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Karthik Jairam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use CustomerSuccessBox as a tool to retain our MRR. It helps me manage my portfolio and be super proactive. We use this software company-wide, not just in the customer success department but also in account management and marketing. For account managers, we get to see the health of the existing accounts and also potential threats. For marketing, it helps in finding out referenceable customers and users.
  • to monitor the health of accounts
  • to identify potential threats
  • to find out upselling opportunities
  • for quick on-boarding
  • Templates for note taking
It is the best software if you are a b2b software who is planning to scale customer success department and you are running blind on potential threats for renewal. It also helps you understand which customer is not getting value out of your product. I completely recommend this. Go for it!!!!!
I have created two - three support tickets so far and their response is very very quick. Their team is also very empathetic, understanding and highly motivated towards solving a customer's problem. I would definitely recommend and rate them 10 / 10 for their excellent after sales support. They support for all EST & PST zones.
Supreeya Jindaphan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It’s being used in my customer success department and we plan to use it across the whole organization. It helps me track events, emails, notes, tasks, and risks through the entire life cycle of the customers. The Playbooks feature helps ensure that I complete all required tasks at each stage. The experience has been good so far.
  • Playbooks
  • Email sync
  • Calendar sync
  • Integration
If your team is managing high touch customers and each member is handling 10+ accounts, you should consider the product.
They keep in touch.
Sachin Agarwal | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Customer Success Box has now become the single source of truth for our Customer Success Team. It allows our team to get a complete picture of an account and how best to serve their needs.

As an admin, I find the dashboard feature incredibly useful in providing a holistic view of different account portfolios. The ability to customize it according to business requirements has been instrumental in decision-making.

Setting up automated alerts for important milestones is a magnificent feature of CSB which gives the ability to be proactive and show our customers some extra love.

The ease of integrating CSB with our product and 3rd party tools helped us automate several workflows and provide valuable business insights.

Sheldon [ai] is a very good data-driven AI feature recently introduced within the platform. Although we haven’t started using it much, it seems to be a game-changer for us in the long run to make decisions based on recommendations provided by Sheldon [ai].

  • Provides product adoption and client relationship metrics on Account level.
  • Provides options for customizable dashboards.
  • Automated alerts based on set criteria.
  • Sheldon [ai] recommendations.
  • Quick support
  • Adding more metrics for relationship segment on account level.
  • 3rd Party Integration as per use case or requirement.
  • Can improve font size of menu bar, it sometimes strains eyes.
It's well suited for managing a large number of clients under a single platform. There was a time before using CSB when we used to manage all client-related information through different sources. But after onboarding CSB, it has eased our various processes and we are able to automate certain processes as well. The focus has now shifted to getting valuable insights from data collected under a single platform. It is easy to track and take proactive decisions based on health metrics provided by the platform.
Their Support team is very helpful in solving product-related queries.
Shweta Dubey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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CustomerSuccessBox is being used across the whole organization to keep track of the users' productivity as well as measure the performance of the customer in terms of using our software and how frequently they are using it. CSB helps us to keep a track of our tasks and follow-ups. With a few clicks, we can check the renewal and pending dues of our customers. It also helps to drives product adoption, helps grow recurring revenue, reduces churn and drives retention for our customers.
  • Managing tasks and follow-ups
  • Email sync feature is amazing
  • Multiple options while logging a meeting, an internal discussion, a demo scheduled,
  • or KT, etc.
  • Sometimes experienced slowness
  • Can't open and work on multiple windows as it hangs
CustomerSuccessBox helps to onboard, retain, upsell & drive MRR Growth for B2B SaaS. Leading indicators, especially on low usage, helps to decide what actions to take proactively on that particular customer. Acting on the right account at the right time is very important and helps to reduce missed opportunities. It streamlined our process and now we know exactly on which customer we need to focus more, identifying early warning signs for proactive support and action. After implementing CustomerSuccessBox the productivity increased in the last 6 months.
User friendly, Helps us to be more productive and work on customers who are at risk.
Mridul Agrawal | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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CustomerSuccess Box is used by our organization for almost a year now and we are using it for the Customer Success Department here at Netcore.

