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What is Daylite?

Daylite is a project management solution built around features such as contact management, scheduling, and sales pipeline tracking.

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Daylite has emerged as a highly customizable CRM software that effectively manages clients, conversions, and project completion. Users …
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  • Setup fee optional
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $39 per month per seat
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Product Details

What is Daylite?

Daylite is a CRM and business productivity app that helps small businesses build stronger client relationships and close deals, then deliver on their commitments efficiently which increases revenue. Unlike classic CRMs that are built for “the boss” to report on sales with fancy charts, Daylite is designed to support day-to-day work, not create it. Unlike most CRMs that are web-based, Daylite is a real macOS and iOS app that works seamlessly with many of the built-in Apple apps, and all the Apple devices, you know and love! Plus, in keeping with the elegance and power of leading Apple apps, Daylite doesn't need a fleet of admins to run it. Normal teams can do great things with their businesses in Daylite.

Daylite helps small business worried about client communication, details, or follow-ups slipping through the cracks, not knowing how many deals are in the pipeline and what needs to be done next to close the deal, and not having visibility on what’s been done or what needs to be done next on projects. Users of Daylite have been able to manage more clients, close more deals, finish more projects, and grow more efficiently!

Daylite Features

Sales Force Automation Features

  • Supported: Customer data management / contact management
  • Supported: Workflow management
  • Supported: Opportunity management
  • Supported: Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)

Marketing Automation Features

  • Supported: Lead management

CRM Project Management Features

  • Supported: Task management

CRM Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Pipeline visualization

Customization Features

  • Supported: Custom fields
  • Supported: Custom objects

Security Features

  • Supported: Role-based user permissions

Platform Features

  • Supported: Mobile access

Daylite Screenshots

Screenshot of Daylite app shown on both iPhone and Mac

Daylite Video

The 5 Sales Funnel Stages and How to Optimize To Convert More Leads

Daylite Integrations

Daylite Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsMac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Daylite is a project management solution built around features such as contact management, scheduling, and sales pipeline tracking.

Daylite starts at $39.

HubSpot Sales Hub, Zoho CRM, and Insightly are common alternatives for Daylite.

The most common users of Daylite are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Daylite Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)100%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)0%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)0%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Daylite has emerged as a highly customizable CRM software that effectively manages clients, conversions, and project completion. Users have praised its rich features, such as email syncing and document management, for significantly improving workflow and boosting productivity. With its contact management feature and templates, Daylite has proven to be an effective tool for organizing and delivering projects on time. Moreover, its integration capabilities have allowed users to seamlessly connect with other ecosystems, making it adaptable for different types of firms. The clean dashboard, modern UI, and ease of use have made Daylite a preferred choice for businesses seeking a streamlined approach to work management. Its ability to import/export lists and sync with mobile devices has also made it a valuable tool for remote work and tracking client interactions. In both professional and personal settings, Daylite has become an essential CRM software for organizing tasks, contacts, and schedules. It has played a crucial role in keeping teams organized and coordinated, especially in project management, billing, and sales departments. The integration with Apple Mail has streamlined email management and created a central repository for customer project history. Daylite's filtering abilities and fast searching have been highly praised for their versatility and ease of use. Additionally, Daylite's integration with partner tools like Zapier and MailChimp has expanded its capabilities by offering more options for automation and integration with other cloud solutions. Overall, Daylite provides users with the necessary tools to track and monitor client accounts, communications, sales opportunities, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible.

Modern and Easy-to-Use Interface: Many users have praised Daylite for its modern and easy-to-use interface, stating that it allows for simple navigation and quick access to information on the platform.

Seamless Integration with Apple Services: Several reviewers have appreciated Daylite's seamless integration with other Apple services such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Siri, and Notes. This integration creates a friendly environment that makes it effortless to access any information on the platform.

Efficient Email Processing Capabilities: A number of users have highlighted Daylite's efficient email processing capabilities. They have mentioned being able to easily process, store, and pin emails within the software. Additionally, they appreciate the ability to create sticky notes during meetings to assist clients.

Slow Performance on iOS Devices: Several users have reported that Daylite becomes slow and unresponsive when used on iOS mobile devices. This issue has caused frustration among users, leading to the need for multiple login attempts.

Limited Features in Mobile App: The mobile app of Daylite is lacking important features such as appointment reminders, resulting in missed meetings with clients. Some users feel that the app is in need of an upgrade to provide a more comprehensive and efficient experience.

Challenging Installation and Configuration: Users have found it difficult to install and configure Daylite compared to other similar products. This complexity adds an extra layer of difficulty for new users who are trying to set up the software for their organization.

The most common recommendations from the user reviews are as follows:

  1. Users recommend taking advantage of the learning materials and exploring the configurable options in Daylite. They find the software intuitive and easy-to-use once you understand its capabilities. They suggest spending time thinking through workflows to maximize the benefits of Daylite.

