ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. It provides powerful automation to discover and manage devices, monitor for problems, and scripts repetitive action. Automate does more than our needs for an RMM - It provides a platform to growConnectWise Automate solves our ability to provided scripted resolution to repetitive tasks for all of our clients. Regardless of the client or physical location ConnectWise Automate is the tool that allows us to perform a consistent task, document the work, and send the necessary details of it to billing. Network Services Group deploys it to every client. It is part of our comprehensive support stack.,Automatically perform and records billable work time. Consistently perform representative tasks. Schedule tasks for off-hours to minimize disrupting our clients. Excellent source for details in developing new sales.,Having to pay for licensing in advance. If you need additional licenses you need to plan ahead to have them available. Some ConnectWise Automate options such as third-party patching could offer patching for more software. ConnectWise Automate can be very complex so it can take time to understand all it can do. The more time you invest in ConnectWise Automate the easier and more powerful it becomes.,10,Consistency of service. Documentation of tasks. The flexibility of options. Extensibility through third-party integrations.,GFI Systems and Autotask,Asigra, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), VIPREMy ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) ReviewOur entire Service Team uses ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech). It gives us the power to automate the management of a greater number and broader range of endpoints, maximizing our efficiency and our profitability. We use the scripting and numerous connected products, such as Warranty Master and ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect). Screens like Dataviews and tabs like Hardware are immensely useful.,It's better than Kaseya. It's flexible, allowing our integration team to leverage the data therein, creating custom tools that empower and accelerate us. It's fairly stable, considering its immense power.,Its interfaces have a wide variety of looks and feels, and it might be nicer if it were more cohesive. Documentation of usage and features can be hard to locate at times. A little more memory stability would be nice.,9,Has positively impacted ROI to allow us to expand internationally. Has allowed us to expand our domestic offices to multiple sites. Has allowed us to invest in equipment for our service team.,Kaseya IT Center,ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), Microsoft Office 365, SlackAfter a decade, I still have mixed feelings on AutomateWe are an MSP using ConnectWise Automate to manage about 1100 endpoints for our clients. We use this product for patch management and remote monitoring/maintenance.,Integration to ScreenConnect and ConnectWise are fairly tight at this point. Powerful tool for automation and custom scripting - if you have the technical capabilities and time, you can do more with Automate than any RMM on the market...,New UI is built to be pretty, but it's bloated, slow, and lacks the information that used to live on the main screen. You now have to dig to get information that was once easily at hand... Too Noisy - it alerts on EVERYTHING, and it's very difficult to tone it down without missing things that are important. This puts a drain on staff time... We can't respond to every ticket, and then important details get lost in the noise... No Mac/Linux client - my admins need access to a Windows PC to function...,2,Not sure we can accurately calculate ROI after 10 years - it's just part of our process/offering. But we almost need a dedicated FTE to manage the application or it gets out of hand quickly...,NinjaRMM and SolarWinds MSP Anywhere,ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Manage, Trello, Code42 (formerly CrashPlan), Datto, eFolder Cloudfinder, eFolder Backup, Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos UTMPowerful product but support needs an overhaulWe use Automate as one of our tools to provide Managed Services to our client base. It is used for patch management, system monitoring and alerting, remote control, scripting and asset management. We install Automate on all managed servers and workstations.,Scripting in Automate is very comprehensive and flexible. Other tools we've used pale in comparison to the scripting in Automate. Remote control is 2nd to none. Screen Connect has proven to be incredibly fast and stable. This is a significant improvement over the old LabVNC in previous versions of Automate The ability to group things manually and dynamically. Being able to automatically add systems to groups based on some criteria (almost anything) and then run scripts or commands against those groups is a huge benefit. A great example is adding machines to a group based on anti-virus install. If a machine doesn't have AV installed it gets added to a group. The group is setup to run a script at some frequency to install AV.,The biggest issue for Automate is their support. They seem to be completely overwhelmed. Chat support for simple questions can be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in