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Engagor (discontinued)

Engagor (discontinued)


What is Engagor (discontinued)?

Engagor was a Social Media Management platform with key features include monitoring of the social web, real-time customer engagement, workflow automation, analytics and reporting. The product was acquired by Clarabridge in 2015, and then Clarabridge was acquired by Qualtrics in…

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Engage with Engagor

8 out of 10
August 24, 2015
Our overall impression is very positive. Engagor has evolved a lot throughout the years and we’re really pleased with the current state of …
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What is Engagor (discontinued)?

Engagor was a Social Media Management platform with key features include monitoring of the social web, real-time customer engagement, workflow automation, analytics and reporting. The product was acquired by Clarabridge in 2015, and then Clarabridge was acquired by Qualtrics in October 2021.…

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Product Details

What is Engagor (discontinued)?

Engagor is a Social Media Management platform. Its key features include monitoring of the social web, real-time customer engagement, workflow automation, analytics and reporting.

Data below provided by the vendor

Engagor is the most comprehensive platform for real-time customer engagement. It provides brands and enterprises with a powerful tool to monitor and analyze their social channels in order to efficiently engage with customers. Engagor monitors millions of sources across the social Web in more than 180 languages to track all relevant conversations about brands, products, competitors and industries. The platform also allows companies to manage social media teams with insight into team performance. Engagor has offices in San Francisco, California and Ghent, Belgium. It has received investments from Hummingbird Ventures, Strike4 and Chronos Financial.

Deployment Type
  • SaaS
  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Powerful Analytics & Insights
  3. Comprehensive Monitoring
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  • Yes
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  • Yes
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  • Live Chat
  • Email
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Engagor (discontinued) Features

  • Supported: Customer Engagement
  • Supported: Powerful Analytics & Insights
  • Supported: Comprehensive Monitoring

Engagor (discontinued) Video

Better Social Customer Service with CX Social

Engagor (discontinued) Integrations

Engagor (discontinued) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

Engagor was a Social Media Management platform with key features include monitoring of the social web, real-time customer engagement, workflow automation, analytics and reporting. The product was acquired by Clarabridge in 2015, and then Clarabridge was acquired by Qualtrics in October 2021. Engagor is no longer available.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio (retiring), Sprout Social, and Talkwalker are common alternatives for Engagor (discontinued).

The most common users of Engagor (discontinued) are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Geoffrey Ramon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Although Engagor is mainly being used by the social customer care department, other departments in the organisations also profit from the benefits of it.

The business problems it adresses are:

  • Interact in a organised way on social media platforms.
  • Get insights on conversations and marketing actions.
  • Get insights on performance of the Engagor end-users.
  • Engagor is straightforward and flexible to use. You don’t have to put much effort to acquaint yourself with how the software works: it’s very intuitive. Users have the liberty to adjust their Engagor account tailored to the brand’s needs. It’s possible to organize everything yourself. In a way, you create your own, efficient engagement tool.
  • A second strength of Engagor is its advanced real-time monitoring. Tweets, private messages come in right away which makes it easy for social customer service agents to immediately jump in and take action. Real time intervention becomes quick and easy.
  • When you work with the Engagor platform, you don’t just work with the software, but you also get to know the people working behind the company. This is something we really value at Telenet. The real-time support from the Customer Success team and Support Team is impressive. If you have any problem, you can get feedback of the support team immediately. The customer success team will learn you everything you need to know.
  • It would be nice to get a more detailed Response Time per user in Engagor. For Telenet, we would benefit from a First Time Right Metric. However, the user metrics are getting better and more detailed. Moreover, it would also be useful if we could measure conversations in Engagor. For example, if a user had five interactions which makes up for one conversation, was this entire conversation successful? Instead of just looking at individual mentions, we would like to get an overview of the entire conversation.
  • Engagor is the perfect platform to engage in real-time with our customers. An extra add-on would be a real-time view like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck provides.
If you’re looking for a tool that integrates an elaborative response time per user, then maybe Engagor would not be a perfect fit. It is also less fit as an elaborative publishing tool.
September 01, 2015