  2. Users mentioned that Daylite is a valuable program for collaboration and data management. They recommend it for startup and mid-tier companies. However, some users feel that it may not be user-friendly and interactive enough for certain use-cases. They suggest adding the capability to interact with other APIs to enhance its functionality.

  3. Users highly recommend Daylite for Mac users who want to improve their business processes and client relationships. They find it to be a reliable contact manager with good customization features and cost-effectiveness. Some users advise getting training before using Daylite to improve workflow efficiency, while others suggest trying the demo version or using the free trial to evaluate its potential.

Overall, users find Daylite to be an alright software that offers good collaboration and data management capabilities. While there are suggestions for improvement in terms of user-friendliness and API integration, users appreciate the software's intuitiveness, customization options, and effectiveness in managing contacts, processes, tasks, and projects.

Attribute Ratings


(1-10 of 10)
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used Daylite in the business for over 12 years. We are quite happy with Daylite and its ability to manage a very large CRM database. We have over 27,000 Companies, 15,000 contacts, and thousands of projects and opportunities. Apple Mail integration helps link emails and attachments into a central database for an easy-to-use central repository and customer/project history. If we need to look up history on a project or the status of an Opportunity, all staff just need to go to one place to find it all. The filtering abilities and fast searching are amazing and very versatile. I have not seen another CRM with this ability, speed, or ease of use for searching. These searches can then be saved as smart lists and shared among the organization or specific teams. Integration partner iOSXpert has some really good tools to extend the features of Daylite, too, such as Web Forms, automation, and MailChimp Integration for email marketing. Daylite Cloud now easily connects to Zapier for integration and automation with hundreds of other cloud solutions. With this, there are so many more options available to the company and various team needs. Tracking the many opportunities, contact forms from websites, projects, and all the people and companies we work with - Daylite has been key in keeping this information straight and at our fingertips.
  • CRM Management.
  • Filtering and Smart Lists.
  • Integrations with other tools.
  • Apple Mail Integration.
  • Data Management.
  • Opportunity and Project Management.
  • It would be great to have a web-based Daylite so that Windows users could use this as well.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication is needed as soon as possible.
Well suited for any size company which needs CRM management. Easy to use. Great for individuals or teams that use Apple products. Daylite and ios expert integration has been key in capturing leads from our website into the Daylite database, plus then if they opt into email marketing, they are entered into the MailChimp database. The web forms also automate the creation of opportunities and are linked with the contacts/companies. Sales Managers with geographical responsibilities can easily filter contacts or projects based on these regions so they only see what they need. Daylite is not appropriate for Windows users.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Daylite is used by the project management, billing and sales departments. We use Daylite to track and monitor client accounts, communications, sale opportunities and overall contact information. Daylite addresses the problem of organizing client information and communications when there are several people who need to contact clients and coordinate their communications with other teams. Daylite helps us keep track of emails sent between the client. It is also our "contact book" that has all the clients contact info and any special notes that would be helpful for other team members to know. Daylite also helps us track sales opportunities and what packages and services different clients have ben sold on or if they aren't interested in something we've already talked to them about. Overall, Daylite keeps us organized as a team!
  • Daylite allows you to link your email so when you email a client it will link to their contact in Daylite and save the communication so anyone on the team can see all the emails that have been sent between the client and our company.
  • Daylite allows you to create "opportunities" for the different packages and services we offer. This lets us track where someone is in the process, if they are still thinking about a service, have been sold on it, or are not interested.
  • Daylite lets you leave notes on the account that everyone on the team can see. This has been so helpful for our company because it lets us drop helpful notes on personal things about the client that would be good for everyone to know.
  • Daylite doesn't let you connect to every email option. Last time we checked it wouldn't let us integrate with G-mail (which is widely used), so we have to use the Apple mail through G-mail so we can link Daylite to our emails. It's not a big deal, but could be improved.
  • Daylite has templated fields for adding contact information, while it gives you a lot of options, it doesn't let you edit all of the field choices. So if you want to have a field with a specific date, you can't change the name of the field to say "start date" it will just be "date" or whatever it is preset to.
  • The lists and smart lists that Daylite lets you create are not as intuitive as they seem. They have been difficult to set up and edit and it's made it hard to create lists with specific clients that anyone can edit, it only lest the person that create it edit it.
Daylite is awesome if you have a lot of clients and you need to keep track of who is talking to them and who talked to them about what. It is awesome if you have several people who manage the project a different points because you can easily get caught up on a client account or pass it over to someone else. Our projects follow the common flow where the client first speaks with a sales rep then they are passed off to a project manager and the billing team and then when the project is complete, our help desk manages any communications. Daylite is amazing for helping all of our teams coordinate their efforts so the client has a smooth sailing experience.
