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Dialpad Ai Meetings

Dialpad Ai Meetings
Formerly Dialpad Meetings


What is Dialpad Ai Meetings?

Dialpad Ai Meetings is a web conferencing platform with document management capability that integrates with third-party applications such as Google Drive, LinkedIn, Evernote, and Dropbox. It includes features such as screen sharing, call controls, call recording, and a mobile application.

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Love it

10 out of 10
March 30, 2024
My organization uses Dialpad Ai Meetings for both internal staff 1:1 meetings and for conversations with clients. This tool addresses the …
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Clean and user-friendly interface: Reviewers have consistently praised the clean, simple, and easy-to-use user interface of …
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  • Desktop sharing (48)
  • Meeting initiation (47)
  • Audio conferencing (55)
  • High quality audio (49)

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  • $20 per month
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Performance & Compatibility of Online Events Software

Features related to the performance, reliability & compatibility of web conferencing and webinar (online events) software.

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Screen Sharing

Features related to remote screen sharing capabilities.

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Online Meetings / Events

Features related to hosting and attending meetings and events online.

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Online Events Collaboration

Features related to collaboration between attendees during web conferences, webinars, and other online events.

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Online Events Security

Features related to the security of meetings and other events held via web conferencing/webinar software.

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VoIP system collaboration

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Product Details

What is Dialpad Ai Meetings?

Dialpad Ai Meetings is an HD video conferencing platform used for face-to-face with clients and colleagues from any location, featuring one-click video conferencing, live Ai transcriptions, intelligent collaboration features, and advanced host controls to ensure meetings stay productive and personalized, on any device.

Dialpad Ai Meetings Videos

Video meetings can be conducted in a web browser or Dialpad app, on any device. Dialpad Meetings is a video conferencing tool with built-in AI that takes meeting notes and action items.
In this TrustRadius produced video, one of our teammates who has never used Dialpad before goes through an "unboxing" demo.

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Dialpad Ai Meetings Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Dialpad Ai Meetings is a web conferencing platform with document management capability that integrates with third-party applications such as Google Drive, LinkedIn, Evernote, and Dropbox. It includes features such as screen sharing, call controls, call recording, and a mobile application.

Dialpad Ai Meetings starts at $20.

RingEX, Vonage Business Communications, and 8x8 Work are common alternatives for Dialpad Ai Meetings.

Reviewers rate Slideshows and Q&A and Participant roles & permissions highest, with a score of 9.9.

The most common users of Dialpad Ai Meetings are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Clean and user-friendly interface: Reviewers have consistently praised the clean, simple, and easy-to-use user interface of UberConference. Many users have found the interface to be streamlined, intuitive, and easy to navigate and understand.

Easy setup for new users: Several reviewers have appreciated the web-based platform's straightforward setup process, which makes it accessible even for new users. The ease of sign-up and intuitive use of the platform allow beginners to quickly get started without any complexity.

Reliable customer support: Users have expressed their satisfaction with UberConference's reliable and responsive customer support. Many reviewers consider the troubleshooting process to be straightforward, and they appreciate the excellent support provided by UberConference.

Confusing User Interface: Some users find the user interface of UberConference to be confusing, resulting in a learning curve for new clients. The complexity of navigating through the platform has been mentioned by several reviewers as a drawback.

Difficulty with Screen Sharing: Users have expressed frustration with the screen share function while hosting meetings on UberConference. While it is easy for presenters to share their screen, some reviewers have mentioned that asking potential customers to share their screen requires them to go through multiple steps, which can be challenging for those who are not tech-savvy.

Lack of Video Conferencing: Several users have criticized the functionality of UberConference due to its lack of video call capabilities. They feel that adding video conferencing would greatly enhance the platform's features and make it more competitive compared to other conferencing services.

