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What is Sales.Rocks?

Sales.Rocks is a Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform. By using data-driven solutions, we help companies increase pipeline levels, convert leads faster by reducing the cycle time and make the sales and marketing process more streamlined. Acording to the vendor, as…

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Users of Sales.Rocks have found the software to be a valuable tool for streamlining their sales processes and saving time and effort. They …
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What is Sales.Rocks?

Sales.Rocks is a Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform. By using data-driven solutions, we help companies increase pipeline levels, convert leads faster by reducing the cycle time and make the sales and marketing process more streamlined. Acording to the vendor, as a source for…

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Product Demos

Sales.Rocks Review, Demo +Tutorial I Automate sales with multichannel outreach hyper-personalization


Sales Rocks Review and Demo

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Product Details

What is Sales.Rocks?

Sales.Rocks is a Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform. By using data-driven solutions, we help companies increase pipeline levels, convert leads faster by reducing the cycle time and make the sales and marketing process more streamlined.

Acording to the vendor, as a source for B2B customer service, Sales.Rocks is a self-servicing platform that allows users to gain quick access to full contact data, and reach the right people thanks to the constantly updated in-house database. The Sales.Rocks platform looks across the web, sorting through millions of real-time data-points to pull back actionable intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, legal filing, and many more.

The platform delivers secure and scalable API (application program interface) integrations that help enterprise sales and marketing teams to identify and understand who their customers are, push towards increasing sales and attracting inbound leads. The Sales.Rocks platform provides large coverage and accurate data for fueling CRM, HRM or Marketing Automation Systems. The fully automated data validation process helps companies create a dynamic database and increase accuracy.

Sales.Rocks Features

  • Supported: Batch: Enrich the existing data with phone numbers, direct emails, URLs and social media profiles
  • Supported: Sales+ option: Verifying emails, email guesser, domain search, email finder, email checker, technology tracker etc.
  • Supported: Bulk: Helps companies to fill their sales pipeline using several filters for reaching the desired audience: Location, industry, email, phone number, company size (employee and revenue range), company status, etc.

Sales.Rocks Screenshots

Screenshot of Bulk data moduleScreenshot of Bulk data filtersScreenshot of User profile in Bulk data

Sales.Rocks Integrations

Sales.Rocks Competitors

Sales.Rocks Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesIreland, UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, German
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of Sales.Rocks have found the software to be a valuable tool for streamlining their sales processes and saving time and effort. They appreciate the intuitive interface and excellent customer support provided by Sales.Rocks. One key use case is prospecting, where users have been able to easily find leads with specific filtered criteria, allowing them to personalize their outreach and connect with the right contacts at the right companies. This has resulted in higher open and response rates and more sales for users. Additionally, Sales.Rocks offers multiple functionalities in one place, including contact searching, email outreach, and email ID warmup, eliminating the need to rely solely on the dashboard. Users have also found the software useful for lead generation, business research, and list validation. The accuracy and reliability of the data provided by Sales.Rocks have been appreciated by users in targeting companies in the UK and Europe. Overall, users consider Sales.Rocks to be a superb product that continuously improves based on user feedback.

Intuitive interface: Users appreciate the modern and intuitive interface of Sales.Rock, which allows them to perform multiple tasks easily and quickly. Many users mention that they find it easy to navigate the platform without any inconvenience.

Didactic sales process organization: Users highlight the ability to organize the entire sales process in a didactic way, which gives them a greater understanding and control over their company's sales processes. Several users mention that this feature is particularly helpful for cold outreach purposes and saves them time when selling in a B2B scheme.

Simplicity and ease of use: Users like the simplicity of Sales.Rock, especially when it comes to entering a domain to seek leads and sorting the results as required. Many users express interest in exploring features such as the cold emailing system and drip campaign functionality, citing positive feedback they have heard about these features.

LinkedIn Automation Process: Limited Development Several users have mentioned that the LinkedIn automation process in Sales.Rocks is not as developed as some of its competitors. This has led to frustration and a desire for more advanced features and functionality within the tool. Chrome Extension: Slow Performance and Extra Clicks The Chrome extension in Sales.Rocks has been reported by users to be slow and requires an additional button click to confirm a search. This extra step adds unnecessary friction to the user experience, leading to decreased efficiency and productivity. Email Outreach Setup: Complex Process Requiring Support Many users have found the setup process for email outreach in Sales.Rocks to be complex and often require assistance from the support team. This complexity can be time-consuming and frustrating for users, who express a desire for a simpler and more intuitive setup process.