Darren Mihalic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Daylite is one of the best CRM's built for iOS which deals in managing the clients, engaging more clients, helps in closing more deals, and finish[ing] more projects. It is loaded with rich features like email syncing, it attaches all the emails immediately without wasting time from the slide bar. It allows [you] to have a track on the project, helps in maintaining good workflow, and works perfectly on the Mac devices without getting slow and [causing a] delay in working.
  • Its interface is quite modern and easy to use.
  • Another feature that stands out [about] Daylite is its integration with other Apple services. It integrates with mail, Apple contacts, calendar, Siri, and notes which collectively creates a friendly environment to access any information on the platform easily.
  • The dashboard is pretty much simple and helpful as the user does not need a high level of knowledge to navigate things on the platform.
  • Customer support is professional.
  • The main drawback of Daylite is that it becomes slow on its iOS mobile devices.
  • Sometimes I face a lot of retries to log into the account. The mobile app needs a change and needs an upgrade. Apps are lacking in giving appointment reminders on time. Sometimes it does not notify on the right time about the appointment with the client.
Daylite is a phenomenal, exceptionally adaptable CRM program that permits [users] to sort out and screen business operations progressively. Basic information, for example, staff plans, finance, patient and supplier contact information can be recorded and partaken in a protected way. Clients may get to their records on numerous Macintosh and iOS gadgets without having to sign in and out over and over while keeping a serious level of safety.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being helpful in the management of the clients as well as the projects. With its variety of features, we are able to deliver projects on time. Contact management feature and its templates are two major features that are in our use and are so good. With its integration, we are able to integrate it with other ecosystems and it is highly adaptable for our firm.
  • It has made permissible integration with the apple.
  • It has multiple features and works efficiently well.
  • Its document management is good and allows the editing of the document as well as publishing.
  • It is excellent in keeping the information of our clients safe and it is easy to get it back when needed that’s why I highly adore its contact management.
  • Its scheduling feature needs to be fixed as it fails in alerting us.
  • Data migrations are miserable.
  • Its price is quite unfair and unjust.
It is an adjustable tool with all the business firms and is highly adaptive and allows multiple customizations as well as comforts. If someone is looking forward to uplift his business then it is most likely to do this miracle with the features it has like contact management, reporting, forecasting, and what not. I am highly contented with this tool.
Alena Burda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Daylite is one of the best CRM available in the marketplace for managing clients, more conversions, and finish more projects. It is an excellent, highly customizable program that allows me to organize and monitor my business operations in real-time. It is compiled of all the best features in terms of communication with clients and keeps track of every single piece of information regarding them. Overall it is playing a very important role in our company.
  • Daylite is the part of our work for a very long time and it still has a lot of significance in managing the customer effectively.
  • It has been a great find for us over the years as it is solving all the problems related to customers very efficiently.
  • The biggest feature that stands out is the app interface. Clear and intuitive in nature. Easy to use, perfectly designed to work on easily.
  • Its price is reasonable and provides efficient support.
  • The appointment reminder of Daylite is not much responsive. Sometimes it misses the dates and doesn’t give the reminder of a particular task.
  • Secondly, the mobile app on iPhone is not up to mark. It becomes slow while dealing with large files and tasks. Need a lot of updates to be helpful more. Exporting features needs a lot of attention as the system becomes slow while exporting files.
  • Daylite must have more integration with apple mail to select multiple emails at the moment easily.
Daylite is helping me a lot in the organization for managing different tasks deadlines, connecting with customers, and handling all the communication. The mobile app needs to be more responsive and needs an update to be more helpful. Other than [that], perfectly designed platform and I would definitely recommend this to other organizations to use this platform to have more control on managing the task and contact details.
Olivia Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using this platform to sort out all the business processes easily. Fast customer support, a clean dashboard, and good integration helping me a lot. Definitely recommend to other businesses to use this platform for a good approach to the work. Designed with much-modernized UI and dashboard is very pleasing to use and to have the best experience on it. The support team is working quite impressive.
  • It has all the features to easily track the project, attach emails and maintain a good workflow.
  • I have been using this platform for a very long time in my organization for managing business processes.
  • It helps me in managing the project, track the overall progress of the project, create and perform practically with the adding remainder of each and every task.
  • The main drawback of Daylite that I have been facing for a long time while using this platform that it becomes very slow while using on IOs devices.
  • I have to log in every time after some time of inactivity which takes a lot of retries to log into the platform.
  • Secondly, the most usable features also have the bid flaw which is that the appointment reminders sometimes do not notify on the time, it does not notify about the meeting with the client which results in losing the client.
I am giving it this rating because I feel pleased to use this software. It is also helping me to manage finance very easily and give all insights according to needs. Another great feature that Daylight has is that it can easily integrate with other software very easily like mail, Apple calendar, Siri, and Apple reminders easily.