Based on user reviews, the three most common recommendations for UberConference are to try out UberConference, especially the free version. Users find it simple and easy to use, with crisp clear conferencing and screen controls. They recommend using UberConference for small teams and remote work, although they caution that the call quality may suffer with a large number of participants. Additionally, users suggest exploring other options for larger conferences or webinars, while acknowledging that UberConference is one of the best conferencing tools they've used. They recommend trying out the free version first to see if it meets your needs and taking advantage of a trial period. It's worth noting that some users also provide specific tips for optimizing the experience, such as ensuring participants have the correct PIN number and URL for screen sharing, using Chrome when possible, and upgrading to bypass PIN issues. Overall, users appreciate UberConference's ease of use, call quality, and configuration options compared to other conferencing software.

Attribute Ratings


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March 30, 2024

Love it

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization uses Dialpad Ai Meetings for both internal staff 1:1 meetings and for conversations with clients. This tool addresses the challenge of staying fully engaged in conversations, as it eliminates the need to focus on detailed note-taking. Dialpad Ai Meetings allows me to be more fully present, improving client relationships and ensuring effective communication within my team.
  • An aftercall summary of what was discussed
  • I find it's better than other options in the sense of network stability during the calls
  • Ease of joining without having to worry if you have the latest version of the software.
  • the transcripts aren't always very accurate
  • I haven't looked for this however it would be nice to have breakout style rooms
I absolutely love Dialpad Ai Meetings for customer meetings. I can focus on the meeting and not have to worry about keeping notes and remembering something specific.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work remotely and nearly all the internal meetings I attends are on Dialpad, as well as many external meetings.
  • Simple interface
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Responsive screenshare
  • It would be nice to have confirmation of the screen I'm sharing outside of the app
Many of the external partners I meet with do not use Dialpad in their company, but report that it's very easy to use and has a clean interface. It does what it needs to do; it would just be nice if I could know (when I'm outside of the app), which screen I'm sharing. I use Dialpad 2-5 times a day and face this issue in most meetings.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Dialpad Ai Meetings to take telephone calls from listeners who wish to offer an opinion live when I am podcasting. Dialpad Ai Meetings is the only solution that works for my specific use-case. This is because the number to the Dialpad Ai Meetings always stays the same and there is no code that needs to be entered by those joining. Thus, I can start my stream while I'm in the actual business meeting and then give out the same 10-digit number whenever I am live. If callers join my podcast, I hear them and they hear me but I have their audio off until I welcome them to the livestream. In my experience, no other online meeting software provides this service.
  • Clear audio both from me and from those who join the meeting.
  • Easy seamless joining and hanging up the meeting.
  • Multiple callers at the same time with outstanding audio quality
  • I have a dedicated 10-digit number which can be used without a password or code every time for the meeting.
It is perfect as a sound source for callers during an onair video livestream in which the callers will not be heard but not seen. It is perfect for a rolling meeting during which people can join and leave as they wish.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dialpad Ai Meetings allows us to provide a branded and frictionless conference room scenario that is a welcomed change for those who spend their time in meetings on other platforms. We meet with stakeholders, nonprofit organization leaders, and celebrity teams, and everyone seems to like the Dialpad Ai Meetings experience. Chat windows that pop open when something is shared, the ease of joining, and especially our hold music, are favorites of everyone who joins our meetings.
We love the AI and being able to keep a record of what transpired.
  • Frictionless entry to meetings.
  • Hold music (This is the hands-down favorite of us, and our guests.)
