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DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform

DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform


What is DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform?

DBmaestro DevOps for Database is a platform that simplifies collaboration through database source control techniques, continuous integration, and automate script creation. This results in a faster release while automating your database which alleviates time and financial constraints for the user.

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Product Details

What is DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform?

DBmaestro is a DevOps platform and an organizational database management tool. It seeks to help users implement and enforce organizational policies and best practices for seamless database management. DBmaestro also synchronizes with existing DevOps ecosystems to allow for collaboration across every aspect of database workflow. This means that developers, development operators, and database administrators can now work together to achieve accelerated release speeds.

DBmaestro also provides user-guided implementation of new database policies, redundancies, and securities. In particular, DBmaestro is known for database release automation, database source control, and database compliance and security.

Database Release Automation

DBmaestro offers faster, higher quality database releases through its smart automation of user databases. A user can automate database release pipelines, including packaging, verifying, deploying, and promoting database delivery pipelines. DBmaestro also offers smooth communication between all sources of database changes. There are two packages that a user can purchase: standard and enterprise.

The standard package includes several DBmaestro features, such as access to automating database release pipelines, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) using related plugins, and integration of a ticketing system. Users also have the ability to detect drifts, configure validations, and implement smart backups.

The enterprise package grants a user access to the features in the standard package as well as additional features. These features allow a user to use developer CI feedback loops, develop and manage organizational policies, and manage backout plans with roles and responsibilities. A user can also integrate with Active Directory (AD) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) groups, segment their projects, generate compliance reports, and access dashboards.

Database Source Control

Offering end-to-end CI/CD for databases, DBmaestro is scalable, agile, and promotes team collaboration. This allows for reduced errors and minimizes busy work. A user can generate and test change scripts, identify potential conflicts, merge development branches, and enforce procedure changes.These features can mitigate application downtimes caused by issues with the database.

There are multiple packages that a user can purchase, which are differentiated primarily by how many users need access to DBmaestro source control and the features it comes with. Both packages allow users to uniformly integrate with all Git providers, automatically document database changes, collaborate as a team, branch and merge database projects, identify conflicts, and intuitively generate database change scripts.

Database Compliance and Security

DBmaestro also works to simplify security and provide compliance with regulations. Features such as role-based access and delivery, management and enforcement of organizational security policies, and integration with other security tools allow users to secure their databases. Users can also set and enforce compliance standards across the organization, and automatically compare changes within the database to those standards and regulations to ensure that the changes made are on track with the constraints of the user’s business operations.

These features provide a user with complete transparency regarding what changes were made, when and where those changes were made, and who made those changes. This information can then be compiled and logged to allow for easier audit reports, which guarantees that database changes will also be in compliance with many industry standard regulations such as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and HIPAA.

DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform Features

  • Supported: Smart backups
  • Supported: Drift detection and prevention
  • Supported: Configuration validation
  • Supported: Database release automation pipeline
  • Supported: Organizational policy management
  • Supported: Compliance reports
  • Supported: Project segmentation
  • Supported: Static code analysis
  • Supported: Dynamic dry run tests
  • Supported: DevOps metrics and reporting
  • Supported: Automated change audits
  • Supported: Database security
  • Supported: Automated code reviews

DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform Video

A brief overview of the DBmaestro database developer and security operations platform. This video covers the release automation, version control, security and governance, and business activity monitoring aspects of DBmaestro.

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DBmaestro Database DevOps Platform Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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