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Best value CMS

7 out of 10
February 19, 2016
My company itself does not use Evoq Content. I have done CMS evaluations for companies and have recommended Evoq Content based on company …
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What is Evoq Content?

Evoq Content is a content management system within the Evoq business suite. Evoq Content is extensible with many modules that add caching, advanced content approval workflow, granular permissions, document management, mobile accessibility of content, web farm support, and an ecommerce engine.

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What is Evoq Content?

Evoq Content is a content management system, and part of the Evoq business suite of applications from DNN Corp in Mateo, California, which can be used to build a website, a social intranet, ecommerce websites, and mobile sites. Evoq Content is extensible with many modules that add caching, advanced content approval workflow, granular permissions, document management, mobile accessibility of content, web farm support, an ecommerce engine, and more. Evoq Content is provided with technical support and training. Evoq Content is offered on premise and as a SaaS. Pricing varies based on the size and space needs of a site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evoq Content?

Evoq Content is a content management system within the Evoq business suite. Evoq Content is extensible with many modules that add caching, advanced content approval workflow, granular permissions, document management, mobile accessibility of content, web farm support, and an ecommerce engine.

What is Evoq Content's best feature?

Reviewers rate Mobile optimization / responsive design highest, with a score of 10.

Who uses Evoq Content?

The most common users of Evoq Content are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.

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Jenson Albie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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This software is used in our company to manage content. It is amazing in hosting an uncountable number of portals. Its integration with Microsoft Office is very beneficial for us in making our work easy. It enables us to review and edit content. Its interface is easy and even the newly hired people can work on it and haven’t faced any kind of trouble.
  • Content scheduling feature is very helpful and works amazingly well.
  • Its mobile access is quick and makes things easy.
  • It is a highly flexible tool and allows multiple customizations.
  • There should be more updates and updates should come frequently.
  • It has multiple bugs that disturb its working now and then.
It is good for all sizes of firms from small to large. Everyone can use this tool to manage content and it has all the basic features needed. It is quite a flexible tool [which] is a positive point of this tool, and the mobile access is also amazing. What I don’t like about it is its tech support that should be made vigilant and there are not enough updates.
John Reitz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We used Evoq for a client as it met all the requirements for their CMS. The sales and deployment process was drawn out due to the specifics of the client’s needs, but eventually it was installed and their site ran on it for several years.
  • Permissions
  • Content organization
  • Site speed
  • The GUI user Interface was confusing
  • On-site editing experience
  • Sales process (at the time was long)
In a corporate setting it seemed to please both IT and content/marketing stakeholders
February 19, 2016

Best value CMS

Score 7 out of 10
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My company itself does not use Evoq Content. I have done CMS evaluations for companies and have recommended Evoq Content based on company needs.
  • Out of box features
  • Friendly UI
  • Open source
  • Workflow
  • Module marketplace
  • Publishing
Less appropriate when client has high marketing demands for personalization, or analytics
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used to manage our customer support site and software sales site. We utilize the Answers, Discuss, and Gamification aspects of Evoq. We also provide an area to download updates. We've extended Evoq to provide our own solutions to various business problems. We also install Evoq on sites for other clients.
  • Evoq is very extensible. As long as you can program in ASP.NET, you can customize it for any solution you may need.
  • It has great user controls and granular permissions for users allowing you to control access not whole sections of the site, individual pages, or even parts of a page.
  • Some of the modules you can purchase allow you to derive far more value than what you pay.
  • It can be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to styling. It's sometimes necessary to spend a little extra time to overcome styling issues.
  • Up until version 8 of the core DNN platform, implementing single page applications (SPAs) required extra efforts.
  • It is very difficult to split a site across multiple servers for load balancing
It is well suited for intranets and corporate websites where multiple people or teams will be updating content. It's overkill for small sites but even then, it is much more secure and robust than competitors like Wordpress. Additionally, the API encourages modules to remain separate from the platform. No mucking around with PHP.
Sid Childers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Evoq Content was used by my client to manage membership for a specific web application. It solved problems related to membership signup process, activating members, and provided ways to manage membership processes. We incorporated the Evoq modules into the rest of the site in such a way that custom workflows were created to help site moderators determine when a member was due for re-credentialing or what documents were needed for a new credentialing process (end users were chiropractors and physicians).
  • Community building
  • Membership management
  • Authorization and authentication.
  • No need for improvement in my opinion.
Very well suited for any community based DNN site.
Tomáš Kružík | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our implementation of DNN is as our global corporate we pages for users.
  • From my side DNN makes it very easy to manage everything we need to publish for users
  • Implementation of our custom modules is very simple
  • On version 6 of DNN, there are problem using multi-language settings for the portal and switching between languages when we try to use iFinity Url Master. The problem is with querystringsparameters with diacritic values
Not really.
Dennis Ashe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source

We use it for our own website, but we also host and use it to develop websites for our Clients. Our business model is a SaaS to the MLM / Network Marketing industry.

