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What is Drift?

Drift is presented as a human-centric, AI-powered buyer engagement platform, a platform that automatically listens, understands and learns from buyers to provide individualized and human experiences at every touchpoint of the buying journey.The platform helps businesses translate conversational data and…

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Users have found Drift to be a valuable tool for increasing productivity and driving revenue. By utilizing Drift's conversational …
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Not What I Expected

1 out of 10
July 20, 2022
We use Drift as our on-site chat function on our e-commerce furniture website. Buying furniture is a medium-to-high consideration …
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What is Drift?

Drift is presented as a human-centric, AI-powered buyer engagement platform, a platform that automatically listens, understands and learns from buyers to provide individualized and human experiences at every touchpoint of the buying journey. The platform…

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What is Qualified?

Qualified is a conversational sales and marketing platform for Salesforce, which, starting with chatbots and live chat, includes advanced routing and omnichannel alerts, so users can prompt sales reps to take immediate action with their named accounts.

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty. It includes intelligent self-service and routing, a unified communications and contact center, and video optimized high-touch engagements.

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Product Details

What is Drift?

Drift is presented as a human-centric, AI-powered buyer engagement platform, a platform that automatically listens, understands and learns from buyers to provide individualized and human experiences at every touchpoint of the buying journey.

The platform helps businesses translate conversational data and buyer behavior into deeper customer relationships, and also modernizes the B2B website experience.

According to the vendor, Drift was built to transform the B2B buying process, so that teams do not burn hours moving between disparate systems in order to deliver the best possible customer experience, but can spend more time building pipeline, closing deals and strengthening customer relationships.

Drift Screenshots

Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of InsightsScreenshot of Bionic ChatbotsScreenshot of Conversational Landing PagesScreenshot of FastlaneScreenshot of ProspectorScreenshot of Site Concierge

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Drift Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Intercom, LiveChat, and Qualified are common alternatives for Drift.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 7.7.

The most common users of Drift are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found Drift to be a valuable tool for increasing productivity and driving revenue. By utilizing Drift's conversational marketing chatbots, users have been able to drive and qualify inbound traffic, addressing the friction and time problem associated with forms. With Drift, users can instantly provide information to their inbound audience and capture potential leads, resulting in improved lead generation and contact information collection from site visitors. Sales reps have actively engaged with visitors on the Drift platform, especially after certain interest indicators have been triggered, making lead generation an easy process. Additionally, Drift's playbooks have been used to engage with potential students and partner companies, creating a consistent experience for every visitor. Users have found Drift effective for lead capture and nurturing, contributing to qualified marketing leads and becoming one of the best converting sources of pipeline and bookings.

Drift has proven to be a valuable tool for improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. Users have utilized Drift email to flag customer or prospect email responses to marketing communications, allowing for more timely and personalized interactions. The integration of Drift's AI-based chatbot with websites and CRMs has reduced response time and made it easier to handle chat leads. Users have also found Drift helpful in steering possibilities and generating new leads through location-based tasks using automated bots. Whether it is capturing leads from website visitors, managing customer questions in real-time, or accelerating sales cycles, Drift has been an essential chat function used by both marketing and sales teams. From scheduling demos to answering inquiries, qualifying potential leads, and building conversations that lead to increased conversion rates - Drift has enhanced the overall customer experience while significantly boosting sales productivity.

User-Friendly Chatbot Builder: Users have consistently praised the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the Drift chatbot builder. Many reviewers mentioned that they found it extremely easy to create multiple playbooks and interact with prospects effectively. The intuitive design and user-friendly interface of the platform have contributed to a seamless user experience, allowing users to navigate and understand the tool effortlessly.

Intelligent Targeting Feature: Reviewers were impressed by Drift's intelligent targeting feature, which helps them capture the right leads and filter out irrelevant ones. Several users appreciated the ability to target specific prospects based on various criteria, as it allowed them to personalize their interactions and increase conversion rates. This feature has proven valuable for users in reaching their target audience effectively.

Detailed Analytics Tool: Users highly value the detailed analytics tool provided by Drift. They appreciate being able to make strategic decisions based on data and closely monitor the performance of each playbook. The ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of their chatbot interactions has contributed significantly to their overall success.

Slow and Limited Customer Support: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the slow and limited customer support provided by Drift. They feel that the service has become impersonal compared to previous experiences, and they are frustrated by the delayed response times from actual team members.

Bugs and Errors: Several users have encountered bugs and errors while using Drift's software. These issues often occur without any explanation, requiring assistance from the coding team. This can be frustrating for users who rely on a smooth and error-free experience.