  • Chat shares that auto open the chat window. This helps to keep the conversation flowing.
  • The accuracy of the AI needs improving
  • The search of transcripts needs improving
  • There should be the ability to search across all meetings! This would be huge. Others provide this. Otter, and Versational.
  • Different camera aspect rations could be better presented. Try hooking up a Nikon camera as a webcam and see what I mean. Many people use high end cameras to present a more professional and impressive image, only to have that image presented with black borders. Not great...
Dialpad Ai Meetings are our go-to.
I'd struggle to think of where they would be inappropriate.
They are well suited for making your attendee's lives easier as they can join easily from any device.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dialpad Meetings almost daily for internal and external customer meetings. Dialpad Meetings solves the remote meeting problem perfectly, especially in the post COVID era of less face-to-face time with colleagues and customers. This is great for small businesses and start-ups looking to have a web conference without the huge expense of Zoom or Teams memberships.
  • Audio - for phone and computer dial in
  • Visual - I like the default backgrounds and the ability to use webcams
  • Screensharing - This is an absolute must!
  • Sometimes the audio quality can cut out. That is not always a good thing when in an important meeting.
  • Users that don't use Chrome, or haven't updated their browsers experience audio issues
  • Every once in a while the visuals will disconnect if the internet bandwidth isn't big enough to host.
Again, this is great for small businesses and start-ups looking to have a web conference without the huge expense of Zoom or Teams memberships. This is well suited for conference calls, both internally and with customers. Screen sharing is a must, and this software provides worry free connections that we rely on. Video & audio are key factors as well.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dialpad meetings to facilitate meetings with personnel across the country. It allows us to share screens, share information via chat, interact dynamically, and makes the meeting much more efficient overall. I like that I can share a screen, a window, or a specific application running with the rest of the team and is much more efficient than sending presentations, images, or documents and ensures that everyone understands what is going on. We use it daily.
  • Screen sharing of project status.
  • Dynamic updating of information based on user input.
  • Sharing information such as links to data or detailed task description documentation.
  • Depending on the specific browser used some people have sound issues.
  • With a large number of participants screen updates can be slow.
It works very well for meetings of fewer than about 25 people.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Dialpad meetings for a number of different use cases.
  1. Regular video meetings with our content creation staff to discuss strategy, timelines, and implementation
  2. Daily recording of a podcast that gets uploaded to
  3. Occasional meetings with other journalists and content creators to discuss the team our website covers, the Dallas Mavericks. '
The ability to record meetings has proven very valuable.
  • Ease of sign up
  • Use is intuitive, even if you're new to video meeting products
  • Troubleshooting is straightforward
  • Support is excellent
  • The occasional re-design can make usage a but confusing
  • Would like to see the timer placed in a more readily available place
  • Would like the ability to download a meeting immediately after completion instead of seeking out the meetings tab
I've found Dialpad to be a great multi-use tool to get the most out of both meetings between two people or larger groups. The ability to use a desktop, the mobile app, as well as calling in using a provided number has made meetings quick to join and easy to encourage users located in different parts of the country to sign up for.
Kevin F. Adler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Love Dialpad Meetings! And Meetings is a great product, it allows my team to connect for weekly work emails, volunteer training events, and other gatherings. At my nonprofit Miracle Messages, we need a reliable platform to connect with each other, as our team is disbursed across the US. We also rely on Dialpad Meetings as a tool for our unhoused clients to connect with us and our many volunteers around the world. Thanks!
  • reliable
  • accesible
  • easy to use
  • screen sharing permissions for non hosts can be confusing
  • need to be able to see more people on video
Excellent for all nonprofits like ours!
August 15, 2022