We write a lot of our own modules in C# and also buy a few from other developers.

Clients like to control the content and look and feel of their website, with DNN they have the ability to do so but then leave all of the heavy lifting to us to manage the Hardware, Programs, SQL Server and provide the necessary Reporting to them.

  • If a Client needs to add a page for a special Event, they can do so without having to contact us.
  • If a Client needs to add or change content, text or images at any time day or night they have the ability to do so without having to contact us.
  • Our Clients do not have to know anything about HTML, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server etc. If they know how to use a Word Processor then they can do most anything they need from a Content standpoint by just using their favorite Browser.
  • If they need a special Module to do accomplish a certain task and we don't have one then we can provide one of hundreds developed by another developer from the DNN Store. Most modules are less than $100.
  • Because DNN uses Skins that are a layer on top of the platform architecture they can have different skins for different pages or departments etc. On the DNN Store there are literally thousands of Responsive Skins available that range in price from $40 - $200.
  • The platform is scalable and of course SQL Server is as well. So no matter how large a company gets DNN can handle the task ahead.
  • I really only have 2 complaints and they are minor with DNN. First I think that DNN might need to do a better job of certifying Developers that sell modules. Create a standard if you will, much like Apple does with Apps, as not all developers are created equally and support on some modules is lacking with some developers.
  • The second thing is I would like to see DNN keeping Developers more informed about upcoming changes to the platform and better co-ordination with developers on time schedules of new releases. Many times it seems the Developers have to play catch up when a new version is released and all of a sudden you may have some Modules that don't play nice with the changes.
  • Neither of these are really a major problem as DNN and the community has evolved tremendously over the years and it is fairly easy to find solutions from the community.

If you just need to implement a website that is dynamic but not real big in Data Processing almost anyone can do so with very limited knowledge as long as you know how to use a Word Processor and your Browser.

If you don't have experience with setting up a Server to run a website there are Companies like PowerDNN, Rackspace and WinHost that can help and I recommend them in that order if you are using DNN.

If you need a more sophisticated e-commerce website and don't have much experience with Servers, SQL Server etc. then you should find a consultant to help you install and setup not just the DNN Platform but also select the proper Modules to accomplish what you want to do.

If you need a highly customized website that is very data intensive and you are not experienced then be sure to save yourself the time and money by finding a qualified Consultant to help you. The beauty of DNN is that it can handle as simple or as complicated of an Application as you need depending on what your needs are and how far you want to take it.

I don't see how it could get any better unless they moved their staff into our offices. You have available to you any type of Support you need or want, both paid and free from thousands of developers and consultants all over the world. You might even find some on Mars if you look hard enough.Also, with all of the available resources available from your Browser you can literally find the answer to any question you have in a matter of minutes.
Boris Skylar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
DotNetNuke product was used to build company public-facing corporate and internal intranet websites. We had replaced old static website that required a lot of maintenance by IT staff. Any small change of contents required programming resource that was not always available. When we implemented DNN content management system IT programming resource has been completely freed up and content changes are now performed by Marketing and Corporate Service manager.
  • DNN is easy to install, configure and administer
  • DNN is a full-scale content management system that offers many options for managing blogs, photo galleries, files and communication
  • DNN is secure and offers flexible role-based security architecture
  • DotNetNuke integration with Active Directory can be improved
  • Ability for DNN modules to communicate (send-receive data) is missing and can be helpful if in place
  • DNN could offer wizard-type tools for custom modules development
DNN is well-designed open source platform that is intended to allow management of websites without much technical knowledge, and to be extensible through a large number of third-party apps to provide functionality not included in the DNN core modules.
March 04, 2014