the queue. Then when you are connected they are doing little more than creating a ticket that will take days to hear back from them. Patching. The documentation and advice from our implementation person do not match reality. The process of denying a patch is documented, but doesn't work. We were unable to block certain patches from being distributed until we spoke to a specialist about it. He couldn't explain the mis-matched documentation. Speed. Using the Automate client is painfully slow. Very sluggish and non-responsive at times.,6,In many ways Automate has sped up our ability to service end users. The remote control allows multiple techs to concurrently remote to a device allowing techs to assist each other. We have been able to utilize the scripting to do more than our previous RMM. For instance, we can deploy and monitor Bitlocker encryption ensuring that our clients with compliance requirements have the required evidence. Dataviews in Automate allow us to access/filter/sort data very quickly with the need to use reporting tools. Support has a negative impact on our team. Support takes far too long and we seem to deal with more issues than what we think is acceptable. At times we wonder if anyone else actually uses some of the features in the product because we seem to be the first to find the problems.,Continuum RMM,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), Webroot SecureAnywhere,5,Yes,No,ConnectWise Manage Warranty Master Webroot StorageCraft,None at this time,7,Know exactly what you want as a result and ensure your implementation person gets it right especially for a complex integration like Automate to Manage.ConnectWise Automate Is Great If You Have The Money.When we first started using Automate we used it for all of our clients. However, we have now brought that down to just a few due to the cost of the product. We still actively use it today for a handful of servers.,It organizes client machines very well. Is very good at automating processes. Is great for setting up alerts on client's machines.,The cost of the product is way too high. A better GUI and wizard would help streamline the process. The auto-install process for other applications could be made a lot better.,8,For the time we were heavily using it, it did help with some automation.,,ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), QuickBooks OnlineConnects Wisely and QuicklyI love ConnectWise. It was a little cumbersome at first to deploy but it works great as a support tool across the organization. I have a lot of remote users who I support with it and sometimes due to bandwidth I may get disconnected but other than that it is great. It is very user-friendly once you surpass the small learning curve.,It connects quickly Signing in is bar none Connection is fast Lots of additional features have been added.,The upgrade GUI is a little hard to use out of the box It disconnects randomly sometimes Some commands like rebooting can be a little slow,10,Techs won't have to travel to remote sites It saves money because it lessens downtime Deployment is not difficult,LogMeIn Central,LogMeIn Central, GoToMeeting, Join.meConnectWise Automate was the right choice for usAll of our project team and support desk use ConnectSise Automate (formerly LabTech) to remotely manage all of our clients' computer systems (both workstations and servers).,ConnectWise Automate helps us manage Microsoft updates for our client base. ConnectWise Automate makes it easy to remotely troubleshoot issues for our client. ConnectWise Automate works well when we need to push a script out to one or multiple computers.,Sometimes computers show as offline when they are really online. We find that sometimes a computer will show in the program multiple times. It often will not update the current username so makes it harder to find computers sometimes.,8,It just works whereas we had issues previously with Kaseya before moving to ConnectWise Automate. It allows us to get on clients' computers within a minute (often 15-30 seconds) so we can troubleshoot issues in real time. It allows you to connect to a user's terminal session on a terminal server instead of having to figure out what PC they are connecting from.,Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), Skype for BusinessConnectwise to the rescue!I'm a sole proprietor and ConnectWise makes it possible for me to connect with my clients from home, across the United States and Canada. ConnectWise allows me to connect with clients and see their specific issues first hand. I am also able to save clients money for training that would have to be done on site because I am able to connect to their individual workstations and to do program training with the individual or group remotely at their convenience.,Allows me to download files from a toolbox feature or drag and drop from my server to their system. Gives an easy to use client access window to easily find different clients and groups. Simple to use, install and work with. Unlike many other programs of its type, it is easy to generate an email invitation to a client to connect or give them a simple code to connect. Also has the ability for me to share my screen with clients for training and demonstrations.,That's a tough one! Great