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Opayo by Elavon

Opayo by Elavon
Formerly Sage Pay


What is Opayo by Elavon?

Opayo is the name for the former Sage Pay, an online payment and invoicing solution formerly from Sage, acquired by Elavon in 2019.

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WooCommerce Sage Pay Payment Integration from Magenest - Demo Video


ApplePay and Sage Pay Demo


SagePay shopping cart ShopIntegrator customer checkout demo


PaybyLink Demo Video

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Product Details

What is Opayo by Elavon?

Opayo is the name for the former Sage Pay, an online payment and invoicing solution formerly from Sage, acquired by Elavon in 2019.

Opayo by Elavon Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sage Pay represents for us one of the most efficient credit card payment processors, allowing greater security in our transactions, and improving the feedback between the seller-consumer, which results in better customer service and decreases waiting times in operations. Sage Pay represents a payment platform that is well suited for small and medium sized companies with needs in receiving payments, that need to expand their catalog and need extra support with the relation of incoming and outgoing money, obtaining better results in transactions and negotiations.The customer service was very friendly every time we contacted them, they always called at the scheduled time to solve the problems, in addition to providing constant guidance through phone calls to provide tutorials on the operation and management of the software.
  • By using Sage Pay, the user's credit card data is completely secure, generating confidence among our customers as it allows payments from almost any platform without issuing an extra cost to the consumer, this helps to attract new potential customers who are familiar with the platform.
  • Its modernized design presents an ergonomic interface where you can find each of the software tools quickly if you have previous knowledge, promoting time savings and the development of transactions.
  • Sage Pay has an on-screen tool at no additional cost that verifies one by one the transactions guaranteeing security in case of fraud, which generates confidence and tranquility in every second of the negotiation that is being done with potential customers
  • Sage Pay does not automatically link payments to the accounting system in real time, this requires a little more time to maintain a positive flow of information between transactions, which means that the department must manually credit each sale to the accounting system.
  • It needs a good internet connection, otherwise it presents login problems in the administration panel, this slows down the work and the use of time.
  • It does not have the ability to migrate the accounting and payroll list from a previous payment processor, this slows down the process of centralizing the information and hinders the speed with which the software can be fully established.
This tool is most usable when used in parallel with Sage's accounting management software, as with other accounting systems it can generate errors, leaving room for other credit card payment processor alternatives to exist and be preferred by other potential users for their overall performance. It is promising the ability to develop transaction reports in summary or detailed form, resulting in a better management of income to then make the distribution of budgets in the company, thus achieving better planning and performance of our work. This service allows the processing of payments through touch screen card devices at POS points of sale without having to be sitting at your laptop, fortunately with face to face payments companies with fixed establishments can get their money faster, which constantly benefits the flow of money.
  • It is important to highlight the wide range of methods for receiving payments ranging from face to face transactions to direct online purchases, which allows the customer to choose the most appropriate payment method, generating security and confidence to our customers and receiving a large number of options for each type of customer.
  • It allows to customize and restrict some functions according to the level of the position in the company, this allows a greater control of the software and in turn of the customer information, as well as it can prevent errors and promote the correct management of the tool.
  • One of the main features of Sage Pay is that it allows to reduce false prices because its system is based on sending the price from the official website of the seller to the consumer in an encrypted way, this avoids possible fraud that may exist online so common today.
  • We see significant savings by avoiding the rental of a third-party electronic payment device, reducing potential expenses for the company.
  • With the use of Sage Pay our company centralizes the billing information avoiding the loss of money and increasing profitability.
Alana (Comaduran) Gunaydin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sage Pay makes everything easy. It already has your clients' information due to using Sage Contractor 100. All that I need to pull up any unpaid invoices is the client number. From there I can select which invoices and how much. It keeps all your client mailing information. All that is needed is the credit card number, which the Sage exchange vault has the capability to save in a safe way. Then you can use the same credit card. Moving from an outside company to Sage has saved me a lot of time. With a different company I was required to type in all the client information and then after the credit card went through had to post it as a deposit to Sage. Sage posts directly to the deposit account. There are no extra steps. All around moving to Sage has saved time and money in numerous ways.
  • Sage is able to access programs and saves time by copying over client information.