DNN Best Use Cases

Zolt Seregi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
DNN is being used in several areas. We are using it at my current employer as our externally-facing website, for clients as their CMS, and also for a few personal websites and blog platforms. At former employers, we used it primarily as our code base for custom intranet CMS solutions with integration into the Microsoft infrastructure.
  • DNN is a feature-rich, open-source project with a flexible license. This let us use it without licensing costs for custom solutions or as-is with no custom code just plug-in modules.
  • DNN is written in Microsoft .NET C#. This allows our developers and our customers to use their existing skill set to install and maintain the solution.
  • DNN is made for Windows platform, allowing us and our customers to deploy solutions to existing Windows servers or in some cases hosted platforms.
  • DNN integrates with Windows authentication allowing us to deploy intranet solutions and use single sign-on for improved user experience and security.
  • DNN is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio, which is great if your developers already know and use it, but switching to it can be expensive in terms of licensing (for paid versions) and training costs.
  • DNN module creation is powerful for custom solutions but more complex, time consuming, and error prone than some other open-source solutions based on open-source scripting languages that can be edited without needing to be compiled.
  • DNN has a rich 3rd-party ecosystem of modules and themes but it pales in comparison to a CMS such as WordPress.
  • DNN's foundation on Microsoft technologies is a strength if you need it but a potential limitation if your organization is not entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem. For example, a quick search on some freelancer sites shows that WordPress developers outnumber DNN developers 10 to 1.
DNN should be a consideration for an organizations using Windows and having developers proficient in Microsoft technologies, particularly C# .Net web-forms. However, there are alternative open-source CMS platforms, such as WordPress, that are more popular and, in my opinion, a better choice if the system will be hosted off-site or maintained by outside contractors.
Yudhistira Yu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Used by a department to manage domain registration for various education services.
  • Modular capabilities in term of software development and solution. The use of .NET platform further enhanced its power.
  • Skin development relatively easy to make, however, some specific knowledge of DNN platform is required.
  • DNN store provides a fast amount of effective, value of money solution. Most of the time, purchasing from the store is more than enough.
  • Skin customization has room to be improved.
  • Mobile friendly platform, e.g.: make use of the Bootstrap as default skin
  • DNN is more into software developer. It will nice to have some tools for web designers.
  • Lacking of complete facilities for disabled people (see WCAG). In this case Sitecore is much more powerful.
Mobile web support, WCAG?
Tracy Dyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We host, setup, design and configure DotNetNuke web sites for various customers. If customers come to us wanting a CMS, we recommend DNN. We have had very positive from most of our clients. Clients have been able to manage their own website content without being bound to software such as Dreamweaver or Contribute.
  • DotNetNuke makes it easy to edit content on a website. Clients can log in to the site, click on the "Edit Page" button in a convenient menu at the top of the page and then edit specific sections (or modules) on a page. They have the ability to upload images and other documents (PDF, Word, etc) and also can add links. The HTML editor provides options to paste from word and also the ability to edit the HTML directly for the more tech-savvy users.
  • DotNetNuke makes it very easy to allow users to sign up as members on a website and also makes managing those users via site Administrators easy. It is also very easy to set up other ways for users to log in (via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc).
  • DotNetNuke is extremely extensible. There is an app store where you can find many free or low-cost modules that can be installed to utilize applications such as event calendars, news, blogs, and many other web application types. It is also quite easy to build your own custom modules if you have a little development experience.
  • DotNetNuke is extremely easy to get started. There is a simple install screen that comes up the first time you visit your site that will allow a site up and running in seconds.
  • Overall DNN is a great platform, but there is room for improvement. They could provide more tutorials and help for developers and designers to integrate with DNN. It is very easy to build basic skins and modules but if you need to do more advanced things, there really is no help for this at all. You pretty much have to just learn by trial and error.
  • Some of the design standards built in to DNN are inconsistent and difficult to work with. Some core DNN modules use 1 way of styling the module while other modules use different styles. HTML tables are not properly used and overall there are times you have to jump through hoops to make some DNN components look the way you want.
  • While there are a lot of apps on the DNN store, there is virtually no developer support. DNN developers seem to keep their secrets, well, secret. There are a large amount of WordPress tutorials out there, but not a lot (of free) DNN tutorials.
Really any time a client comes to us and asks for a website that will allow them to edit their own content once they are up and running, we more often than not recommend DNN.
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
DotNetNuke was used by our team to implement and create custom modules as per the client requirements. The client had requirements of displaying ad banners on the site and needed to capture those. My job was implement a module which would display those ad banners, capture the clicks and give the client statistics about the clicks. Developing this was very challenging given that I had 10s of thousands of records to go through and had to delete the processed records. To give some idea of how many records were in the database, if I didn't process the records say for 20 mins, I would have over 50K records in that time.

There were other modules that I have personally written while I worked on DNN when it first came out. They were all related to securing DNN while DNN was really new to the scene.
  • Minimal code writing to create new basic modules.
  • Good ASP.NET integrated user authentication and authorization
  • Plenty of free and paid modules available to create DNN site.
  • DNN should really create good tutorials for beginners. It takes a while before one can understand on how to get started in writing modules and their implementation
This is a very good CMS if you don't have a lot of technical expertise at hand, want to get a website running and don't want to invest a lot of money. Many CMS have a lot of cost associated with the initial set up but this will get anyone going with little experience. All the free and few paid modules should get most sites working very quickly. Because of the standardization of the code base it would be easier for anyone with DNN to debug the code for a client.