Challenging Pricing: A number of reviewers have mentioned that they find Drift's pricing to be significant, especially for those who may not achieve a sufficient return on investment. Some users believe that the pricing could be more affordable, particularly for small and medium-sized firms looking to utilize Drift's services.

When using Drift for chat service integration into a website, users commonly recommend the following:

Take the time to understand the product and carefully set up the logic for maximum efficiency. Users suggest investing time in learning how to use Drift effectively and setting it up correctly to ensure optimal performance.

Utilize additional tools like Zapier for integration and seek recommendations from a Customer Success Manager. Users recommend exploring integrations with other platforms and seeking guidance from a Drift expert to enhance the functionality of the software.

Consider the main goal for website traffic and use Drift's chatbot service accordingly. Users advise spending time building high-quality bots unique to each page on the website, as this can significantly improve engagement with visitors.

Additionally, users mention that Drift may not fully understand SEO and express concerns about the treatment of cancelling subscribers.

Attribute Ratings


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December 05, 2023

Great product!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our Business Development team uses Drift to chat live with site visitors, create and send videos in outreach to prospective customers, and analyze site visitor data with the prospecting dashboard. It also makes it easy for our visitors to easily book meetings and connect without having to fill out forms and wait for a reply.
  • Integrate with Salesforce
  • Prospecting
  • Chat Feature
  • Video feature
  • Auto organizing the prospecting dashboard into categories; customers, open opps, etc
Drift is great for us. It is very easy to set up and to use. We love the video feature that allows you to create videos, send them various ways, and allows your viewer to start a live chat from the video!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A live chat feature allows you to engage with prospects in real time. Drift also has the capability to schedule meetings with those who are looking to find out more about your offering. It is driving traffic to our sales pipeline and providing me more opportunities each week to help me make quota. It provides me another avenue for my prospecting.
  • Booking Meetings
  • Live Chats
  • Alerts
Drift is well suited for companies that have a significant inbound presence as it does a great job of helping prospects get in front of the sales team and filtering out any potential leads that could be a bad fit for your solution.
December 02, 2022

Drift: make sales quickly

Brianna Lindahl | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is an essential tool for my position as an SDR, and it boots my sales and commission astronomically. Drift allows me to connect with prospects during their peak interest and interaction on the website and answer questions as they come to their mind. I've had lots of productive, positive conversations with prospects that lead to a sale.
  • connects me to customers in a timely manner
  • Gathers critical client information before connecting a live person to chat
  • routes conversations to the appropriate specialist
  • routing conversations to the appropriate person
  • better user profiles
  • making customer emails required before connecting to a live person
I use Drift to connect with customers and gage their interest in our products. My goal is to make a sale, and Drift suits my interests/goals well because it allows me to connect with customers quickly to answer their questions and set up next steps that are definitive in their decision making process. Often I'll connect with a person on our website, get their email, answer questions about our products and services and set up a next-steps meeting with an account executive so that they can attend a custom demo or learn more about pricing. This is critical to my company's business model and maintaining the foundation of our business sales.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is a very powerful tool to convert website visitors into conversions. Drift has amazing features like Drift profiles, meetings, chatbot, videos, live chat with visitors, and integrations with many other platforms, including Marketo and Salesforce. Our main use of Drift is a website chatbot through which we chat in real-time with our potential visitors, and here is a chance to boost your conversion rate. The Admin/owner view is very easy to understand.
  • Website Chatbot
  • Drift Meetings
  • Live chat
  • Videos
  • Engagement with Visitors
  • Boost Conversion
  • Very expensive
  • The reports and metrics can be more simplified
  • There are not more improvements needed
This is definitely for driving revenue growth and will book more leads.
November 11, 2022

How Drift has been useful

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Drift to arrange meetings with potential clients for my job position. Drift has helped me in acquiring more business and being able to speak with clients that have already been vetted through the Drift bot, allowing me to have more information on the client before our meeting, making me more prepared in terms of tailoring my talk track to the clients' needs.
  • Arranging meetings
  • Getting information form clients
  • Keeping me informed
  • Nothing that I have seen
Drift is well suited to help keep clients informed and connect clients to our sales team.
Alex Lowe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift in two capacities. First, with the website chat bot. We've created a few strategies across our site to use Drift as a form of lead capture & nurturing. Based on which page the site visitors are on, we'll offer different types of content and the ability to submit their contact information for outreach. We're seeing Drift contribute many MQLs at the top of the funnel and has become one of our best converting sources of pipeline and bookings. We also use Drift email to comb our unmanned inboxes to flag any customer or prospect email responses to our marketing communications.
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurture
  • Engage Site Visitors
  • The bot creation can feel clunky at times
Drift is great if you're looking to add another method to convert site visitors into leads. Additionally, nurturing site visitors with content to keep them engaged. We also use it as a means to capture customers looking for support. If you have a BDR team, having live agents can create a better experience and a more Qualified lead too.
July 20, 2022