  • Sage posts payments directly to your cash accounts which means you don't have to waste time with deposits.
  • Sage is quick and there is no way of human error or charging a credit card twice.
  • When you are reversing a credit card it just deducts from your total batch for the day. Instead of showing a separate charge out of the account. That can cause confusion if someone else is doing your bank reconciliation.
  • It would be nice is Sage Pay could copy over client emails as well as the address and other information so that you can send that email confirmation of charge without having to go back to pull it up.
  • If Sage could post it as a total deposit instead of each individual charge for the day that would also save time with bank reconciliation.
Sage saved money with credit card charges. It also saved money with the time spent on processing the credit card charges. With my prior deposit, someone had to log into an account. They would then charge all the cards. Then go to the program we use. Post the payments. Process a deposit. This took a lot of time. And the not having a total deposit in bank reconciliation outweighed the time it took to process on Sage Pay. Both my part-time gals in the office and myself have said we are so glad we made the switch.
  • Save overall on credit card charges saved us at the very least $500-$1000.00 a month.
  • Being able to send out receipts digitally through the program saved at least another $100.00 on postage a month.
  • The customer support explains everything so you know you really are saving money.
I've been running the accounting department and office for 10 years. We've used all the different types. We've had the machines where you punch in numbers. We've had the online terminals (which were very time consuming). The only one that did well and was equally impressive was Orbis. But being able to tap in directly to Sage Contractor 100, have the client information pull up just by number. Made it impossible for error. It was a "win-win" situation. It would take dropping Sage Contractor 100 to drop Sage Pay. There is just no reason to look elsewhere.
Judy Lowe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Sage to process all credit card sales for our company. It is easy to use and was easy to set up. The reports are easily accessible. When you have a question or an issue, you can reach an associate quickly. They are very professional and know their business. It plays well with all the Sage 50 software.
  • The history contained in the reports is perfect.
  • It's very easy to issue credit to a transaction.
  • In 4 years I have not experienced an issue.
  • I would like for Sage Pay to automatically merge payment information into the Sage 50 Accounting software. Today the accounting manager must credit the sale to the customer account.
The ease of use makes it perfect for a small business.
  • Sage Pay has been much more reliable than our previous banking pay service.
It plays better with Sage 50. It has better associates should you have an issue. It's reasonably priced.
Herm Harrison | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize Sage Pay for credit card processing within Sage 50 and for processing orders through our website. Bottom line, it is the simplest way to integrate credit card processing within Sage. Prior to implementing Sage Pay we used another credit card processing firm which worked fine, except, it required manual entry of all transactions to Sage 50. This was a constant source of friction between sales and accounting as there were frequent errors posting payments. Sage Pay eliminates this issue for the most part. There remain times when orders placed on our website aren't posted properly as these do not post automatically, but for orders processed within Sage 50, the process is seamless. Sage Pay offers Trustwave protection and auditing of our website as part of the program to maintain PCI compliance. There are marginally less expensive payment processors on the market, but if your company is using a Sage accounting solution, there is no simpler way to process cards, and this makes the difference for us.
  • Simple. If you use a Sage accounting product the integration is seamless.
  • PCI compliant. PCI compliance is assured through the provided Trustwave audit.
  • Secure. Keeps all card numbers remotely, none stored locally where they could be exposed by a hack or dishonest employee.
  • Robust. API for integrating into multiple web platforms and extensive reporting capabilities through the secure web portal.
  • Ideally, the web API would offer the ability to integrate more closely with the onsite Sage software. Payment for web orders must still be posted manually.
  • Improved reporting from with Sage accounting software rather than requiring a separate login.
  • Adding automated reporting of transactions. The ability to email summary reports of transactions would assist in reconciling payment to orders where the processing is done outside the accounting software.
Sage Pay is best suited when used in conjunction with a Sage accounting program. The integration between the two pieces of software completes the value proposition. If your company is not using a Sage accounting product, there may be other payment processing systems that are better suited to your needs.
  • By simplifying payment processing and automatically posting payments to their related transactions within our Sage accounting product, it has eliminated a source of friction between sales and accounting.
  • Eliminates clerical errors in recording paymens.
  • Eliminates one step in the payment reconciliation process by automatically posting payments to their respective transactions.
  • Insures PCI compliance with scheduled monitoring. No need for a separate product.
  • PNC
Sage Pay is the best choice when using Sage accounting software due to the integration. If not using Sage software there are other equally valid options in the marketplace.
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