk & GLAMMY Vanity). We use it to analyze keyword rankings for our main products and other web pages we want to make sure show up on the first page. We make adjustments when necessary based on the information that we obtain from the platform. Additionally we use it to find keywords and topics for creating new informational web pages about our products and blog posts that educate them about the life style around our products.
  • Keyword ranking - getting stats weekly on what keywords we are ranking for on 1st page and what the rank changes are is very useful insights that I don't even have to go look for. Wonderful that they are just delivered to my inbox.
  • Content Improvement Suggestions - this is great for when you know you want to keep improving but need some thought starters on where to start.
  • Account Success team is very hands on and informative. Having this hands on help that's essentially an extension of our team has been very helpful in getting us adjusted to the platform and helping guide us to sections of the platform we could be utilizing more. They also come up with great suggestions.
  • I love the platform , but there is a lot happening on each page that sometimes causes you to take moment to find what you are looking for.
Conductor is well suited for any e-commerce company that is looking to improve their search results. I really can't think of a company that wouldn't benefit fro using the platform so long as they have a team to use it and carry out the content creation.

It would be less appropriate for a team that does not have have the bandwidth to be in the platform and utilize it. That is where I would suggest managed services.
Given that the data is mined from trusted sources and is current, I find this to be of high quality and invaluable. The amount of data that you can get from the platform is pretty much unlimited. This is extremely valuable t o how we go about creating content now that we have access to the platform. From creating new product pages / descriptions to creating our blog posts it all starts first with research within Conductor.
The whole experience from on boarding to joining our customer success team has been a great one. Everyone is genuinely kind, interested in your companies success through the platform and super helpful.
workspaces are great for keeping conversations about statistics within the platform and allow for better tracking about where the conversation started and why.
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August 24, 2019
Paul Baumgarthuber | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conductor to improve our visibility in search. It provides great high-level recommendations for our team to implement. DeepCrawl integration is great for discovering any technical issue. The platform has really helped us understand what types of content work for us along with understanding what changes are moving the needle.
  • Tracking HTML changes and the impact on ranking.
  • DeepCrawl integration provides a very detailed analysis of the technical aspects of our SEO efforts.
  • The support that Conductor provides is some of the best I have encountered. They make themselves very accessible for questions and support.
  • Navigating through the different areas can be a bit cumbersome.
  • The platform is pricey but in line with competitors.
We are an enterprise business with over 50 locations nationwide. Conductor allows us to track our performance by region and city for localized searches. It is well suited for optimizing SEO efforts from a local perspective. It is also great for performing large scale analysis of websites from both a technical and content performance perspective.
Conductor provides a large amount of data. We use the content and visibility tools to glean actionable data to drive our content initiatives. The ability to track HTML changes allows us to understand what on-page changes help our content to perform better. The research tool allows us to identify different questions and topics to create content around. The types of results we target are local pack, question boxes, and video results.
Our whole interaction with their support from onboarding to customer success has been wonderful. They are very responsive and provide multiple ways to interact. They are very accommodating with the number of scheduled calls or support requests. The chat support is very useful.
The useability is good but can be cumbersome at times. The updates to the InsightStream has made it more useful. The two areas we utilize most are the recommendations engine and the DeepCrawl technical analysis. The content and keyword performance tools are great for understanding what works best and where we can improve.
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May 13, 2019
Megan Lundgardh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conductor mostly in marketing and for content, though there is an organization-wide effort to expand SEO.
  • The platform is so easy to use and understand
  • The support is incredible -- I can reach out to any team member and get a clear answer to my question; our regular calls are also really helpful
  • Conductor takes feedback VERY well; I remember seeing some things in development now that came from the NorthEast User Group
  • This is wildly specific, but I'd love some automatic custom reporting
  • Within the workspaces too, I'd like a cleaner integration with Google Docs/Sheets
Conductor is amazing for content ideation; we also love using it/Managed Services for refreshing current content.
Excellent to both. I feel like I'm getting real, raw data that's packaged in a way that's easy to understand
I mentioned before, but I love the support we get from Conductor. Every member of our team is available for questions, and even people who AREN'T on our team.
10; I use workspaces every day and they're easy to share with other team members who aren't necessarily SEOs
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September 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
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Conductor is used to help organize the company's SEO efforts. It helps us focus on top priorities that will have the most impact on rankings. It also is an all in one tool that helps track both on-page and off-page SEO from content creation to page speed optimization. It is extremely intuitive and the training videos are great for anyone new to the platform who is looking to get familiar and become a pro user of the tool.
