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Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM
Formerly SharpSpring


What is Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM?

Constant Contact delivers for small businesses with tools to simplify and amplify digital marketing. Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM is a marketing and sales platform developed to help businesses build their pipeline, nurture leads and close more deals. …

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Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM is a versatile CRM tool that offers a wide range of features, making it a valuable asset for managing …
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Decent Platform

8 out of 10
June 23, 2022
We use the SharpSpring from Constant Contact for the following: tracking ROI and progress with sales leads; social media planning; …
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Popular Features

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  • List management (498)
  • Email deliverability reporting (496)
  • Lead scoring and grading (490)
  • Dashboards (486)

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User Review: New Businesses Will Find SharpSpring To Work As A Great Place To Start With Marketing
SharpSpring Review: Is Not Only Used Effectively By Marketing Co, But Recommended In Client Use
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Lead Gen & CRM

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  • $449 per month
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Email & Online Marketing

Using software to manage lists, send emails, automate email campaigns, and track results.

Avg 7.7

Lead Management

The process of tracking and managing prospective customers from lead generation to conversion.

Avg 7.8

Campaign Management

Users can schedule campaigns and/or events with reminders, announcements, etc.

Avg 7.6

Social Media Marketing

Using social media networks to help amplify marketing endeavors.

Avg 7.5

Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

Avg 7.5

Platform & Infrastructure

Features related to platform-wide settings and structure, such as permissions, languages, integrations, customizations, etc.

Avg 7.6
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Product Details

What is Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM?

Constant Contact delivers for small businesses with tools to simplify and amplify digital marketing. Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM is a marketing and sales platform developed to help businesses build their pipeline, nurture leads and close more deals. The tools are designed to help businesses attract the right leads, nurture them with personalized content, and grow with better conversion.

- Acquires hot leads faster with email & social marketing, plus retargeting ads. Leads are automatically scored based on their activity and passed to sales.

- Helps deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time. With a flexible centralized CRM and customizable automations, tasks like nurturing leads and sales follow-ups are easier.

- Insights and real-time analytics that connect marketing spend to sales results, pipeline, and revenue.

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM Features

Email & Online Marketing Features

  • Supported: WYSIWYG email editor
  • Supported: Dynamic content
  • Supported: Ability to test dynamic content
  • Supported: Landing pages
  • Supported: A/B testing
  • Supported: Mobile optimization
  • Supported: Email deliverability reporting
  • Supported: List management
  • Supported: Triggered drip sequences

Lead Management Features

  • Supported: Lead nurturing automation
  • Supported: Lead scoring and grading
  • Supported: Data quality management
  • Supported: Automated sales alerts and tasks

Campaign Management Features

  • Supported: Calendaring
  • Supported: Event/webinar marketing

Social Media Marketing Features

  • Supported: Social sharing and campaigns
  • Supported: Social profile integration

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Standard reports
  • Supported: Custom reports

Platform & Infrastructure Features

  • Supported: API
  • Supported: Role-based workflow & approvals
  • Supported: Customizability
  • Supported: Integration with
  • Supported: Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Supported: Integration with SugarCRM

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Supported CountriesAvailable Internationally
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian

Frequently Asked Questions

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM starts at $449.

HubSpot Marketing Hub, Adobe Marketo Engage, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are common alternatives for Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM.

Reviewers rate Lead nurturing automation highest, with a score of 9.5.

The most common users of Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)56%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)43%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)1%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM is a versatile CRM tool that offers a wide range of features, making it a valuable asset for managing customer relationships and capturing every interaction. Users appreciate the breadth of features available within Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, which allows them to efficiently guide clients in marketing automation and lead generation. With its user-friendly interface and excellent tutorials, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM proves to be a cost-effective solution that offers exceptional customer service. Marketing agencies and businesses alike rely on this software to effectively manage growth, engage with customers, and address their marketing and sales strategies in one centralized platform.

The primary use case for Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM is email marketing, including the sharing of newsletters and nurture content with targeted lists. Sales teams also benefit from the software's ability to automate basic emails and marketing campaigns, freeing up time for higher-value tasks. Additionally, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM serves as a powerful tool for marketing automation, website submissions, sales management, and account management. It helps gather leads, send targeted emails to leads and opportunities, and address lead management needs.

Users find that Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM provides the right information at the right time, enabling them to easily understand their sales process and identify areas for improvement. The software facilitates lead database management, tracking, follow-up, and account management. While reporting accuracy can sometimes be a challenge, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM offers white-labeling options and integration capabilities by combining CRM, email marketing, and landing page building into one comprehensive solution.

By utilizing Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, businesses have been able to solve various problems related to lead capture, user identification and tracking, CRM functionalities, as well as lead management. The software's lead scoring system allows users to prioritize leads effectively and take focused actions. Sales and marketing teams rely on Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM to track new business prospects, manage contacts efficiently, and gain an overview of their marketing and sales activities and results.

