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Cvent Onsite Solutions
Formerly AllianceTech

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Cvent Onsite Solutions


What is Cvent Onsite Solutions?

AllianceTech is now Cvent Onsite Solutions. The product promises to help you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event. Featuring check-in and badging, attendee tracking, lead capture, reporting and...
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What is Cvent Onsite Solutions?

AllianceTech is now Cvent Onsite Solutions. The product promises to help you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event. Featuring check-in and badging, attendee tracking, lead capture, reporting and analytics, mobile…

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Product Details

What is Cvent Onsite Solutions?

AllianceTech is now Cvent Onsite Solutions. The product promises to help you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event. Featuring check-in and badging, attendee tracking, lead capture, reporting and analytics, mobile event apps, and social amplification display.

Cvent Onsite Solutions Features

  • Supported: Event Check-In
  • Supported: Event Badging
  • Supported: Attendee Tracking

Cvent Onsite Solutions Screenshots

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Cvent Onsite Solutions Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization uses Cvent Onsite Solutions to assist with planning internal company events and meetings as well as marketing/promotional events. The Cvent platform allows us to be more organized and tend to our attendees as best as we can. The check-in process is a seamless one and allows us to run more efficient events.
  • Allows a quick check-in process in the app rather than dealing with pesky paper badges
  • Provides a digital itinerary for attendees rather than having to print them out individually
  • Offers attendee tracking to better tailor future events
  • Would be awesome to have more tools to analyze post-event feedback
  • Update to provide more functionality with digital badges
  • Provide an easier user layout to customize itineraries in the pre-event stage
I am highly likely to always recommend Cvent Onsite Solutions based on the positive experience I have had with them. I have had an amazing experience overall with the entire Cvent platform and all of their offerings. The support team is awesome and extremely knowledgeable. This is the type of software that offers customers the cutting edge to excel.
  • The digital check-ins allow us to streamline the entire check-in process which is important since we are such a large organization with a high number of attendees at events
  • Being able to digitally send out attendee itineraries in the app is extremely efficient for us rather than preparing such a large amount of them on paper
  • Being able to digitally manage so many aspects of the events allows our team to focus on other tasks and become efficient in many other areas too
  • Workplace efficiency has increased. We have noticed a boost in morale amongst our team since they can better manage their time and tasks.
  • Our organization has noticed a boost in revenue from the marketing events since we can reach more attendees digitally.
  • We have saved a tremendous amount of money by reducing our paper usage surrounding events.
My organization also uses the Cvent Event Management platform. We did try using another platform called "STAR" which had very limited offerings compared to the Cvent Onsite Solutions. STAR did not have a user-friendly layout nor was it easy to digitally manage our events. Maybe the STAR platform works better on a smaller scale, but we are a large organization so it simply wasn't efficient for us.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Cvent Onsite Solutions for the first time at our conference coming up in July. This will be used by staffing members of each department within our organization. This addresses the problems associated with onsite registration and check-in for our attendees. This allows a smoother welcoming process for our attendees, especially during/post-COVID conference restrictions.
  • Allows a smoother process for attendees
  • Allows our staff more time to focus on other onsite tasks during the conference
  • Shifts to more of a digital process rather than relying on paper/by hand check ins
  • More easy to use functionality for guest passes
  • Allowing more badges/additions to print with each badge
  • Most other features are very straight forward and easy to use - post conference I may find more room for improvement
The one situation where it is most appropriate is for onsite conferences regarding welcome registration processes for attendees. Typically, our organization utilizes by-hand check in processes that make it more tedious and time consuming. This onsite solutions allows for a quicker process, helps us teach our attendees how to shift towards a mostly contactless process, and have the onsite assistance in case of any confusion or difficulties.
  • Badge printing
  • Mostly contactless check-in for registration
  • Onsite assistance with our supervisor during the conference
  • It allows our organization to lower overtime pay to employees who needed to stay at the registration area
  • Allows us to allocate our resources to other functions that bring in revenue
  • Pre-conference time usually wasted on pre-packing is now freed up to focus on more important functions within our organization
Our organization has not used any other products similar to Cvent Onsite Solutions. The reason for this is prior management has focused on overworking staff to do time consuming tasks that this product now resolves. With everything previously being done by hand, over the phone, or onsite requiring one staff member per area, the Cvent Onsite Solutions solves most of our previous issues.
Cvent Event Diagramming (Formerly Social Tables), Cvent Event Management, Cvent Passkey
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AllianceTech) for onsite trade show solutions, and they were eventually integrated into Cvent. Lead capture at trade shows was the primary function. Since their integration, I'm not sure which portions are Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AllianceTech). As it's all rolled into Cvent Onsite Solutions, the Alliance Tech reference doesn't apply, but the build-out of their stable platform will only get better with Cvent solutions. On Arrival and Arrival, 360 are onsite solutions we use. On Arrival for all event check-ins because of the simple and easy to use check-in process in real-time that maps back to the database showing an attendee has checked in. On Arrival, 360 is more about the badge automation process and is highly efficient. We use On Arrival 360 for more significant, more complex events. We hope to be able to use CVENT OnSite Solutions (formerly AllianceTeach) for all events across the board.
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Quick and Efficient Barcode Scan
  • Pricing. If we can get lower pricing, we can use for more events.
  • Buying our own on-site kits vs having Cvent team needing to be onsite.
  • WELL SUITED: On-site check-in, Onsite badging, Mobile Ticketing. Integration into the Cvent platform, mobile app, and other ends to end solutions within the tech stack. GDPR and CCPA privacy.
  • LESS APPROPRIATE: Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AlliancaTech) priced higher than competitors and limits # of events we can leverage for consistency. We want to be device rental free and have the app on our phones and real-time upload to master files.
  • It's hard to quantify accurately but frees up resources to be able to solve other problems and drive more detail in planning other aspects of an event.
  • Eliminates paper and is a green friendly effort. We save $100K annually on printed items as now replaced by Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AllianceTech) across all of our events.
  • Aventri (formerly etouches)
  • One not listed here is iCapture. We use iCapture right now for lead capture. It's easy to use and priced well, and we leverage all of our events. It's easy to use the tool.
  • Moved away from Aventri/E-Touches quickly after being stuck in a 3-year contract. We started with Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AllianceTech), and procurement moved us to Aventri. After a good battle, we were able to move back to Cvent Onsite Solutions (formerly AllianceTeach).
It's pretty consistent and efficienct customer servide availble 24/7.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Cvent Onsite Solutions is used annually for our large signature event, Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, through the Alumni Association and Advancement Events departments. It addressed our need for a more streamlined customer facing check-in process and saved a lot of pre-event man hours by not having to print 4500+ name tags for everyone registered when only about 2500 attendees actually come and check-in to pick up a name tag.
  • Saves on pre-event prep.
  • Customer support and client service specialists have been helpful and responsive.
  • We have to enter a lot of custom data into the back-end because of lack of our CRM communication with Cvent.
  • Would be helpful if the person working on the pre-event prep could be onsite. We have only been able to have this 1 out of the last 5 or 6 times.
Less suited for smaller events where your event ROI isn't enough to help cover the cost of Cvent Onsite Solutions.
  • Positive impact on attendee facing experience.
  • Better knowledge for how Cvent Event Management works by event planners on our team.
The person onsite can be hit or miss. We have had a few really wonderful support technicians that came prepared, were helpful, and jumped in where needed. We have had others that sat back, didn't offer advice or best practices tips, and were not pleasant to work with. It's very hit or miss.
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