program, great features already. Possibly allowing the chat box to remain on screen. It closes when you connect to a program or open windows on the screen. Allow more than 1 username/ password to be stored for the auto access. Notes made on different machines seem to disappear if there is an upgrade. I lost some notes I had made on sites I support using this feature.,10,Because using the program is at a very low cost, I have the ability to service any client and provide training to any client if they have a computer. Saves travel time and expenses associated with travel to support/train clients. Also can be done at any time of day because of continual access. Gives the client peace of mind to know that I can access and fix an issue with a workstation any time of the day, weekends, evenings when they are not available etc.,LogMeIn Pro, AnyMeeting and BroadSoft Team-One,Camtasia, Microsoft Access, OneNoteConnectwise Automate - Tons of power, tons of time spentWe used Connectwise Automate for many years. The product handles remotely monitoring PCs & Servers for any problems that match the automation either built-in or created in Automate. The problem solved is monitoring all the endpoints in a way no human could.,Remote Control via ScreenConnect is wonderful. Scripting is the best of all RMM products we have tried. The customization capability of Automate beats all other RMM products.,Because Automate is so configurable it also requires the most time put into it of all RMM products we have used. It requires a dedicated employee to just managing the product and the services provided by it. Without that dedicated resource, many alerts will be missed (due to configuration issues). Support is not very good. This is a larger scale Connectwise issue. The product is very resource intensive if you host locally. Upgrades are usually pretty buggy and add the need for extra resources. We found VMware and Dell Open Manage monitoring to be very weak compared to other RMM products.,7,We found we were able to provide good monitoring of our customers sites which was an objective. However, that came at a significant time investment that never seemed to be finished. We were able to negotiate a price that worked for us for an up-front purchase which was nice. We found the pricing to be very competitive. Bottom line for us was despite the pros of the product, we found other RMM solutions to be a better overall "value" due to not having to dedicate technicians to maintaining the product.,Kaseya IT Center and Continuum RMM,Continuum RMM, G Suite, Barracuda NG Firewall, Todoist, LastPass, IT GlueConnectWise Automate, simply the best.We use it daily to support our clients. We are an MSP that supports small to mid-sized local governments. It integrates well with our other applications.,Smooth remote access to managed devices. Real-time machine health. Seamless integration with ConnectWise manage and Bizdox.,We have some issues with the managed devices actually being online but no connection through the application. Have to restart the service on the machine. A little slow for the application to load on startup. Resource heavy.,9,It is extremely valuable to us; as we use the ConnectWise platform; it is well integrated into the entire CW platform.,LogMeIn Rescue,Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Webroot SecureAnywhereConnectWise Control - Great for Large OrganizationsConnectWise Automate is used by our organization to allow our engineers to do 99% or their job remotely. We use it to monitor the status of computers, maintain software, and maintain a clean patching environment. It does its name justice as it allows us to automate a good portion of our environment.,The way we can automate tasks to run keeps our client's system as up to date as possible. It allows our engineers to work silently on a customers machine without interrupting their productivity. The vast array of plugins, allows for great customization to fit your needs.,Patch Manager could use improvement. At times, it will crash in the middle of patching, or switching between configurations. Setting the patch priorities seems a little convoluted. The ability to copy over a file using the silent File Explorer would be nice. Rather than having to interrupt the user to replace a file or execute a download. I would like to see more details in script logs. I want to see why a script failed, what step it was executing.,8,Automate has given our company the means to manage all of our clients across the country in one piece of software. Automate has allowed us to customize it to our needs to allow us to greatly benefit us and our customers. Automate has allowed us to quickly respond to our customers and support them as best we can.,Apple Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Services,IT Glue, Barracuda Email Security Service, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)We won't change from ConnectWise Automate!Customer support / Help desk,Yes, it did. The issue was accessing clients' systems remotely and easily. LabTech allows us to connect to a client's computer quickly. It provides us with Windows patching, system alerting and fast access to logs. With the ability to run command line commands we can quickly diagnose and resolve issues without