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Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search
Formerly Swiftype


What is Elastic Enterprise Search?

Elastic Enterprise Search Swiftype is a platform with modules for Site Search, App Search and Workplace Search, that boasts powering search for thousands of enterprises and websites. The services were developed by Swiftype and acquired by Elastic in late 2017.…

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Elasticsearch has impressed users with its exceptional speed and querying capabilities when handling large amounts of data. The setup …
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[Product Demo] Search for websites, built on Elasticsearch


Modern Hosted Site Search Solutions - Swiftype Product Demo

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Product Details

What is Elastic Enterprise Search?

Swiftype is a cloud-based search platform that provides search software for organizations, websites, and computer programs. It can be used for applications, shared and personal data, and public content. Notable customers include AT&T, Dr. Pepper, Surveymonkey, Shopify, and TechCrunch. Swiftype's site search can be used for full-text search, real-time search, faceted search, semantic search, and concept search queries.

Their AI-powered enterprise search software allows organizations to find their data across different databases and services. Swiftype’s enterprise search software is known for being easy to implement, with configurable and customizable API’s which can be used differently across both mobile and web apps. Another unique feature of their software is that it features Google Search Appliance (GSA) Alternative migration, helping customers keep up with emerging trends in search solutions seamlessly.

Swiftype is an Elastic brand,

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Elastic Enterprise Search Overview

Elastic Enterprise Search Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Elasticsearch has impressed users with its exceptional speed and querying capabilities when handling large amounts of data. The setup process for a search platform using Elasticsearch has been straightforward, requiring minimal development efforts. Users appreciate Elasticsearch's flexible and open-ended approach to data search, particularly beneficial for those who find SQL queries and fixed schemas limiting. On the other hand, Swiftype has garnered negative feedback from users who consider it a waste of time and money. Many users have switched from Swiftype to Google Custom Search Engine due to its lower cost and superior performance for indexing large files but fewer monthly searches. Elasticsearch proves to be an excellent choice for big data and e-commerce solutions, enabling optimized searches over extensive datasets while maintaining performance and scalability. Developers highly value Elasticsearch due to its well-documented solutions and wrappers developed for platforms like RoR. Although there may be a learning curve in configuring Elasticsearch, it offers fast indexed searches compared to other basic solutions once properly set up. Swiftype has found use in internal text search, fine-tuning search results, and retrieving multiple search results from different sources. The ability of Swiftype to rank search results and prioritize relevant content has been highly appreciated by users. Employing Swiftype as an alternative to poor native site search, users have successfully integrated it with their ERP systems by utilizing facets out of the box. The robust features of Swiftype, such as result ranking and related content, make it a preferred choice for many users who prioritize search-first navigation and seek quick implementation without significant development investments. By utilizing Swiftype for filtering and finding products easily, users have improved the overall search experience. In some cases, users have replaced Google CSE with Swiftype due to its result ranking, weighting, and synonym features that streamline search curation.

Easy to Configure: Many users have found Swiftype to be easy to configure, especially when setting up the crawl. They appreciate the simplicity and user-friendly interface that allows them to easily set up and customize their search engine without requiring strong technical expertise.

Responsive Support Team: Users have had positive experiences with Swiftype's support team, describing them as helpful, knowledgeable, and quick in their responses. They appreciate the prompt assistance provided by the support team whenever they encounter issues or have questions about using Swiftype.

Customizable Integration: The ability to customize integration is highly valued by users. They enjoy utilizing the developer API and find the API documentation to be very good. This flexibility allows them to tailor Swiftype's features according to their specific business needs and integrate it seamlessly into their existing systems.

Incorrect Search Results: Some users have reported that the search results returned by Swiftype are often incorrect and do not match the keyword request, making it difficult to find relevant information.

Lack of Phone Support: Several users have expressed frustration with the absence of phone support in the beginning level of Swiftype. They would like to have a more direct and immediate way to resolve their issues or get assistance when needed.

Documentation Criticized: Users have mentioned that the documentation provided by Swiftype is lacking and could be improved. They suggested creating hands-on tutorials to enhance user learning and make it easier for them to understand and utilize all features of the product.

Users recommend utilizing the Support Team for any questions or assistance needed. They suggest finding an alternative product and think Elasticsearch is a good choice for beginners. Users also recommend this product for easy implementation with various site solutions and ERPs.

The API of the product is praised for its flexibility. Users suggest offering a free trial to assess user needs and recommend trying Swiftype for a trial period before making a decision. They find Swiftype easy to use and implement.

Swiftype is recommended by users for its powerful search solution at a reasonable price. They suggest considering Swiftype for advanced search capabilities and content control. Users also praise the customer service and encourage reaching out for assistance. They suggest speaking with the friendly support team for any questions or concerns.

