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What is Coveragebook?

Coveragebook is an online PR solution that automates the compilation of PR coverage books. Users input the url links of their online PR coverage, and Coveragebook pulls in screenshots, as well as website visits, social shares & Domain Authority from sources like…

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Coverage Book is a software that has been praised by customers for its affordability on the basic plan and the impressive coverage it …
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What is Coveragebook?

Coveragebook is an online PR solution that automates the compilation of PR coverage books. Users input the url links of their online PR coverage, and Coveragebook pulls in screenshots, as well as website visits, social shares & Domain Authority from sources like SimilarWeb & Moz. Users…

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Product Details

What is Coveragebook?

Coveragebook is an online PR solution that automates the compilation of PR coverage books. Users input the url links of their online PR coverage, and Coveragebook pulls in screenshots, as well as website visits, social shares & Domain Authority from sources like SimilarWeb & Moz. Users can customize each coverage book by choosing to show/hide metrics, apply high impact backgrounds, add their own commentary, and then share online or print. Coveragebooks also stores all past reports, acting as a repository for PR clippings.

Coveragebook Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Coverage Book is a software that has been praised by customers for its affordability on the basic plan and the impressive coverage it provides. Users find it easy to store, log, and share media coverage using the product, saving them time and effort. The software helps in solving the PR and ROI conundrum by demonstrating the return on investment for PR campaigns and encouraging staff to contribute to PR efforts. It also simplifies the process of sending clippings without the need for Photoshop. Users appreciate the ability to showcase earned media coverage and track performance/results for their PR work. Additionally, Coverage Book allows PR agencies to justify their services to clients' management by showing the impact of PR campaigns. The product is invaluable for year-end report-backs and renewing contracts with clients. It also offers quick reporting, effective media measurement, and detailed metrics that provide clients with a snapshot of their coverage results.

Customers appreciate the quick response from Coverage Book's support team, making it easier to communicate and share using the product. Users find it helpful for reporting back to sponsors effectively, delivering PR recaps, and gathering stats to deliver to clients. The software also enables users to easily quantify the value of PR and demonstrate ROI. This saves time in creating press books, generating media reports efficiently, and providing monthly coverage reports to clients quickly and professionally. It addresses the issue of time-consuming media report compilation, making it a real time-saver tool for PR professionals. Overall, Coverage Book streamlines the process of capturing, tracking, analyzing, and sharing PR coverage. It delivers quality-looking reports with up-to-date statistics that impress clients and stakeholders.

Easy Compilation: Users appreciate the ease with which they can quickly and efficiently compile media coverage using CoverageBook. They simply need to paste links, and the software will automatically compile all the necessary screenshots, articles, and social stats into a professional-looking press book.

Intuitive User Interface: The intuitive user interface of CoverageBook is highly praised by users. They find it easy to navigate and understand, allowing them to start using the platform without any hassle.

Time-saving: CoverageBook saves users significant amounts of time. It eliminates the grueling process of manually gathering press clippings as they can easily drop links into the platform and have everything organized in one place.

Difficulties with Crop Tool and Loading Image Files: Some users have mentioned encountering difficulties with the crop tool and loading image files on These issues can slow down the process of creating coverage reports and may require additional troubleshooting.

Small and Fuzzy Text in Clippings: Users have complained that the text in clippings on is often too small and fuzzy to read, which can make it challenging to analyze the coverage accurately. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to extract key information from the clippings.

Occasional Errors with Clipping and Screen Grabbing: Some users have reported occasional errors with clipping and screen grabbing on While these issues are not widespread, they can still cause inconvenience for users. However, manual uploading or re-clipping has been suggested as a workaround to resolve these errors.

Users have made several recommendations for Coveragebook based on their experiences. Firstly, they suggest taking advantage of the free trial period to test out the product, especially for freelancers or small firms. This allows users to assess whether Coveragebook meets their needs before committing to a purchase.

Secondly, users recommend using Coveragebook as a time-saving tool for clipping and creating reports. It streamlines the process of compiling press coverage and generating professional output, which is particularly beneficial for those who need to create client coverage reports frequently.

Lastly, users praise Coveragebook for its ability to impress clients with clear metrics and measure impact. The tool provides invaluable data that helps users showcase PR media coverage and client work effectively.

Overall, these recommendations highlight Coveragebook's value in terms of time-saving, professionalism, and supporting PR efforts.

Attribute Ratings


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Jess Messenger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Coveragebook to diligently track online and print coverage across numerous client accounts. Entry-level, middle management and senior-level employees all use this platform, and it is used across multiple offices around the globe. Coveragebook helps us save time building coverage reports for our clients and make them much more professional looking than they used to be. Coveragebook also provides useful metrics for our team and our clients so they can understand the reach of their media coverage.
  • Makes a presentable looking PDF of media coverage
  • Allows users to edit and add information like coverage impressions as needed
  • Enables you to customize your report (including all pages of coverage, just the first page, uploading your own screenshot, editing metrics, adding client logo, etc.)
  • Some coverage statistics are not in line with media kit figures
  • Adding print coverage can be a bit more tedious
  • Sometimes the media outlet name is not properly documented and requires editing
Coveragebook is great for any organization that needs to regularly track client media coverage or even just trending news stories to send to clients in a professional looking report. It is ideal for small, medium, and large PR and marketing firms. For firms or companies more focused on internal communications, this would not be a regularly used tool. For those focused on external communications, it's a must-have tool that helps save time and makes it easier for people at every level of an organization to create branded coverage reports that are easy to download or link to and share with clients.
  • Ability to add both online and print coverage
  • Ability to provide coverage metrics
  • Ability to customize reports with the clients' logos
  • Time savings leads to labor savings
  • High quality looking reports ensures client satisfaction
  • Inclusion of metrics highlights the value of the PR program to clients
We used to build coverage reports from scratch in PPT or send coverage links or PDFs of each piece of news to clients. Coveragebook is the first formal media coverage platform that we have used, and it suits all of our needs. It helps us save time, create great-looking reports, and present clients with detailed data about their media coverage.
Coveragebook is incredibly easy to use--so easy to use that we've never run into any issues that required additional support from the Coveragebook team. In the event that there is an issue, they have a detailed help section on the website with answers to FAQs to assist professionals at every step of the process.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Longren & Parks is a marketing communications agency. As Editorial Director, I head up the PR programs. Coveragebook is being used to collect and present media coverage to clients.

