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What is DonorDrive?

DonorDrive is an online fundraising solution. Some key features include: Mobile Donations, Custom Profile, and Personal Campaigns.

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DonorDrive has proven to be a valuable tool for nonprofits, solving integration problems and consolidating shared information in one …
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What is DonorDrive?

DonorDrive is an online fundraising solution. Some key features include: Mobile Donations, Custom Profile, and Personal Campaigns.

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Product Details

What is DonorDrive?

DonorDrive is an online fundraising solution. Some key features include: Mobile Donations, Custom Profile, and Personal Campaigns.

DonorDrive Features

  • Supported: Mobile responsive design
  • Supported: Unlimited events and users
  • Supported: Multiple fundraising types

DonorDrive Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

DonorDrive has proven to be a valuable tool for nonprofits, solving integration problems and consolidating shared information in one place. Users have found it easy to use and reliable, allowing them to raise money effectively through online platforms. The software provides a central database for donors and sponsors, making it easier to manage and track donations. It offers customization options for creating regionally customized events and fundraisers, enhancing the user experience. DonorDrive's responsive customer support and excellent data access have been greatly appreciated by users. The platform also facilitates easy communication with participants and donors, making fundraising efforts more effective. Its user-friendly interface and mobile responsiveness make it accessible to both participants and staff. By identifying who has not signed up from previous years, DonorDrive has helped organizations improve participant retention rates. Additionally, its integration with Braintree and Venmo has expanded payment options and improved reach with a younger demographic. Users have also been able to segment and track data more effectively using DonorDrive's reporting features. Overall, DonorDrive simplifies the process of creating customized landing pages and managing multiple elements of events or campaigns, assisting organizations in fundraising and advancing their online presence. It has been particularly beneficial for organizations fundraising for specific causes such as children's hospitals or emergency responses. By collecting and utilizing data efficiently, DonorDrive has become a reliable and efficient platform for higher fundraising success. It enables organizations to retrieve donation information easily and display it to clients. Users appreciate its simplicity and ease of use, especially for new users or organizations with limited staff. Customizable pages for individual companies and events make fundraising more attainable. DonorDrive's support team has been widely praised for being responsive and helpful in assisting users whenever issues or challenges arise. The platform has been successfully used for peer-to-peer fundraising and creating personalized fundraising pages for various events. Organizations benefit from DonorDrive's ability to track metrics, run reports, and communicate with participants. Users have suggested improvements in the integration with Facebook for more efficient and consistent processes. DonorDrive has simplified managing multiple platforms, allowing users to collect important demographics and switch between multiple events with ease. By streamlining work and providing relevant data at their fingertips, users can easily customize fundraising events. DonorDrive has made the donation collection process easier and more convenient, resulting in increased support for philanthropic efforts. It eliminates the need for paper registration processes and improves accounting practices, making them faster and more efficient. The platform enables hosting web pages, accepting donations, and registering participants for various events, enabling supporters to raise money themselves. DonorDrive has improved communication and collaboration among team members, providing transparency in tracking finances. Users have found it beneficial for tracking donations and managing multiple fundraising events throughout the year. The overall experience with DonorDrive has been positive, with users recommending the program to others.

One of the key use cases of DonorDrive is its ability to help nonprofits scale up effectively and give supporters a voice in their fundraising efforts. With a great mobile experience for online donations, DonorDrive has been particularly valuable during the pandemic when in-person events are being canceled. Users have praised its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to browse and see the progress of fellow members in fundraising efforts. Additionally, DonorDrive acts as a comprehensive peer-to-peer fundraising tool, serving as a CRM, registration software, and fundraising platform all in one place. It simplifies day-to-day responsibilities for administrative workers, allowing them to provide excellent customer service to donors.

By providing organized and easily accessible information through its reporting and data tracking capabilities, DonorDrive saves staff time and streamlines fundraising processes for nonprofits. It also allows users to create custom event pages, providing flexibility in design and enhancing the fundraising experience. Nonprofits can crowd raise and visually track their progress using DonorDrive, giving them a clear representation of their fundraising efforts. The software also helps solve challenges such as low registration numbers through features like promo codes.