  • Content creation and keyword research.
  • Tracking content performance and recommendations.
  • Reporting of SEO efforts and rankings.
  • Can be complex when navigating from feature to feature.
  • May take time for new SEOs to be familiar with what feature does what.
Conductor is suitable for medium to large-sized companies with larger SEO budgets.
Quality of data is very accurate.
The chat feature makes it very easy to communicate and get help with any feature or issue you have on the platform. Their customer success manager is great at helping with larger issues as well.
Conductor is extremely intuitive and easy to use.
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May 10, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We use Conductor for SEO research and rank tracking. It is used mostly by our SEO team but also in some capacity by all of our marketing team.
  • Identifying the content opportunity.
  • Rank monitoring and alerts in changes.
  • Innovative technology (launches updates often).
  • I would like to see downloadable PDFs or more ways to share information found within the platform.
It is well suited for a business that mostly operates online and depends on search traffic and/or visibility. It is well suited for our in-house small marketing team.
Very good. We are satisfied with the quality of the data.
Love the support from the chat feature and overall support.
Easy to use!
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March 19, 2019
Misty McMillan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conductor for our university website. It is currently used by our Marketing department in order to strategize our content. Previously, our website was a free-for-all without any SEO implementation. We are working to gain a competitive advantage online by utilizing our keyword research and competitive analysis as well as maintaining our site health and ADA compliance with their site analysis. Being a team of one at the moment, Conductor's customer service and access to a team whenever needed is a lifesaver. I fought leadership for over 8 months to get approval to partner with Conductor and it was well worth the struggle!
  • Customer Service. By far what they offer is the best. I have access to a team and their calendars. So when I need to set up a meeting I know when they are available. They are easy to talk to and help me work through any problem I might be having.
  • Reports. I've seen reports by some of their competitors and quite honestly wasn't sure what I was looking at. But Conductors reports can be streamlined to fit several different audiences and I can email them out (automatically) whenever I want to whomever I want, whether they are a Conductor user or not.
  • Competitive Analysis. I've not done a lot of comparison with other vendors, but I like the convenient, straightforward way Conductor shows your competitors and how they are ranking in comparison to you. You have control over your competitors and can change them when needed.
  • Site Analysis. Conductor uses DeepCrawl for its site analysis. While this is a powerful tool that helps me know everything wrong with my website like - no titles, short descriptions, no Alt tags, etc - the amount of information can be overwhelming. Initially, I had thousands of errors I was trying to fix using DeepCrawl - it was difficult to know what I had corrected and what still needed to be corrected without doing another crawl. It would be helpful if there was a way to check off things that had been fixed as I was working through the list.
  • Conductor does a great job training. First, they introduced me to Conductor and walked me through everything, and helped me create workspaces and set up reports. Then we moved on to the site analysis with DeepCrawl. Because I had so much work to do from the site analysis it was a while before I got back into Conductor. I had forgotten much of the training by that point. But the team is helping me get back into the flow of things again. They are great like that!
The only reason I wouldn't want to share this with a colleague is that they will then become a much greater competition in the market. Areas where conductor helps us as an educational institution is: we have many different segmented areas in our Website. It's great to be able to create segmented keywords (categories) and reports that I can share with the various individual departments across campus.
Being new to Conductor, I haven't been able to fully test everything and see many results. However, in the package I've chosen, we track 2,000 keywords - many splits between our academic programs and enrollment. We have three competitors that we are tracking against these same keywords. So far, this is more than enough data for us. We can always increase our package, but for now, this is what I can manage.
I feel like every answer has been about the overall support I receive from Conductor. But for me, that really was the key to choosing them. I needed the hand-holding to help me through onboarding, training and continued planning for moving forward. They are like an extended team. I can ask them questions (and they have answers.) I can collaborate with them. I can ask them for advice. What more could I want?
I find Conductor very easy to use. And if ever something is confusing, then your team is there to help explain it to you. There's no reason to ever feel overwhelmed or lost. Also, you constantly get reminders of webinars and other help that can guide you. Also, Conductor wants feedback - so if something isn't as user-friendly as it should be, then they are probably already gathering your feedback and working on a solution. I have no doubt of that!