Small Engagor review

Sophie Nasaridis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Engagor mainly for its "listen" and "statistics" module.
  • The statistics module is great. That's the one I use the most.
  • And in the version we got, we can build reports widgets by widgets to get the info we need.
  • You would need to get the basics explanations of course, but then I found it quite user-friendly and simple.
  • You can plug-in a lot of networks.
  • Currently, I don't see examples of improvement we would need. It really does what we expect as a monitoring tool (compared to what WE need of course).
August 24, 2015

Engage with Engagor

Kim Castro | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our overall impression is very positive. Engagor has evolved a lot throughout the years and we’re really pleased with the current state of the software. Engagor actively keeps us up-to-date about their product roadmap. Moreover, we already attended Engagor Day, their well-known user and partner event, to present our case study. We feel like we have a good relationship with the people working for Engagor.
  • Firstly, one of the main strengths is the fact that you’re able to reach out to support on live chat. Overall, the support Engagor provides is very quick and reactive.
  • The engagement part is also very valuable: Engagor is very good in automatically tagging mentions to provide context to a mention. With the help of Smart Folders, we’re able to handle data effectively.
  • The reporting feature is very advanced. With the help of custom dashboards, tailored to our own needs, we can quickly pass on information to our management.
  • I personally like the team performance section because you can see what each team member did in which amount of time. Engagor offers you the ability to analyze all of this data in just one view.
  • The Engagor API is also a very strong point which allows us to integrate the tool with other software we’re using in-depth.
  • The Canned Responses feature is sufficient enough for small business that only need to create a limited amount of template replies. We have created 2,000 Canned Responses for 3 different networks in over 4 languages. The feature in Engagor isn’t sufficient enough because you don’t have a good overview. Luckily, we developed our own tool called “bluebird” which does the trick and shows the validation time and script for the administrators.
  • Moreover, the publishing feature has improved a lot but it’s difficult to keep up with the changes made in the social media platforms.

Engagor is a very powerful tool for customer care purposes to be able to engage in real-time with your customers. If there are a lot of messages coming in during important peaks throughout, we can easily answer them every 30 seconds.

Engagor isn’t that fit to use for publishing. We mostly use Engagor to reply to messages in real-time. However, for scheduling posts in Engagor, we publish and schedule on the native platform instead.

Mathieu Pereira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
There’s one person responsible for each online shop. Although managing the three Swiss languages (French, Italian, and German) can be quite tricky, we organize the multi-language incoming messages effortlessly by sorting them under separate Smart Folders. By creating a separate Smart Folder for each shop, we structure the way we reply to all incoming mentions and delegate responsibilities. By centralizing all aspects of social media management in Engagor, we are able to dedicate time and attention to each individual interaction and provide all customers with a smooth and very reactive reply.
  • Gather all social media interactions in one single interface.
  • Automatically dispatch social media interactions and delegate responsibilities.
  • Being able to post to all social media from one single interface
  • Live support extra reactive. Cool staff.
  • Mobile app isn't complete. Not possible at the moment to easily post pictures to all social media.
  • Sentiment analysis does not work well in French or German.
Engagor is not suited for small organizations.
Guy Sablon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our corporate communications [department0 uses Engagor to monitor all digital media and as an early warning system for potential crisis. Meanwhile the customer care department uses it to respond to customers' questions through our social media channels. The social media team also uses the insights to make reports.
  • Monitoring: it takes some time to set up right, but once it's done Engagor detects all your searches.
  • Respond to customers: allows your customer care to handle all questions in one place and measures performance of your team.
  • insights provide lots of details, but it's difficult to exactly understand for non-experts what they all mean. Some are abstract for non-experts.
Engagor is good for big organisations, maybe [has] too many features that small companies will never use.
August 11, 2015

Quick Engagor review

Péter Sörös | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Engagor is mainly used by the social media and the customer service departments, collaboratively. However, we have internally organized events for introducing Engagor to other colleagues and stakeholders as well, who are not necessarily familiar with SMM tools.

