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DevExpress Universal

DevExpress Universal


What is DevExpress Universal?

DevExpress Universal is a suite of all DevExpress .NET products and controls.

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What is DevExpress Universal?

DevExpress Universal is a suite of all DevExpress .NET products and controls.

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Product Details

What is DevExpress Universal?

DevExpress Universal is a suite of all DevExpress .NET products and controls.

DevExpress Universal Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ours is an ERP product for small and enterprise users. Our product caters both offline and online solution with offline offering in .Net desktop and online in Angular. Due to massive size of input forms, reports and end user documents, providing a intuitive UI/UX with consistency across screens becomes a key feature.

Our complete frontend is build using DevExpress Universal controls, which we have customized to our needs to create our own library. These controls are being used to generate consistent user experience across all forms and reports. We are using DevExpress Universal document designed for enabling out end customer to generate their invoicing and other document formats.
  • Document designer is extremely powerful control
  • Controls ranging from form, report, document designer, charts, dashboards with consistent experience across multiple technology stacks
  • Documentation and extent of samples
  • Control performance can be improved, specially for .Net
  • Reporting controls can have ML algorithms inbuild into them
Specially helpful if you are building solutions which require big number of UI screens and want to achieve a consistency and clean UX.

Most of UI functionality is inbuild so all that developer needs to do is configure various controls and link them to models. In my opinion, sine usage of controls is similar across technology stack, you can offer both desktop, web and mobile specific solutions without much of learning curve.
  • Support for multiple tech stacks
  • Report and document designer controls
  • Easy customization of DevExpress Universal controls to create your own library,
  • Release time for new UI Apps have dereased
  • Team can concentrate more on business functionality rather then specific UI functionality
  • Huge saving because of ready made functionality and available samples
DevExpress Universal controls are much simpler to use, implement and customized as compared to Kendo. Learning curve for telerik is high, though level of customization that can be achieved with telerik exceeds that of DevExpress Universal.

Found DevExpress Universal community support to be better then its competitors. License cost is also a wining bar here.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using DevExpress Universal to address our needs both in thick clients and web interfaces.
Originally, we developed our own set of components, but while this gave us finer control over what is doable with them, it was too much of a hassle to maintain.
Also, end users are used to a level of functionality that we could not achieve unless we invested heavily.

Hence the reason to use a renowned library like DevExpresss Universal
  • The grid components
  • The spreadsheet
  • Flow panels
  • Better integration within the Angular CDK
  • Less bloat when deploying
  • Better granularity in the compiled package
When you want to display spreadsheet based reports, it's really convenient as it has everything out of the box.
If you have very basic components like combo boxes or lists, there is hardly a point in using such a large component set.
In the end, it's a matter of finding a good balance between functionality and complexity.
  • Support
  • Spreadsheet
  • Grids
  • Better time to market
  • Needs a bit of onboarding for new recruits
  • The price is right for a team of 20
Infragistics Ignite was the main contender in our internal review.
However it was not offering as many advanced components as we were a need for, or not as advanced as we would have hoped.
And it was unknown to most of the team while we already knew DevExpress Ultimate from previous proof of concept work.
John Franco | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DevExpress to collect and analyze construction data in the infrastructure industry. We cover the whole construction cycle from pre-construction, construction, and post-construction. In a nutshell, we use the data grids and pivotgrids to create cost estimating, project bidding management, and scheduling (integration with DHTMLX Gantt)
  • Handle large and complex datasets using its table widget (DataGrid)
  • Handle large and complex hierarchical datasets using its tree table widget (TreeList)
  • Customize widget to fulfill advanced requirements such as adding a complex grid inside a grid cell
  • No access to support tickets from within the documentation pages. Many topics are covered comprehensively on the support area and are not available on the documentation area
  • Hard to find tickets on the support repository. I use Google to find the support tickets. Support search needs improvement
  • Data layer and data workflow not documented logically as a unified process.
DevExpress can help you create the big web app of your dreams. DevExpress works great with data-centered enterprise-level applications that require the use of enterprise-grade data grids, pivottables, and integrate them with all the widgets like buttons, popups, forms, etc. I would not recommend DevExpress for small apps that require only basic widgets like radio/select boxes, buttons, text boxes, etc. You can get those widgets for free or even make your own.
  • DataGrid
  • TreeList
  • PivotGrid
  • Chart
  • Dialog widgets
  • Forms
  • Cut development time in 2 years
  • The support team delivers a solution in less than 24 hours
  • Save thousands of dollars in development
I selected DevExpress over MUI because it offers enterprise-grade data grids and because their UI components offer a comprehensive set of properties and events we can subscribe to.
Craig Cormier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use DevExpress here in the IT Department to fill in some of the development gaps we have. We originally purchased it as an addendum to our ERP software that used the reporting package, but now we have used it to build several tools that the business has come to rely upon for business analysis.
  • Quick Development
  • Powerful pre-built templates
  • Wide array of datasets supported
  • Documentation could be improved
  • Better examples of code in languages other than C
  • Better wizards for building applications
Great for analytical tools, can make pretty quick and powerful apps. Not as easy to use to make mobile applications, or applications that tie into existing databases. The latter is possible, but it is not as easy as creating a database from scratch. Also, their quick build tool is a little inflexible. Support is very good and quick to respond to queries.
  • Expansion of business apps
  • New powerful analysis
DevExpress really is an expansion of DevExpress. I haven't tried too many other add-on tools to Visual Studio, but DevExpress is a valuable addition for us. We really like the dashboards and cards we can easily build within them, as well as the more powerful tools. As I stated earlier, we originally got a license because of the reporting package, but we tried the rest of the tools and found them just as valuable.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We had been using this tool for two years. We used this tool to develop an application and analytical tools for other departments within the organization. DevExpress [Universal] goes into low light when the client requested to build an application in angular and react.
  • Provides rapid development of apps
  • Predefined template that is easy to integrate and use
  • Quick support for your queries
  • Stick with only .NET development not supported other framework like angular, react vue, etc.
  • Control elements were not properly documented on the websites
  • Price is higher than expected
  • Suited for Web development for .net applications. and it's better if your client sticks with only .net applications
  • Not suited for Other applications like react, angular vue, etc.
  • Richer interface that starts with small to up devices. It's is highly responsive for development MVC and applications.
  • Reporting tool is very rich with full features.
  • It is good for application and it takes less time in development which we used two years back.
  • We have stopped with these tools when clients were asking applications to be built in angular or react. We have switched to Kendo.
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