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What is EagleSoft?

EagleSoft is a dental practice management software from the established Patterson Dental, featuring front desk administrative features (e.g. scheduling), billing, document management, and imaging, among other features.
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What is EagleSoft?

EagleSoft is a dental practice management software from the established Patterson Dental, featuring front desk administrative features (e.g. scheduling), billing, document management, and imaging, among other features.

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Score 6 out of 10
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Highly configurable software and produced by one of the largest companies within the industry. Despite being packed with a broad range of highly customizable utilities, it is straightforward enough to enable most new team-member to pick up in just a week or two. Any modules which are not needed for a particular role can be easily secured to ensure a secure and focused workflow.
  • Customizable KPI Reporting
  • Progress Note
  • Support can be expensive.
New hires will generally have working knowledge or experience using EagleSoft, so they will be able to devote a lot more of their time and effort towards the meaningful tasks they have been hired to do rather than spending their time clicking through menu after menu. Also much more affordable compared to competing software sold by other companies as big as Patterson.
  • Support for older versions.
  • One-time purchase.
  • Only had to spend more for support services when needed.
Open Dental is also a great option and as a product is much more "future-looking" than EagleSoft. Much more affordable than Dentrix, even if it isn't as flashy.
Score 10 out of 10
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Eaglesoft is used as the patient management system in a few community colleges where I serve as adjunct faculty. Additionally, it is used in many offices where I provide fill-in coverage. The use and need for this software are to house patient dental records, chart documentation, referrals, prescription writing, and images, to name a few.
  • Eaglesoft serves as an all-in-one program for dental records
  • Eaglesoft articulates well with various external cameras, x-ray sensors, etc
  • Eaglesoft is easy to use
  • Need to verify whether a piece of equipment, like an intra-oral video camera, will work with the software
  • Cloud-based version is not an option
Eaglesoft is well-suited for a general dental practice. It allows all patient records to be housed under a single program, with buttons to access various components of the patient's chart. Radiographic images are taken and imported into the software, so there is no need to use additional software for patient images. I can't say whether this software would be well-suited for a specialty office.
  • Easy of use
  • All-in-one
  • Help features
  • Eaglesoft has allowed the practices to track patient billing and insurances
  • Eaglesoft allows for bills to be mailed out to the patient
  • Electronic prescription writing saves time
  • Patient scheduling is easy to accomplish through the software
Eaglesoft works as well as Dentrix but is much better than one of the proprietary dental software programs. It's easy to work around when accessing different aspects of a patient's chart. The patient's record has numerous components, ranging from charting, images, and periodontal documents to treatment planning to name a few. I use it in a Windows environment, so it is great to have the same button functionality.
Score 10 out of 10
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Our dental practices use EagleSoft across all three locations daily within all of our departments. I am not for sure if it is a problem necessarily with EagleSoft or more of user error--when posting to a specific patient within an account, it is sometimes difficult to ensure it is posted to the correct patient. We were once SoftDent users, years and years ago, and it just seems easier to post and read the account balances.
  • Colored blocked scheduling
  • Submitting claims/attachements
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Seeing all chart notes, instead of having to select what you want
  • Reviewing account balances/posting to specific patients within an account
  • All dental benefits do not come through on the real-time eligibility
Real-time eligibility is so helpful for those whose dental benefits allow us to use it (though some do not, so we have to call directly to receive benefits).
  • Recall notices have been great due to the pandemic
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Monthly and yearly reporting tools
EagleSoft has more functions and is more user friendly than other dental software. The helpline either online or over the phone is always helpful.
Dan Gospe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We support hundreds of dental clients throughout the US, and EagleSoft is one of the top choices of software that people will choose. As a result, I and my techs have learned how to support it and set it up, and have a unique perspective on its issues compared with other software in the industry based on calls coming in, new PC and user setups, and general admin-account level work.

EagleSoft is a Dental Practice Management Software from Patterson, and it's what dental practices will use to keep their electronic charts, schedules, billing, etc. in order.
  • It integrates really well with Patterson Imaging for Xrays
  • Very simple to set up new users, or define access rights
  • Training on EagleSoft is pretty quick, and everything is easy to find
  • The integrated email client has very limited Outlook compatibility, which means any Email Encryption Add-on will not load. Make sure you have a fully compatible Outlook if this is the case.
  • Patterson support has a long hold time, and doesn't deliver the best support around
  • The database must be stopped when you do your backup, which can be inconvenient and disallows hourly backup plans
  • If you are on a Domain, then each PC needs to be set up multiple times, depending on how many users will be using that PC. This can add to the setup
Staff members who use EagleSoft tend to have a positive experience with it. If you are using Patterson imaging or any 3D cone beam hardware from Patterson, then getting Eaglesoft would get a higher recommendation. I would definitely look at the whole playing field though, as there are a lot of options out there.
  • EagleSoft integrates imaging, charting and scheduling with other Patterson products, making a slick workstation that works quickly
  • The ability to digitize X-rays and charts makes the practice more efficient
  • IT costs do go up when using Eaglesoft
EagleSoft is a fast, performance-focused practice management system for dentists. It is quality software and does a good job, as long as you don't depend on Outlook integration, and you don't rely on IT support often. I would only really choose EagleSoft if I also wanted the Patterson imaging or 3D software as well. Patterson is one of the companies that are known for quality imaging hardware, so if that is your ultimate aim then it's a good idea to start with EagleSoft. As always, shop around and do a demo.
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