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM has proven valuable for agencies managing websites for multiple clients through its partner portal. It effectively tracks ROI and progress with sales leads, aids in social media planning and automation, and provides lead scoring capabilities. Furthermore, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM assists in identifying opportunities, understanding prospects' stage in the pipeline, facilitating projections, budget planning, and determining priorities.

The software has also played a crucial role in tracking marketing efforts such as social media post engagement, email analytics, and landing page development. Users appreciate Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM's ability to reach out to prospective clients, maintain communication with current clients, and prevent anything from falling through the cracks. Marketing automation, CRM functionalities, persona segmentation, recent interaction history analysis are among the various uses of Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM. Users have found success in using Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM for marketing automation, CRM, sales functions, and making calls to numerous countries. The software is used daily for handling incoming leads and contacts, managing and monitoring the sales pipeline, automating workflows, creating custom forms and landing pages, managing email subscriber lists, and deploying email marketing campaigns. It offers flexibility and allows users to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the client/customer journey.

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM has proven effective in optimizing sales through onboarding sales teams and creating sales pipelines, resulting in fewer lost leads and better client and prospect engagement. Users have consolidated their CRM, email marketing, landing pages, and social media tools into Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, enabling them to utilize behavioral data for targeting their marketing efforts. As a centralized software solution for managing marketing, sales, and lead management within agencies and businesses, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM provides automation capabilities across various teams, including marketing, sales, and finance. It also facilitates contact management and internal communication.

For ad agencies and clients alike, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM has become the primary software for lead generation, nurturing, and selling. The live chat feature has been successful in engaging visitors on users' websites. Additionally, the affordability and ease of use make Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM a good fit for marketing agencies and B2B companies. Organizations rely on it to conduct email marketing campaigns, drive users to landing pages, and manage account notes and vital information.

Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM helps keep sales information together in one place while strengthening communication between sales and marketing teams. Customers appreciate its native connection with common tools as well as the variety of resources available for digital marketing. With a wide range of marketing and tracking capabilities integrated with third-party platforms, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM provides users with a complete view of the customer's experience.

Users have praised the responsive live support team for providing necessary steps and solutions to any issues faced. In summary, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM has proven to be an indispensable tool for businesses seeking effective lead management strategies, streamlined communication between teams, and a centralized platform for managing marketing and sales efforts. Its feature-rich capabilities and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for both marketing agencies and businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and drive growth.

Intuitive User Interface: Users have consistently praised the intuitive user interface of Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, with many stating that it makes tasks easy to accomplish. Several reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with how easily they can navigate through the platform and perform various marketing activities.

Wide Range of Marketing Capabilities: Many users appreciate the extensive range of marketing capabilities offered by Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM. They have highlighted features such as automation workflows and personalized messaging, which allow them to create targeted campaigns for their audience. The platform's versatility in managing multiple campaigns has also been commended by several reviewers.

Reliable and Insightful Reporting Tools: Reviewers value the reliability of Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM's software and its ability to provide insightful reporting tools. The CRM system effectively tracks leads and interactions, allowing users to gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts. This feature has received positive feedback from a significant number of users who appreciate the comprehensive reporting feature provided by Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM.

Confusing and unintuitive user interface: Users have found the email builder's user interface to be confusing and unintuitive, making it difficult for them to efficiently complete tasks. They have expressed frustration with navigating through the software and understanding how to use its features effectively.

Cumbersome design in menus: The design of the email builder has been criticized for being cumbersome, particularly in the menus for the database and HTML editors. Some users have mentioned difficulties in finding specific options or functions within these menus, which has hindered their workflow and efficiency.

Lack of flexibility and variety in templates: Several users have expressed disappointment with the lack of flexibility and variety in email templates provided by the builder. They feel that there are limited options available, which restricts their ability to create visually appealing and engaging emails.

Users recommend utilizing SharpSpring for its customized reports and other features that cater to individual marketing needs. It is advised to thoroughly learn the system before implementation, taking advantage of the automation features during the 30-day free trial. Users also suggest seeking guidance from the support team, account manager, and onboarding specialist for seamless onboarding. Another important point to consider is to align your CRM requirements with SharpSpring's specialization in marketing automation rather than a comprehensive sales CRM tool. Users propose consolidating campaigns into multiple lists for optimal organization. Overall, users appreciate SharpSpring's customer-centric approach and advanced technology, considering it a cost-effective solution with extensive functionality. It is worth noting that Sharpspring is particularly recommended for businesses heavily reliant on email marketing. Furthermore, users encourage feedback submission to customer service when specific desired features are absent. SharpSpring is deemed suitable for managing sales and marketing activities efficiently while providing robust reporting capabilities. To fully harness its potential, users highlight the importance of investing time in understanding and mastering all of its offerings.

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