Users have provided a range of recommendations for Sales.Rocks based on their experiences. The three most common recommendations include:

  1. Utilize all the tools offered by Sales.Rocks. Users suggest taking advantage of the various tools provided by Sales.Rocks to maximize effectiveness. These tools are seen as valuable resources for expanding client base, creating quality outreach campaigns, and saving time in getting in contact with the right companies.

  2. Reach out to Sales.Rocks support team for specific inquiries. Customers recommend contacting the Sales.Rocks support team to inquire about specific niches and available data. This suggests that the support team is responsive and helpful in addressing user needs and providing relevant information.

  3. Recommend Sales.Rocks for prospecting. Many users highly recommend Sales.Rocks as a valuable tool for cold outreach and prospecting. They emphasize its solid data and well-made outreach tools, making it a potential gold mine for finding contacts and companies worldwide.

It is important to note that some users also recommend Sales.Rocks specifically for contacts and companies in the Netherlands or European data. Additionally, others simply recommend the service of Sales.Rocks to other potential clients.


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Devis Sandri (L.I.O.N.) | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Sales.Rocks to prospect for new customers through the internal Linkedin and e-mail contact database and e-mail contact prospecting platform. The platform enables perfect sending and tracking of every technical parameter related to contacts and sales. Contact is not made exclusively by email as in other platforms but by phone call and Linkedin contact, allowing a sequence of actions tailored to the type of business to be handled to be planned.
  • International contact search
  • Scheduling multiple conttato sequences based on the prospect's actions
  • Monitoring of campaigns and the technical side of cold mailing (deliverability and spam folder avoidance)
  • Customization of messages, campaigns, images, timing and modes
  • Great online support and documentation on the tool and sales strategies
  • Dashboard selectable in multiple languages, I for example am Italian and there is my language
  • Monthly prospect limits versus annual cost
In customer prospecting through cold contact, "cold mailing" is a very cost-effective practice and is widely used in the U.S. market, particularly for selling saas software and high-cost business services. (In my case it is used for selling insurance policies). We generally find several saas (i.e., monthly paid) email contact generation software on the market, generally found on linkedin and freely accessible. But this is not enough, you need software for sending emails (additional cost) and it must be specific to cold mailing otherwise you end up in spam. And you need a CRM, not all cold mailing software has that! Additional cost is for paid email verification and you have to waste time uploading and downloading the excel files to be verified and derived from the verification... then adapt them to the cold mailing software... A yes, not all cold mailing software has email warmers and many do not warm all types of emails (instead Sales.Rocks warmed because of my emails from an unknown hosting that no system warmed...). But if you had one software that does everything in one platform without driving you crazy switching between them, especially if you have large volumes of emailing and with the ability to track everything, create email sequences based on funnel-like behaviors, schedule phone calls or maybe an initial linkedin message from your Sales.Rocks linked account ... well, Sales.Rocks is all of that, and with support that lets you know how serious the company is. It's an expensive product for a freelancer like me, but it's unique, and for a structured company it's simply beneficial and has a huge return.
  • contact list
  • sequence planning
  • absolute monitoring
  • Very high than average mail deliverability
  • assistance
  • seriousness company
  • return on investment within a few months
  • High initial time investment for those who have never dealt with cold mailing professionally
Saleshandy, Hexospark, Getmails, Postaga. Mature product like Saleshandy, constantly updated for further improvements like Saleshandy and Hexospark. Sales.Rocks is the opposite of Getmails: the former has a myriad of features and a dashboard that gives you control like a NASA technician! But that is not why it is difficult to use. Getmails is super simple, wants to do everything automatically saving time for nerds like me who get curious and waste time trying every menu.
  • Product Features
This platform saves an infinite amount of time and offers a number of features not available elsewhere with other software. It is perfect for organizing sales in a structured company but also for a soloist like me if he or she intends to invest time initially. . For marketing agencies, this could be a great step forward.
1 establish business goals (including numerically)2 establish the strategy with best cost (in time) / benefit ratio3 establish which cold mailing tool is most appropriate-I only need one email platform because I acquire email lists from other vendors?-do I need instead a platform that includes everything like Sales.Rocks? (email lists, email warming, etc.)-how many salespeople in my company will spend time on this tool and how much time each? > from here I can figure out how many contacts they will be able to handle with first contacts and monthly callbacks and thus which monthly Sales.Rocks plan is best for my company. If my company has never used this kind of prospecting software before, it is preferable to start with the lowest plan and only increase the plan later when I have become more familiar with the tool (so as to optimize the usage result for the higher paid plans) after I have analyzed the results, re-entered costs and optimized processes, also to understand whether to invest more time in this tool than in other routine activities of my company.
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