Not What I Expected

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift as our on-site chat function on our e-commerce furniture website. Buying furniture is a medium-to-high consideration purchase. Our users and customers have full-spectrum questions ranging from pre-purchase questions on products and services to post-purchase but pre-delivery questions on status, to post-delivery questions. Across the board, this is a very sensitive and important touchpoint for our business.
  • Branding
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Chat
  • Customer support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Implementation
  • Training
Their customer support is abhorrent I believe. Both during the onboarding and initial setup and post-onboarding I found. Having used Drift over many years and multiple brands, I can say with certainty it was not always like this, in my opinion. The decline in the responsiveness and ability of their CS team seems to correspond with their move toward enterprise/bigger clients I believe. To my mind, this should be a huge red flag to any SMB or start-up considering Drift. In my experience, your account will be deprioritized and ignored for days at a time, sometimes longer. We had issues implementing Drift's chat for our Direct to Consumer e-commerce site. I'm not sure but I believe at least some of the CS team are outsourced/not full-time employees of Drift's team. I found that post-implementation, we realized the chat was not following our basic targeting and triggering logic. From my point of view, dropping days and days of our own engineering time to troubleshoot this, Drift would not follow the rules we set in the Drift admin I found. Basic things like showing/not showing based on a user's device type. I found this was met with multiple delayed response periods from Drift CS . Ultimately, we were not able to resolve the targeting issues and removed Drift from our site. Despite this, Drift will not agree to wind down the relationship ahead of the end of our term despite the fact they recognized they didn't resolve our issue(s) in a timely manner I discovered. We stopped using their services months ago. They even had the gall to label our request to do so as a "cancellation of convenience" I discovered. In my opinion, what's inconvenient is paying thousands monthly for a chat that won't follow our logic and doesn't work. I believe this would be a nightmare for a venture-backed startup or SMB. In my opinion, whatever Drift had going for it several years ago seems dead.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift to manage and create inbound leads. Drift is used for website tracking and we have their chat feature integrated into our website. Prospects/Customers can use the chat feature to ask questions before taking demos, schedule demos with us, or find specific topics on our website. The website tracking helps us know who, where and when they were on our website.
  • Notifies us which Accounts/Companies are looking at our products/websites.
  • Tells us exactly which pages/topics of our products prospects are interested in.
  • Convenient chat feature to connect our customers or prospects with our team members.
  • Oftentimes does not tell us the correct prospects identity.
  • Prospects location/account is not always accurate - Such as if they have left their company.
Knowing which areas/topics of our product is very useful especially when doing outreach to new accounts/prospects. This gives our sales team a more competitive edge to personalize our script and outreach to each account. In my experience, Drift is best used for our inbound sales team to follow up and target clients that are directly active on our website looking for solutions.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We generate a lot of traffic to our website after webinars and events but have not done a great job of capturing these visitors and engaging them as they are there. We use Drift to do this helping to create a pipeline of prospects for our consulting and sales teams.
  • Engages visitors to our site
  • Timely communication back to our team while engaging
  • Easy to use
  • Find a way to engage our website visitors even more to click on the bot.
  • Send out more ideas for how to maximize the system around prospecting
I believe Drift is well suited in organizations who have some marketing or internal management infrastructure that can help to organize the process and ensure prospects are routed appropriately and that the internal teams are using the tool to the best of its capabilities. Like any tool, you need internal champions identified to keep it top of mind, fresh and relevant
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Drift as our chatbot on our website. Additionally we use it for routing to members of our sales team.
  • Grabs site visitors' attention
  • Handles routing very well
  • Great user interface on the front and back end
  • The back end is slow to load
  • No autosave functionality
  • Technical difficulty took a long time to resolve
Drift is great if you are looking for basic lead capture and routing to sales teams at an automated level. Drift is not best suited if you will be making many routing changes. It's best to set up once and maintain when needed. Overall Drift does well as an automated chatbot for our website.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Conversational Marketing ABM Lead Generation. Generating personalized journeys for different segments of users in order to push them further down the funnel towards a sale. Adding air coverage to the existing marketing activities.
  • User engagement
  • A/B testing
  • Email capture
  • Insights
  • Mobile
