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Formerly XebiaLabs XL Release


What is Release? Release, formerly XebiaLabs XL Release, is a release management tool designed for enterprises that enables users to control and track releases, standardize processes, and bake compliance and security into software release pipelines. As a release orchestration tool, Release…

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What is Release? Release, formerly XebiaLabs XL Release, is a release management tool designed for enterprises that enables users to control and track releases, standardize processes, and bake compliance and security into software release pipelines. As a release orchestration tool, Release…

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
XL Release or is being used in or organization for release management and deployment purpose. All DevOps engineer gets access based on the project they are working upon and configures their releases as per need for deployments and manage via the release management process. The tool has a great gating/approval process with integration to many tools like Ansible, Jenkins, Jira, etc.
  • Release Management
  • Gating or Approval Process
  • Integration with other CI-CD tools via plugins
  • Good tool with easy to use UI
  • Pagination of data - across tool.
  • User Roles Management API can be improved.
  • Case insensitive ID's are treated differently making user face login and access issues.
  • Dependency on Universal template/custom plugins creation should be reduced.
  • Code versioning of templates is very difficult.
  • Better error handling.
  • Futures Timeout Issues.
Mainly used in release management where all deployments are well managed and processed further based on the approval system. Complete enterprise-level solution with minor difficulties which need to be added to product improvement features. Integration with other CI-CD tools makes it easier to perform tasks in terms of release and deployments.
  • Release management
  • Approval or Gating system
  • Security in deployment automation tasks
  • Positive - Faster deployments.
  • Positive - Better tracking on progress of each release.
  • Negative - Data once goes beyond a limit, pagination and data load take a toll on users.
  • Positive - Dashboard can be customizable.
Deployment and release management can be done in various ways. But, XL Release or, helps in simplifying the process with predefined plugins, pre-developed security features, etc that help manage and process deployment cycles quicker and in a processed way.
Support is not good at all. To this day, I have to mail my queries and their support site does not log in for me (me alone). But, upon contacting many times, no one helps with a proper response. Though good thing is, I get a proper response over mail too. But, being informative about the tool and not on the issues faced by users outside of the process to get support should also be addressed equally. Which is currently missing in support.
Our company have premium support but still issues are faced to get proper response from support staff.
No escalation matrix clearly defined. Have to work with some particular member of support team assigned to us for escalations or upgrades. But, I would say not all are knowledgeable of their product. One simple example is we needed a universal URL for product and no support team member had the idea. From documentation, we figured what can be done to resolve the issue in their product config files.
Yes, issues with product are resolved in some exchanges but not as expected.
I wish I could add something here. I did not like the support. Support for many other organizations is good like Liquidbase, RedHat, Jenkins, etc.
The tool is easy to use, easy to navigate and learn. Manages releases with proper approvals in a systematic manner. Though it needs minor improvements in terms of pagination (data loading), access management, but, overall the tool helps in increasing productivity and less time for production deployments.
  • release management
  • approvals
  • template management
  • user management
  • pagination
  • Access to folder is not managed properly in design tab
Kenneth Dick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
XL is being used by multiple groups in my consulting software development organizations where a release control framework is needed. The main purpose is to allow the fine control of timing between both manual and automatic release activities. The tool acts as a workflow manager for the marketing, documentation, project management, and deployment scripts that combine to release a new major version. We use it sometimes for minor releases but only if there is cross-team coordination.
  • Cross-team release workflow control using email, texts, scripts allow our release management to be truly a 360 process.
  • XL Release allowing our Jenkins toolchain to control the beginning of release trains which is very powerful.
  • XL release allows us to expose the business process flow for anyone to read direct at the source which runs the process instead of a separate vision.
  • XL release is really only missing a consolidated calendar view where you can see the planned activity for the next month, it only knows about what is in progress.
XL release fits very well when you need cross-team coordination in a release process where you want to coordinate an alpha or beta program with marketing as part of a major release process.
  • XL release has improved our consistency of release process, removing multiple days worth of manual status checking and coordination.
  • XL release has allowed us to increase the number of beta releases we can support due to simplifying our release actions.
XL release is simpler to configure and deploy to the organization than other change management platforms I have used. That simplicity has minor drawbacks requiring you to fit into a limited set of control methods but that exercise helped us simplify a needlessly onerous process.
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