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Does its job, but is lacking

8 out of 10
June 14, 2019
Coveo is currently implemented within our company's ecosystem, which is a portal where employees can read about current company news, …
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Product Details

What is Coveo Relevance Cloud?

Coveo is a cloud-based relevance platform. Coveo is an intelligence layer that injects relevance into digital experiences, with applied AI-driven solutions spanning intelligent search through to solutions for eCommerce, Service, and Workplace.

Coveo boasts more than 1,500 successful implementations around the world, with clients including Tableau, Dell, Palo Alto, Xero, and Motorola Solutions. Coveo is supported by a network of accredited global partners, integrators and alliances, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Accenture, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.

Coveo Relevance Platform is a trademark of Coveo Solutions, Inc.

Coveo Relevance Cloud Features

  • Supported: Website - AI powered Intelligent Search, Recommendations, Personalization, and user analytics
  • Supported: Service and Support - Self Service (community, in-product support, chatbots), Agent Enablement, ticket deflection
  • Supported: Workplace - Company Intranet, Employee Self Service, Internal Help Desk, Line-of-business intelligence
  • Supported: Commerce - Deliver intuitive search, relevant recommendations, and behavior-based personalization with AI on tap for every part of the shopper journey.

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A million people. A million experiences. People interact with your business digitally, because they want to learn, buy, watch, fix or connect. They expect relevant digital experiences because that is the new normal. Coveo uses AI to personalize millions of digital experienc...
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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coveo Relevance Cloud?

Coveo is an enterprise search technology which can index data on disparate cloud systems making it easier to retrieve. It has integrated plug-ins for, Sitecore CEP, and Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

How much does Coveo Relevance Cloud cost?

Coveo Relevance Cloud starts at $600.

Who uses Coveo Relevance Cloud?

The most common users of Coveo Relevance Cloud are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.

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Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
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  • Coveo is fast, search results come up quick (though it's not always great).
  • Not much complexity to run.
  • Coveo is implemented within our portal and doesn't require extra steps to use it.
  • Coveo does its job but is lacking.
  • The results displayed by Coveo are not always relevant.
  • The results displayed by Coveo are not sorted, nor is there an option to sort.
  • The results displayed by Coveo are not location-specific, so results not relevant to my area or country gets shown.
Rondel Ward | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Searching a large set of documents is very fast
  • Support for faceted searching
  • Supports synonyms through an admin panel or via an external file
  • Out-of-box controls for rendering search, results, and faceting.
  • Customization allows for more flexible implementations
  • .NET hooks exist allowing code to be injected into its indexing process. This allows for more advanced taxonomy indexing (for example inspecting semantic information during indexing)
  • Items published via Sitecore are automatically indexed (within a minute or two of publish time)
  • Out-of-box support for ranking files attached to pages (PDFs, DOCs, etc) based on search term relevancy
  • Supports ranking certain file types above others (giving PDFs more weight than DOCs, etc)
  • Out-of-box support for crawling web pages from multiple sources. Each source can be configured with different crawl frequencies.
  • Coveo 7 introduces a JavaScript search interface in conjunction with a new REST API that you can use as an alternative to the out-of-the-box Coveo .NET search interfaces. This is also customizable and even supports templating engines like mustache and underscore.
  • They have a StackOverflow-like forum where you can get assistance from the community: .
  • It would be great if Coveo 6 allowed you to rebuild indexes from a certain subtree instead of needing to rebuild the entire tree to see changes. This functionality was added in Coveo 7 and is very useful.
  • In Coveo 6, integration with Sitecore is more difficult than one would expect. This integration is much improved in Coveo 7.
  • I have seen cases where an exception thrown when crawling a specific document will cause the indexing to stop completely. I believe this only happens in implementations using custom faceting but it could be handled more efficiently if the trouble document was skipped and the indexing could continue.
  • Relevancy ranking editor is good but not as powerful as GSA. GSA offers a self-learning scorer which automatically analyzes user behavior and the specific links that users click on for specific queries to fine tune relevance and scoring.
  • We've ran into issues on multiple clients with Sitecore items being indexed multiple times in Sitecore 7 and Coveo 7. The fix Coveo suggested was to upgrade our Sitecore version and Coveo but unfortunately this didn't resolve our issue. After months of testing we were finally able to resolve this by implementing our own CoveoItemCrawler to get around the issue (based on;jsessionid=3C1A2AE33540E0A0B8BB52BA3A64AF70).
  • Integration with RabbitMQ in Coveo 7 seems error prone. We often see the error "The AMQP operation was interrupted" and on occasion, need to restart the Coveo service to get this operating again. In some extreme cases, we have also had to restart the server because of issues when attempting to restart the Coveo service.
Lauren Jones, PMP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Good library of connectors to enterprise repositories including MS SharePoint, Exchange, Confluence. OOTB using the Open Connector API administrators were fairly easily be able to index content repositories.
  • Good security integration with existing repositories.
  • UI changes were cumbersome and timely to make changes to based on business requirements and user feedback. We were not able to optimize in the UI due to the constraints.
  • Analytics in the version we had were very poor. UI was built in Silverlight with no exportable version to be able to perform further analysis of data. Many product suggestions around additional metrics needed.
  • We struggled around data ranking and relevance due to the amount of unstructured data that we were indexing. This caused user adoption issues. This service and guidance was something that we were never really able to get from Coveo with my time using the product. The relevance controls were very simplistic and did not give us much control.