In addition to providing a professional, consistent format to showcase clippings, Coveragebook addresses the issue of how to accurately value earned media coverage. Before this, we used the traditional advertising value equivalency (AVE), simply showing how much it would cost if we purchased the same amount of advertising space for clients. This was never a perfect system and did not take into account factors like how many people would actually see the coverage over time.

  • Creates attractive, professional-looking report formats both as links and PDFs
  • Automatically grabs images of online coverage and offers multiple options for display
  • Provides statistics for media website (e.g. page views, domaine authority, etc.)
  • More ability to customize cover (title page) of report
  • Provide total (collective) backlinks for all pieces of coverage as a metric (currently you can only do one at a time)
  • Allow custom metrics for the offline coverage (currently, you can only add add'l info in the comments section so it looks like a quote vs. numerous metrics on the slides for online clippings)
Coveragebook is very well suited to preparing client reports. Links make it easy for clients to share the coverage within their companies by forwarding a link. The PDF reports also look great. There is an option to provide all the pages of a piece of coverage, or just the first, which is nice when a client is on one page of a multi-page article or product roundup. This way they don't have lots of extra pages that don't feature their product or brand.

  • Presentation format, both online and PDF for printing
  • Data to estimate value of coverage (vs traditional AVE)
  • Saves hours of time taking screen shots, converting to PDFs, etc.
  • Clients love our new reports. Our previous cut -and-paste PDF books look amateurish in comparison. Clients are proud to show off their Coveragebooks to the rest of their company /team.
  • Coveragebook saves me hours of time every month on client reports. Previously, I had to screenshot almost every piece of online coverage then convert to PDF. Some media websites convert multi-page articles to PDF format nicely, others create one ridiculously-sized image, which didn't work in the PDF report if it was printed by the client.
I didn't look too closely at the other services above because it was quickly apparent that they do different things than Coveragebook. We were looking for a reporting and valuation tool but didn't need help creating or distributing releases or finding client mentions. (Our PR programs are very targeted towards relevant trade press; we aren't looking for thousands of mentions in any/all media outlets.) Coveragebook accomplishes all the tasks we required at a reasonable price.
I have had a few questions while using Coveragebook, some of which were answered in the FAQs, but others were not. I emailed customer support and had responses within one business day. (I'm in California and Coveragebook is in the UK, I believe.) All questions were answered to my satisfaction quickly.
No - not sure this is an option but wasn't needed either way
Laura Coale | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Coveragebook easily tracks the news clips for the organization and provides great reports for other managers to review. It really shows the value of the work we are doing! It's an easy product to use and extremely valuable.
  • Easy to copy and paste links in.
  • Generates beautiful reports.
  • Helps calculate reach
  • Easy to manipulate
  • N/A
This product is wonderful to use for board presentation packets and management review.

Depending on the amount of news clips, it can be a little lengthy and possibly too much information for some to digest - although impressive!
  • It helps us keep track of the ROI of the public relations work we are doing - very positive impact!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Coveragebook is currently being used solely by the PR office as a tool to report to various departments (clients) within our organization. It streamlines our reporting process and cuts down on expensive design fees.
  • Coveragebook helps me build my monthly reports quickly by adding in the article and photo by me simply adding the link.
  • I can combine multiple monthly reports into a larger quarterly report or annual report.
  • The tool tracks social shares and creates a page at the top of the report with this helpful information as well as adding it to individual article pages.
  • I love that I can share the Coveragebook via a link with anyone!
  • The design template is relatively standard and doesn't leave much room for change.
  • The Coveragebook team is still working on how to improve the social share reporting function.
Coveragebook is great for a PR professional who is looking for a quick and easy way to report on media mentions for clients with basic analytics. The platform is easy to learn and easy to use. A few minutes each day with Coveragebook means you have a report ready to email or share with clients anytime. I love that I can also combine monthly reports for my annual report. Our designers simply create a cover page and I print the file off as a PDF to hand out to our board.
  • The ROI is mostly on time. I used to spend hours upon hours designing and inputting information for reports. Now, Coveragebook does all of the hard work for me.
Avery Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our public relations team uses this platform to report monthly on online media mentions. The platform takes screen grabs of each article we provide the URL for, as well as statistics of the webpage and website (DA, reach, engagement, etc). It saves a lot of time as we used to do all of that manually.
  • Screenshots of each article for the entire length of the site. It allows viewers (internally) to get an idea of what the webpage looks like.
  • Can include offline media.
  • Creates a slideshow presentation quickly and easily.
  • Each screen grab has a URL back to the webpage to read the article.
  • Some screen grabs are pop up ads.
  • There isn’t a way to import any stats for print coverage that you can upload as PDF. Would be helpful to be able to put in a magazine and get the circulation/readership.
  • I would absolutely love to be able to link this with our media mention platform so URLS get pulled in automatically.
Coveragebook is great as a quick reporting mechanism for providing the visuals of the articles/websites where your company is mentioned. The platform that we use to actually track the media mentions provides the same statistic information (DA, readership, etc).
  • Quick and efficient tool to visually show the articles/webpages our company is mentioned in with high-level data for each site.
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