If using the product with Magento 2, users advise exploring alternative options and reviewing the pricing. They highly recommend Swiftype as a cost-effective turnkey solution and suggest trying it as a replacement for Google CSE.

Users advise exploring the customization options offered by Swiftype and recommend understanding the required features before purchasing, including additional analytics. They think Swiftype is a cheaper alternative that is still effective.

Users highly recommend trying Swiftype on a trial basis and suggest providing more frequent updates of search results. They recommend using Swiftype for website search functionality and praise it as the best choice with simple implementation and great results.

Swiftype is suggested by users for more reliable site search and enterprise scalability. They advise requesting a demo or trial run to ensure the product fits the needs. Users strongly recommend using Swiftype for website search functionality.

They suggest considering Swiftype for small and large sites, highlighting its ease of use. Users recommend giving Swiftype a try, especially for sites still using MYSQL. They think Elasticsearch allows for flexible and rapid scalability.

Users suggest considering Elasticsearch for basic and advanced solutions, emphasizing its ease of implementation and scalability. They advise avoiding unnecessary indexes and recommend reading through the documentation and performance recommendations.

They also suggest using official libraries, such as the Ruby gem for Ruby on Rails users, to speed up the learning process. Users recommend Elasticsearch for its easy setup, multi-index search, auto-discovery, and intuitive REST API. They advise not using Elasticsearch as the main data store and suggest relying on a persistent database for consistency. Users suggest using Elasticsearch for semantic and geo-localized search features and consider it to be a more powerful tool compared to Solr.

In summary, users recommend utilizing the Support Team, considering Swiftype for website search functionality, and exploring Elasticsearch for search capabilities.


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Richard Davies | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our city website needed to migrate off of unsupported Google search solutions to a more modern and powerful search solution. We needed a site search solution that could index our website and deliver fast, relevant search results to our users.
  • It's very easy to implement. The documentation is great and you can be up and running very quickly.
  • It's easy to configure. The web-based user interface makes it super simple to configure (i.e. customize search rankings, edit synonyms, etc.).
  • Their support is very friendly and helpful. Whenever I had a question or couldn't figure something old, they were quick to help me out.
  • There is no way to customize the indexed fields of PDF and Word documents.
  • It can take a while to index a large web site with hundreds of thousands of pages.
  • There is no way to bulk delete pages from the index via the web admin UI.
  • There isn't a good module for using Swiftype with Drupal 8 Search API.
It excels at quickly adding powerful and flexible search capabilities to a web site--especially if you want to populate the search index via a web crawler. It's great if you want a solution that's easy to learn and easy to manage. But you're paying for this ease of use, so if you want/need a free solution you'll have to look elsewhere.
  • It's made it easier for users to quickly find the information they're looking for on our web site.
  • Users are actually performing fewer searches because they are finding their information quicker.
  • We have fewer complaints about slow searches.
Google Search Appliance is no longer supported. Apache Solr is a popular, free open source solution, but it lacks a web crawler and is more difficult to configure and maintain.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Swiftype is currently being used by our organization in certain departments and on our online e-commerce platforms. As our organization is very huge, it is obviously not incorporated organization wide. Our company website has many search features, definitions, symbol lookups at different stages of a trade life-cycle, screening securities, help texts and glossary.
  • Swiftype helps with providing search results at a very rapid pace. Since our industry is in financial services, this plays a major role.
  • Swiftype also has a very good integration setup with the websites as well as mobile applications.
  • The API's we use are configurable and customizable. Hence, we can use it differently for mobile and web apps.
  • Swiftype also provides analytics of geographical information of search results. This is very critical from troubleshooting prospective in-case of issues.
  • Swiftype does not have indexes ready to go. When you add a new website to the search set, it takes some time to index the website. This is something that is different from what Google does. Google in this particular aspect does a relatively better job.
  • Swiftype is very expensive, this makes it difficult for smaller companies to afford.
Swiftype is excellent for e-commerce companies and especially the financial services sector where speed plays a major role in executing transactions. It is also very dynamic and customizable. It is very useful for electronics/travel reservations on e-commerce sites also. The only place it is inappropriate is when it comes to indexing a website in which case Google is slightly better, as I mentioned before. There is nothing much to complain about here in regards to the breadth of applications and analytics it offers.
  • It has a positive impact as it helps traders and other users to seamlessly use applications.
  • It has a positive ROI and we would know the results in time to come.
We selected Swiftype compared to Google as it is very well designed and has a great layout. The technical support helps anytime we need them. They also provide great support. The analytics provided are also great and provide excellent features. It is easy to use and configure. It has excellent integration with sites and mobile applications. We have done a feasibility analysis with other products such as Algolia, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr.
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