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October 14, 2021

Love it!!

Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used by all of dental in our organization. No problems at all and it can be accessed from any clinics, it is easy to use, web based so I can access the program anytime and anywhere, line-item accounting is awesome, some user-defined reports, everything is backed up in the cloud. You can see all our locations by permission and there are multiple ways to navigate patient records. The treatment planner could use some improvement
  • user friendly
  • lots of features
  • Billing is easy
  • treatment planner improvement
  • Have to click to many times to get to some steps
  • Difficult to email the ledger to a patient
  • Would like to be able to customize it more
  • Sometimes it freezes
Good support and easy integration. I like that Dentrix accepts requests to make changes and prioritizes the requests by how many other companies are requesting the same change. Can access all patients from all locations. It helps us make better decisions. Easy to use. Customer Service is very courteous, professional and helpful. Great graphics and and definitely serves its purpose.
July 20, 2021

Dentrix Review

Score 8 out of 10
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Dentrix is used across my entire dental practice - a private office with 13 employees. It address the problems that arise with paper charting. It also integrated with digital imaging software. It is known as one of the top leaders in the industry as far as dental software is concerned.
  • Support
  • Imaging integration
  • Support hours on weekends
  • E-services
[Dentrix is] well suited for a busy practice like my own. Does require a significant up front investment. It was already in place when I purchased the practice from the previous owner. May not be suited for a smaller practice that would not find value in the upfront costs associated with it.
Score 8 out of 10
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It is very solid dental management software. We help support and manage the software for the dental staff as they use this software daily for important and everyday tasks needed to run the business. This software is used across the entire dental practice and everyone there who works onsite uses it daily from patient accessibility to treatment and prescriptions, it really helps.
  • Patient Files
  • Printing Prescriptions
  • Treatment plans for patients
  • Charts
  • Report usage
  • Can run slow
  • Application opening lag
Dentrix is really a solid application for anyone who is in the dental practice specifically. It is for the most part user friendly and the support and trainings for it definitely give it another bump on the ratings scale. It really is mostly made for just dental and I could see other doctor office businesses having trouble running it or utilizing it themselves.
Score 6 out of 10
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Dentrix is used across our entire organization as the dental electronic medical record of choice. While we are an Epic shop in general, Dentrix seemed to better fit our current needs for our dental specialty. Our dentists chose this over "Wisdom"(Epic's module), due to maturity of that module at the time.
  • Focus on dental specialty.
  • Support.
  • Dated system.
  • User interface.
Dentrix focuses on the needs of dental practices, and makes it a good candidate for smaller organizations. Larger enterprises should consider integration with other systems, and the complexity involved there. The system also looks and feels a little dated due to the user interface. A modern interface and rebranding would be a nice-to-have.
We have used Dentrix support and they seem to be helpful. We are able to schedule meetings as needed within a short time frame, and are usually able to resolve any issues we may have within 1 or 2 calls. There doesn't seem to be as strong of a user community around Dentrix as there is with Epic.
Debra Reiner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Dentrix throughout our whole office. Dentrix offers tools that assist us in all areas of our practice, that includes tools for the front desk, clinical work, and business areas. Dentrix features a lot of tools to make scheduling patients’ appointments seamless and easy!! It can also be used to manage claims and multiple other billing tasks.
  • Patient Charting is very detailed and easy to do.
  • Scheduling appointments is quick and allows for a lot of information to be inserted.
  • Document center is well put together and is simple.
  • Room for improvement with customization. Wish there were more options for personal settings.
  • Some times it feels there is too many places to put information. Patient Chart, document center, journal, ledger, and patient chart. We have a little bit of miscommunication in our office as to where to find information. Should be able to take any information and plug into all areas it pertains to.
  • Letters are very confusing and could be a little easier to integrate.
  • Unscheduled treatment plan report does not show that patients have already appointed for some on the treatment list
  • Dates on notes allows you to change the date to whatever you would like. For example the doctor did notes for a patient and by accident changed the date to the the upcoming year and signed it. Now that note is a year in advance and because she signed it theres nothing we can do but append it. You shouldn't be able to go ahead for the clinical notes date.
Helps with a paperless office, Dentrix is a powerful practice management software specifically for dental offices, and is supportive and most third-party manufacturers are able to be used for sensors, cameras, and scanners.
Loyd Dowd, DDS FICOI MCSD | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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I built my network and my first version of Dentrix by myself in 1995 back when it was a separately owned company from Utah. Not something I'd recommend these days as Windows Server security and complexity is vastly more complicated than NT 4.0 server in 1995. Support has gone down since Henry Schein bought Dentrix. They outsource support to India or some other foreign country in that region. It's a crap shoot when you call level 1 support whether you get someone who can actually understand your question and knows how to fix the problem. It we don't get a good level 1 support tech we ask for at least a level 3 tech based in the United States. These people always understand English well and are usually very competent. If they can't fix the problem they'll kick it up to the highest level, level 4 support and they usually get the problem fixed. I almost installed Patterson Dental Eaglesoft a couple of years ago because of their built-in word processor and ease of sending nice snail mail to patients but their tooth chart is from the Stone Age compared to Dentrix' tooth chart and charting capabilities.
  • Charting is easy and fast
  • It's relatively fast on a gigabit network
  • It's relatively easy to bridge to other software packages like Dexis and Sidexix
  • You have to use an outside word processor like Microsoft Word to merge patient data with and send a nice snail mail letter to a patient. Email is impersonal in my opinion.
  • Bring support back to the United States
  • Train level 1 support techs much better
Dentrix is suited for the smallest practice with only one doctor. It's not for very large practices especially when they have multiple locations. Dentrix Enterprise is for that group.
Score 8 out of 10
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Dentrix is the backbone of our dental office. Our whole office uses it from front to back. This product always has updates for new features or bug fixes.
  • Easy to look up, edit, delete, break and make appointments. This is great when you're on the phone with someone and are able to quickly locate them in the system and see what appointments they have.
  • Easily make changes to providers information, colors or schedules. This is nice because we tend to have fill in hygienists and we can change their colors so it will not indicate the same colors as are our normal staff.
  • Easily print reports and deposits from the office manager. This helps us keep track of new patients, aging reports, unscheduled appointments, unscheduled treatment, continuing care appointments and so much more.
  • We didn't think the reminder system was enough for our business... there need to be ways to be reminded of the patient's needs.
  • Electronic claims was a little complicated and we stopped using that feature.
  • There tend to be glitches, but they are always fixing that. The GURU runs VERY slow and doesn't prove to be a good tool for visual education.
Dentrix proves to be a great dental software program with loads of features to make your life easier; whether it be in the front or back office. We look forward to all the new updates coming our way that will help simplify Dentrix.
On the other hand, there are SO many features and no one to train you in depth about any of it! We have asked numerous times to get a basic demo on how to get information such as putting in a new patient, adding insurance, running reports etc. Stuff that we already know. Their training are also very basic and never (even when you ask) will they help you go into all the features, they say there are manual and training guides online. How are we supposed to know everything it does and how to use it!

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Dentrix is a practice management software for dentistries that supports both the clinical and business sides of a practice. Dentrix helps build a practice with integrated eServices — dental software that adds new capabilities to your system — and "Dentrix Connected" products from dental technology companies.

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