Business Problems Addressed:

  • Managing daily task list.
  • Regular alerts on important client KPIs.
  • Planning and execution of projects using playbook functionality, etc.
  • Helps in managing a daily task list for customer success managers.
  • Proactive alerts on tracking important Client KPIs.
  • Playbook option which helps manage projects for clients.
  • Task list can have a sub tasks option to create a much more detailed view of each task.
CustomerSuccess Box is well suited for organizations with an active customer success team requiring effective management of their clientele using various features like Task board, Playbooks, Meeting logger, etc.

Proactive responses were received for all support-related queries and feedback was taken after every resolution.
Gajanan Sonune | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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CustomerSuccessBox has been used by our customer-facing team to manage customers, identify risks, and determine upsell triggers.
  • It helps my team see the health of customers well.
  • As a marketing person, we have automated emails sent to our successful customers for a case study and I am able to manage that with CustomerSuccessBox.
  • It's been used by the entire company across multiple departments like customer success, account management, customer support, and customer marketing.
  • Due to our large number of customers, sometimes it takes time to load.
It is absolutely suitable for customer success teams which are B2B SaaS companies with more than $1M revenue and who want to set up customer success departments for a scalable and repeatable model.
I haven't found anything major. They are doing fine.
Score 9 out of 10
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CustomerSuccessBox is being used by the Customer Success Team on a daily basis as a complete workstation.
  • All-in-one workstation.
  • Product usage reports and analytics.
  • Task management.
  • Quick add logs/tasks directly from the account page, this will save a lot of loading time and effort.
  • Software load speed.
Well suited if you work with a SaaS product where you need to constantly analyze the usage pattern and analytics to ensure customer success.
Not involved
August 26, 2021

All in one insights

Ankur Parswani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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CSB is being used for tracking tasks and important implementations for all our clients.
It's solving the problem of creating multiple sheets and tracking daily tasks.
  • Sheldon AI
  • Great UI
  • Task lists
  • Personal task lists
  • Linking of clients google sheet
  • One view of my clients
Great UI, great representation of data and AI engine is very insightful
CSBox has altogether replaced Excel sheet Adding & reviewing Columns everyday to note down each & every call is a tough task. Getting all necessary details of a account at one place has really helped
August 17, 2021

Amazing software

Akshay Jangra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used by the whole department including various teams, even some other teams are also based on this software as we can easily liaison with them directly. It makes day-to-day work very productive and analytical. It gives a very detailed perspective of all the information required and can directly link emails and texts here so as to cluster most of the work on a single interface and make the work more productive and effective.
  • Analzse product adoption for various customers throughout
  • Tasks creation and notifications so as to make work more productive
  • Liaison with various teams on a single interface so as to save time and provide more ease.
  • Interface can be improved a bit
  • Sometimes it is a bit slower
  • More thorough reports could be more useful, though they already provide a lot of reports and dashboards to work upon
It is very well suited for customer success, billing and finance teams as they get a thorough analysis of all the respective work, they can create tasks and have reports for more effective work. For the customer success team, they can have their complete work from here itself, though from a sales perspective it would not be that useful as they will not be able to analyze prospects.
It is very good and can be reached on emails easily, support gives the resolution on time and can help in working us productively
Sooraj Subramanian P M | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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CustomerSuccessBox is widely used by the entire Customer Success Team and few other departments where client relations need to be tracked and mapped accordingly. It solves the purpose of keeping complete track of the customer lifecycle. We are able to track the usage relationship service and other parameters of a customer so that we as Customer Success Managers can prepare for our calls and take notes of the minutes of our meetings.
  • Product Adoption
  • Financial Scores
  • Relationship with Clients
  • Invoices & Subscription Tracking
  • Real time data sync can be better
  • Tasks once completed can be added as logs
  • Email logs sync can be better
It is used quite well an ongoing relationship with a client needs to be monitored. It solves the purpose of tracking risks for accounts or when the last touchpoint was done and helps a Customer Success manager plan various things ahead of a review call with the customer. CustomerSuccessBox is very essential to every company of any kind of industry.
haven't really used the support from customersuccess box till now, but since the product is extremely useful, I'm pretty sure the support would also be excellent!
Score 10 out of 10
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CustomerSuccsessBox is used by different teams like the customer success team [and the] Sales team. It helps to view the product usage pattern of our clients with the help of which we can plan our day and minimize the risk of clients getting churned. CustomerSuccsessBOX gives the user-level data where we can have a check which user is not using the product and can reach out to the client with the data for more product visibility. This had helped to bridge the Gap. On the finance part as well we are able to get the data of the renewal, pending invoices. The relationship part helps us the last connection done with the client. Also gives the analysis of the past product usage history and based on which we can pitch the customer new ideas to improve the product usage. This helps in building a good relationship with the client
  • Product Adoption
  • Financial Health
  • Relationship
  • Services
  • Logs
  • Task Management
  • Journey
  • Loading Time
For planning the journey which directs us what next step needs to be done, the Task Management module- This helps to never miss any follow-ups to be done or any meetings, Product adoption details help to reduce the bandwidth of the team and help them to get the direct details for each instance they wish for.