Assisting users reach their desired sections on the website
Michael Guth | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift because it is a tool that provides us with the best way to buy for most potential customers. Thanks to this tool, we have found the best way to streamline sales and support management. It also allows us to keep in touch with most of the potential customers that visit our website. We have a website that will enable us to respond immediately to questions from our customers or those who want to know any information about our products; this helps Drift a lot because it can re-record conversations with customers, download all the content, and re-save the report to continue communicating with them.
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, I can provide consistent customer service.
  • I can provide information to customers on a scheduled basis, configuring the system to provide general and specific responses.
  • I manage to keep clients up to date with all information at any time of the day.
  • I can respond to each of my clients in a specific way and with a more incredible speed of response.
  • It has some functions that can be programmed without user intervention, such as tagging customers by mentioning them when you don't have them.
It is recommended for any company; it is a comprehensive tool for teams interested in strengthening business management and improving efficiency. It allows you to automatically schedule support with customers, thus saving a lot of time. Large companies can establish a chat and communication between potential customers, answering their questions quickly; allow you to monitor and track your leads and new leads, to make it fully functional, it has a very affordable value so that it can be used in all companies, it will not affect their economic aspects.
Christy claire | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is one of the best platforms available which uses conventional marketing to increase sales and helps businesses to grow more by increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and more. Drift is a powerful method to capture likely clients while using the site. Drift has been an incredible innovation for salesmen and showcasing Organisations. The robotized bots are overly useful in steering possibilities to get new leads with an area tasks.
  • Extraordinary for collaborating with possibilities progressively.
  • It is supportive in qualifying leads and utilizing them as RFIs.
  • The help involvement with the visit is incredible for getting basic inquiries replied. Joining with is pleasant to rapidly push prospects through there.
  • It's ideal to have the option to respond to some essential inquiries with possibilities through an online talk tool.
  • The principal disadvantage is that it's awkward on occasion to set up the playbooks.
  • Doesn't coordinate with Deals space. Lead steering needs some work. Leads and contacts are populated with Organization information remotely.
  • Connecting Drift effectively to Center point Spot and Salesforce was somewhat problematic. Cloning hubs (or a succession of them) between playbooks isn't yet more effective.
Drift is such an extraordinary instrument to speak with possibilities who have inquiries concerning items and administrations without focusing on a gathering. Drift is easy to use and it is an effective platform. It is incredibly simple to actualize and fabricate message [flows]. Regardless of whether decide to assemble a completely computerized bot or one with live reps on the opposite end, the bot playbooks are easy to arrangement, associating with clients reps' Viewpoint/Google schedules is a speedy cycle and can be running in a couple of hours.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Mercer Mettl offers online assessment solutions. We give out details of our tools and services on our website, which gets visited by our prospective clients. Drift, our chat tool on the website, helps us in answering several product and service queries instantaneously, improving our user experience in the process. This is used by the marketing team of my firm. It considerably reduces our response time. Drift provides an AI-based chat bot, which can be easily integrated with our websites and CRM and makes our lives easier in handling chat leads.
  • AI-based playbooks--Easy-to-create playbooks and AI features make it very easy for the user to create multiple playbooks and make the whole experience of chat bot interaction with the prospects intuitive.
  • Specific targeting--The intelligent targeting feature helps in capturing the right leads and filtering out the junk.
  • Analysis--The analytics tool is very detailed. You can make strategic decisions based on that and can monitor the performance of each playbook very closely.
  • Customer Service--This acts as icing on the cake. You face an issue and Drift is just a chat away!
  • Pricing--They are priced way higher than their competitors. Pricing can be improved to make it more affordable for small and medium-sized firms.
  • New Features- Adoption of new features like video chat, email playbooks, and ABMs is a slightly cumbersome process. They need to work to make it more lucrative for customers and make them aware of the value that these features can add.
  • Automated Mails of Chat Transcript not possible--If I want to automate the process of chat transcript transfer on my email after I am done interacting with my prospect, it is not currently possible.
Drift is well suited for
  • SaaS-based companies, selling and giving demos remotely.
  • Companies that want to filter out junk from their site visitors and interact with them instantaneously.
  • Marketing and customer service teams.