troubling the client and stopping their work.,Remote access Alerting on issues Integration with ConnectWise Quick access to system logs,Patch Management Ease of implementation Script library updated,9,When we selected Automate there were not that many providers out there. Our biggest reason for selecting Automate was that it integrated with ConnectWise Manage. Other monitoring systems required, even more, setup and did not integrate with ConnectWise Manage so we would not have had the systems talking with each other which we feel is very important.,7,Kaseya IT Center,Request longer than a 30-day trial and also request more assistance in the setup process. I would also have a dedicated team to put the software thru its paces and set up some test workstations to create failures on and review the time before the alert is sent. I also know more about how the RMM tools should work and would be able to have more questions than when we first started.,ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Manage, QuoteWerksConnectWise Automate is the best!We are using ConnectWise Automate to support and monitor our customer's networks and servers. We use it to deploy applications and scripts as well. It gives us many other different tools for providing fast and efficient service and support to our customers.,Remote Monitoring Remote Support Automated Issue Resolution,The GUI of the program could be a little more "user-friendly",10,Positive: Automate helps us better service our customers.,Kaseya and Autotask,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal)Pretty good product for small/mid MSPsWe are a managed services provider and use it as one of our RMM tools. We use it to administer patching, reports, integration with antivirus software, integration with backup software and remotely connect to workstations/servers. Our entire service desk and professional services team use LabTech. We do not use it for network monitoring, Office 365 management or AD integration.,The integration with screenconnect is my favorite. Being able to console in directly to a machine within a matter of a few clicks is great. Performance is better than teamviewer, logmein, Bomgar, and vnc. Integration with third party products, such as Webroot or Shadow Protect. It has made deployments much easier to manage. Support. The support team at LabTech has always been great. They are always able to locate a knowledge base article or assist with an issue relatively quickly and resolve it just as fast.,Patching. This used to work well, but since the 10.0 version forward, it has been lacking. Too often we have systems that don't patch and servers that don't reboot and manual intervention is needed. Reporting. Could use a lot of work. Even with going to Devexpress, we aren't seeing what we want for larger businesses and have to rely on creating our own reports through other tools. Support for third party products. I find a lot that if it isn't integrated to LabTech, the reporting on it lacks. Currently my biggest pet peeve, is how LabTech reports other antivirus statuses. Works great if it is Vipre, ESET or Webroot, but if you are using Trend, Symantec or something else, you don't get accurate data about version status or if it is up to date. Sometimes, it doesn't report an antivirus installed, even though it clearly is.,7,As far as actual dollar amount would go, I couldn't tell you. However, as an admin, there is a lot of automation that does occur and does work well for us, so I could say that we do get a lot out of the product. There are a lot of small, administrative tasks that LT performs on the backend, that saves a lot of time. We rely less on people and more on the tool to handle NOC related issues.,,PRTG Network Monitor, PacketTrap,8ConnectWise Automate works well...if you invest the timeOur organization supports over 5000 end-points across 130+ locations leveraging ConnectWise Automate's remote monitoring and management capabilities. In addition to basic monitoring and alerting ConnectWise Automate (CWA) is also leveraged for software deployment, license management, and custom-built script writing/deployment. Integration with our PSA (ConnectWise Manage) is seamless as is integration with ConnectWise Control.,Incredibly robust with infinite capabilities Recognized as one of the top 2 RMMs in the industry Strong community/forum users Ample add-ins for integrating with other vendor tools,Incredibly robust -- unlikely you'll ever leverage 100% of what CWA has to offer Requires dedicated resource(s) in order to fully leverage scripting and customization capabilities Thick client -- slow to load and bulky to use.,7,Given that CWA is an industry standard - we hire more and more techs with pre-existing experience - which decreases our training time for new techs Having a single pane of glass for managing a diverse set of data, tools and end-points is a time-saver Strong integrations with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Control is a huge time saver,Kaseya Network Monitor and DxContinuum,Webroot, ConnectWise Control, LogMeIn CentralLabTech Review - MSP StandpointWe use LabTech as a RMM tool to help delivery and integrate our Managed Services catalogue for clients. It has become an essential tool for supporting our Service Desk