Soo many features...

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dialpad meetings are one of the meeting software we offer to our customers. Our customers can get live assistance via a private 1 on 1 meeting which helps our team diagnose the issue much better. Customers can choose from GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc, and Dialpad. Our customers mostly choose Dialpad since it has more features than most meeting software. Dialpad is highly customizable which is why we're still using Dialpad and haven't regretted that.
  • Customizable.
  • High quality video.
  • Great customer support team.
  • It's free.
  • Sometimes lags.
  • Video sometimes blurry.
  • Meetings may freeze.
Dialpad is highly customizable and provides great meeting quality and features. My friends will probably use Dialpad since Dialpad is packed with features!
Brian Kennedy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I first started using UberConference well before video conferencing became so popular. UberConference/Dialpad Meetings has always been easy to use, extremely reliable and it doesn't require my call participants to download anything. Screen sharing is easy, the add-on for my Outlook account is convenient and the option to have just a voice call or video is great. There's nothing this product doesn't have that I need or want - for me, it's perfect.
  • Easy to invite others
  • Easy to "lock" the call room for privacy
  • The post-call summary is very helpful
  • Call quality is great
  • On the very rare occasion when I've needed support, they've been awesome
  • Honestly, it's great just the way it is.
Any time you need a call-in voice and/or video meeting room or something that allows you to share your computer screen.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using Dialpad since 2016 and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The ease and accessibility of this conference line are amazing. I can use it from anywhere, any time and it always works! Not only does is it crucial for my discovery sales calls but also saves me a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on taking notes and capturing important tasks. I'm also able to add my logo, add a welcome message and choose a local phone number. It's integrated with my google calendar already so it's an easy option to select for the conference. I also have it synced with Evernote so call details are stored automatically. I wish there it did have Webhooks Zapier Integration Capturing email addresses to add to my CRM so that I can have all participants added automatically. I hope they add those soon. Highly recommended!
  • Can call out phone numbers
  • Integrated with Google Calendar
  • Saves ALL calls so I can listen to them
  • Has AI to auto transcribe the call
  • Does a decent job at recognizing important tasks
  • Screensharing works great
  • No need for users to download extra software
  • Can be used from phone, app and web
  • Needs Webhooks
  • Needs Zapier Integration
  • Should be able to sync with CRMs
  • Whitelabel branding would be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!
I especially love Dialpad meetings for Sales calls since you can record the entire call, share your screen and leave a very positive impression. This is also great for interviewing potential contractors and employees so you don't have to write notes and can always reference back to the call recordings.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dialpad for product demos and trainings. Our customers are office staff and seniors that are not tech savvy at all. Dialpad is by far the easiest to use that has the features we need. The Google calendar integration is a big plus. You can add meeting info directly from your calendar and fire off an invite to attendees. All they have to do is click the meeting link within the invite, type their name, and join the conference. Done. There's nothing to download, no lengthy registrations required.
  • It's all browser based. No apps to download
  • Screen Sharing
  • Attendees only need a link. No lengthy registration is required.
  • Built in Encoder to stream to Youtube or custom RTMP service
  • Video recording not available on free version
Dialpad is ideal for anyone wanting an easy to use and convenient webinar & video conferencing platform. Attendees can easily and quickly join meetings without having to download any apps or go through a lengthy registration process. The free version only supports audio recording but you could always use a separate app to record video and audio.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dialpad UberConference across our entire organization. It allows us to easily hold video conferences where we can screen share with our external clients. Since COVID, it has also provided a seamless transition into remote work, allowing us to utilize a conferencing tool with which our team was already familiar to hold internal meetings.
  • This tool is easy to use. Since we deal with external clients, we have to use a conferencing tool that makes it easy for our less tech-savvy clients to easy join a call.
  • You do not have to download the application; you can just open it in your browser.
  • Audio and video quality has always been satisfactory.
  • Even though it is easy to use, many of our clients are more familiar with other tools so the lack of recognition can lead to a bit of a learning curve for new clients.
  • Dialpad UberConference did not previously provide the ability to record screen shares, but thankfully, that function has been added.
  • Pricing. Dialpad UberConference is more expensive than some of its competitors.
If you have a smaller team, Dialpad UberConference can be cheaper than many other conferencing tools, given that you are charged per organizer per month. However, if you plan to add more than just a few organizers to your account, you may be better off going with another conferencing tool, as it can get costly given the price structure.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use UberConference across our entire organization. We use it as a conferencing bridge between our internal teams and our clients as well as our remote employees and our in-office employees. The application provides us with a way of setting up and hosting conference calls that is more simple and straightforward than similar applications we have used.