Deep analytics with simple to understand and userfriendly

CustomerSuccessBox Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Platform & Infrastructure (2)
API (7)
Integration with (5)
Customer Data Extraction / Integration (2)
Product usage (11)
Help desk / support tickets (9)
Customer Success Management (6)
NPS surveys (10)
Sponsor tracking (7)
Customer profiles (10)
Automated workflow (10)
Customer health scoring (9)
Customer segmentation (11)
CSM Reporting & Analytics (4)
Customer health trends (10)
Engagement analytics (11)
Revenue forecasting (8)
Dashboards (11)

What is CustomerSuccessBox?

What is CustomerSuccessBox?

An AI-powered customer success platform for B2B SaaS that provides actionable insights to drive customer success. Backed with $1 Million in March 2018 by pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures, CustomerSuccessBox was built from a clear need for a solution that could deliver ‘proactive’ customer success. Customer Success tracks product adoption to understand customer onboarding, product adoption, usage analysis, and calculating customer health scores.

CustomerSuccessBox provides AI-generated proactive recommendations for CSMs to drive retention by learning and analyzing historical data. It enables success managers to deliver a consistent customer onboarding experience, improve retention, drive upsell and improve monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and lifetime value (LTV) for SaaS businesses. CustomerSuccessBox processes millions of activities from 250,000 plus end users every week. It is built to handle 2,200 events/second to give you the real picture of the customer account health. CustomerSuccessBox’s clientele includes global clients like LeadSquared, Raken, Locus, and Headset.

CustomerSuccessBox Features

Customer Data Extraction / Integration Features

  • Supported: Product usage
  • Supported: Help desk / support tickets
  • Supported: Billing

Customer Success Management Features

  • Supported: NPS surveys
  • Supported: Sponsor tracking
  • Supported: Customer profiles
  • Supported: Automated workflow
  • Supported: Customer health scoring
  • Supported: Customer segmentation

CSM Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Customer health trends
  • Supported: Engagement analytics
  • Supported: Revenue forecasting
  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Customer lifetime value
  • Supported: Churn rate

Platform & Infrastructure Features

  • Supported: API
  • Supported: Integration with

CustomerSuccessBox Screenshots

360 Degree View 

A fully integrated customer success platform that connects with your CRM, Helpdesks, Billing system, customer engagement system, and even your homegrown systems to provide customer success managers a complete 360-degree view of each account.Actionable Platform

No more juggling between tools, get all customer communication in one place. You get the ability to send emails, make calls and manage tasks from inside the customer success platform. CSMs take preemptive measures to engage with accounts with average or poor health.Segmentation

Customer Segmentation is done based on revenue generated/MRR (Enterprise-Mid market-SMBs or Tier 1-Tier 2-Tier3), location (US, Asia, EMEA, ANZ, etc), Product used or plans opted for, etc.Playbooks 

Time-bound playbooks are created to manage tasks to onboard, increase product adoption, renewals, and upsells.  Playbooks help in creating an Ideal Customer Journey along with various Tasks, Outcomes & Milestones

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CustomerSuccessBox Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)90%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)10%

CustomerSuccessBox Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CustomerSuccessBox's best feature?

Reviewers rate Customer health scoring and Customer health trends highest, with a score of 8.9.

Who uses CustomerSuccessBox?

The most common users of CustomerSuccessBox are from Mid-size Companies and the Information Technology & Services industry.