operations and proactive maintenance to our clients. LabTech is used by other departments of our company to help gather information or assess situations when going on prom is not optimal. Being able to support our clients and their end users from the background has been vital to our company and changed the way we do business.,Provides a ticket based system that integrates directly into the user's computer for easy access to Ticket Submissions. Provides a remote connection tool, ScreenConnect, that is amazing to use. Provides a very technical approach to managing computers and servers. Powerful reporting and auditing features.,Cloud partners have issues with infrastructre stability and reliability. Broken agents need self remediation for when they have been offline for too long. Number of built in scripts, screens, modules don't work completley. Patch Manager needs serious attention.,8,Its plain and simple - The ROI is in the fact that you can manage multiple clients, with multiple machines from one location. You can't do that with on prom engineers. Working on things remotely has freed up our time for on prom engineers to focus on larger issues or projects - while our Service Desk can handle Desktop Support. Moving to a remote model requires a larger investment in supporting a Service Desk.,None,ScreenConnect, Webroot, ConnectWise,8I trust Labtech to automate our supportWe use Labtech to care for all of the endpoints under our management. Our techs love it!,We switched over from Kaseya and immediately found that the scripting engine was far more powerful! We have many architecture, engineering and construction clients that require quite a few applications. We weren't able to script most of them with Kaseya, however we are now able to with Labtech (our biggest scripted application is 50gb in size). Labtech monitors everything! I found it far easier to have everything monitored and quiet it down than it is to keep adding in the individual monitors. We used to always miss something, now it's built in for us Compared to Kaseya, support at Labtech is VERY good. With Kaseya, I'd only get a call back if the server was hard down. Now I have chat support and someone gets back to me the same day every time.,Labtech's UI was obviously built by a developer :-) I've seen some of the mock ups of what the product will look like in the future and it's a huge improvement!,10,Implementing Labtech is a process that takes time. We've had to rescript everything while implementing it, but this allowed us to learn Labtech inside and out and really improve upon the scripts we had previously made in Kaseya.,Kaseya, Nable, Level platforms, naverisk, nimsoft, continuum, Nagios, Kaseya Traverse, WhatsUp Gold, LogicMonitor and Zabbix,ConnectWise, Bright Gauge,Monitoring - once you understand it, it's very powerful Integration with Connectwise,Finding things in the UI can be a challenge,No,8,4Experience Using LabTechWe use LabTech daily for a number of IT service help desk mission-critical operations. We have important monitors and scripts that keep servers and workstations working at peak performance, as well as alerts and scheduled automated processes. We use information from it daily to provide reports and audit the health of our clients' data.,Monitoring critical server services Scheduled scripts and processes on servers and workstations Auto-remediation of many important IT tasks Alerting and reporting on health and other critical endpoint data Customer support is very knowledgeable/good Knowledge base is very good,Response time on some tickets has lagged from time to time Sometimes initially, a reported issue may not be well-understood Windows patching support is sub-par,9,Overall, LabTech has had a positive ROI for us, because it has helped us provide metrics that show our clients how we are keeping their systems running. We appreciate the customer support greatly, because LabTech is a very complicated system, and having help with expertise and experience is very necessary, and they do it well. When wanting real-time data or running scripts (or even scheduling them), we have been able to easily use LabTech for these important purposes.,Autotask and Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),ScreenConnect, Citrix NetScaler,3How LabTech has improved our day to day operations.We use LabTech primarily in our managed services group within our company. We use it to manage over 4000 client workstations and servers. It lets us consistently monitor, patch and remotely manage our client systems as efficiently as possible. We also use it for other tasks as well like assisting our clients with keeping their hardware and software inventories up to date and using it to deploy software to systems.,LabTech lets us consistently monitor client systems for basic things like server up/down, low disk space and high CPU and memory usage. It also excels at automatically detecting and monitoring specific systems like e-mail and database servers. Because LabTech automatically applies the proper monitoring, onboarding new clients is very simple. We use LabTech for automation for repetitive tasks. For example, when a low disk alert is received, we run a script automatically to clear out temp and other unnecessary files that we've defined. A tech only