  • Ease of usability eliminates the need for a long onboarding or training process.
  • The text chat feature is great for sending links while on a conference.
  • Screen sharing is very easy to use (no switching presenter access) and is always clear.
  • I wish uberconference had the ability to record a screenshare. We have to use another application when we want to record a screenshare for training purposes.
  • Sometimes users get kicked off of conferences unexpectedly.
  • Sometimes a user will join but there is no notification.
UberConference is great for organizations that need a simple and user-friendly bridge for conference calls. Call quality is normally solid and the dial-in info is easy to share with others. However, the application does not have the ability to record a screenshare, so if that is something that an organization regularly needs, UberConference may not be the best option.
Alan Stanley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
UberConference is simply one of the topmost online meeting platforms that has all the main functions to be in the top in the niche of online meeting. It has powerful call controls, clear audio and video conferencing with having all the controls to connect and communicate. One of the best features of UberConference is that it has the feature of sharing the screen for individuals. This is one of the best features of the platform which allows participants to share their screen and explain their concepts visually and verbally. Overall I would say it is providing excellent services to our department which we are beyond our expectations.
  • It has a clean interface, web-based platform easy to use and straightforward so that new individual does not feel any complexity in setting up the first time.
  • The other main feature that makes it more amazing is the hold music for the meeting participants, the music plays when clients are in wait to join the meeting.
  • The customer support of this tool is reliable and responsive.
  • The main disadvantage of UberConference that it does not have a mobile or desktop app which sometimes becomes the main drawback of the platform. As the user always has to go on the browser to create or join the meeting.
  • UI is clunky sometimes and needs an improvement and the mute button also needs some new functionality.
  • The main drawback which makes the platform stuck is a slight change in the health of the internet connection as it has to lack the ability to catch up with network change. Sometimes it slows the system and browser a lot which leads to less functionality and hanging issue in the system.
It’s the best web-based video conferencing platform for businesses to have remote working to attend meetings with their team members. No need for a pin to connect to the meeting at all. Need some improvement in functionality and UI needs to be improved while dealing with a massive audience. Other than it’s a complete platform out there for online meetings. Must give it a try for me it is the best choice I have ever made.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Roughly half of our company uses UberConference with their own account. It allows employees to manage their own conferences and screenshare sessions. Meeting communication is improved because it is simple for people outside the company to join the meetings and share their own screen if necessary.
  • The video chat (currently in beta) is really nice. You can pin up to two screens at the top and see a couple of thumbnails at the bottom. If you do not pin, then it rotates who is talking to the top.
  • Ease of joining a meeting for participants.
  • The admin interface is pretty intuitive. IT never has to show employees how to use it and run meetings.
  • There is no screenshare recording functionality. Because of this, we need to keep a license or two for GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar so that we can record screen sharing meetings.
I think it works very well and is easy to manage. The experience is even better if you buy-in to Dialpad as your phone system (the softphone has UberConference built in, and licensing can be managed through the Dialpad admin portal). Adding more licenses is simple and quick too.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
UberConference acts as a great medium for meetings where the client doesn't have the willingness to signup and go through the hassle of adding the tools like Oracle conferencing tools or Google Meet and also for the cases where the location does not support any other conference platforms. The easy setup for a call and the hassle free invitations and call setting is something that always brings me close to UberConference.
  • Hassle free setup.
  • Ease of creating invitations.
  • The conference call recording.
  • The amazing waiting music on the start of the conference.
  • Not good with 3rd party integrations.
  • An average mobile application.
  • The various users don't have any option of highlighting or spotlights.
UberConference has a very easy interface of setting up a conference call wherein the user can just add the emails and send out the call invitation to them.
Getting in on the conference is a piece of cake as the user can join in on the call not just using the web client but also using the mobile application.
Puneet Pandey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is one of the best conferencing apps I have used to date. We have our daily calls, monthly updates with leaders using UberConference. It is currently used by a department. It is great problem solver, it provides hassle free calls with great sharing features, great speed, and now we don't have to worry much about our internet speed.
  • Speedy.
  • Lag free calls.
