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What is Dokku?

Dokku is an extensible, open-source Platform-as -a -Service that runs on a single server of your choice.

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Dokku has proven to be a valuable tool for a variety of use cases. Users have found it particularly helpful for the easy management of …
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What is Dokku?

Dokku is an extensible, open-source Platform-as -a -Service that runs on a single server of your choice.

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Product Details

What is Dokku?

Dokku is an extensible, open source Platform as a Service that runs on a single server of your choice.

To start using Dokku, users need a system that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • A fresh installation of Ubuntu x64: Any currently supported release, Debian 8.2 x64 or CentOS 7 x64 (experimental) with the FQDN set
  • At least 1 GB of system memory

Users can optionally have a domain name pointed at the host's IP, though this is not necessary.

Dokku is designed for usage on a fresh VM installation, and should install all necessary dependencies if installing via the bootstrap method.

Dokku Video

Intro of Dokku: A docker-powered PaaS

Dokku Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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I use Dokku as a platform to orchestrate the deployment of and connect services to multiple in-house applications. It is an incredibly versatile tool that doesn't require much configuration to get started with but allows countless options to address your specific needs. Its ability to restart stopped serviced and connect services like Redis to my apps is invaluable.
  • Dockerfile deployments are an incredibly simple and straightforward way to spin up applications.
  • The docker-options plugin allows endless direct configuration of options passed to different docker lifecycle stages.
  • Dokku might overreach on its assumptions about how you want to host your app, using its own VHOSTS plugin by default. This may be a pro or a con depending on what you want.
  • Proxy port configuration can be somewhat difficult, with Dokku resetting any pre-deployment configuration to "smart" defaults on the first deployment.
If you have your own in-house servers or have a cloud server with the freedom to configure any PaaS that you want, then Dokku is for you. So far, I have never run into a scenario where Dokku was not able to fit my needs, after deploying many different types of applications with varying frameworks, languages, and connected services. If you already have a PaaS available, however, Dokku may not be for you.
Platform-as-a-Service (10)
Platform management overhead
Workflow engine capability
Platform access control
Services-enabled integration
Development environment creation
Development environment replication
Issue monitoring and notification
Issue recovery
Upgrades and platform fixes
  • Since there's no investment besides a little time to set up, the return has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Deploying a new app is incredibly quick and easy.
Dokku is essentially the same thing as Heroku, except maintained by you on the platform of your choice. If you have any experience using Heroku, then you will feel right at home using Dokku. Dokku is an entirely free to use PaaS, requiring only that you have a platform to deploy it on, making it far more versatile than Heroku in my opinion.
Dokku is incredibly well documented and also takes advantage of the documentation and community of Heroku, being essentially the same thing, but in the case that you encounter an actual bug or issue, it can take time for a fix to make it into a new version. Since you manage Dokku yourself, there is no support team to call for help.
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