needs to get involved if the script isn't able to automatically free up enough space. Automation like this greatly increases our efficiency. The ScreenConnect remote control is fantastic. Having the ability to instantly connect to a client system directly from LabTech makes our job a lot easier. Previously we had to depend on client specific remote access solutions which varied from client to client. Now we can connect to every client the same way.,While LabTech does an excellent job at monitoring servers and workstations, it lacks in network device monitoring. We tried for a while to use the built in SNMP device monitoring effectively but eventually went with a different product which fit our needs. However, the nice thing about LabTech is that it is open with integrating with third party products and we are working on integrating the SNMP product Support can be slow to respond which is a minus. However, once you are able to get to someone, the techs are very nice and helpful.,8,Due to the level of automation LabTech provides us, LabTech lets us provide increased quality support to more clients with fewer techs. As LabTech synchs with our PSA ConnectWise, we are better able to accurately bill our clients for the number of managed systems. Previously we would bill a client for a fixed number of systems in initially, but the client bill would be fixed at that amount. LabTech automatically adjusts the quantity of managed systems on the bill based off of the computers it discovers on the network. While LabTech is an expensive product when you first look at the pricing, the pricing is in line with the competition. It also does a lot for us and if you were to purchase individual products for all solutions (monitoring, remote control, patch management, software deployment, inventory, etc), it would undoubtedly cost more money while being much more difficult to use.,Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),ConnectWiseLabTech is a platform you can build an IT service company onLabTech is being used to remotely manage and monitor our clients' computers, servers, and networks. We use it to deliver automated services that allow us to increase profits by reducing labor. It is a force multiplier that allows us to deliver services consistently and timely across our entire client base. We have several applications that integrate with LabTech to help keep all our technicians informed and it aids in providing quick support to clients.,Scripting - Automation is what makes LabTech great. The built-in scripts are a good start, but the real power comes from being able to customize the automation to make it your own. Remote Control - Not having to roll a truck for every service ticket is a huge time and money saver. It is fast and reliable. It works every time with no delays. Integration - LabTech's framework allows for tight integration with other applications and gives you freedom to select the components that are a best fit for your business. For example: you aren't locked into one baked-in antivirus or disaster recovery application.,Network Monitoring - Network monitoring isn't the strongest point for LabTech. Mostly this is due to the licensing model. They aren't charging you for monitoring printers, switches, and routers so their isn't much incentive for them to make it a best-in-class network monitoring tool. However, remember integration is a strong suit and what it lacks here can be made up with third party utilities that can "plug-in" if you need something stronger. UI in flux - With LabTech 11 the next generation tile based computer management screen has been rolled out. While it updates the Interface to a much more modern look and feel. There are some things that need to be tweaked. Speed is a bit of an issue. On the plus-side, each month's patches have made strides of improvement and the developers are really in-tune with getting it right. Not a Microsoft SQL database back-end - I personally don't count this as a "con", but if you are expecting to find a Microsoft back-end it isn't. MySQL is the default database used with this product.,10,Positive: Labor saving - We can get more done with less labor using the power of monitors and scripting that are at the core of LabTech. Negative: Shelfware - At the time we purchased LabTech (5 years ago) we had to buy more licenses than we needed to support our clients. A pay for what you use (As a Service) approach would have made things easier to grow into. Positive: Community - LabTech as a platform goes beyond the bits that make up the program. The Automation Nation conference held annually in Florida is a great place to find others that use LabTech to do what you do and receive inside tips on how to get the most out of your investment. I've had 10 minutes conversations at this event that saved me thousands of dollars and weeks of time. The LabTech Geek (independent of LabTech Software) website is also an invaluable source of shortcuts and gems that will get you up and running more quickly or take your LabTech to the next level.,N-able and AVG Managed Workplace 10,ConnectWise, Webroot, Bright GaugeLabTech, Managed or Not?LabTech is used across our entire organization for both MSP and non-MSP clients. It assists with the management and tracking of the PC assets across