Drift is less appropriate for
  • Companies with less or no online presence. It is a misfit on a static webpage.
  • If you want your prospect to fill up a form with details. Drift does not support forms. They believe in making the whole selling through the chat channel conversational.
  • In case of a tight budget!
Piyush Narayan Ray | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is being used by my company to interact with prospects directly on the website. It is mainly used by the marketing team to capture leads from the visitors of the website. It mainly solves a business problem of Turnaround time for the prospects and instant answer to their Questions.
  • User friendly
  • Intuitive Playbook designs
  • Great Customer Support
  • High Pricing
  • More integrations can do wonders
  • Multilingual support
Well Suited for
-SaaS based company with small sales cycle
-Company who wants to filter prospects from a crowd of visitors by using AI

Less Appropriate for:
-Companies with no active sales team or those with no support team
-Companies who are looking for integrating it with their facebook messenger
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using it in our marketing efforts to help navigate our website and our sales team uses it to schedule demos and meetings. The chat bot has multiple scripts that cover most of our basic questions and works great to save us time and drive SQLs.
  • Saves us time with automations
  • Increased our scheduled meetings and demos
  • Video function is great for quick things
  • The upfront setup takes time and we used an agency to help us set things up
If you have a lot of traffic to your site, it is beneficial to help with routing questions and as a front line to helping customers.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift across Sales and Marketing at my organization. Prior to Drift, we did not have an active way to communicate with website visitors.
  • Live chat
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Auto-Responders
  • Chat window pop up delayed sometimes
  • Chat box could use a facelift
Drift is a good option for a simple-to-use chatbot. I would not recommend it for more complex setups.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Drift to help chat with potential customers and track the visitors on the website. I also connected my google calendar so if someone wants to book a time with me, we can easily do it over the chat box. Drift is also nice because of the automated steps via the chatbox on the website. A potential customer can still book a time on my calendar when I am not currently online.
  • Chat
  • Site Tracking
  • Calendar Link
  • Easier user setup
  • The calendar link can be slow to populate
  • More customizability
I have used a few chat platforms in my sales career. Drift is definitely up there with ease of use and overall experience. It is the perfect tool to add to the website so reps can engage/answer prospects' questions when your product is top of mind. The app works really well too.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift has been used to drive prospect and customer engagement when we have a website visit. They're able to speak with a Live person to gather information and provide additional assistance as needed. This has helped drive engagement with potential customers, better aligned communication with current customers and overall has helped us provide a better buying experience.
  • Very nice UI
  • Easy to use
  • Better integration with Slack
Drift is well suited for companies who have seen an increase in interest/demand for their products. If you aren't receiving consistent inbound inquires (I.e. demo request), then this product can very easily help you drive more leads and engagement. If your company has a specific TAM (1 or 2 specific industries/verticals), this product may be less impactful.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Drift for our Sales chat.
  • Drift allows you to block users that send obscene things quickly and easily.
  • It integrates with Salesforce easily and brings up your contacts quick.
  • It allows you to have multiple users and round robins leads to each.
  • Drift is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Expand the mobile app and make it more customizable.
  • Sometimes the chatbot takes too long to get the chat to a person.
  • Active updates in Salesforce could be faster.
Drift works well in Sales and the chatbot sets up the conversation very well. You can get all of the information you need to follow up with your conversations and it is easy to do. The leads are real-time and notifications come in fast. The user interface makes it easy to navigate too.
Ben Battaglia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

We deployed Drift to address two key challenges that we couldn’t solve with our existing website and tech stack:

1. Site conversion was declining.

2. We needed to level up our ABM strategy to deliver a personalized experience.

It’s used by both our demand gen marketers and inbound SDRs, and has been a perfect platform to unify the two teams so that we can tie together what marketing is doing with how the SDRs are using Drift. It helps us create a better buyer experience that elevates the strength of our brand and removes friction, it empowers our SDRs to engage at the exact right time with the exact right message, and brings our marketing and sales teams into a strategically advantageous alignment. All of this contributes to us earning more qualified leads, a better conversion rate, and a more productive and efficient sales team.