  • Great integration with office, salesforce, LinkedIn.
  • Great back end support.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Once my call was dropped while I was trying to add someone.
  • 45 minute meeting limit on the free version is a drawback.
  • Rest all is good.
I would like to say it is one of the best for daily business calls, very easy to record the sessions sharing files, add or drop someone. Best thing is you can customize the hold music, I really liked it. Scenarios where it is less appropriate is when someone has to switch between networks, then it hangs sometimes.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dialpad UberConference is used by our entire organization. Each department uses it for client meetings, as well as, meeting with remote employees.
The connectivity is always pristine, even when communicating overseas. Video conferencing is always clear and screen sharing is an important tool for our employees. When our team meets with clients through UberConference, we rely on screen share to present the power points and other visual media. Overall, UberConference is an all-in-one tool that allows us to easily communicate with our clients.
  • UberConference is very user-friendly. It isn't difficult to sign on, especially for those who are using it for the first time. It can be nerve-wracking when a tool such as UberConference is complicated to get started. There is no pin required which is nice! UberConference doesn't pose that problem.
  • UberConference is always reliable for clear video conferencing, screen share, and great sound quality. Even when we are meeting with clients overseas, the connection never fails and is well-liked by both parties participating on the call.
  • UberConference is convenient for our company. Each person is familiar with the program, and there never seems to be any issues or complaints with the performance. Even with new hires, UberConference is commonly known, and if not, is always easy to learn.
  • Add better hold music options. Maybe advertising of some sort would be a better option instead of the generic hold tone.
  • Better consistency with call quality and reliability of functionality of the mute button and ending the call. Several situations have come up where either the mute didnt work when it was supposed to or the call didnt end when it was supposed to -- awkward.
If you are a business that connects with clients virtually, then Dalpad UberConference is a solid option. We meet with clients and prospects every day, so connection and reliability are very important. From a small office to a large conference room, the accessibility and usability are consistent. I don't work in a scenario on the daily where UberConference wouldn't b appropriate.
Sanchit Kharbanda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using Dialpad UberConference in our daily meetings to train our clients and have regular meetings with the team and different departments across the team.
It helped the organization to streamline the process and made a process smooth for all the departments across the teams. Departments like customer service, Development, sales have been more productive.
  • Call quality is amazing and the service is pocket friendly.
  • They have a free version with up to 45 min conference calls and add upto 10 participants.
  • Call Recording which is very useful. - Integrates with Salesforce, Google Calendars etc
  • Unlimited calls across the world with screen sharing feature.
  • UI looks amazing and flexible over desktop and browser.
  • lacking the capability to respond to network change.
  • firefox browsers seems to be little laggy and hangs most of the time.
  • Reliability of the mute function and call quality
UberConference helped in streamlining the departments, especially it helped in our training models for the internals team. The support team is using daily for training clients and answering their questions. Webinars are been conducted through UberConference and they are working great for everyone. I don't think where it's less appropriate at this time for us.
Justin Stoicovy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
UberConference has served as our go to platform for meetings and collaborations for many years now. It has served as a drop-in solution from an upstream service that has proven to be extremely reliable.
The SLA provides peace of mind and offloads at least one more service we don't have to provide ourselves to enjoy and/or offer secure communications not tampered with or subject to the whimsical machinations of ChiComs such as Zoom.
UberConference offers both phone-in and online client access, along with all the bells and whistles you'd like to support your online meeting solution.
They're even hip! In addition to a variety of audio tracks you can choose from for that elevator-music style 'holding' tune, you can opt to Rick Roll your attendees with everyone's favorite classic: "Never Gonna Give You Up."
In a world of trendy apps for every need, you can trust UberConference to bring you and the people you need to meet, effortlessly and with style. White Label branding is available.
  • Ease of Use (no SNAFUs with new users)
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Uptime (Highly Reliable)
  • Personable (White Label Branding among other personalizations)
  • I'd like to see more international and domestic area codes. Either it's just Seattle that is over saturated or they don't have any Washington state numbers available.
  • Add video advertising in addition to hold music.
I cannot think of a scenario where it would be inappropriate however this service is highly appropriate for any occasion. It is well suited as a drop in add-on for Outlook calendars and addition to any other scheduling software you might use. It can even set meeting times using multiple time zones for users who may be in differing locales so nobody is confused as to the time to join.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For quite a while, our organization didn't have one conference platform that everyone used. So, everyone sourced their own platforms and used them accordingly. It was during this time that I found UberConference and signed up for it. I don't need conference call capability on a daily or even weekly basis, but it was a good (and affordable) option for when I did need to set up a meeting.