all clients, gives our Team the tools and information that they need to support the endpoints, and the automation needed for deployment and support of a large number of endpoints with fewer resources.,Automation Customization Flexibility Managment,Technical Support QA of new releases Communications with their customers,7,Fewer human resources needed Occasional additional man hours needed for customization. Product grows as we do,MAXfocus and N-Able,ConnectWise, QuoteWerks,8,1,Automation Inventory Day to Day Support,Watching for Malware/Randsomware Automate work and billing for Break/Fix clients Deployment of Solutions,More Automation and Resolution Migration Automation Better Reporting and Strategy Insight,7,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,I did a very in-depth review and feel that we made the right choice. There has been bumps as there always is with everything. Nothing is perfect and when people tell you that it is, they are not being transparent and you need to look that much harder at something.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Understanding the inner workings of it How somethings related to others How other things would be effected by a change,8,Online training Self-taught,4,Once you understand the product, you can figure most things out yourselves. But there are a few hidden things that you won't ever figure out without someone explaining it to you,No,2,Yes,Yes, there are certain people there that know the product inside and out and are high enough to make anything happen. When something is really difficult or things have gone sideways enough, they always seem to get involved.,Remote Assistance Reviewing an Agents Status Executing an action,Viewing some Delete repeated word Customization Setting up a new client with all of the correct settings and information,Yes,7,Yes,Dashboard view is nice Better Patch Management Cleaner Look,Improved Speed Improved UI Easier access to Data,No,NoLabTech - force multiplication that works well so you don't have to work harderWe use it to manage clients' servers and workstations. The service department uses it exclusively. It allows us to effectively support varied infrastructures.,Scripting - LabTech's scripting engine is powerful and allows us to automatically remediate issues, and reduce work for routine tasks as well schedule tasks. Integrated GUI - The Control Center has a lot of information and it allows us to find issues without asking for remote control of client computers. Remediation - The tools provided give us multiple ways to deliver support which can be necessary at times.,Better AV management integration. Currently we use ESET and Webroot and we often go to the web console of the software vs. the built in LabTech control panels. Some better placement of tools. Not all are very intuitive. License management of add-ons. Not easy to get a quick report.,9,Better leverage of technical resources. Force multiplication is the name of the game when discussing automation tools. It's enabled us to keep our technical headcount low and pay our people better as a result.,Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),ConnectWise, QuoteWerksLabTech leads to more productive and positive environmentWe use LabTech to monitor technology assets for approximately 50 clients with 800 endpoints in total. LabTech alerts us to issues that need to be addressed by creating tickets in our Connectwise system. It also allows us to connect to endpoints remotely for problem resolution when the issue cannot be automatically addressed and resolved by LabTech. In some instances, we can use LabTech to remediate the issue without having to connect to the endpoint, a real plus in many situations.,Remote access to endpoints is through Screenconnect. This tool connects faster than anything we have ever used and we have far fewer problems connecting than we had with other tools. The integration with Connectwise is very tight. Many tickets are created for issues that may need attention, but are then closed because the situation has been resolved. For example, we get tickets when servers are offline. When the issue is resolved, the tickets automatically close and we don't have to go through them to make sure that they were closed. LabTech also allows us to control how tickets are created in our Connectwise system based on the category of alert. It is very easy to make sure critical issues are separated from non-critical issues so that our on-call team can be notified of critical events and not bothered with alerts that do not require immediate attentions.,The reporting functionality could certainly be improved. You can schedule reports to be sent to clients or internally, but the scheduling is very inflexible. When we purchased LabTech, we were also interested in backup software that would integrate and allow us to perform workstation image backups to local NAS drives. We went with ArcServe only to find out that it wasn't well integrated, in fact, I don't think it is unfair to say that is was not integrated at all. We also learned that we were paying for licenses that are actually free directly from ArcServe. We were able to get the billing changed and we were eventually able to get LabTech to monitor the ArcServe backups, but there still isn't really what we would call integration available. Many of the things that we asked about during implementation had answers that began with 'you can write an SQL query....'