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January 26, 2019
Kelsey Magilton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor is being used by practically everyone in the marketing department. Everyone from our copywriter to our digital marketing specialist has greatly benefited by using Conductor. On my end, this solves the issue of reporting and creating workflows for the team. Conductor combines the reports all into one place with a weekly report which I can just forward off to the leadership team. These reports have made it easy for me to analyze our current performance and make business decisions based on the data. Our copywriter and communications specialist use it for content analysis and looking at the content gaps on our site. Our digital marketing specialist uses it to enhance our web pages for SEO best practices.
  • My favorite part of Conductor is the reporting features. I can't speak highly enough of the reporting. Before Conductor, we didn't have much visibility into how our efforts were affecting our site traffic and rankings, but now, showing the leadership team that the marketing team is doing a good job is easy! I just forward our executive team the weekly reports and they seem to love it too!
  • The account management team has been beyond helpful throughout the entire engagement. They have been responsive to all of our needs and questions even after our account was set up. Their expertise is beyond valuable and they help us think creatively on ways to use the platform we aren't currently using.
  • One of the best parts of Conductor is the ease of use for users of all experience levels. We have beginners and experts using the platform alike and it seems to be a great fit for everyone.
  • Conductor's Explorer feature makes it easy for us to develop new content. Before we were manually searching for topics to write about, now it's easier than ever.
  • We track backlinks every week for our executive team, Conductor doesn't have an easy way right now to find this information. However, our account management team has been fantastic and has been providing this information for us every week.
  • Getting set up in Conductor is time consuming and takes some effort internally, but is primarily done by the Conductor team. It may be worth having longer strategy sessions with the teams for a shorter implementation time.
  • Market Share only shows your market share within your tracked keywords. I think it would be beneficial to see how we rank against our competitors on keywords we're not tracking. This may expose some keywords we're not tracking that we should be tracking.
Conductor is well suited for small teams that are busy juggling multiple priorities. It's an easy to use platform and you get your results quickly without having to dedicate too much of your time. You will find the platform useful even if you only have one hour a day to dedicate to logging in. Most enterprise SEO platforms we evaluated required much more time and energy to find the platform beneficial.
The quality and quantity of data is incredible. We've never had so much data to analyze and make business decisions off of. We've been on the platform for a few months and there's already been a significant benefit from the data we've seen. If we didn't have the data, we wouldn't have anything to base our SEO strategies off of. We look at the data every week and have team meetings to keep a check on our efforts and strategy.
The support is incredible within Conductor. There are tutorial videos on basically every function within the platform, so if there's any question, chances are you can answer it yourself. There's also a live chat feature, there's been an immediate response every time I've used it! Lastly, the account management team we have is absolutely incredible. I can't express how helpful they've been and they're always incredibly responsive and make our Conductor experience very enjoyable.
Conductor is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Coming from someone who doesn't have much time in my day to be learning new systems, Conductor is very usable. The InsightStream helps me get a quick look at how we're doing and any major events that have an effect on our web performance. I usually log in first thing every morning just to do a temperature check to see how we're doing. As far as workspaces, this is the main function I use and I love them! They update within the workspace so each week and I get automated reports.
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December 17, 2018
Brian Crum | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In our current setting, we're utilizing Conductor to better understand not only our current ranking on SERPs, but also to better understand our competition's standings on various SERPs. With this data, we're able to craft better content, develop better strategies, and make a deeper impact in our market. Being a home builder, we are constantly battling major national brands, but we also can't forget to track other more localized competitors; Conductor helps keep us up-to-speed on who our biggest SEO competitors are and how to best grow our strategies to take them on.
  • The customer support team is absolutely the best in market. There's no other SEO organization that cares for its customers like Conductor.
  • Data is extremely easy to read. There's no confusing jargon to try and learn; relevant terms are kept clear, concise, and understandable. If you're not sure what something means, Conductor is great about teaching!
  • The data provided is so robust, yet isn't just "fluff." A lot of companies throw in things that sound really cool, but don't ultimately help you move the needle. Conductor keeps things relevant and on-task, leaving the "filler" to others.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly recurring calls with the account team would be nice. I'm sure this is probably possible, but we haven't pursued it as intentionally as we should, based on our current workload. They're always available when we have any questions or needs.
Conductor is NOT for the faint of heart. It's not for someone that only wants to monitor what their current rankings are; if that's all you're looking for, go with a cheaper cookie-cutter service.

When you sign with Conductor, get ready: you've got some serious data coming your way! If you aren't going to leverage a lot of SEO data in your strategy, they're not for you. If you're ready to truly start creating SEO strategy that WINS, start the conversation now! You won't regret it!
