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What is Conexiom?

The Conexiom Platform is purpose-built for automating trade documents. Trade documents represent buying and selling transactions – buying from vendors and selling to customers.

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Users have found that Conexiom is a valuable tool for streamlining various business processes. It has been particularly helpful for the …
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What is Conexiom?

The Conexiom Platform is purpose-built for automating trade documents. Trade documents represent buying and selling transactions – buying from vendors and selling to customers.

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Product Details

What is Conexiom?

The Conexiom Platform is purpose-built for automating trade documents. Trade documents represent buying and selling transactions – buying from vendors and selling to customers.

Conexiom's focus on trade documents because sales and procurement processes are the backbone of all other business operations and represent revenue as well as customer and vendor relationships. The Conexiom platform specifically automates these business-critical documents.

Conexiom Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found that Conexiom is a valuable tool for streamlining various business processes. It has been particularly helpful for the customer service and accounts payable departments. With Conexiom, users are able to customize logic to match the actions of a real customer service representative, saving time for the CSR team. The software also allows for processing invoices with minimal intervention, reducing processing and payment time for the AP department. Customers have reported a mutually beneficial relationship with Conexiom, as it not only saves them money but also provides helpful suggestions for automation improvement. In addition, Conexiom has replaced most of the order entry process, automating data entry of customer purchase orders into the order management system. Despite some initial difficulties with the implementation team, users have had an overall positive experience with Conexiom. The software has helped identify and fix internal mistakes, gaining buy-in from users who are pleased with the results. By automating higher volume customers, Conexiom reduces the workload on customer service teams and provides more time to serve customers. Furthermore, it acts as an additional person processing orders without the need for benefits or HR tasks, allowing for cost-effective expansion. Overall, users have seen improvements in productivity and efficiency by using Conexiom, with reduced order processing time and error rates resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

Conexiom has also proven to be a valuable solution for the accounts payable department by handling 15% of AP automation that other tools cannot due to inconsistencies in vendor invoices. It has significantly improved performance and speed over time, with ongoing work on recognizing part numbers and preventing line duplication. By automating high-volume payables, Conexiom streamlines the payable entry process and ensures accuracy. The software also helps convert purchase orders into sales orders, improving efficiency and accuracy in the order fulfillment process. Users have reported solving overloaded inboxes and maximizing their time for other tasks through Conexiom's ability to automate email orders and provide accurate data entry. The tool has been praised for simplifying the order allocation process, improving inventory accuracy, and reducing costs. Users have also seen significant time savings and improved efficiency by automating the order entry process with Conexiom. Additionally, the software has helped capture and address invoice errors before they reach the accounting department, improving overall processes. Users have appreciated the flexibility and support provided by Conexiom's technical team during their experience with the software. Overall, users have had positive experiences with Conexiom, saving time, reducing errors, and increasing throughput.

Furthermore, users have highlighted Conexiom's flexibility in mapping various scenarios and accommodating any requirement they may have. The software has been instrumental in reducing labor costs associated with manual data entry, allowing for faster sales order processing with fewer errors. Additionally, Conexiom has been lauded as a valued partner that minimizes human touch errors and enhances customer service through accurate order processing. Users have reported positive feedback from their customer service teams, emphasizing the time saved and improved order accuracy achieved with Conexiom.

Overall, users have had excellent experiences with Conexiom across various processes such as purchase order processing, AP invoice processing, SPA processing, and more. The software has not only met their needs but also delivered tangible improvements in cycle times, error rates, and customer satisfaction. Users have found Conexiom to be a reliable solution that simplifies workflows, reduces manual effort, and creates more time for critical tasks.

Users have provided several recommendations for using Conexiom based on their experiences. The most common recommendations include the following:

  1. Have a clear plan and dedicated team for rollout. Users suggest that it is important to have a team in place and a clear plan for the implementation of Conexiom. This ensures a smooth transition and successful integration of the software into existing systems.

  2. Ensure clean and readable documents. Users advise ensuring that the documents submitted to the Conexiom portal are clean and readable. This helps with the mapping process and facilitates easier implementation of the software.

  3. Perform data cleanup and mapping. Users recommend performing data cleanup prior to implementing Conexiom. Taking the time to map every single purchase order will make the implementation process smoother and more efficient.

Overall, users find Conexiom user-friendly and valuable for automating tasks such as invoice processing and order entry. They emphasize the need for proper planning, document cleanliness, and careful data mapping for a successful implementation.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Conexiom to automate both AP Invoice Entry and review of Vendor Acknowledgements. This is done by converting PDFs sent by vendors into EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Documents. In our case, Conexiom turns emailed Invoices and Acknowledgements into EDI 810s and 855s. This frees up approximately 20 hours per week that would otherwise be spent manually reviewing/entering.
  • Customer Support
  • Software Integration
  • Automation
  • Online Portal Functionality
  • Training Videos for new users
  • Error Trapping Functionality
Conexiom is well suited for companies that have an EDI-capable ERP and receive searchable PDFs containing vendor invoices, vendor acknowledgments, and/or customer orders that must be manually processed with regularity. Conexiom provides huge time savings to this type of company, allowing headcount to be minimized and stopping employees from doing tedious work. Conexiom is less suited to companies whose invoices/acknowledgments/orders come only sporadically or via methods that aren't searchable PDFs.
  • Invoice entry automation
  • Acknowledgement review automation
  • customer support
  • Software integration
  • Cut AP Entry times by at least 30%
  • Cut acknowledgement review times by at least 20%
  • Increased acknowledgement review accuracy
Jaime Castellanos | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Conexiom as a tool to automate our order entry process--this way the time that was spent entering data in our systems is minimized to just sending an email. Right now, one of our team members moved to a different team, and while we hire a new replacement I'm doing his orders; I have set all his former customers to be processed through Conexiom and it feels so easy because I don't have to do anything at all.
  • Great customer service
  • Amazing mapping accuracy
  • Fast processing times
  • Override mapping manually
  • Correct configuration on items
If your company has hundreds of new orders coming in, Conexiom is the tool you need. This will enable your admins to focus on other things while the platform books all your orders.
  • Automation
  • Gave us more resources (time and manpower)
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Regardless of price, the platform has to be able to offer real business solutions.
I think there are other platforms out there trying to do the same, but they stay there, trying. So I would choose Conexiom every time.
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