Epicor HCM is a human resource management system (HRMS) and is available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise license. Self-service access to the HRMS is available to employees and managers.Epicor HCM - Preferred HR System for the Database GuruThe performance, employment history, benefits, and module integrations with payroll and benefit provider exports were used. In addition, candidate self-service was used for the hiring process. This was used across our whole organization. Candidates had access to our candidate self service portal to apply for open positions and review their applications. All employees, primarily manufacturing floor employees, had access to view and interact with all of their HR-related information through the employee self-service interface. HR representatives had location-based security access, such that they could manage employees based on the current location (region, division, or other data) of the employee. HR users had access to enter personnel actions to modify most data in the system, which was routed through an approval process that is dynamic and allows for multiple approval steps with some intelligent routing potential. Along with properly trained users, the system drastically improves the time and organization necessary to manage personnel information and actions that paper processes cannot provide. It also serves to centrally locate and share a single system of record for personnel and pay records that can dictate external payouts.,The database relational structure and schema. Spending several years as a database engineer, I appreciate the normalized design of the underlying database structure. I feel that when compared with many other information systems, Epicor HCM is a model that I frequently reference to other people as an example of a "properly built" database schema. The out of the box customization tools. Although they do not always work as well as intended, HCM is a product that understands that every business runs a little differently. The ability to rename fields and manipulate variables using tasks in the front-end interface does allow for some easier tailoring of the out of the box processes to terms that our business users were familiar with (resource editor, global variable editor). The task editor also provides good promise to be a tool to customize the interface to see what you want to see on the form. However, this is somewhat limited in potential and is subject to frequent bugs as of 5.8. Customization of menu items and menu tabs on the main menu is possible, which is a perk, but can be a bit confusing when compared to other systems. Some bugs required manipulation through the database in order to get them to fall into place properly. The ease of use. Once properly oriented with the product, adept computer users should have no problem navigating through the main page and flowing through the steps to complete maintenance on records or enter personnel actions, etc. Configurability. Because of the database structure, code tables and data tables allowed us to enter data that matches our business model and properly maintain the personnel information in the way we found suited us best.,Limitations of ad hoc query potential. The visual builder should have an option to "go advanced" and allow more complex queries to be written. The SQL-entry does not allow more than basic subqueries and joins. Compound queries, which are used by salary grade information, are not supported through this interface. All reports are run through SSRS, which is fine to be embedded on the screen, but I felt that the transition from query information from user's superview to some viewable information has some room for improvement. End-user experience with record manipulation user interface flow / structure. I understand what developers were going from with the one screen record selection on the left navigation panel with record data on the right side. This sounds good in theory and works well with technically-savvy users. However, I found that with less technically oriented users, the visual flow of this was not as intuitive and accepted by the users (including candidates of the company), frequently making mistakes and being unable to complete required tasks. Because this interface is prevalent throughout the system, I would recommend focus-group testing redesigned versions of the interface with general information to see which redesign potential, or even just visual styling to the existing interface, could be cascaded through the software. Out of the box reporting and configuration. This is something that is difficult to nail down in a software because every customer is different and will use the system a bit differently. However, I felt that the standard product comes with tons of reports enabled on the menu, but most are of little value if not first edited. This needs to be done by exporting, manipulating using report developer tools, and re-imported. This is not unexpected, but I think that it would add value for HCM to provide a tool which assists in the configuration of the reports. Security flaws or limitations of functionality. In an organization where some HR users should have access to see some or most users' information, there is not this security also embedded on important features like "routing history" or "audit" tasks. For example, if the enterprise president receives a bonus, an HR manager who must field weekly audits in a branch location will have access to see that bonus if they are granted access to the routing history or audit tasks.,8,Epicor HCM overall has had a strong positive affect on the speed at which HR actions are completed and improves the quality of the data being maintained. Routing actions for approvals and electronic notifications, which are new features above our previous electronic system are harder to lose than paper. Epicor HCM professional services experience has been hit and miss, but all in all, mostly negative. Throughout our implementation, Epicor has had a few personnel assigned and reassigned to our project. Our problems frequently needed to be escalated, and disturbing periods were communication was not available by key Epicor project members led to a disheartening experience. A lot of configuration by professional services experts and consultants of Epicor needed to be completely redone, leading to incorrect payouts for benefit deductions and costing the company significant loses that could not be refunded without legal action. These were not pursued, but the diligence and expertise with which these services were carried out were very disappointing.,Open4 and ADP EEASE,7Epicor HCM reviewWe use HCM in all of our offices worldwide (we are in 25 countries). We use the core functionality plus Employee Self Service, Open Enrollment, and Link. Employees are able to request time off through the system, and employees in the US can also use Open Enrollment for benefit selections. Managers also have access to view their employees, and run various reports.,Epicor adds many enhancement requests made by its user base, and involves users in beta testing to ensure users get what they need The system is customizable by the Administrator, and those customizations carry forward to future versions without needing to be re-written, saving time and money The SQL database is easy to integrate with other internal systems The user interface is simple and easy to use Users can use an integrated ad-hoc query tool, which is very easy to use,I wish the system recognized holidays when employees enter time off requests I wish that Open Enrollment did not require a two step process to submit choices to HR,9,Using Request Time Off eliminates the need for paper or for emails when requesting time off and results in more accurate records Employee Self Service allows employees to update their own personal information (such as address, phone, personal email) which is then fed to payroll Link allows for feeds to various systems such as payroll and health carriers, resulting in more accurate records and less data entry,,1400,2,Can work in a global environment Easy for the end users to use Can do complex reporting,Using SQL, I have created over 1800 SQL scripts to audit for bad or missing data. I run this daily to look for data issues, and have the responsible person correct it At my last company, HCM fed data to over 30+ internal systems, and approx. 10 external vendors,As HCM adds Country Specific Functionality, we will certainly take advantage of that, since we have offices in 25 countries,10,No,Product Features Product Usability Vendor Reputation,I was not involved in the initial evaluation and selection process. The product was implemented in 1996 and I started working with it in 1997.,Don't know,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Adjusting management's expectation of what a reasonable timeframe for the project would be Determining how best to build custom reports. We first started building reports using the reporting model and quickly realized limitations and had to switch to stored proc based reports. This involved a lot of re-writing of reports, which added time to the project.,10,In-person training,10,7,Yes,When working on big projects, our rep has often worked nights and weekends to keep the project on deadline.,Hire a Person Complete a Hire Terminate an Employee Request Time Off Employee Self Service,Open Enrollment,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,9,8,10,10,I was not there for the initial implementation but was able to negotiate a lower hourly rate for a major upgrade that we did.,As with anyone, you catch more flies with honey. They are all good people, many of whom have been there 15-20 years. Listen to their ideas and suggestions as they have been in the business for quite a long time.
Epicor HCM
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Score 4.7 out of 101
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Epicor HCM Reviews