Content from Conductor is the most dependable out there; not only do they have their own proprietary software for SEO strategy, they incorporate real-time data directly from the top sources available. The way they've carefully crafted their abilities and presence is a direct testimony to how seriously they take themselves and their commitment to providing nothing but the best.
I know I can count on the data from Conductor to always be timely, relevant, and accurate 100% of the time.
You will NOT find a better support team. Period. Going beyond simply being able to answer questions, the entire support team KNOWS their individual roles and are absolutely unparalleled in their specific space. They're not only knowledgeable, but also extremely courteous (and patient with me) as we have gone through the setup process and continued tracking of our online properties.
Extremely user friendly; the UX of Conductor is great, and creates a very easy workflow process. When digging into the data, I can choose to simply leverage the high-level views of data that my weekly auto-gen reports provide OR I can do a deep dive analysis, really focusing on specific features or functions as time allows.
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January 26, 2019
Vincent Totino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Conductor to provide insights into how the search engines view my site as far as an authority in my space, but also to gain insight into what my competition is doing. I also integrate GSC & GA to get an all-in-one overview of my website and my efforts in gaining SERP space and view my market share vs. my competitors.
  • The Content Performance tool allows me to view what effect my content is having on my site and what pages are being viewed, clicked on and interacted with the most.
  • DeepCrawl allows me to view my site as an engine would and points any issues that I need to address immediately on a monthly basis
  • The Managed Services team is spot on in helping me see other issues that I may have missed in my study and is always willing to provide some help in other aspects of job.
  • I feel that the paid & organic optimizer section needs some work to help with the research, needs to be a bit more functional I believe.
  • If there is a backlink tool, I have not seen it. It is something I would definitely like to use.
  • A social SEO optimizer would also be of some great help.
Allowing me to see my competitors' rankings and market share are key in my work as I need to delve into the deep dive of where my competition is eating my lunch. The research section allows me to have a deep dive into what keywords I can find for my products. What is less appropriate for me at the moment is the YouTube video performance tool, possibly in the future.
The quantity of data is very important, for my purposes, as it allows me to perform a deep dive into all aspects of my website so that I may see different aspects of the various pages of my brands and other sections. The quality is extremely spot on because the way that the engines are constantly changing the quality allows me to see some different insights into how they are being perceived in the SERPs.
The managed services group is always in touch with us and is committed to ensuring the success of the website and also offering additional insights into what they see, while also performing additional work for us to get better organically. I am impressed with the group in that are constantly asking for other ways to help and are quick to respond with any questions or concerns we may have.
The Workspaces section allows me to share other reports with my team and also see what the Managed Services team has developed ofr my team so that we can discuss internally and also see what other reports we can provide.
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September 10, 2018
Vito Altamura | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor's platform is easy to use and set up for clients. Currently, the SEO department leverages Conductor for keyword rankings, reporting, competitor data, content marketing and more. The data it provides helps in making strategic decisions on how to improve our client's SEO campaign, increase brand awareness and revenue, leads, etc. Conductor integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help tie back all the data in one platform and integrate it into monthly SEO reports for example.

Their customer service is top notch and easy to use. Their chat feature provides support when you need it. Their staff is very helpful and if they don't know the answer, they always follow up with me on the same day.

  • Their keyword rankings are very helpful in determining if our SEO campaign is working. Having tools that provide fresh content ideas is also helpful for writing blog articles.
  • Their competitor tools help in identifying keywords or areas where our clients are being outranked. The Explorer feature allows you to find out which keywords competitor websites are ranking for. This is great for keyword research and to get an idea of industry specific jargon that may be overlooked in keyword research.
  • The organic/paid search section optimizer is also great for gaining insights between organic and paid search.
  • Their reporting is easy to use and provides high-level views as well as getting granular depending on who your audience is.
  • Conductor offers weekly tracking for keyword rankings for entry level. They do offer daily tracking as well however it's an additional charge. Would be nice if you had the choice for either option without having to upgrade.
  • I think additional SEO tools should be added to Conductor to avoid having to use 3 other tools for example. Currently, for backlink audits or technical audits, I have to use other vendors. I would love to see the data in Conductor.
  • Their platform is easy to use however the menu options change often and some features that I've leveraged on a daily basis have different functionality or are taken away altogether which can be frustrating.