The most important benefit of using it is that we can always be aware of every brand-related social\web mention, and we can also handle our followers' comments from a singular platform. We can also follow the press, and forums too, gathering useful insights for our company.
  • Real-time mention tracking is a must these days. Quick responsiveness is critical on many social media platforms, especially on Twitter.
  • Fast and helpful support via Engagor chat and messages helps a LOT! I think the longest wait time was about 40 seconds for me. My workflow never gets disrupted because of idle sessions.
  • Automations can help you a lot. Automated "recipes" are great tools for decreasing your agents' workload, and there are many customizable settings for them.
  • Conversation ID-based inbox grouping could help in prioritizing mentions: there are often already developed conversations, which could be more important than singular wall posts or private messages.
  • The interface could use more personalized settings: certain people and groups usually use the same filters and tags. It would be helpful if a user could choose from the most recently \ most often used settings rather then plowing through their same lists over and over again.
  • This is rather a Facebook API-based problem, but if we could see clues about our followers' social circles and reach...that would be awesome.
Key questions are about: mention handling capabilities, maximum monthly volume, analytical functions, social platform compatibilities, possible integrations with other services (for example Bitly, Zendesk).
Roberto Rius Quirós | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As an agency, we use engagor to provide the best support in ORM for our clients.

Engagor is key for us to plan our future communications by having a micro-level knowledge of our clients' markets based on topics we create and optimize to gather the most relevant data.
  • Data displayed in a clear way, in order to provide a good functionality rather than only a "good looking" dashboard.
  • Great query based segmentation tool that provides a nearly perfect segmentation tool.
  • Best price for the massive amount in volume of mentions provided in plans.
  • In order to monitor hashtags, it would be really useful to know about: contributors, reach and impacts made by this hashtag.
  • It could add a cluster based search tool for topic discovery.
  • Mention sentiment could be a bit more optimized in Spanish language
Engagor is less appropriate for a hashtag analysis, I find that it misses key points like reach and impressions of the hashtags monitored.

It is a nearly perfect tool for evaluating mentions of keywords, not only in a quantitative way, but also qualitative as it permits you to review each one individually. It would be useful, in order to identify trends, and not only search in past events, to add a topic discovery tool based in a cluster engine search. We would analyze more comprehensively and enhance our consulting more proactively.

