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Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature


What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is email signature software from New Zealand company Crossware.

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Users of Crossware email signature have found the product to be highly valuable in improving the maintenance and consistency of email …
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What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is email signature software from New Zealand company Crossware.

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Product Details

What is Crossware Mail Signature?

A tool used to add consistent and compliant signatures, disclaimers and branding to every email leaving a company. Crossware Mail Signature (for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and HCL Domino) helps generate personalised signatures that are automatically added to each email, no matter what device is being used to send from.

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Community Insights

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Users of Crossware email signature have found the product to be highly valuable in improving the maintenance and consistency of email signatures across all devices and clients. By utilizing Crossware, users have been able to solve brand and legal compliance issues by creating engaging email signatures that generate new leads. The centralized system provided by Crossware has made it easier for users to stick to legal and marketing guidelines, allowing them to add department heads without the need for admins. This has proven especially useful for users who previously faced challenges in adhering to brand guidelines when drafting emails, as Crossware enables them to effortlessly create brand-consistent signatures. Overall, users are highly satisfied with the product's ability to automatically add signatures to emails without user intervention, providing them with various templates that can be easily applied as needed.

Customers have had positive experiences with Crossware, finding them to be a professional outfit that offers great assistance during transitions to Office 365. The software is described as simple to use, allowing users to make changes on the fly and receive good support from the Crossware team. Users also praise the many features of Crossware Mail Signature, including the ability to create complex rules and customize signatures, corporate banners, and disclaimers. One notable advantage is the ease of contacting Crossware's sales and support teams whenever assistance is required.

Furthermore, longtime users appreciate the reliability of Crossware, requiring minimal attention and support once properly set up. This level of consistency instills confidence in users knowing that the emails sent from their office are consistent and reflect the desired image. With Crossware's robust solution for email signatures, businesses can meet legal requirements and ensure standardized signatures across the organization. By eliminating the need to set up and test signatures individually for each user profile per device, Crossware saves users valuable time and effort. In summary, users find Crossware Mail Signature simple yet powerful, leading to high satisfaction levels among its customers.

Flexible and customizable: Users appreciate the support and flexibility offered by Crossware, particularly through its scripting possibilities. Several reviewers have mentioned that they can easily tailor the solution to meet their specific needs, making it a versatile tool for managing email signatures.

Seamless integration with Office 365: The integration of Crossware with the Office 365 ecosystem is highly praised by users. Many reviewers have highlighted how easy it is to log in with their Microsoft credentials and host everything on Azure. This seamless integration allows for a smooth transition from other platforms, such as Domino, to Office 365.

Clean and user-friendly interface: The clean interface of Crossware is well-liked by users. They find it easy to use and delegate tasks to their team without requiring additional administrators. This simplicity contributes to efficient workflow management and reduces the need for constant IT department involvement.

Slow support response: Some users have expressed frustration with the slow response times from the support team. They have mentioned that it can take a significant amount of time to receive assistance and get their issues resolved, which has impacted their overall experience with the software.

Difficult software editor: Several reviewers have found the software editor to be challenging, especially in a Domino environment where designer knowledge is required. Users without programming experience have struggled to navigate and utilize the editor effectively, leading to difficulties in customizing their email signatures.

Challenging setup and learning curve: Many users have mentioned that setting up rules and complex functions can be difficult without proper support. The software requires a good understanding of email systems, making it challenging for those who are not familiar with such technicalities. Additionally, there is a steep learning curve involved when using this software, particularly for users who do not have any programming knowledge or background.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  1. COMPLIANCE: We were facing issues with sticking to legal and branding guidelines. Every time we drafted an email it was missing multiple things such as promotions, discounts, or marketing messages. Crossware email signature uses a centralized management system which makes it easy for a few users to come up with consistent guidelines which will be followed every time a mail has been drafted.
  2. DESIGNS: Taking into consideration the powerful email signature designer, we have created some beautiful brand-friendly signatures that are quite engaging with responsive buttons and moving images within the banners
  • Creates beautiful email signatures.
  • Ensures consistent branding and legality.
  • Everything is backed up in the cloud.
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Themes
A great centralized system with responsive buttons and dynamic banners that showcase the brand every time a mail is drafted no matter what department sends it.
  • Positive ROI.
  • Received great leads.
  • Effective branding.
It was not bad but crosswire is a far more mature product with great support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Crossware to enforce e-mail signatures and disclaimers across the whole organization with multiple policies and templates to cater for the different departments and users. It works well in conjunction with Exchange Online/Office 365 and ensures all the outgoing messages meet the legal requirements and have a standardized signature applied.
  • E-mail signatures. Full customization and easy to deploy.
  • E-mail disclaimers. It allows us to set the disclaimers for the whole firm and apply them to all outgoing emails.
  • Policy-based control. It simplifies the management of the signatures and disclaimers.
  • The signature editor could be more intuitive.
  • The rules and the way they are applied need to be simplified/streamlined.
  • A better way to test the signatures.
It works really well with Exchange Online/Office 365 environments with a very simple setup and ease of customization and easy to use and understand management panel. Not sure how well it works on on-premises deployments as I have not tested it in that scenario.
  • For the price, and compared to other alternatives, Crossware offered the more attractive package at a very reasonable price while meeting all our requirements.
While Crossware seems to have been designed with cloud services in mind. Exclaimer appears to be an on-prem solution that has been modified to work in the cloud so there are some things that don't work as they should and the maturity that Crossware exhibits are just not there. It's still a very good product but not as robust as Crossware when it comes to Exchange Online.
Fortunately, we haven't had to deal with support much, but every time we have, they were very responsive and were able to either fix our problem or explain the way it worked in a timely and polite manner. Not much else to say other than being in the same region is also a plus for support.
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