Conductor is well suited for all businesses that operate a website; however, it may be geared for larger companies that operate more than one website. While I would recommend their platform to everyone, I could see cost being an issue for this enterprise level software for small business owners. I would also like to add that their excellent customer support allows you to use the tool without being an SEO expert, therefore saving money rather than hiring an SEO consultant for example.
I value Conductor's data and rarely see any anomalies between the data and what I'm seeing in the search engines for example. I often use screenshots from Conductor's platform in presentations and then go to Google to perform the search. While they are sometimes a few positions off, the data is pretty much on target. This is extremely important since we can tell clients their keywords are ranking on page one of Google however if the client is searching and not seeing it, this could negatively impact the confidence our clients have in our work. Of course there are times for reasons such as geo-targeting for example where rankings could differ, we would explain this to our clients.
I love their chat feature because I can speak to customer service right away rather than emailing them. Either way, they are quick to respond and very knowledgeable with the platform. They're usually able to help me resolve the issue while chatting. In some cases, they may have to research something and get back to you but they usually do the same day.
Workspaces are easy to use and set up. I'm always creating new workspaces to slice and dice the data in different ways and then have it there for when I need to look at it. The insight stream is perfect for sending clients nuggets on a weekly basis and give them wins to let them know how their campaign is doing.
Read Vito Altamura's full review
December 20, 2018
Aaron Zimmerman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Conductor allows me to successfully manage our online presence with ease, track a large amount of keyword data, and assist our content team with development of engaging assets . As a one person SEO, Conductor has made my efforts towards search rankings more efficient and effective.
  • Easy to navigate dashboard that turns complex data into digestable and actionable information.
  • Automated and customizable workspaces that make annual reports a breeze.
  • Being able to easily explore what content topics are trending or related to pieces you already developed.
  • Our bi-weekly strategy calls are both fun and extremely helpful.
  • World class customer service. I cannot explain how amazing this company is.
  • Ability to filter out non feasible recommendations (adding a long tail keyword to your blog home page URL for example)
Companies that value SEO highly and understand its potential but also see that it is a rather large undertaking for a small team to do manually.
Our content strategy has been enhanced by Conductor immensely. Topic recommendations and content performance are integral to our marketing.
Everyone at this company has been friendly, compelling, and engaging. Absolutely just favorite partners to work with.
InsightStream enables me to make quick changes to our website without having to hunt for that information page by page. Workspaces allow for easy reporting that you don't even have to think about if you schedule it!
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December 17, 2018
Calton Montoya | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our main goal was to boost organic traffic year over year and Conductor was incredibly helpful in doing so. We utilized the basic weekly wins/losses report that was set up by a Conductor employee in order to identify areas we could improve our search engine optimization. In addition, we were also able to go into the recommendations section when we had some free time and improve the content on random pages.
  • Reports are incredibly easy to read
  • Competitive analysis through Conductor is addicting!
  • All Conductor employees I have interacted with have been extremely helpful and kind.
  • Recommendations are not always helpful/accurate.
  • There are so many features, it's hard to keep track of.
  • Sometimes features are renamed and hard to find.
For my role, Conductor fits like a glove. As long as you set aside time to properly segment and prioritize your keywords, Conductor will continue to perform well. With proper set up, generating reports can be as simple or complicated as you would like. For example, I have reports that review my entire domain for wins/losses as well as reports that analyze a certain subsection of keywords.
Conductor support gets a perfect 10/10. First, when first signing up for Conductor they will have a real person take you through as much training as you need. Second, they assign an employee to check on your brand and assist you on a weekly basis. This is so helpful because they bring little things to my attention that I might've missed. Lastly, everyone I have interacted with at Conductor has been as kind and as helpful as they possibly could.
I would rate Conductor a 10/10 because its pros far outweigh its cons. The Insight Stream is great to keep the whole team constantly aware and thinking about SEO. However, the workspaces are by far my favorite part of the tool-- once they're set up they make weekly reporting autonomous and very useful.
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What is Conductor Searchlight?

Conductor is designed to generate customer intent insights that lead to compelling content, increased traffic, and higher organic marketing ROI.

Conductor's technology enables marketers to understand their prospective customers' intent by revealing the trends and topics they are searching for at every phase of purchase process. Customizable dashboards and workflows guide marketers through the content creation process, empowering them to continuously measure, refine, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their SEO and content marketing efforts. Conductor's customers include global brands like Citibank, Slack, Salesforce, athenahealth, and Visa.

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