Manuel Zafra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Right now, Engagor is used exclusively by the Social Media Team and the Customer Support Center. No Marketing, Communications or Advertising departments are implied in its use. We are 100% focused on customer care and we definitely offer the best customer care through social media channels of the country (Spain). We have created a three-levels pyramidal structure to attend the more than 5000 messages we receive per week through Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • The data that Engagor shows about the performance of the users and team is incredibly precise and accurate.
  • With Insights we have a very wide view of how our engagement metrics are doing.
  • Their customer care is perfect. They're on the other side ready to answer your questions and to solve any problems.
  • They have a very fast improving rate so we are practically receiving new features almost every fortnight.
  • We're very focused on customer care so we'd like to have a ticketing feature built-in Engagor. Right now this is not possible but they offer an integration with Zendesk.
  • We offer customer support, not only by Twitter, Facebook or Google+ but also through email, chat and messaging apps. We'd like to have all our channels integrated in the same place so we can compare channels but right now this is not on the roadmap because they're very focused on being the best working tool with social media channels.
  • Measuring times between actions and who performed concrete actions is very important to us. Right now Engagor lacks on this but they're currently solving it because it's in their roadmap and they're working hard on it.
Engagor is extremely suited if you have a big/huge social media team and you receive a high level of activity on your profiles. Engagor is also very suited to those brands very active in social media with fans instead of just simple customers. I wouldn't recommend Engagor to small companies or startups because it's definitely not a cheap tool. I wouldn't recommend Engagor either If your social media profiles are not busting the whole day.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Engagor for two main purposes - social media customer care for a UK-based travel firm, and global social media monitoring and reporting for a travel group with over 40 brands operating throughout Europe. Consequently a number of different individuals within Chapel Digital Group use Engagor for different reasons - often there are up to 6 people using the site with our account at any given time. The software allows us to deal with multiple brand accounts from one platform in real-time and without having to worry about multiple logins.
  • Pre-filtered inboxes - allows to direct people to view the content they need to quickly and efficiently.
  • Quick response to customer service issues
  • Easy to use analytics
  • Tagging posts
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom dashboards for quick and easy report generation
  • Post scheduling (hard to use)
  • Clearly defined word clouds
  • Sentiment learning for more complex foreign languages (i.e. Finnish, etc)
Best suited scenario is one central company with many sub-brands / multiple accounts, rather than lots of different companies - as smaller accounts can easily get lost. It can be less suitable when generating lengthy reports, as only up to 100 mentions can be exported in PDF at one time. If editing large quantities of mentions (i.e. sentiment on retweets or likes) there is a limit of 500 which again is inconvenient.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company uses Engagor as a general Internet listening and monitoring tool for its brands, which run from local nonprofits to The Coca-Cola Company properties. We use Engagor on a daily basis to tag/categorize mentions of our brands, with particular emphasis on sentiment analysis as well as indirect mentions of each brand. Only my department -- the Content Department at our advertising agency -- actively uses Engagor on a daily basis, but the listening and analytics aspect of the platform is used to present our agency capabilities across consumer categories. We also use Engagor as our primary source for reporting metrics about our brands to our clients on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Automatic translation for several languages across Internet mentions-- extremely helpful when working on brands with a global/multicultural community base. During our initial demo of Engagor in December 2012 we were told the translation was very similar to Google Translate.
  • Provides a very clear teamwork process within the platform. We haven't actively used it to its fullest extent, as we are a relatively small content department, but having poked around in the workflow section it does seem the project management aspect would be incredibly useful for larger teams (especially ones with more junior employees tasked with very public communication).
  • The Engagor team has been very prompt and easy to work with when issues arise with the platform. We began working with them in the beginning of 2013, before they had opened their U.S. office, but I was very pleased at their customer service despite our time zone difference (Engagor is based in Europe).
  • While it's not perfect, the automated tagging aspect of Engagor has proven to be extremely helpful. It's still worth a double-check to confirm no false positives or false negatives, as it were, but on the whole this feature has saved my team a lot of time on monthly/annual reporting.
  • The UX is pretty clunky. Engagor only loads about 10 mentions per page, so if my team is behind on tagging/mention resolution by a couple of days, for a global brand that can mean an extra week of work. Would be much easier if the user could choose how many mentions show up on their screen.
  • Over the year we have had issues with Engagor's glitches. For example, the user has the capability to publish to a platform (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) through Engagor as the brand. For a couple of the brands we work on, Engagor would show the update as published as one brand, but would actually publish as another. As an agency that handles social media content/community management for several very large brands, we cannot afford to have accidental status updates despite the author's efforts. This happened several times over the course of our experience with Engagor, to a point that we had to forego this feature for those brands and publish natively through the platform.
  • It has definitely skewed reporting numbers more than once -- for a set time period (i.e. 30 days, our typical monthly reporting period), the stats for a platform will appear very different from how they display on the native platform itself. For example, on occasion Engagor would load numbers from a Facebook fan count during a 30-day period that did not at all match up with the numbers Facebook showed me. This also applies to the number of overall mentions of a brand/account.
  • There is no immediately clear "undo" feature when resolving a mention. There have been times I have bulk-tagged a set of mentions, set all as resolved and then realized that I had made an error, without a very clear way to revert that action.
  • Double mentions have shown up, skewing numbers and sentiment/tagging analytics.
  • The insights/reporting section could definitely be a little more clear in how it explains metrics (or why the user should care to report these metrics). While we have an analyst on our team who is happy to explain these terms, I can see how some of them would not be intuitive at all to a user who doesn't live and breathe social media analytics. Also, the line graphs can be very difficult to read and parse. If the user downloads a line graph to their desktop from Engagor, it doesn't necessarily show all of the information you need, making it necessary to screengrab rather than downloading a higher-quality visual.
Engagor provides a reporting structure that is not difficult to use for the savvy user. It's been very easy to input new accounts/brands/competitive information, which has been very useful in a last-minute grab of information for new business capabilities presentations or an off-the-cuff competitive analysis for a client. The Dashboard feature is incredibly useful for this of-the-moment need for metrics, as you can customize to reflect the metrics you need at a moment's notice. I would say the reporting/analysis aspect of Engagor is in many ways much stronger than its mention aggregation.

In selecting Engagor, we were most concerned with the availability/helpfulness of customer service (our previous listening/monitoring tool was very understaffed in this regard), multi-functionality (ability to publish, tag, and report within one platform), and user experience/workflow for a growing team that is rapidly acquiring new accounts to track. Translation capability was also a factor as a couple of our brands have a multicultural community base.

I think a large team would find Engagor very effective for team communication and publishing history, but I would hesitate to recommend the product to those larger teams working on massive global brands, simply due to the nature of glitches we've experienced by using this platform.
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