Overall, DonorDrive has proven to be an invaluable tool for nonprofits seeking to optimize their fundraising efforts. Its user-friendly interface, customizable options, responsive support team, and integrations with payment platforms have addressed many pain points faced by organizations. By centralizing data, improving communication with participants and donors, and simplifying various processes like donation collection and accounting practices, DonorDrive empowers nonprofits to achieve higher levels of success in their fundraising endeavors.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Users have consistently praised DonorDrive for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, with many reviewers stating that it is easy to navigate and makes peer-to-peer fundraising campaign creation and reporting a breeze.

Extensive Support Options: Many users appreciate the extensive support options provided by the DonorDrive team, including premium live support, support portal, and support chats. Reviewers highly praise the support team for their problem-solving abilities and commitment to providing the best experience for users.

Personalized Profiles: The ability to create personalized profiles on DonorDrive is highly valued by users. Being able to add a personal touch through sharing stories and photos allows users to connect more deeply with potential donors.

Slow customer service: Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the slow response from DonorDrive's customer service team when it comes to addressing bugs and providing quicker assistance. According to several reviewers, they have experienced delays in resolving issues, which has negatively impacted their overall experience.

Lack of initial training: A significant number of users have mentioned a need for more comprehensive initial training on the product. They feel that the current level of training provided is insufficient, leaving them unsure about how to effectively utilize all of DonorDrive's features. This lack of proper guidance has resulted in frustration and difficulty in fully maximizing the platform's capabilities.

Difficulty with push and scheduled notifications: Several reviewers have highlighted difficulties encountered while attempting to set up push and scheduled notifications within DonorDrive. These challenges have impeded their ability to effectively communicate with donors and participants, leading to missed opportunities for engagement and potentially impacting fundraising efforts.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with DonorDrive. The top three common recommendations are as follows:

  1. Utilize the excellent support team and resources. Users highly praise DonorDrive's support team, describing them as amazing and always willing to help. They recommend reaching out to the support team for assistance and suggest utilizing the quick guide for help before contacting support.

  2. Customize and streamline processes. Users suggest creating a custom template for their organization to ensure brand consistency and streamline the fundraising process. They also recommend being patient and effectively communicating the importance and reasoning behind creating profiles on DonorDrive.

  3. Take advantage of features and functionality. Users recommend exploring DonorDrive's livestreaming options and making use of its easy data exporting functionality. They also advise using the chat function with co-workers for efficient collaboration. Additionally, users appreciate DonorDrive's user-friendly setup and customization options.

These recommendations highlight the value of DonorDrive's supportive team, customization capabilities, and useful features that can enhance fundraising efforts.


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Tracy Stoychoff Earll | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DonorDrive is the most intuitive peer to peer fundraising product on the market. The amount of time I save myself not needing to pull reports and analyze data is amazing. Currently we use the product for our Walk program, but will be launching our DIY program on it as well later this year.
  • Does data calculation of key KPIs for you as soon as you pull up the event.
  • Your data is at your fingertips. Want to contact a current walker, all the info you need is right in the dashboard. No having to look the constituent up, pull a report, etc.
  • They have a great online support (chat and email features) as well as great how to videos. Saves me time as well because I can send my users there instead of having to help them troubleshoot.
  • Better year over year (by walk date) data
  • Scheduled and triggered notifications could allow more flexibility (as well as the text feature)
It is well suited for all peer to peer fundraising events!! It will be a timesaver for all those who work on these types of events. Its also very reasonable for smaller organizations, which can be out-priced by some of the other larger competitors.
  • Very large ROI! Our numbers grew by 17% in online fundraising in year one, and we are well on our way to seeing that increase or more in year two.
I have used Blackbaud's Kintera, Team Raiser, and a few more versions.
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