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What is Course Hero?

Course Hero headquartered in Redwood City offers their eponymous online learning platform with over 25 million course-specific study resources contributed by its community of students and educators, and produced by the vendor's team of educational content specialists in collaboration with…

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Course Hero is a social learning platform designed to help students access college courses, live tutors, flashcards, and study materials. …
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What is Course Hero?

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Course Hero is a social learning platform designed to help students access college courses, live tutors, flashcards, and study materials. Its users find the material well-organized, up-to-date and comprehensive. It is often used as an alternative to costly tutoring services and provides assistance with studying for exams.

Users can upload documents in exchange for credits, or purchase credits after reaching their subscription limit. These can be used to access documents from the website. This helps solve the problem of students not having enough time to finish assignments on their own due to busy schedules. Additionally, Course Hero offers rewards and scholarship options that can make it more affordable than other similar services.

One of its major use cases is providing homework help through tutoring or access to previous work by others. Another popular use case is studying for tests or classes - here users have access to notes, old lab reports, and homework composed by previous students who had taken the same course. It also has a variety of pre-made flashcards that are convenient for studying purposes.

Course Hero is a platform that has been highly beneficial for students in various ways. Users have found it to be a great study tool that helps improve grades and comprehension. One of the main problems it solves is limited access to educational materials and resources, leveling the playing field for all students. Course Hero offers a collaborative platform where students can interact with peers and experts, making it easier to find solutions to questions and prepare for exams. The availability of handouts and the ease of locating content have been particularly appreciated by users. Furthermore, Course Hero allows users to download figures and documents, making the content easier to understand. However, some reviewers have had negative experiences with Course Hero's service and payment structure. Overall, the platform has proven to be a valuable resource for students looking to enhance their learning experience.

In addition to helping students, Course Hero has also been used by interns in work settings as a source of assistance. Its extensive collection of resources gathered into one site provides easy access to study guides, old course materials, and notes from other students. This enables users to compare notes, create study guides, and better understand assignments. For those struggling with classes or unable to afford tutors or study resources, Course Hero has been a lifesaver. It reinforces learning, boosts confidence, and aids in problem-solving skills. Moreover, Course Hero helps staff become proficient in problem-solving as well. With its usefulness in filling gaps in lectures and accessing materials from other students, the platform has gained popularity among students as an indispensable academic tool.

Course Hero's impact on upskilling is another notable use case as it helps individuals refine the skills needed for projects in a rapidly evolving world. By providing quick academic help and acting as a reference material for exams, Course Hero assists users in solving upskilling problems they may encounter. It not only enhances knowledge but also keeps everyone on the same page by streamlining the sharing of documents and notes among students and school staff. Some users have found Course Hero to be expensive, and while it offers multiple assignments from previous semesters, some feel that upper-level books could benefit from having solutions as well. However, from an educational standpoint, Course Hero streamlines the creation of tests and quizzes, making students more comfortable with the material. Overall, Course Hero proves to be a valuable resource for students of various backgrounds and interests, providing assistance and support throughout their academic journey.

Course Hero is a platform that provides students with access to college courses, live tutors, flashcards, and other study materials. Users of Course Hero have found the product to be a helpful resource for studying. They appreciate being able to crowdsource answers from multiple perspectives as well as having pre-made flashcards. Overall, users tend to feel that Course Hero is an effective way to prepare for tests and classes while saving time and effort.

There are some downsides to using Course Hero. It does not offer textbook solutions like other resources do, so users may need to look elsewhere if they’re looking for something specific. It is also associated with copyright infringements, and materials uploaded by users may be subject to misuse by other Users. The platform was also reported to be expensive, with a monthly subscription required after only a few free previews. Still, many users appreciate its helpfulness when studying for classes despite these drawbacks.

The subscription cost for Course Hero can be expensive; however many users find it worth the money due to its convenience and the material available on the site. Additionally, some users take advantage of the scholarship and rewards options which make it more affordable. While there are cheaper alternatives available, they may not cover all of a user's needs and might lack in quality compared to Course Hero.

Helpful Study Materials: Many users have found Course Hero to be a valuable resource for their coursework, with a variety of useful content available. Some reviewers mentioned that Course Hero offers a wide range of study features, making it great for homework and revision. They appreciate the comprehensive study resources and the ability to access documents from people who have taken the same class. Intuitive Search Function: The intuitive search function on Course Hero has been praised by several users as being tremendously beneficial for comprehending course topics. Reviewers appreciated the convenience and ease of navigation provided by this feature. They found it helpful to quickly find relevant study materials and notes related to specific subjects or courses. User-Submitted Notes System: Users have expressed appreciation for the user-submitted notes system on Course Hero. They have found these notes to be tremendously helpful in better understanding the subject matter. Several reviewers specifically mentioned that they liked how these notes include actual examples from the course, which further enhances their comprehension of the material.

Inefficient Support Team: Several users have had negative experiences with Course Hero's support team, finding it to be a waste of time and effort. They have expressed frustration with the lack of prompt and helpful assistance, leading them to feel dissatisfied with the service.

Corrupted Files and Inadequate Information: Users have encountered issues with corrupted files and inadequate information from Course Hero. Some reviewers have mentioned that they received incomplete or incorrect study materials, which hindered their learning experience and negatively impacted their perception of the platform.

Expensive Subscription Requirement: Many users have expressed frustration with the subscription requirement and high cost of Course Hero, especially as students. They feel burdened by the financial commitment required to access study materials and believe that the pricing structure is not student-friendly.


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Some assignments from the university may be hard to figure out from the lectures only. So having aid from another who submitted a similar assignment on course hero helps a lot. It can be used to exchange information and thus benefit both sides at the same time without searching a lot.
  • Provide answers.
  • Free access.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Both side benefit.
  • Evaluating submissions.
  • Checking authenticity.
  • Avoid repeating.
It is a great tool to help students find help by providing it without having to pay a lot and search lots of sites, especially when it comes to finding answers based on the name of the course or the university, so it comes precise and directly without searching a lot for them.
  • Free help.
  • Ease of access.
  • Direct results.
  • Quick response
  • Specific ideas
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  • Raised scores.
  • Helped solving problems.
  • Reduced time needed.
  • Provided explanation.
  • Facilitated search for material.
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