  • Easy to implement - we were up on our site in hours.
  • Increases the volume and quality of buyer conversations - visitors get to value faster and qualify themselves by chatting in.
  • Surfaces relevant experiences and content to people faster based on targeted use cases.
  • Brings your brand to the prospect experience to stand out in the market. For example, our mascot Ollie Llama welcoming visitors on the homepage with funny llama.
  • We bought Drift for both a sales/marketing and a support use case. Drift radically succeeded as a sales/marketing tool, but wasn't a fit for our support team's needs.
Drift is creating a renaissance with a platform that prioritizes conversations. It's hard for me to imagine a more meaningful channel on which to develop valuable relationships with future customers. Drift has enabled us to make significant progress on all of our primary marketing and sales objectives including improving the buyer experience, leveraging our unique brand, better aligning sales and marketing, and improving conversion from the website.
Ryan McCurdy, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is used across sales and marketing at Lacework to increase the productivity of our SDRs and capture more qualified opportunities. We implemented Drift because we believed it would drive revenue up and pay for itself, and it has already paid itself off in Year 1.
  • 24/7/365 site coverage with the AI bot - it’s like cloning your best SDR and having them available to engage buyers across the entire site all of time
  • Efficiently qualify and route prospect conversations to connect with the right buyers while avoiding the wrong buyers
  • Conversational landing pages are a quick and easy way to create engaging content
  • Accelerate top-of-funnel speed with ABM functionality that notifies reps about active prospects and target accounts so they can proactively engage them in real time
  • Removes friction by automating the process of booking meetings directly in a rep’s calendar
  • I'd like to see conversational video functionality
  • Make conversational landing pages more customizable

Drift is the leader in conversational sales and marketing. No one else allows people to engage the way Drift does. When we use Drift to engage prospects at the right time with the right message, their propensity to buy is a lot higher than someone who is just receiving a cold call. It also increases SDR productivity while still allowing them to be personalized in their outreach.

August 26, 2020

Drift with Zenefits

Simy Bhagat | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift enhances the efficiency and productivity of our Sales Development team, primarily. It has also assisted in supporting new revenue acquisition channels and client-facing teams while helping all users to prioritize communications in accordance with potential revenue capability. Most importantly, it has gone a long way for buyer enablement, increasing pipeline velocity and customer satisfaction.
  • Deep playbook customization
  • Integrations
  • Ease of Adoption
  • Speed of machine learning within the AI
  • Ability to report on opportunities
  • Keyword search functionality in chats
Drift has worked really nicely as a marketing and sales enablement tool. I would highly recommend it on the acquisition side of business.
Matthew Mullin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Drift is being used as a chat function through our Sales Development Team. Drift allows for us to manage customer questions in real time to provide our website users with quick answers about product related inquiries. Drift is cutting down on our lead follow up time, which accelerates our sales cycles and is also being used to help create a better overall customer experience when using our website.
  • Allows for real time conversations.
  • Allows for customers to book meetings directly with our sales staff.
  • Allows us to answer customer inquiries during non-business hours.
  • Better Marketo integration to pre-populate custom fields with values from our CRMs.
  • Better data append services.
  • Reporting is getting better, but can still be expanded.
Drift is great for being able to engage in a conversation quickly. It's best suited when you're able to lead your customer journey through a positive sales experience.

Drift is often used by the end users as a resource center for everything, so if your journey isn't fully complete, it can become troublesome.
Adrian Cohn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using Drift as the key technology on our website to connect with our buyers and book meetings. We first got Drift when our Marketing team completely rebuilt Smartling’s website in 2018. I knew we needed to modernize our web experience and get rid of the old school forms to make it easier for potential customers to connect with us. We also ended up adding on Drift Automation about a year later, which helps us create a consistent experience for every single visitor to our website 24 hours a day.
  • Letting buyers pick their own path without having to pick up the phone or fill out a form. For example, instead of the complex forms of the past we now ask three simple questions through Drift to get people what they want, when they want it, on their terms.
  • Engaging people immediately on the website - makes it more likely for interested people to share their contact information.
  • Answer questions quickly and consistently every single time with Drift Automation.
  • Surface useful insights from conversation data. For example, we didn’t have a ‘plans page’ on Smartling’s website - but after reviewing the conversation data, we realized that 150+ people each month were asking about pricing and packaging. So we built a plans page using the learnings from the conversation data and designed it in a way that addressed exactly what potential buyers were asking.
  • Whenever there have been challenges with the product, the team has always been hungry to fix the issues that we raise.
  • In-platform reporting on conversion metrics can be improved. For example, it's not possible to report on business vs non business email capture rate (currently reported by our CSM every week), and to get the most detail about meetings that have been booked, you have to export data and review in Sheets/Excel. Drift responds quickly, and they're already working on this... so by the time you read this review, the reports will probably be fully functional in the platform.
Drift makes it easy for us to feed the right information to the right people based on their intent, and it makes the whole experience simple and fast. It’s helped deliver the competitive advantage and brand experience we were striving for. If you’re not ready to innovate on the way you approach marketing, sales, and customer experience then it may not be for you.
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