. In my mind, this is not an acceptable answer. These were not off the wall requests, but were about how to get the same functionality we had in our previous tool. I don't expect to have to use SQL queries to get reasonable information out of the tool.,8,It was much cheaper for us to purchase LabTech than to keep paying for support on the product that we owned previously. It took us much longer than expected to fine tune the system and be using LabTech 100%. If you switch from another tool, plan on several months to get it implemented and you will need a resource dedicated to this effort. In the end, we are more productive and my team is much less frustrated than they were previously.,Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),ConnectWiseLabtech an excellent MSP frameworkWe are currently using Labtech to support our customers IT systems. For our larger customer's we provide Labtech as a service to augment our customers Internal IT operations. Labtech provides a framework for our automation of windows systems management, using its API we integrate our UNIX systems management as well,Labtech's scripting is some of the best we have used in the RMM market, while not as intuitive as others it is far more powerful Labtech's Integration with Screenconnect makes connecting to many different systems quickly very easy,Labtech currently can not provide very fine-grained monitoring that is needed for monitoring HA systems Labtech's scalability is limited by the hosting platform. a rebuild to use a more robust hosting platform in a scale out vs scale up methodology would be greatly preferred Labtechs managment system,8,Labtech's automation has made our techs more effective The amount of time to get effective with the system is about 3x what was initially estimated,SolarWinds N-central,Malwarebytes, Atlassian Confluence, Apple Remote Desktop, ScreenConnect,Yes,Product Features Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,Not at this time,No,3,No,No i have never received what i would call exceptional support from ConectWise for LabtechRobust and highly capableLabtech for IT Service Providers is a very versatile product that has taken the industry over as the front runner. There is a ton of support out there for the product, as well as a following of independent developers. Labtech is capable of managing our client networks by independently scanning and deploying agents, installing Microsoft patches, keeping us informed about AV status, and monitoring for events that occur on critical machines.,Dataviews that show a variety of important information about machines Searches help identify machines with criteria Scripting is very versatile,GUI improvements Reporting is lacking Somewhat complex and high learning curve,10,Takes time to implement Makes technicians more capable Get information you need faster and easier,Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA),PRTG Network Monitor, Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA), ConnectWise
ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)
105 Ratings
Score 8.3 out of 101
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ConnectWise Automate Reviews

ConnectWise Automate
105 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101

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Feature Scorecard Summary

Remote monitoring (2)
Network device monitoring (2)
Multiple Server Monitoring (2)
Multi-device monitoring (2)
Automated alerts and notifications (2)
Patch Management (2)
Service configuration management (2)
Software and hardware inventory (2)
Policy-based automation (2)
Performance data reports (2)
Customizable reporting (2)
Data visualization (2)
Risk analysis (2)
Data backup and recovery (2)
Antivirus and malware management (2)
Adinistraor access control (2)

About ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, is an IT management tool that helps deliver IT services. The vendor says their remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform provides powerful automation to discover and manage devices, monitor for problems, and automate action. According to the vendor, this solution enables users to deliver streamlined reactive and proactive managed services, stop putting out fires, and start focusing on what matters most.

ConnectWise Automate Features

Has featureDiscovery
Has featureManagement
Has featureMonitoring
Has featureAutomation
Has featureIntegration

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ConnectWise Automate Integrations

ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)

ConnectWise Automate Competitors

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA), Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA), Autotask Endpoint Management, Continuum Managed IT Services, Solarwinds N·able


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No

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ConnectWise Automate Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows
Mobile Application:No
Supported Languages: Automate's Control Center is in English, Agents are compatible with all Windows supported Languages