Epicor HCM
15 Ratings
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Score 4.7 out of 101

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July 24, 2016

Epicor HCM - Preferred HR System for the Database Guru

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Where it's good: Epicor HCM at a high level has a straight-forward interface for navigating to the main content sections at either the employee or HR administrator level. The interfaces are consistent throughout the application, and after a brief learning curve, one can navigate through the remainder of the interface pages in any content area without too much difficulty. HCM also has great tools for making sure the analysis of data is available and accessible to non-programmer personnel.

Where it struggles: One thing working against the usability of the HCM product is the overuse of the row-selection scheme for all many to many relationships. HCM uses a "select the row from the left frame" and then "enter data corresponding to this row in the right frame" scheme for most of its data entry components. One example of overuse is the employee address entry. During the first setup of an employee or during a candidate's application, HCM allows the user to specify multiple addresses. While this functionality is desired for long-term storage, an option doesn't exist to forgo this interface type for quick initial entry for the primary use case (one address per employee). This is one example, but is particularly visible when a candidate must also bridge the learning curve.
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Employee demographic data (7)
Employment history (7)
Job profiles and administration (6)
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc. (7)
Organizational charting (3)
Organization and location management (6)
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.) (3)
Pay calculation (3)
Support for external payroll vendors (6)
Benefit plan administration (6)
Direct deposit files (4)
Salary revision and increment management (5)
Reimbursement management (1)
Approval workflow (4)
Balance details (5)
Annual carry-forward and encashment (4)
View and generate pay and benefit information (5)
Update personal information (6)
View company policy documentation (4)
View job history (4)
Tracking of all physical assets (3)
Report builder (7)
Pre-built reports (7)
Ability to combine HR data with external data (6)
New hire portal (1)
Manager tracking tools (1)
Corporate goal setting (1)
Individual goal setting (2)
Line-of sight-visibility (1)
Performance tracking (2)
Performance plans (2)
Performance improvement plans (1)
Review status tracking (2)
Review reminders (2)
Multiple review frequency (1)
Candidate ranking (2)
Candidate search (2)
Job Requisition Management (2)
Company Website Posting (1)
Duplicate Candidate Prevention (1)
Applicant Tracking (2)
Notifications and Alerts (2)

About Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM is a human resource management system scaled towards mid to large-size enterprises. It is accessible as software as a service (Saas), hosted, or via an on-premise license, depending on the hosting preferences of the business. It provides most of the core HR functionality, with the vendor offering integrability with businesses’ payroll vendors of choice, as well as Employee and Manager Self-Service, time and talent management, and recruiting and onboarding support. Epicor also offers reporting and analytics on employee data and regulatory compliance.
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