Sofia Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
[Daylite] is multi-tasking application which also allows me to manage my projects I can easily design the quotations and optimize the estimation. Now it is convenient for me to track back any certain process. Daylite has also helped me in document management. This tool has affected every aspect of my sales and marketing. It is a blessing application for our finance department.
  • Now I can easily process my emails, I can store them even I can pin them and make a sticky note so that whenever I have a meeting I can better assist the client.
  • This tool provides me numerous integrations to associate with Mac.
  • It is very easy to customize as I have customized the notification and alerts.
  • Its economic plans lack a few important features due to which small organizations cannot afford it.
  • Another difficulty is that it is found to be difficult in installing.
  • It cannot be configured easily like other products. Its limited integration is found to be problematic.
If you are looking for reliable solutions in managing customer relations effectively then I suggest you have it. It will give you the best window solutions for handling marketing too. You need not look at any other tool for detailed reporting after having this. It is a trustworthy platform that is managing our relations with our clients and creating a strong knot between us.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use this as my main CRM software. I use it for email management as well as client interaction tracking. I am able to import and export lists for use in other applications and also sync it with my mobile devices for easy access to client specific information when I am working remotely.
  • Integrates with Mac Mail to automatically catalog email exchanges with both individuals and companies.
  • Allows for robust customization to meet the specific information needs of my company
  • Acts as a hub for daily activities and tasks
  • The mobile apps are not as nearly robust as the desktop version
  • UI could stand to be less clinical and a bit more visually pleasing
  • Ability to integrate with other apps more easily
It is probably the best Mac based CRM I have found. I am generally very content with it and wish it had broader use so as to be looked at for integration with other platforms more often. Its Mac integration is quite good though. I love the ability to take it on the road with the mobile apps and look forward to those being developed further.
Fred ALPI | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Daylite is probably the software I use the most, both in its desktop and mobile versions. It helps organizing my whole life should I say, both professional and personal. My multiple activities require a very tight management of tasks, contacts and schedule. Daylite allows all of this, and the ease of synchronisation with the mobile app is therefore essential. I am an independent, and use it alone, but I guess it is a good teamwork tool as well.
  • Calendar : much more powerful than the basic Apple Calendar, it allows to schedule all kind of meetings, repeated or not, and to link them with contacts, categories or documents. The sync with mobile apps, both on iPhone and iPad, is perfect.
  • Contacts : a vital part of the software, as I manage contacts in many categories, and can with Daylite both have them I select only on my iPhone, but have multiple search criteria which are very helpful for my emailing list management for example.
  • Tasks : as an independent musician, producer and manager, I have a huge number of tasks to organize and coordinate. This is vital for my activity, and I save a lot of time with Daylite, as everything is with it simple and effective in order to create tasks, link and follow them.
  • I still do not use the Project part as much as I could do, even if I tried several times. I think some improvements could be done with the interface, in order to make it more intuitive.
  • The software is intented to be used with a US/Canada logic. It would be nice to be able to organize fields in the contacts in a different way, more logical to the different countries it is used in. Each country puts zip codes in different place for example.
  • It would also be nice to have the possibility to assign a contact to several categories, and to create sub-categories.
I've been using several contact organizers in the last decades, and I must say that Daylite is the best I have used until now, despite the evolutions it would need. An important point to insist on is the very good quality of the customer support, both reactive and patient, I had some issues they spent time, in real time, to solve. Very comforting when you use this on a daily basis as I do. I actually can't find any reason not to choose it. And I really have no involvement in the company, far or close ;-).
Pattie Covert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
5 people are tasked with their role in a project by the Creative Director, who is running Daylite Server on his Mac. The employees are notified of their involvement by a task appearing on their calendar. Once a task is complete, the employee checks a box in the Mail extension when sending an email detailing their accomplishment. When an entire project is complete, the Creative Director marks the project as "done." Daylite is very helpful in answering the question, "Hey, where are we on this?"
  • Emails can be attached to projects and tasks, helping the user gain background knowledge
  • Reports can be produced and printed to be used in Progress Meetings
  • Other data such as passwords can be added as Notes to a project
  • Project deadlines can be moved easily in Calendar
  • We're using Daylite 5 and are soon abandoning it because: a. Daylite 5 is not cloud-based (6, is)
  • b. Daylite is for Mac users only, and we need a solution for our whole team
  • c. There are many "rabbit holes" that you can go down in submenus that it can be confusing
If your team uses only Macs, then I suggest investigating Daylite 6, which is cloud-based. We've found upgrades to be tricky, sometimes users have difficulty connecting to the data-base on the main user's Daylite Server. My opinion is that it would be easier to begin fresh with 6 than upgrading and moving our current Daylite Server to the cloud. And there's no going back, once you move to the cloud, you're committed.
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