  • It's easy for scheduling your meetings.
  • It's easy to sign up.
  • It's very affordable.
  • I can't think of anything that I found particularly difficult to use.
It's a great option for conference calls, web conferences, etc. You can easily share your screen. I had a local dial-in number for my call-in number, which was convenient. I don't think that I ever used it, but I believe there was an option to record your call, as well.
Damindu Weerasooriya | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We Dialpad UberConference for our team meetings and discussions. Screen sharing during the conference call was very important in our case. we looked for several options and Dialpad UberConference was one of them. We decided to use Dialpad UberConference for our needs because of its seamless connection experience as well as its simple user interfaces.
  • Seamless user experience. It works well with slower internet connections and the call quality is also good.
  • Screen sharing during the conference call gives you a real virtual meeting experience with real-time collaboration.
  • Another great about Dialpad UberConference is that we don't have to download any software or enter pins to join a call.
  • One disadvantage is with [the] free conference they let you record only the audio of the conference while their business plan lets you record both video and audio.
  • Their Voice Intelligence transcribe [a] service is a good option but sometimes it gives you wrong information.
  • Their free version only allows you meetings [for] up to 45 minutes.
If your team has less than 10 members and place short meetings less than 45 [minutes], I think Dialpad UberConference free version is the best option for you. You can apply for a Business plan if you have more than 10 members. Their most competitive option is screen sharing with virtual collaboration. So if you're looking for more options like on-demand webcasting, presentation tools, and private chat, there are so many better options than Dialpad UberConference.
Jonatan Serna | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dialpad UberConference is utterly one (if not) of the best app in this field. it is user-friendly, not expensive, and it is being constantly updated, with every new feature we will get a wide [catalog] of possibilities. I've been [a] user for over 3 years and the service is always getting better.
  • Queue, you will have a queue so the new people can join and wait until the host [does] the same.
  • Meeting schedule, allows you to create events in your preferred Calendar, via ICS or API.
  • [Screen sharing] is a dynamic tool that [assists] you with sharing your computer, tablet, or even smartphone screen, at any time, anywhere!
  • Full version features, even when the service is not expensive, we would want more features for the free version and not only the hottest ones for the full
  • Microphone, we would like to have options to modulate the voice or even change it
  • Chat, its chat window is simple, accomplishing with what is needed, however, a wider window of options to customize whatever you want to type will be highly appreciated
If you are looking for a service to meet with colleagues, your people at the office, or even planning an online party because one of your relates is celebrating something, this is the app, it has too [many] features that you can use so you will feel like they are next to each other.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dialpad UberConference whenever we schedule any conference call or recurring calls. Each team member has their own dedicated line that they use for scheduling calls. We like Dialpad UberConference over any other shared conference line because it gives us the option to forgo the annoying passcode and to implement it when needed. It's easy to call someone and transfer them into a conference call. The numbers can be accommodated to fit a certain area code and you can choose an easy to remember one.
  • No passcodes are very convenient and so easy to transfer someone into it. Our partner firms have on more than one occasion ask us for a recommendation because theirs is not as dependable.
  • We use the online portion frequently as well. It's nice to see who joined and when and to see where they are calling from. It's nice to have the ability to lock the conference call down again without the use of a passcode just a simple click of the mouse.
  • The interface is incredibly user friendly and anyone with just a basic computer understanding can customize their uberconference line.
  • When we first set it up we didn't want hold music and they didn't have an option for silent or no noise. This was since updated and that option is now available so no complaints.
  • Pricing wise it does get expensive. We pay upwards of $300 a month to use them.
  • I wish they would offer saving perks for long time users or have a recommending reward system. We have recommended at least 2 other large firms to them and would like to be recognized or appreciated for it.
We use Dialpad UberConference every single day. We have about 20 lines that we schedule with and have 4 dedicated lines specifically for partner firms. A typical usage would be someone asks for a conference call to be scheduled and since we have Dialpad UberConference we volunteer to send out the invite because we get to use our dial-in. This is especially helpful when our sales team is out on the road and they need to do a conference call from the car and be able to dial in without having to be in the office. Or when an executive is running and will just call in without having to click on a link, or find a passcode in an email, or listen to an annoying dial by number system and pressing # afterward.
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